3501 - 3600 Found That Film!


Result: Nothing But Trouble Thanx anon. Aug 26, 2007

I saw this movie back in 1997, when I was 9 years old, and it was on VHS in color. I'm not sure about actors, or character names. I do remember that it was a group of teenagers that somehow got trapped in a freaky mansion. At one point during the movie one guy and one girl fell through a trap door/hole or something and they landed in a room full of toys, stuffed animals, or brightly colored scarves maybe. At another point in the movies some of the main characters where sitting at a long dinner table and they where served white sausage looking things. At the time I thought it was pretty scary, but now I seem to think it may have been a comedy/horror film. The last bit I remember might have had something to do with a gate, and maybe all the teenagers had to get out of the mansion by midnight, but that part is sort of hazy.


Result: Girls Nite Out (1984) featuring a pack of nobodies and then Hal Holbrook. Thanx Midnight Creeper, goblyn. Aug 20, 2007

a slasher film. there is someone in a bear suit. the policeman discoverss who the killer is by drawinfg in hair on a newspaper picture.


Result: Tourist Trap (1979) with Tanya Roberts and Chuck Connors. AGAIN! Thanx Alli, goblyn. Aug 18, 2007

last scene of the movie is all the teenagers in a jeep and they have been turned into dolls.


Result: Satan's School For Girls (1973) (TV) Thanx Geoff. Feb 28, 2009

i watched this movie about 5yrs ago, i can't remember the name, it was a bout this girl whose sister died and she finds out that her sister was involved in this secret society and she tried to leave this society and they killed her. There was something about a tree in the movie and the all got together and formed this ring this hall trying to bring forth this demon.


Result: Tales From The Crypt (1992) an episode from HBO's Season 4. The episode is titled The New Arrival, and stars David Warner and Zelda Rubinstein. Thanx Stareater, toedter. Aug 23, 2007

I remember watching this show on HBO back in the late 80's, early 90's, where this babysitter, or nanny, was watching over this little girl with dark curly hair who wore a ceramic mask all the time. The little girl never spoke, killed people, and basically just creeped the living hell out of me. I don't believe it was a Tales From the Crypt, or a Hitchhiker, episode. I distinctly remember the girl locking the nanny in a room at one point, and a scene where the little girl is just kind of standing there either at the foot a staircase, or the end of the hall just looking at the nanny...EWWWWW, it still creeps me out. I also believe there was a scene where the little girl skips over to an old man, or woman, and kind of snuggles into their lap.


Result: Melody (1971) It was in color. you can watch it online at Google video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3578692700171397566 Thanx RomanyX. Aug 28, 2007

I saw a movie on TV back in the late 70's about a young girl and boy (around age 7-12, I think) that got married. I had thought the film's name was Miranda, or something like that. I think it was black and white, and I remember some park scenes with a gazebo. I think at the end they were separated because one family had to move.


Result: Deadly Friend (1986) starring Kristy Swanson and directed by Wes Craven. Thanx Midnight Creeper, Alli. Aug 16, 2007

late eighties i believe, color, and i think i rented it. ok, it's about a young boy who has a robot, that he plugs into a receptacle to charge. they play together, and one day one of the boy's friends hits a ball into the grumpy old lady neighbor's yard. the robot goes to retrieve it and she shoots it with a shotgun, thus killing the robot. later in the movie the boy's girlfriend dies, and the memory of the robot is implanted into her..


Result: Beetlejuice Thanx isaac. Sep 25, 2007

It was on fox family, or possibly abc family, I'm not sure who owned the station when I saw it (the 90's).There was like a haunted house, by the ocean I think, or in some kind of fishing town. A guy and his wife lived there, they just moved in I believe, and I think they were doing renovations to the house. They might have had a dog that got killed by the ghost but I'm not positive. And there was one scene with the guy in some kind of bar or cafe talking to another guy and he looks at some old picture on the wall. And either the attic or the whole house catches on fire. And there's a ghost couple and I'm almost positive the girl ghost's name is Olivia.


Result: The Man Who Never Was directed by Ronald Neame and starring Gloria Grahame and Clifton Webb. The invasion in question was Sicily 1943 not Normandy 1944. Thanx Midnight Creeper, troy, Hendu, fishrockcarving. Aug 16, 2007

This is a black and white war film I saw on TV 20 years ago. It is set in WW2. The essence of the plot is the Brits dump a dead body into the sea to be washed up on the French/Dutch coast. He has a briefcase chained to his wrist containing false plans on the allied invasion, diverting the Germans away from the real Normandy landings.


Result: Abducted (1986) with Dan Haggerty. Thanx Alli. Aug 18, 2007


Result: Sweet Hostage (1975) (TV) with Martin Sheen and Linda Blair. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 16, 2007

the movie i am trying to trace is about 1980s - 1990s and american. The movie is mainly about a girls/teenager running away from home(not sure why) she either gets a lift or dragged into a car/Truck buy a guy who lives in the forest ina wooden shack. he chains her to up too use her as his slave doing all the chores but is very kind to her. in time he begins too trust her and know she will not run away he removes chain, during this the girl/teenager starts too fall-in-love with her abductor. while this is all going on the police are trying too find her but not having much luck. anyway as time goes on somehow the guy gets noticed and the follow/chase him back too his shack where the girl/teenager is there. then there is a huge gunfight and the abductor gets shot and the teenager is very saddened by this movie ends with a music and credits with girl crying in sink with music.


