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Here are top 10 Movie Searches with descriptions! From a contributor - Cynthia, Thank you Cynthia!. Please read these first to determine if a request is necessary.

1. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

(1973) Sally and her husband Alex have inherited an old mansion with a dark secret hidden in the basement. When Sally unlocks a forbidden door in the downstairs study, her life is turned into a nightmare of supernatural horror. The evil, imprisoned creatures are now free to wreck havoc on her sanity and test the strength of her marriage. With no one to turn to, Sally must face the demons alone in this eerie tale of terror. In the end they drage her into the fireplace with a rope. Starring Kim Darby and Jim Hutton

in the mid 70's about a woman in a large house, where there are these little "people" or creatures that you can see behind the stairs at one point during the movie. You can hear them whispering to one another. You can't always make out what they are saying. It's really eerie. At one point,the lady is coming down the stairs and she falls. (most likely tripped by the creatures). Her husband doesn't seem to be affected by these things. They seem to be after her. The movie made it look like she was losing her mind because of all the strange things going on.

a woman is living in a large house. Every time the lights go out these little creatures come out of doors and begin trying to harm her. One scene has the woman taking a shower- and the lights go out. The little creatures come out of a closet and try to get her. In the end of the movie they get her and drag her to the basement. One the way to the basement the woman is able to grab a camera and snaps a picture of the little creatures. The light from the flash temporarily saves her. the movie ends with the sound of the woman whispering saying she is going to escape somehow. it's not "Trilogy of Terror"

all i rember is these little white creatures bonk a house wife over the head, and then drag her through a little door in the side of a house? wall?? made of brick. i think they killed her dog before that... and dragged him away too.

A couple had bought a house. And the woman explores and goes down the celler stairs and finds a clean out hatch for the chimney. She starts scraping away at it and then is distaracted when her husband comes home. Things start to happen, she hears voices and sees little tiny monsters. Her husband thinks she's gone crazy. At the end of the movies the little monsters pull her down into the celler and into the chimney.

It was about a lady that lived in a house and these tiny creatures would come out when it became dark or turned into nighttime. they terrorized her in many ways and at the end i believe they made a trap out of a string in the hallway and tripped her causing her to fall in the basement.

2. Bad Ronald

(1974) Scott Jacoby, a nerdy high school youth, accidently kills a neighbor's young daughter. Panicking mother, Kim Hunter, fears the police will not believe that it was an accident. She moves her son into a bathroom that she turned into a secret hiding place. After her death, a new family moves in. In the mean time, Ronald still lives behind the wall and has become a psychopath.

late 70's or early 80's. It involved a older teenage boy who kills a girl and hides her body in a haystack and runs home to his mother. They are afraid he will be taken away so they build a wall over a room. Therby making a secret room for him to hide in. With the room I belive looking like a pantry on the outside. The boy stays in the room and eventually his mother dies and a new family moves into the house. He then kills a elderly neighbor and buries her under the house and starts stealing food from the family living in the house and falling for the new family's daughter.

(It aired on TV probably in the mid to late 70's.) don't recall what the boy did - but the mom winds up hiding her teen age son in her house in some hidden room. Under stairs? In the attic? Don't recall. After some time of this, something happens to the mom - dies? - and the house gets sold. A family moves in with at least one teenage girl - the hiding boy continues to stay in the house, now 'spying' on them and drilled peep holes. At one point, the girl notices the hole and starts to look toward it. He realizes she might see him and he moves back - making her sense the movement and she screams.

Movie seen on TV in the 70's about a boy (learning disabled) who accidently kills a girl (on a bike I think) and his mother makes a secret room in her house for him to hide. She wallpapers the opening and it looks like it's not there. Then she dies and the house is sold with him still inside. He starts spying on the new family by little holes he drills in his walls. He gets out when they are not home and eats their food. Eventually he is found.

teenage boy and a teenage girl go out walking and somehow he pushed her or she stumbled and hit her head on a rock and died. To hide from possible blame I believe another teenage girl(?) takes him home where he lives with his mother. He hides for a long time in the walls of the home and can see out into the house through small peek holes in the walls. Eventually his mother dies and a new family lives in the house. He stays there for some time undetected by the new family and he spies on them through the peek holes.

It's about this young teen boy who kills a little boy, who is making fun of him, then bikes back home to tell his mother. His mother hides him in a secret space behind the kitchen pantry. Then his older looking mom dies and the boy is left hiding in the walls of the home. The house is put up for sale and a new family moves in - of course, they don't know that a young, crazy boy is hiding in the walls. He becomes obsessed with the two blonde teenage daughters in the family. During the film, I know he hits the oldest girl's boyfriend in the head. He also draws a larger than life picture of the younger girl behind her bedroom door. I know that the younger daughter runs next door and hides in the basement of that house when the boy reveals himself to her. I remember that the crazy boy comes through the wall in the climax, but don't remember the ending, except that the girls are ok at the end.

