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Oct 19, 2010 i cant remember when the movie was made but what i do know of it is that its about these two guys, supposedly teens to early 20's, and one guy is collecting things left to him by a dead relative that he hardly knew. what he gets is a suitcase (brown leather, old) and inside of it, among other things, is a clock. they either fix the clock or it strikes a time and out comes the ghost of the dead relatives butler. the ghost inhabits the body this puppit type doll (about 4'5 to 5 feet tall, greenish gray skin, rinkled, bald save for white hair around the head which is wide like a football almost, big eyes and has a cutsy childlike voice, and a small upturned nose, and wearing a suit with a bowler hat). either both or one of the boys had made this doll because of some reason. for some reason i cant remember the ghost has to find is master, who apparently isn't dead. the master guy is apparently buried alive in some antique style room behind a brick wall. they dig him out and he turns out to be the bad guy. i dont know what happens next but this has been driving me insain for years!


Oct 18, 2010 I hope you can help me find this film its a really excellent awesome scary one I know you said your not taking requests any more but please have pitty on me. I need to know what is the name of the film . I was born in 1963 cant remember how old I was when I saw the film what I do remember is an invisible creature terroring couples,footprints appearing in the sand, lots of sand, man and woman, a truck The ending they burnt the creature and I finally saw it.I think it was black and white.


Oct 14, 2010 About a year ago I saw a movie on TV, and I can't remember what movie it was and it's driving me crazy! Basically, it was about this woman who was (I think) vacationing or had moved to Ireland or Scotland with her husband and daughter. Something happens to her daughter, and she has to kind of rescue her daughter from a kind of hell, I think. All I really remember is that the woman is in this very creepy old decrepid building, and she enters a room, where her little girl is. The daughter has been possessed by something, and she cuts the woman somewhere (I forget where, but I know she's okay - it wasn't a bad cut). And then it's kind of like.she's hallucinating? Somehow she is able to rescue her daughter, and they run away. They have to jump off this cliff into the ocean, I think. When they come up for air, they both swim to shore but the daughter makes it there first. Their house is right on the shore, and so it doesn't take long before they're home. The woman finally makes it to the house, only to discover that her husband and daughter cannot see her, so she's a ghost? I'm not compeltely sure. I remember specifically that at the very end, the husband and daughter left the country and as they were driving away, something happened that showed you thhat the daughter was still possessed. I've been told it sounds kind of like the Ring movies, but I'm 99% positive it isn't one of them. But I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure the movie's title began with a "W".


Sep 29, 2010 What Is The Horror Movie Where This Guy is Making out with this girl in the beging and she gets mad bc he slips her the toung and it turns out they are making a movie then l8ter on they find a talking puppet and are fallowing a old man in a black car around there town.i think it was made in the 80's or early 90's


Sep 7, 2010 I saw this film a year ago on tv. Its about a europe castle,that four people are invited too, but one person is in the castle and if four came in the castle grounds then only four can leave, The castle feeds on fear and torture of the people who enter. You can never leave unless someone takes your place.


Sep 7, 2010 Im looking for a movie where the ghost of a womans mother causes her to kill the man she love through a cursed mirror. I think that the movie was aired on television in the late 80s early 90s. I think that the mother had killed her father and her grand-mother had done the same. It had like a romantic feel to it, kinda like that movie that aired on lifetime not long ago (Midnight Bayou). The fact that I can not remember this movie drives me nuts because I watched it more than once. I have asked everyone that I know and no one has a clue.


Aug 31, 2010 I am looking for an old movie. All I can remember is this lady finds an adress to this house she was in or is having visions of, and she returns there. When she is inside the house she recognizes the interior. As she looks around the room she remembers there used to be a door in the wall that leads upstairs to this bedroom she is seeing in her visions. Something happened in this room long ago and it has been sealed up. When they break into the wall they discover there is indeed a door there, and it leads upstairs to the room. When she goes in the room the furniture is all covered up in plastic and sheets, and there is a window in this room, like a double french door that has been covered over and boarded up. the room was like all white and fancy. I think it may be a an old horror or mystery film. Also it is not sleeping murder by agatha christy.


Aug 22, 2010 a couple teenagers are invited to stay at a friend relatives house.then friend dresses up in a joker suit and begin killing them all for teasing him


Aug 20, 2010 a bizarre movie about a teenage girl and a strange old man (stepfather or dad or grandfather?) living in a house intruded upon by I believe three criminals, they abuse the old man and girl but the girl has powers and suddenly these strange aliens appear (the aliens seem to be dancing almost?)and they keep flashing throughout the house and between the aliens and the teenager the bad guys get offed one by one. very, very, very strange movie that I saw either on cable, vhs or dvd can't remember back in 2000 or 2001. It wasn't Axe (though I believed from my searches that it may have been, and made the mistake of buying it on ebay.) (color, English language, you might think the director was on a bad acid trip with this one, one extremely weird movie but I recall liking it, If I remember correctly this movie had a short running time, 80's or probably the 90's)


Aug 20, 2010 there is a memorable scene in the movie where the killer sits down next to an unsuspecting relieved young women on a porch after apparently killing the maniac just moments before in the houses kitchen(I believe)and slowly the killer draws a thin long blade and even slower slides the blade right through the side of her chest it was a most memorable, gruesome scene (I believe the killer was some type of ghost or demon of a young man that had met a bad ending or was burned (or both) and his spirit came back in the form it did but I'm not certain I only saw this once and it twas long ago.). I saw it on cable (showtime, cinemax or hbo)in the mid to late nineties (color,English language, horror movie, 80's or 90's) .