Result: Quiet Cool (1986) Thanx MystMoonstruck. Aug 21, 2008

I'm trying to find a film I saw as a kid in the 80's. it was about a kid who gets revenge for his parents murders. Set in the woods/cabin, the kid's dad had a cassette tape that played "california dreaming." I think the kid may have been shot towards the end and the player saved him


Result: The Witching Of Ben Wagner (again!) Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 16, 2007

I am looking for the same movie requested by 3106 and 3417. I remember another scene where the young witch is teaching the boy to skip rocks, and her rock skips really far, like magic. I feel like she might be a famous actress now, but I can't quite picture her face. I remember she had long dark brown hair. She lived on a lake with her grandmother or mother. I thought it was a Disney Made for TV movie, but I can't find it listed anywhere. I also remember the end when she points two fingers at the boy's eyes and says "I zapped you" and kisses him on the cheek. It was a family movie.


Result: The Stand by Stephen King. starring Gary Sinise, Jamie Sheridan, Molly Ringwald, Laura San Giacomo, husband-and-wife team Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, Ray "My Favorite Martian" Walston, Corin Nemec of "Parker Lewis" semi-fame, Miguel Ferrer, and Matt Frewer. Thanx troy, Midnight Creeper, fishrockcarving, laffndragn. Aug 17, 2007

It might be 85 to 95 or even earlier. It is a color film in 2 to 4 parts (like a serial - not sequeals). All i remember of the plot is:Somebody wakes up and finds that he/she is all alone. There is noone else here. After wondering around, he/she finds some people. They begin traveling somewhere but they don't know where. There is a blind man in the group. The group becomes bigger in number. When their group merges with the group with some old lady (i belive the actress is RUTH from Northern exposure) they all start traveling to nebrasca.


Result: Promises In The Dark (1979) Thanx lpoitras. Aug 11, 2008

a 70s movie about a girl - I think she is a teenager, a dancer? - and she gets I think cancer in her leg and it has to be amputated. I know the girl had very short, dark brown hair, and gorgeous huge brown eyes. Very dramatic. :) I remember one scene where she stands up and her pants are pinned up or something where her leg is missing. Maybe she had on cut off jean shorts or something. Maybe it was a tv movie. It was definitely in color. I remember she was really beautiful and very tragic. I can't even remember if she lives or dies at the end. I thought DANCER is in the title somewhere, but haven't been able to find it anywhere.


Result: The Sitter (1991) (TV) Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 16, 2007

probably late 80s, early 90s. I only really remember one part which was towards the end or at the very end. I saw this movie on TV if that helps any. It involved a female babysitter who kidnapped a child (can't remember if the child was a boy or girl). All I remember was her taking the child up in a tall building and I think she fell out of the building and died, though I can't be sure. The child wasn't really scared of her throughout the movie. For some reason, I associate a Roxette song with this movie, though it could have been a group that sounds like Roxette.


Result: Just One Of The Guys (1985) starring Clayton Rohner, a pre-"Twin Peaks" Sherilynn Finn, Ayre Gross, and Joyce Hyser as the cross-dressing chick. Thanx Midnight Creeper, fishrockcarving, Drew, Alli, goblyn. Aug 16, 2007

My girlfriend told me that she cannot remember the name of her favourite film that she watched in about 1986 when she was about 15 years old. She is not sure if it was a new film at the time but remembers watching it on video at home. Its an American film set in a high school. Its about a girl who wants to take a course at the school but is not allowed because they will only allow boys to take the course. Becasue of this she dresses as a boy and gets onto the course that she wants. The film follows her through her time on the course at the highschool. My girlfriend remembers that the girl had to tape her breasts down to be convincing. She gets close to another boy on the course and develops a crush on him. This boy eventually asks the girl dressed as a boy if she is gay because he guesses that she has a crush on him but does not realise its a girl. At the end of the film, the girl graduates and reveals that she is really a girl!


Result: My Science Project (1985) featuring some nondescript leads and also Barry Corbin, Dennis Hopper, Richard Masur, Fisher Stevens, and Raphael Sbarge. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 16, 2007

i believe it is a 80s movie about a teenage boy finding a time capsule-like device in a old WWII airplane. The airplane is in an airplane graveyard. He takes back to his high school where it unleashes different time periods in different rooms in the school. And his girlfriend is in one of the rooms. He also has a friend that gets arrested and he says "Cheese" as his mugshot is being taken. Then the police look at funny and the friend says "What? Do I have a booger in my nose?"


Result: The Magic Christian (1969) with Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, Richard Attenborough, Spike Milligan, director Roman Polanski, Yul Brynner, Raquel Welch, and Christopher Lee. Terry Southern of "Easy Rider" and "Dr. Strangelove" fame adapted his own novel. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Jul 24, 2008

I saw a movie (on tv) and I believe it is an english comedy where 2 guys bet (and pay) to make things happen.For example - guy gets one rowing team to run over the other rowing teams boat - other scenes are these antics which are all funny.(I thought peter sellers but cannot find anything).


Result: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents (1953) (TV) episode called A Priceless Pocket Thanx Midnight Creeper. Sep 27, 2007

i remember watching this film as a boy proberbly early 70's. It was based either just before or just after the war, and involved only a few people.the plot is a man and wife living in poverty manage to scrape together enough money to buy a pint of milk for a cup of tea, dutifully the man (someone like john mills) goes to the shop and buy the milk, but on the way home meets a hungry cat and ends up giving the milk to the cat, so goes home empty handed. He gets a telling off from his wife, but then puts his hand in his pocket and pulls a pound note out, to the amazement to himself and his wife, and every time he puts his hand in his pocket he pulls out a pound note.Eventually he goes to the police who have him sleeves rolled up pulling notes out of his pocket and onto the table, but when a policeman tries he finds nothing in there.