3. Don't Go To Sleep

(1982) It's about a family with two daughters and a son (the daughters are elementary or middle school aged and the little boy is probably 6). The oldest daughter dies in an automobile fire because the younger sister had tied her shoelaces to the the floorboard or seatbelt and she could not get out of the car before burning alive. After the death of their oldest daughter, Jennifer, Phillip (Dennis Weaver) and Laura (Valerie Harper) decide to move to the country to start a new life. Laura's mother, Bernice (Ruth Gordon) moves in with them - much to everyone's dismay. Hoping that a quieter life is just what everyone needs, Laura soon discovers that her nightmares are far from over. Something frightening and deadly is invading their lives. Something that will not be stopped until Jennifer's death is avenged. It's under her bed.

It revolved around a family who (I think) had an older sibling who died. This siblings ghost then started to haunt the family. one of the brothers, probably about 12 years old, was climbing on the side of their 2-story house. When he was close to the window, the ghost scared him so he fell. The Mother was in the kitchen and when she heard the scream, she dropped a melon (or something like that) which fell to the ground a squished (as did the boy).

it was a family in a house, being haunted by this girl, she would be about 15, a scene with her outside, walking around with a chain of daisies in her hair, talking to one of the family's children. In another scene, someone gets electrocuted by either a hairdryer or something electrical in the bath, another scene, someone is cutting up pizza, and the knife goes crazy and starts attacking them, and in the last scene, the mother is in the bed, hearing a tapping noise which she assumes is her maid, and then the ghost girl slowly rises from the end of the bed.

It was about this evil ghost girl, that terrorises this family, there is a scene with her outside in the daylight with a ring of flowers on her head,and I think a little boy is trying to break into his window from the outside and she makes him fall. Another scene is with someone cutting pizza and that knife goes crazy, another scene is someone getting electrocuted in the bath with either blowdryer of radio. Then right at the end of movie, when you think its all over, the mother is lying in bed and hears knocking, which she thinks is her maid, but then she sees the ghost girl rising up at the end of her bed.

a younger brother and sister were in a car and their older sister fell asleep and they decided to tie her shoe laces together as a prank. Well, the car broke down and they had to get out in a rush and the sister didn't get out in time b/c of the shoe laces and she blew up and died. Later she starting haunting the sister and trying to get her to do bad things. But she kept telling her sister if she told they would think she was crazy and lock her up in a straight jacket. And at the end that is what happened. the girl was on her bed and heard something under it and look and there was her dead sister laying on her stomach with her hands propped up holding her head up smiling at her. she use to wear a crown made of flowers on her head.

I am trying to find the name of a movie that I saw when I was young. It was a ghostly scary movie that I saw on T.V. in the 80's (I think)All I remember is a family was driving down the road and the sister and brother tied their older sister's shoelaces together while she was sleeping. Well, the car started having trouble and they all had to get out suddenly, but the sister couldn't b/c of her shoelaces, so she blew up in the car. Well, she started haunting her sister and trying to get her to do bad things to her brother and threatning if she told they would lock her up in a nut house and in the end that did happen. Please, help me find this. It had been driving me crazy for years.

It was about a family with two daughters and a son (the daughters are elementary or middle school aged and the little boy is probably 6). The oldest daughter dies in an automobile fire because the younger sister had tied her shoelaces to the the floorboard or seatbelt and she could not get out of the car before burning alive. The family then had to deal with the death of the brother who was playing on the roof (maybe chasing a paper airplane?) and was killed when he slipped and fell. The remaining child, a girl, is possibly to blame for both deaths and has terrible nightmares, and I think the parents think the child is going insane. I remember the mother has such a terrible time cleaning out the little boy's closet after he died. And maybe the girl saw a ghost of her sister in some field full of yellow flowers.