Aug 15, 2010 This movie was a black and white film I saw on t.v. in the early 70's. I remember a women that always had blood on one hand, but claimed it was ketchup. She was always trying to hide that hand some way from everyone. At night, she would climb the walls as a skeleton. The people within the house/motel would see footprints of blood around the walls and ceilings.


Jul 23, 2010 Something from the early 60's that was on black & white TV. I don't remember if it was a movie or episodic or live TV. It was similar to a Ray Bradbury theme with aliens who had no eyes or noses but a mouth and the rest of the part of the "human" body per se. It was like on another planet I believe with humans and these alien like creatures. They may have been telepathic?


Jul 21, 2010 im lookin for a movie it has a man kissing a woman while she is in her husbands arms on the movie cover. i beleive that they are asian. i haven't see the film. and had plan on renting it but i forgot the name of the movie to ask for it.


Jul 18, 2010 I saw this scary movie on TV in the early 70's. Don't remember if it was in color or black & white. It involved a mother, father, and two young children(a boy and a girl, I believe). The father brings home this creepy statue from some kind of trip, and they place it on a table in their home. The statue turns out to be evil and things start happening in the home.


Jul 15, 2010 This was a old TV movie 70/80's based on a True story, of two women that broke down on a dirt back road. They were kidnapped and raped and beaten, by creepy redneck mountain men. They were found days later one was dead and the other went crazy.and was never right again! I think there was even a weapon later created and sold with the victims name on it in her memory. But I can't think of the name?


Jul 7, 2010 I was born in 1985, and remember watching a movie when I was 5 or 6 years old about a group of heros, or travelers (kinda of dressed like conan the barbarian) getting stuck on a suspension bridge that looked like grass. It turned out the bridge was actually the mouth of a large creature or monster, who swallowed those who tried to cross it.


Jun 29, 2010 It was mid to early 80s when I saw it so I think it was from around that time period. It was in colour and in English (not subbed). My dad got it on video. There was a guy with a small stone statue/ figure, and it seemed to possess him. I remember that his wife/girlfriend, broke the statue and the guy ended up cracking/bleeding. In the end the woman becomes possessed.


Jun 27, 2010 I saw a movie on a Sunday matinee tv show in the early 70s. I was about 8 or 9 years old, and it terrified me. All I remember is that is what a black and white movie, perhaps from the 50s, with well-dressed men (I think in traditional English bowler hats and suits) who were talking to a man's head on a rock. The man was beheaded, but I don't know if he was supposed to be alive, or a ghost, or what. They were outside, the rock the head was on was a huge boulder, went up to about the waist of the men. I just remember the beheaded man looking VERY scary, and talking oddly (I think).


Jun 27, 2010 I saw it on TV two or three years ago. It was a werewolf movie. The only scene I can remember is where a guy is bitten, completely melts into a puddle, and then comes out of the puddle as a wolf.


Jun 23, 2010 I remember watching it on HBO, I think, in the early '80s, a color film, and all I can remember was it was set in a castle and an older man in a gray sweater, I think, was killed by being hit in the chest with a morning star.


Jun 23, 2010 He said it was black and white, possible the '50s or '60s, and involved a man who tried to assassinate Hitler and failed. Instead of being executed, he was experimented on, had the skin stripped off his face, and spent the rest of film killing people.


Jun 12, 2010 there was a creepy movie that may have been british i saw it on sunday afternoon tv in the 80s probably 85 i think it was from the 60s or 70s it had a man in a castle in a padded room and straitjacket with a neckbrace and i think it was either a frankenstein movie or a dracula movie but the guy was insane and some girl came in to see him and he was drooling and crazy and all dirty looking and she cried and i think the castle blew up and the guy jumped off a cliff, it creeped me out and i cant find it anywhere


Jun 8, 2010 I sure hope someone out there can help because this has been driving me insane for YEARS! It was a black & white movie that I saw on tv as a kid in the late 60's or early 70's, so was probably filmed in the 60's. I think it was filmed in England. Main character, named Isabel, is a wheelchair-bound older woman, a sculptress, who was also rich and lived in an old Victorian mansion with her younger, hot husband and her young, beautiful nurse. The husband and nurse are having an affair and plot to murder Isabel for her money. They push her down an elevator shaft; the camera shows us her twisted body. When the police come. surprise, the body is gone. Isabel (who we never see again until the end of the movie) pulls stunts to freak out the husband and the nurse, until they are finally caught by the police. My family thinks I've dreamed the whole thing up, but I know it's real. I even remember what the characters looked like.