Result: Escape To Witch Mountain (1995) (TV) starring Robert Vaughn, Elisabeth Moss and Erik von Detten (as the brother and sister), Lynne Moody, Perrey Reeves, Lauren Tom, Vincent Schiavelli, Henry Gibson, Sam Horrigan (as Xander~close to "Ander"), Kevin Tighe, Brad Dourif Thanx MystMoonstruck. Jan 24, 2009

I saw the movie in the early or mid 90s but it could have been made before then. It was in color and I saw it on TV. what I remember is that there is this girl and her brother and they are at an orphanage and there is this bad boy kind of character who i think is named Ander. the brother doesnt like the ander character but the sister and ander develop a thing for each other. well for some reason the brother and sister have to leave the orphanage. im not sure if they ran away or what but they leave. They are on some kind of mission thing and before they go the Ander character gives the sister something i think it is a neckalece. and later in the movie all of them meet up again.


Result: The Girl From Tomorrow (1992) (TV) edited together from the 1991 Australian miniseries of the same name. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Sep 5, 2007

Aired on Disney. Color. Late 80's early 90's. Teen girl who comes from another planet. Has a headband or triangle on her forehead that gives her special powers. Also has a spaceship. Befriends a boy and others if an efforts to return home. The person who played the girl is ethnic.


Result: The Witching Of Ben Wagner (AGAIN) Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 16, 2007

This movie aired on the Disney channel. Not a disney movie. Early 90's. Color. Young boy 12-14 moves to a new town. I belive in the beginning of the movie he is flying a model airplane. While playing and exploring he sees a pretty young girl in black. She always seems to dissapear in the blink of an eye. He belives she may be a witch. I thick she lives with her grandmother and is home schooled.


Result: The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase (1989) an adaptation of the Joan Aiken novel set in an alternate-history England of the 1820s. It stars Stephanie Beacham, Jane Horrocks, and Richard O'Brien (famed as Riff Raff from "Rocky Horror", not to mention having written it). Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 22, 2007

Between 87 and 99 I saw this movie on the Disney channel Color. Seemed to be set in victorian era in Europe. 2 young girls (11-12)live in large house. I am not exactly sure of the dinamics between them. I was little when I saw this movie. They are in fear of the constant wolf attacks. Many scenes of wolf packs chasing people in thick snow. This movie was quite scary even for normal shows on old-school disney.


Result: Courage Mountain starring Charlie Sheen Thanx Pillowburn. Jun 11, 2008

Between the late 80's and early 90's this show aired on the Disney channel. A young European women is sent to a bording school or orphanage (a place with other girls). It seems that its set during WW1, but it could be sooner than that. The movie is in color During this time she and the other girls flee because the place has been taken over by soldiers during a war or political strife. They flee and end up hidding in the mountains. They have a gun and I believe they mave have shot someone. At the end, the man characters boyfriend finds them hidding in the cave and they are saved.


Result: Griffin And Phoenix: A Love Story (1976) (TV) Starring Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh. Remade in 2006 with Amanda Peet and Dermot Mulroney. Thanx RomanyX. Aug 28, 2007

I saw this movie around 1976 when I was 9 yrs. old. The movie has like the same plot as " love story". All I can remember is a woman being really sick, and she and her husband were so much in love that he wanted to paint " I love you" or his and her names on a water tower. At the end, she dies, he is so heartbroken that he climbs back up and paints over it.


Result: Dead And Buried (1981) starring James Farentino & Jack Albertson. Thanx Stareater, goblyn. Aug 6, 2007

I'm looking for a movie that aired on tv around 1981 or 82. It was American and all I remember was these group of creepy people chasing their victims down and killing them and as they were killing them they would snap pictures. The one particular scene that I remember was they had this woman on the ground and dropped a huge boulder on her face all the while....snapping pictures.


Result: The Beastmaster starring Marc Singer and Tanya Roberts. Thanx Me. Jul 30, 2007

Mid to late 80's. Only remember one scene. It was medieval times and it was night. An army, wearing full armor, was storming a castle and everyone was carrying torches. These humanoid creatures that had wings? like bats were standing out in front of the castle. When the attacking army approached, they opened their wings and wrapped them around the soldiers. There was a slurping sound and when they opened their wings only the armor fell as if their flesh was sucked/melted right off.


Result: The Old Dark House (1963) Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 3, 2007

old lady killed by knitting needles in the neck


Result: Tourist Trap with Chuck Connors and Tanya Roberts. The moria.co.nz site informs us: He has one great scene with victim Dawn Jeffory tied to a table as he plasters over her face, all the while telling her how she is going to die from fright, how her skin is going to burn, how he will cover her eyes and then her lips and then her heart will explode from fright, which it promptly does. Thanx Alli, Midnight Creeper. Aug 7, 2007

Redneck guys kidnap teen/twenties kids. I think they have a plaster cast type museum but not a wax museum. Kind of like the plaster strip stuff they did in grade school. One girl dies of her heart stopping beating before the final plaster strip is applied. I saw it quite some time ago.


Result: Blood Trails (2006) Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 3, 2007

it's about a women who gets chased through the forest on bike and foot by a guy she cheated on her husband with. the guys kills a lot of people including her husband who try and help. in the end he kills her by cutting her leg. while dying he makes her watch in a mirror and after she dies he stops the bleeding and brings her back to life so he can kill her again.