this little girl and her family live in a house and she begins to see a ghost of another little girl. However she is the only one who sees her. The little girl becomes friends with the ghost, but the ghost wants the little girl to kill off her entire family one by one. i guess so the two of them could live together.Anyway the girl and her brother are playing frisbee and she intentionaly throws the frisbee on the roof. the boy trys to retrieve the frisbee by climbing on the roof and he falls off the house. The same time he falls the camera gos to the mother in the kitchen and shows her moving a watermelon and she drops it on the floor {splat} The boys death was ruled an accident. the girl then causes her live in grandmother to have a heart attack by putting her brothers iguanna in her bed at night. grandma is ruled an accident. she then kills her father while he is taking a bath by pushing an electical devise {tv or radio?} into the tub. dad is ruled an accident as well. the mother becomes frightend of the girl and believes she might be responsible. The daughter tried going after the mother. Im not quite sure if she kills the mother or not. I do remember the mother trying to make a phone call realy scared and the daughter cuts the telephone line with a pizza cutter she gets from the kitchen.

started with a family in a car and the car was about to set fire or blow up.. they all got out but a little girl in the back seat she was stuck in her seatbelt.. the car blew up and she dies in the car adn the family was horrified.. then that little girl came back to haunt the family.. the little girl has brown hair and was in braided bun style .. the sister who she comes back to haunt had blonde hair.. the family thinks the girl is crazy and sends her to a mental institute where she is still haunted by the sister.. the sister comes to talk to her in a white room.

4. Hugga Bunch/Huggabunch Movie

(1985) Made for TV.A girl travels through her mirror into HuggaLand to find a way to keep her grandmother, the only one who knows how to hug, young.

I think that i saw this movie in the 1980's, on tv, color, in the united states, basic tv (not on a movie channel or anything). It is a children or family movie about a girl and her brother who go through the mirror to find these magic berries that will make her grandmother/grandfather not pass away. "youthful berries" or something. I don't remember much except that they go to this strange "land", beat the witch with the help of their fairytale friends, and get the berries. Tragically as the girl is stepping back through the mirror she trips and spills the berries and they are gone forever. My friend and I seem to be the only ones who have ever heard of this movie so please help us if you can.

it was a kid's movie about a girl that needed to get magical strawberries to save her grandmother who was dying. she had to go through her magical mirror in her room to get to these strawberries. on the otherside was small, furry friends and they were cute. Also, there was a witch to prevent her from getting the strawberries and an elephant with a "up and down" voice. one other part was when two of the furry things were on the human side of the mirror, in the girls house, they got stuck in and washed in the washing machine. at the end she got the strawberries but as she walked through the mirror she tripped or something and they all fell out of the glass jar and i think they disappeared.

it is about a little girl whose grandma comes to visit her. the little girl is in her room looking in her tall mirror and she sees a little something. she touches it and it ripples like water. she steps through it. now she is in this weird land where there are fictional characters. i know that there is an elephant in it and a book worm. she has to do something in order to get back into her room. i think there might be a witch or a castle or something. there are these weird little, like, dolls or something.

about a little girl who crosses over into a mirror in her room and meets several characters aloong the way. I only rememeber a bookworm for sure, but she ends up at a castle where there is an evil witch. I'm not sure but I think she's trying to obtain a key from the witch. At the end she crosses back over into her bedroom from the mirror and goes into the kitchen to have breakfast with her parents. It's a children's movie and is in color.

5. My side of the Mountain

(1969) Young Sam Gribley (Teddy Eccles) idolizes Henry David Thoreau--so much so that he decides to live at one with nature like the famous writer. Leaving only a note for his parents and taking few possessions, Sam runs away from home and learns to fend for himself in the mountainous wilderness by living in a hollowed out tree and catching and raising his own food.

a DisneyTV film, about a young boy who runs away from home and hides out in a dead tree until he is finally rescued/found by (i think) his father.. I think he befriends a bear cub during his adventures. It was probably set in northern california or somewhere.

it was about either a man or boy who went in the woods or mountain and found an old stump that he ended up making a little house out of. he lived next to a pond where he did i think scientific experiments.

It is about an orphaned boy who ends up living in the woods with the other animals and lives in a tree. The little boy was blonde and about 3-4 years old to start. The little boy lived inside an old tree and the scenery depicted makes me think it was filmed in the midwest. Almost like Grizzly Adams Baby.I believe it was narrated. It could possibly be a Disney film. The boy did not speak the entire movie.

about a young boy who goes up to the mountains and lives in a tree for many months and befriends and eagle. I would say it was made sometime in the 70s or even early 80s. the last part of the title is Mountain.

6. Child of Glass

(1978)Alexander Armsworth and his family move to an authentic antibellum mansion, which once was owned by a river pirate. Alexander is drawn into a century-old mystery when he sees the ghost of a little girl, and she asks for his help in finding the "child of glass" by reciting a riddle. He has only a day or two to solve the riddle, or be haunted for the rest of his life! Based on the book The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck.