Result: When A Stranger Calls Back (1993) (TV) with Carol Kane, Charles Durning and Jill Schoelen. It's a sequel to When A Stranger Calls. (TV) It's another perennial hit, which typically is mainly remembered for the infamous guy pretending to be a brick wall scene. Thanx Alli, Midnight Creeper. Aug 7, 2007

I saw this movie on tv and believe it was made between 1970-1990, but I am not sure. The movie was similar to "when a stranger calls", but, I am positive this is not it. The one I saw was a teenage girl babysitting for a couple who lived at the end of a street. A man comes to the door and says his car is broke down and could he use the phone. She doesn't let him in, but, tells him she called AAA for him and they are on their way. The phone is not working, but, she doesn't want him to know this. The ending was very scary to me. The man was in the living room with her the whole time behind the curtain I think. He was throwing his voice to make it sound like he was outside.


Result: The Frozen Dead Thanx anon. Feb 9, 2008

I watched it on TV in the late 60's or early 70's. It was a color picture. It seemed like a Dr. Frankenstein type movie? There was an Igor character and the setting was in a castle and there was a basement/laboratory? The Dr./scientist has arms and legs on a wall and he would flip some type of switch and they would move. There was also a severed hand that I think escaped from the lab and it crawled around the castle. The carpet I remember was red. The scientist's daughter comes to visit one weekend and brings a friend with her. The Igor character likes her and accidently kills her one night. The Dr./scientist tells his daughter the next morning that her friend had to go home due to some urgent matter. But he has taken her friends head and has put it in a wooden box. The head calls to the friend at night. Can't remember if the lips moved or not? But the head I think was saying "help me, help me." I also think the head can make the arms and legs on the wall move. Her friend finds her in the basement and I think the head has a green look to it.


Result: The Curse (1987) loosely based on an H.P. Lovecraft story and directed by actor David Keith. It stars Wil Wheaton of "Star Trek" fame, along with Claude Akins and John Schneider. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Jan 2, 2008

I remember seeing a movie on t.v between 1990 and 1996. I couldn't tell you any of the characters names but I remember the family living on a farm or something, with an apple orchard near by. The mother was in the house sewing something and she ended up sewing the sock or whatever it was, to her hand. Later on in the movie she dies and the dad puts her in their cellar. Their children go to check on her and she comes alive and is VERY scary! This is all I remember of the movie, I was very young and my parents wouldn't let me stay up and watch it! Sorry I recall nothing else in the movie but these are the images that stand out in my mind.


Result: Arnold with Stella Stevens and Roddy McDowell. Thanx Alli, Midnight Creeper. Aug 7, 2007

It was in color, i am guessing the 70s. There was a bride i think blonde in a white wedding dress at the funeral of her old husband, she might have married him in the graveyard. Anyway the dead guys kills off all his relatives that are they looking for some money out of his will. Each one is killed differently. One ladies face was burned off when acid was put in her makeup. The dead guys wife i think was messing around with guy and they where crushed in the shower. One guy got a new suit from the dead man and it squeezed him to death.


Result: The Amityville Horror (2005) remake, with Ryan Reynolds as the stepfather (who also played one of Blade's sidekicks in "Blade: Trinity"). Thanx Midnight Creeper, Alli, Dennis. Aug 3, 2007

My boyfriend and I went to see a scary movie a while ago and cannot remember the name of it. It is about a family that moves into a new house and the stepfather starts seeing things, which makes him kill the kids. His puppels are always dilating. The father is the white man off of Blade 3.


Result: Homebodies (1974) Thanx Alli, Midnight Creeper, goblyn. Aug 7, 2007

Okay, this movie I believe was made in the early to mid 70’s. It was about older people living in a building and I think they were threatened with eviction or something so they started killing people. The murder I remember the most is they poured cement into a container a guy was in and then noticed that his foot was sticking out so they chopped it off with an axe. I thought Ruth Gordon was in it, but searched imdb and found nothing.


Result: A Whisper To A Scream (1987) The Offspring segment Thanx Alli. Aug 7, 2007


Result: All The Kind Strangers (1974) (TV) Thanx Alli. Aug 7, 2007

I saw a horror movie in 1985 from either the 1970's or early 1980's about children, living in a house together, killing random adults and then playing with them, like dolls (having tea parties, etc.). I remember them killing one by trapping them in a bear trap, and another with a cross bow.


Result: Drip (1996) by Steve Gomez, and has actually been posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmuSU5B55Rg&NR=1 Thanx anon. Mar 10, 2008

This was a short T.V film, 20 to 30 mins long, Aired in the U.K probably around 1995 ish.It was in color. Set in the time it was made. Set in a isolated country house somewhere in America, I think!A woman arrives with her dog at her new country house, she unloads several boxes of her belongings from her car and into her new home. Its late afternoon and its quiet in the house with boxes scattered around everywhere, she sits down to relax with a glass of wine when she hears the tap in the bathroom upstairs dripping, she checks it out and turns the tap tighter, the dripping stops and she goes back downstairs to continue unpacking, then a little later she hears it again this time she takes a spanner with her and tightens the nut, again it stops....and again, a while later it starts!This time she follows the pipe up into a large attic with a torch and tightens something along the pipe to stop the dripping, which seems to do the trick. While up there she notices a small door strangely at the far end of the dark attic which appears to be ajar. We sense something is breathing behind it as she approaches it slowly and curiously with dim torch light and on her hands and knees. Suddenly the phone downstairs rings and she turns and scrambles out of the attic and downstairs to answer it!There's very little talking in the film except this telephone call which seems to be with her partner explaining due to events at work that he wont be able to join her at the new house that day.It's now late evening and we see her get into bed. she strokes her dog goodnight which we see laying down on the floor beside the bed, she then hears the tap dripping again but decides to just ignore it by covering her head with her pillow and goes to sleep. It's now very late at night and she restlessly awakes to a more rapid dripping from the bathroom, we see her reaching under the bed and stroke her panting dog. She gets up walks across the dark hall into the bathroom and turns the light on to see her dog hanging dead! off the shower head and its blood dripping in to the bath!!! she screams hysterically as we pan away from her to the bedroom and under her bed, where we see dark menacing demonic figure panting away! and it ends.


Result: Touch (1997) with Skeet Ulrich and Bridget Fonda. There is also an episode from the X-Files that deals with a boy that can heal by touching. Thanx Alli. Aug 7, 2007

I saw this movie sometime in the 90's. I believe it was a made for tv movie about a man who could heal others with his hands. At some point in the movie he is running with a friend debating his powers.


Result: The Phantom Tollbooth (1970) Geeze, people aren't even trying to stump us anymore. with Butch Patrick. Thanx Midnight Creeper, anon, Alli. Aug 3, 2007

I saw the movie in the '70's on TV, it was color. A boy is on the phone when he discovers a box in his bedroom and when entering it he turns from 'real life' into cartoon and sets off on an adventure. One scene in it he is travelling in a small car and discovers 'the dulldrums'. When he finishes he returns to the phone and trys to explain where he has been, but the person on the other end cuts off after finding the box in his room.


Result: Warriors Of Virtue (1997) The five animal-dudes are usually described as kangaroos. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 3, 2007

I saw this movie in about 92 or 93,it was an actual movie not a cartoon. it was about a boy and his friend going to an old broken watertower which still has water in it which swirls. the boy "i think is dared to get somehiing out of the water "falls in and is I guess teleported to a different world. he finds i think five characters which are bipedal but they are like goats or something but they know some type of martial arts and they were really acrobatic. at the end he has to leave and when he comes to, he is being rescued by an old man.the animal things that the boy encounters and befriends are mechanized heads and they used staffs and swords. it was in english, color, seemed like a kid movie. the setting of the movie was dark like inside a forest.


Result: Unsolved Mysteries This sounds an awful lot like an episode called Highway Vision - On Highway 50 on 6/9/94 Christine Skubish fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road. She died instantly, but her son Nick miraculously survived the crash. However, the car and boy were only found because two other travelers had a vision of a nude woman lying at the side of the road, which caused them to call the police, leading to the finding of the mother killed in a car accident. Nick had been in the car for several days when he was found, not talking and clinging to life. Thanx danatania. Jan 14, 2008

I remember this movie from the 60's or 70's. Little boy and his mother are in a car wreck. Mother is killed and is lying on top of him. Boy stops talking and goes to live with relatives.


Result: The Octagon Thanx anon. Aug 5, 2007

I am looking for an old martial arts movie. It centers around a large martial arts competition on a large wooden fighting scape. The only hint I can remember is that the competitors had to walk on knives tied to beams for maybe 20-30 ft to get to the fighting area.


Result: All The Kind Strangers (1974) (TV) with Stacy Keach, Samantha Eggar, John Savage and Robby Benson. Thanx Alli. Aug 7, 2007

This is a film that my mother saw probably in the 70's. It's about a group of siblings that are very "hillbilly". They have no mother and so kidnap a woman to take care of them. They never leave her alone, so she can't escape. One time a man comes to the house and the woman is making something with dough and she writes "Help Me" in the dough with her finger. This would have to be in color.


Result: Summer Of Fear (1978) (TV) with Linda Blair and Lee Purcell and directed by Wes Craven. Thanx Alli. Aug 7, 2007

the movie i am thinking of is about a girl who tries to get a family to accept her by getting them to turn against their real daughter. i believe. i think she kills the real daughter and the family does not know she did. she really plays on their emotions and they begin to trust her. later they find out she killed the daughter and then find her body. not sure if it was made in the 1980's or 90's.


Result: The Stranger Within (1990) (TV) with Rick Schroder and Kate Jackson. Thanx Alli. Aug 7, 2007

The movie is about a mother whos baby is stolen or kidnapped. Her baby has a very distinct birthmark. later a teenage boy comes to her home claiming to be her son. he shows her the birthmark and gains her trust. turns out he was lying and is not her real son. the birthmark dissappeared from his skin. I don't remember how it ends. Not sure if it made in the 1980's or 90's.


Result: The Sitter (1991) (TV) starring Kim Myers and Brett Cullen. It's based on a novel by Charlotte Armstrong, and is a recycling of the 1952 Marilyn Monroe vehicle "Don't Bother to Knock". Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 6, 2007

the movie is about a babysitter who is mentally unstable. She tries to get a man to ask her to marry her. at the end of the movie the parents come home to find her and thier child on the roof about to jump off. the babysitter tries to get the child to jump off too by throwing a toy or something. i can't remember what the movie is called. I think it was made in either the 1980's or 90's.


Result: The Elm-chanted Forest (1986) animated , which features a dude who gets trapped in a cave and has to listen to some singing mushrooms before he escapes. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Nov 18, 2007

I saw a movie about 10-15 years ago (I am sorry, I can't even remember if we rented it or if it was on TV, I believe we rented it). This was an animated kids film, color, but the plot of the movie escapes me. I remember that a group of people were looking for something (or maybe someone), and at one point a character falls through a hole in the ground and lands in an underground cave. I believe he looks around for a minute and then these worms and slugs start to come out of the walls and started singing. I think the song was something along the lines of "you're gonna be here forever". Eventually, sometime after the song, the guy manages to escape.