7. Crowhaven Farm

(1970)After the mysterious death of her uncle, Maggie Porter (Hope Lange) and her husband Ben (Paul Burke) inherit a farm in rural Massachusetts. Maggie is overcome with feelings of dejavu and soon begins experiencing visions of an ominous wooden door and strange voices that seem all too familiar. The Porters learn that the history of Crowhaven Farm dates back to the 15th Century during a time of hysteria involving witch-hunts. Things are further complicated when Maggie becomes pregnant and a suspicious young girl from town moves in with the couple. With her vivid hallucinations worsening by day, Maggie finds herself being drawn deeper into the mystery of her ties to Crowhaven Farm - a forgotten past from which there can be no escape!

8. Where Have All The People Gone?

(1974)A physicist and his family explore caves for fun, and one day while hiking in the dark saftey of the underground, exploding solar flares from the sun prove fatal to those not protected. The few survivors of this catastrophe must now attempt to rebuild their lives! Peter Graves stars as the Dad who must protect his family from a variety of Nomadic killers on the hunt, and Kathleen Quinlan.

9. The Haunted: A True Story

(1991) Made for TV. The Smurl family moves into a haunted duplex. Marks on the walls appear, dishes are smashed, and an evil female entity tries to rape the father of the family. Based on a true story.

10. Night of the Comet

(1984) A teenage guy running a film projector falls asleep in a lead lined movie vault and wakes to find everyone turned to dust by a comet. Everyone, that is, except two Valley Girls and a lot of zombie mutants with guns. The burden of civilization is upon them.

11. Trilogy of Terror

Three stories interwoven together in this Dan Curtis production starring Karen Black in each segment:
The first, about a high school student infatuated with his teacher.
The second, a paranoid tale of two sisters - one good, the other evil.
The third about an African tribal doll that comes to life and terrorizes a woman in her apartment.

12. Prince of Darkness

(1987) starring Jameson Parker, direct by John Carpenter and a cameo by Alice Cooper as a homeless person.

I saw this film between 1985-95 on TV in England, in Colour. I only saw a part of it, but it was very creepy and atmospheric. It concerned a mirror which was some kind of portal to where Satan or some devil creature was chained up in foggy liquid (as I recall). People were pulled through the mirror and when their friends pulled them out again they were shredded up.

There was a horror movie, I think it was in the 80's but it could have been early 90's. There were a group of people (I want to say some of them were students, but I can't swear to it) living in either a very old house or convent or something equally gothic, studying what I think was some kind of paranormal activity. The only two scenes that have stuck with me are a)the one where there's a tank of some fluid, I think down in the basement, and when one of the people comes down to check on something, they find it the fluid dripping out of the tank straight UP... making a pool on the ceiling, and b)there's a young Asian character in one of the bedrooms and one of the female characters ends up in the same bedroom, but she's either possessed or something (she's also pregnant, if memory serves) and the Asian actor hides in the closet because she's trying to kill him (I think another female character may be joining her in trying to kill him at this point, but I can't be sure)... he's sure he's going to die, but the other people in the house have gathered in the bedroom on the other side of the closet wall, and they hear him screaming, so they break through the wall into the closet and pull him through to where they are, just in the nick of time. I want to say that the end of the movie was a shot, in black and white, of the outside of the building, kind of static ridden, like an old TV show, with the main female character coming out of the building. I think it was in someone's dream, and they'd had the same dream but without her in it at the beginning of the movie, which is what started the whole thing with studying the building in the first place.

It takes place somewhere between 1975-1985, I can tell by the lead characters porn mustache and I saw it 2 yrs ago on late night cable. I caught the ending which was very disturbing and need to see the whole thing. Basically, a bunch of people are running around a house attempting to avoid zombies that spit acid causing peoples faces to melt exposing skeletal faces similiar to those in the movie "Them". In the meantime, they find that a mirror is controlling these zombies and at the end a demon attempts to pull a girl through the mirror as she calls to it, "Father". Another woman knocks her through the mirror than the male lead wakes up and believes that its only a dream but when he turns on the television he sees the girl standing on the stairs to a church staring back at him. Bam---end of movie!

The movie title i am looking for was probably made in the 70's, quite possibly very early 80's. Its about a group of scientists who are gathered at a church to investigate a strang tube filled with green stuff that supposedly dates back to before christ or something. They find out that the devil was actually an alien and that his son was suspended in this tube to hold him captive. Also, i remember them finding out that jesus was sent to earth to tell everyone about the alien threat but didn't believe him. I also remember groups of homeless people would just stare at the church, kind of in a catatonic state, and they started to kill the scienctists that left the church.

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