Result: Fire With Fire (1986) starring Virginia Madsen and Craig ShefferHaven't we seen this somewhere before...? Jon Polito (of "Homicide: Life on the Streets"), D.B. Sweeney, future Emmy-nominee Jean Smart, Kate Reid (of "The Andromeda Strain"), and Tim "Tuvok" Russ co-star. Thanx Hendu, Midnight Creeper, Alli. Aug 3, 2007

I am lokking for a film, drama, made in the late 80's early 90's. I dont remeber any characters names, but I do remember the movie. The beginning is a girl laying in a pond surrounded by lily pads taking photographs of herself, she is seen by a boy I believe he goes to an all boys boarding school. I know she was a private boarding school girl. They meet fall in love and in the end run away together to a cabin in the hills. I remeber that the cabin catches fire and thats all I can remeber.


Result: The Challengers (1989) (TV) starring a bunch of comparative nobodies. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Aug 4, 2007

I saw this movie on television (perhaps the Disney Channel) around 1991. It is in color and seemed current to the time (set in the late 80's). The lead is a teen or pre-teen girl who dresses like a boy to be in a band ( I think.) She gets busted when her dress falls out of her blue jeans. In the end, she gets to play in the band as a girl. I believe she played keyboard. I also remember a best friend who also plays in the band at the end of the movie, and a bicycle the lead girl spray painted. There may have also been a link to a sport played with a stick. I saw this movie when I was 5 and for some reason it is one of my earliest memories.


Result: The Brotherhood Of Satan (1971) Thanx goblyn. Aug 10, 2007

Looking for a vintage b&w horror film from the 70S or 60S. The only scenes I can remember are - a haunting scene where - there is the remnents of a childrens bitrthday party that has ended. Tables left with discarded birthday hats, crepe paper dangling off. Ritualistic? Men in hooded capes took or killed the children? Gothic - Very creepy film. Viewed on television in the 80S during a channel 43 (cleveland, ohio) afternoon horror fest. One of those films wich have haunted me for years.


Result: The Lost Continent (1968) This answer comes courtesy of the one provided by planetmarsphoto on 10/10 for Movie #3768. a Hammer production. Thanx Midnight Creeper, richard. Nov 23, 2007

okay, so i think it was made in the 60's or 70's (looked like a cheap hammer type film) set maybe in victorian times. it had a bunch of sailors who are lost and find (an isand?) where a tribe live. this tribe has a boy as their leader and he is advised by his father. i seem to remember a firey pit that some of the sailors get thrown into. there is the eventual fight to escape and the boy king helps them and is unfortunately stabbed by his father and dies. the sailors make it back to their ship and give the boy a burial at sea. please please please tell me it was not a dream i had as a child. no,one else i know has ever ever heard of it.


Result: Dark Shadows (1991) (TV) miniseries with Ben Cross and Joanna GoingRemake of late 1960's horror-soap opera Thanx Hendu. Aug 3, 2007

I'm almost positive it was made in the 90's. I don't think it was a t.v. series because if I remember correctly it was being shown in parts that had an ending. Anyways, this movie was show on nbc, abc, or something like that. What I can recall from it is that there's this man who is a vampire and he has this mansion on this seaside cliff. For some reason this beautiful young woman is there (I can't recall why) but I don't think she knows his secret. He wasn't once of those blood sucking people just more kept to himself. I believe she is the spitting image of this man love from the 1800's who I believe killed herself by jumping off the sea side cliff. I think there's a painting of this woman in his mansion. Anyhoo, if I remember correctly I think she gets transported back into time I think during the thunderstorm and I think a school teacher from the old time ends up switching places with her. When she gets there some people take her in but when they see the zipper on her dress they think she is a witch....I know it was some sort of a love story and I think her purpose in going back was to save that girl that looked like her...but what irritates me is that when I went to watch the ending they skipped a week and I forgot about it the next so I never found out what happend.


Result: Alien Abduction: Incident In Lake County (1998) Thanx Acquistapasta. Dec 10, 2007

ime trying to find the name of a film i watched on sky about a year ago.It was supposed to be a fact based film about a family whose house was invaded by aliens.i dont think there was any well known stars in the film.at the end we are told that the family were never seen again.during the film we have paranormal experts trying to either confirm the story or rubbishing it.


Result: You're Never Too Young (1955) starring Martin and Jerry Lewis, with Raymond Burr as the bad-guy jewel thief. I finally got to see this movie on DVD (thank goodness for Netflix!), and this is definitely the one I remembered seeing years ago! Thanx Troy. Oct 26, 2007


Result: Hollywood Or Bust (1956) a Martin and Lewis vehicle from and their final onscreen pairing, since they were bitterly feuding during the filming and broke up as a partner act thereafter. (I thought Pardners was there last film together-hence the ironic title - me) Thanx Midnight Creeper. Sep 7, 2007

I am looking for a comedy movie starring Jerry Lewis (I am certain of that), which has a hilarious water-skiing scene near the end of the film. I believe the last scene finds Jerry up in a tree, where he drops something (a coconut?) on the head of the bad guy.


Result: Hidden City (1988) starring Charles Dance, Jason Carter (from TV's "Babylon 5"), and Richard E. Grant. It sounds a bit like 1987's "Ground Zero" from Australia. Thanx Midnight Creeper. Jun 25, 2008

I am looking for a British film made in 70/80's. It concerns a young girl's attempts to find about medical experiments carried out during the war (on soldiers?). She enlists the help of an older man, who embark upon the search for clues. The clues themselves are hidden in strange places. The only clue location I can remember was at the end of a film about "The History of the English Hedgerow".


Result: From Beyond with Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree and Ken Foree; Directed by Stuart Gordon. Thanx Alli, RomanyX. Jul 25, 2007

This film was about a scientist who invented a weird monster which then goes on a rampage. the monster was a head on the end of a giant blobby type body, and the head had a kind of penis-like growth coming out of the forehead. This penis like growth also affects other characters if they are infected, breaking out of their forehead. I saw the trailer for this film on the video for 'Slaughter High'.


Result: Troll 2 (1990) Strange...people ask about this one a lot, but never about plain ol' "Troll 1". Thanx Midnight Creeper. Jul 25, 2007

This is a movie with an old woman in a rickety old house. A woman and a man come up to her house asking for help (or something like that) and the woman gives them something to drink. The young woman runs upstairs and melts and goblins or trolls come out of a room into the loft and begin to eat her. When the man drinks the potion he turns into a plant and the witch-like woman keeps him as her own plant. I first saw this movie in about 1995.


Result: Masters Of Horror One of the Writers was Steven Weber who also played the lead part. The ugly woman was played by Carrie Fleming who is actually easy on the eyes! Episode entitled Jenifer Directed by Dario Argento; first aired November 18th, 2005 Thanx Jeremy, RomanyX. Jul 25, 2007

I saw the film on tv recently (around march 2007 time). It looked as though it was set around the 1980's. All that i can remember is that there was a female (i think her name was Elizabeth - not too sure though)who has abit of a freak to say the least (she had a face that looked as though it was partially melted). She could not speak properly and would sometimes lick her arms and hands. She was staying at the home of a couple and the husband took Elizabeth to the woods were they had sex in the car. He then took her home and the wife was not impressed. He told his wife to help her and let her stay. The wife agreed. Later that night the husband and Elizabeth had sex in the house. Later in the film Elizabeth, for one reason or another, ate the couples little girl in the basement.


Result: Vampire Circus (1972) Thanx RomanyX, goblyn. Jul 26, 2007

I seen this movie at the drive-in around the late 1970s possibly early 1980s. It was about vampires with a carnival, very creepy. I am pretty sure it was in color, I seem to remember one of the vampires being in love with a girl, and not wanting to bite her. I was around 10 at the time and thought it was very scary, seemed to be a dark movie.


Result: The Whip And The Body (1963) Thanx goblyn. Aug 2, 2007


Result: Il Boia Scarlatto (1965) aka The Bloody Pit of Horror Starring Mickey Hargitay, Jayne Mansfield's ex (& Mariska's dad). Thanx RomanyX. Jul 26, 2007

I am looking for a movie from the late 60's or early 70's, Ithink it's British all I can remember is there was a woman in a bikini strapped by her hands and feet, and a man with a bullwhip, he was whipping her and each time he whipped her you can see the mark around her waist as he strikes her with the bullwhip. I remember seeing the previews for it in the movie theaters, but I never saw the actual movie, the whipping scene looked real.


Result: The Crazies (1973) or Nightmare at Noon (1988), they both have the same plot. Thanx runninrabbit. Oct 4, 2007

I saw this film in the mid to late 80's on video. Likely a straight-to-video release, judging by the production quality. The shooting location was either an American or Canadian rural community. Scenery was mainly cloudy, gray, and cold. The Plot:A spy/chemist (supposedly Russian, but without a Russian accent) goes to America to release a virus in a small town. (He does this via pulling the top off a large yellow jug in what looks like a school lab, setting forth noxious fumes). He himself is immune to the virus, having something like AB negative blood or such. The protagonist American lead is also immune with the same blood type. The virus itself turns people homicidal, then suicidal. The town is eventually quarantined as infected people kill eachother and later commit suicide. One seen depicts a grinning man shotgun-blasting a car's driver, through the passenger window. Somehow the American and Russian team up later in the film.


Result: Homicidal (1961) Thanx RomanyX. Jul 26, 2007

we watched this when we were about 10, so about 1970. the part we really remember is that the old woman, about 80, was mute and had to tap a wooden pestle and morter type thing to communicate. the scary bit was her going up a spiral staircase in an early stannah stair chair with her murderer standing half way up holding a knife out, to slowly cut off her head, which she saw coming and went bonkers with her pestle and morter thang! meanwhile ..;. someone else came into the house with the heart beat thud thud noise, shut the door which unsteadied the head which fell off and went bumping off down the stairs.we have been trying to find out what this film was for years, and although the house was in candle light, there must have been electricity because of the stannah chair! and also, we think it was in colour.


Result: Panic which seems to have been remade in 2001 as another UK short called Left Turn. Thanx Aaron, Midnight Creeper. Aug 4, 2007

1970's short film.Basic plot is that an old woman is waiting a bus stop. Posters are everywhere about recent murders and that a murderer is on the loose. A car pulls up alongside the lady and she accepts a lift.The rain is pouring down and the car stops at a set of traffic lights. The lights turn to green and the car remains staionary. Blood then splatters on the windscreen and a moment or so later the old women gets out of the car and walks off.


Result: Crowhaven Farm Thanx Moongirl. Dec 28, 2007

This movie is a horror flick i started to watch late night on TV back when i was a little kid in the late 80's.(maybe 86?) The quality of the film looked like it was from the 1970's, early 80's at the very latest, but most likely 70's. The one image that burned in my mind for some reason was of this young girl,not a child but a teenager or maybe even a young woman, with very straight blonde hair kinda just staring at the camera with a mischevious smile on her face.I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking. She also wasn't on a busy street with traffic behind her, i think she was in a field, or on a farm?. wherever she was at that moment, it was quiet and no other people in the scene. I'm also certain that she was outdoors and it was daytime, maybe even dusk. It was either at the very beginnig during or right after the opening credits; or at the very end, right before, during or right after the end credits. These are the only things i remember vividly. Plus i'm pretty sure it was an american movie. I didn't see the whole thing so If i try to recall the plot i might mess it up and confuse you. Its that creepy girl that has stayed with me. I can't even tell you if she was in the movie. Just focus on the opening or ending. Also I might have been watching a program called Fright Night which featured a horror block of relatively old movies. I'm pretty sure it was on a saturday or else i wouldn't have been up watching TV. It seemed to me at the time a lot of the movies shown on this program were from the 70's, including the one i'm trying to describe. It was on local television in new york city. maybe channel 9?WWOR maybe channel 5? WLIW . Remember this was back in the mid to late 80's.


Result: The Godsend (1980) It features a British family that take in a blonde female child who systematically kills the other siblings. The general plot and specific scenes described in the question match pretty closely. Thanx Carl. Oct 10, 2008

The movie I'm looking for is about a family who has a child or adopts a child that turns out to be evil and may be a British film. I can recall images of a blonde child sitting in a field. I believe the child murders all the other siblings one by one in not very frightening ways. It's not a gory film and I can recall a child falling from a roof or something like that. Color film. 70's.


Result: Something Evil (TV) with Sandy Dennis and Darren McGavin; directed by Steven Speilberg. very young (coming off of "Duel") Thanx Alli, Midnight Creeper, RomanyX. Jul 25, 2007

I think I watched this movie at the same time I watched Bad Ronald and Don´t be afraid of the dark. I am almost sure it was made for tv.A couple and their kids move to a house that looks like a farm. The husband is into commercial production and travels to the city every day while the wife cleans the new house.soon she starts acting weird like making these pentagram engraved clay medallions and I think she also paints a pentagram on the floor of the house. The actress in the husband´s commercial die in a strange car accident (I remember some funny magic effects).at some point she thinks she´s possessed and tries to hang herself at the barn but a man tells her that its nor her but her little boy who is possessed.She struggles with the little boy and takes him to the pentagram painted on the house and he is set free.


Result: Night Gallery (1969) It's Cemetery, the pilot episode, starring Roddy McDowall and Ossie Davis. Thanx Midnight Creeper, RomanyX, anon, goblyn. Jul 24, 2007

This is a movie in color that I saw on TV. Not sure which year, but probably late 90's. It's about a guy in a house that has a painting with a grave in it. As the hours go by a man starts to get out of the grave and starts walking towards the house in the painting. The owner of the house watches the painting as this man slowly approaches the house and finally enters and kills the owner. I think it was because the owner killed the guy who was in the grave or something like that.


Result: Tales Form The Crypt (1972) with Joan Collins and Peter Cushing. It's an anthology. The story with the revived but embalmed husband is, of course, based on the famous story "The Monkey's Paw". Thanx Alli, Midnight Creeper, RomanyX, mykewalker, goblyn. Jul 25, 2007

I saw this movie probably in the late 90's on TV. It's a collection of short stories where a guy in a cape(looks like a monk) takes about six people in a cave and tells them what will happen to them in the future. One is with a wife that finds a statue where you can make three wishes. I just remember the last wish which is to bring her dead embalmed husband back to life..and when he does he starts screaming in pain. Therefore she chops him up into pieces. Another story involves a man who is cheating on his wife and runs away with a mistress and keeps getting into a car accident and dying. But after each accident he wakes up in the car as if nothing happened. He finally goes through the crash once more and wakes up and tries to go back to his house where his wife is, but she doesn't recognize him.


Result: Flowers In The Attic (1987) Starring Louise Fletcher, Victoria Tennant, Kristy Swanson and Jeb Stuart Adams. Thanx Jeremy, mykewalker. Jul 25, 2007

I have been trying to find a horror film I saw I believe in the 70's or 80's. It had something to do with some people living secretly in the attic of an old home, or possibly they broke into this house and were living secretly int he attic????


Result: Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life And Other Strange Tales (1995) anthology starring Richard Grant among others. Thanx Midnight Creeper, RomanyX. Jul 24, 2007

This is a film I got from the local library within the past two years. I believe it is black and white and on vhs. There were three stories. One was by a famous author; I think it was Franz Kafka. Another story takes place in a large room in a castle. Two men meet there to discuss business. They are both extremely macho and put on quite a show for each other. It is a tremendous, outrageous, game of oneupsmanship. At the end, one of the men is quite willing to sacrifice his wife for a business deal. The third story concerns a man from the country who goes into town and buys his wife a gift.


Result: The Big Chill (1983) with Glenn Close. but no Sarandon. Thanx Alli, RomanyX. Jul 25, 2007

This is a film I part-recorded and never saw the end. Set in USA in 1970s, there are a numbe of ex college-friends who get together at one couple's house. One of the group is prety obnoxious; it becomes clear that something has gone on in their mutual past. Finally, someone in the group dies (is it the obnoxious one...?). Can't really remember much more... very good 70s soundtrack (although I think the film was made later). Just one last thought, a young Susan Sarandon??

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