Jun 5, 2010 all i remember of the movie is that it was a period film (carriages and horses) was in color(pretty sure) and that a young couple(beautiful girl handsome young man) in love running thru a field(?) when the bride(?) falls and appeaers to die. they bury her and while at the burial ceremony she comes to, claws the coffin until they hear her. when they open the coffin she pops out with all white hair. i want to say it was probably filmed in 60's-70's. the white hair is what stands out for me.i seem to recall after she is recovered there is a scene where she is in a horse drawn carriage all catatonic like.?!?


Jun 2, 2010 This movie could be american, english or french, i saw it back in hte late 70's i was a kid so to me really scary.It was about a blond woman who was carried to a castle after her horse carriage flips over, i think she was pregnant or something, i don't remember why she was locked in a small room and the door was sealed and covered with bricks, so she dies then one day some guy find the bricks removed or broken and she started showing up in the castle, she showed herself as beautiful as she was but sometimes she presented herself decomposed in order to kill people. There's a scene when a guy who was why people were dying in the castle inserted a needle in her eye to find out there was no blood or anything


Jun 1, 2010 The film is about two school girls, one American, the other oriental. The American girl loves snooping and playing spy and visits her friends huge mansion home. While playing hide and seek, she goes into a dumbwaiter (Small elevator) and enters a floor where she finds a body and discovers her friends family is some huge mafia. End of film, the girl is captured and left locked up in a car with a bomb about to go off but someone gets her out just in time.


May 31, 2010 there was a movie i saw when i was a kid about 1993 and it was an older movie from 50s or 60s. All i remember was a lady got locked in a closet and while she was in there she someone/something turned her into a witch and the people trap in the buliding could not leave because now the witch was running around the outside.


May 18, 2010 I'm looking for an old horror movie from the 80's or 90's, used to see it on Cinemax a lot. There's a mom and daughter living in a house, and the mom has a boyfriend. The boyfried ends up seducing the daughter, and the mom catches them having sex in the daughter's room. When the boyfriend gets up to leave, he opens the daughters door and the mom is standing there with a knife. She stabs him (can't remember where), and the movie title pops up.


May 16, 2010 In the late 60's, or very early 70's, I was being babysat (I was born in 1964) and watched a horror movie in color. I became so scared that I left the room, never to find out what happened. The thematic elements that I recall are an ocean setting, a woman who was scared , bathroom mirrors, and issues with caves, or areas under rocks, by the ocean. I know that this is very little to go on, but it would mean a lot to me to discover what this movie was.


May 14, 2010 A horror film from the late 80's, Its almost like a bad dream and very surreal. There's a man in it and hes slowly losing his mind, theres alot of flashing lights, earie music almost siren like and alot of scenes with an ambulance. At the end of the film the man loses his mind and throw's himself off a american buidling. The only other thing i can remember is the guy has glasses and dark curly hair, for most of the film his is sweating perfusly as he is losing his mind and darting from scene to scene. I havent a clue what they call this film but it burned a hole in my memory as i watched it when i was around 8-9(now 27).


May 13, 2010 this tv show it was on pa channels 3,6,or 10 primetime in color in the early 80's it was either a miniseries or a failed tv show all i remember is a dad or a man with 2 kids think son and daughter they could travel through time and they were looking for something maybe mother? and the pyrmid on the back of the dollar bill had something to do with it i remember them looking at it alot ive been thinking about this show for years


May 11, 2010 All i can remember is it came on usa channel sometime in the early to mid 80's. i recall a woman on the floor against a wall and there is pink sludge coming from the walls. the walls a closing up . pretty sure it was some type of horror show that came on around the same time as the "tales from the dark side" shows.


May 8, 2010 This is a horror movie I saw broadcast on a Cincinnati (Ohio USA) TV station in the early- to mid-1960s. I do not know if the film was in color or BW. I remember only one vivid scene, which I think might have been near the end of the movie: A skull appeared, floating in the fog or mist? in the darkness. Slowly the rest of the skeleton gradually appeared, from the neck down to the feet. When the skeleton was fully formed, it started moving, slowly, jerkily, with outstretched arm, (presumably) toward the victim who was (of course) screaming. I cannot recall for sure if the skeleton was speaking, but it may have been calling to the victim. This is NOT the skeleton scene from William Castle's "House on Haunted Hill (1959)".


May 3, 2010 I saw this movie sometime in the early 70's on t.v. in the U.S. I don't know when it was actually made. I can't remember much about it other than the ending. A woman needed blood to keep herself beautiful, so she would kill young beautiful women and use there blood. At the end of the movie she is chasing someone around a table to get the vile of blood they have. She slips and falls, I believe on broken glass, or the glass breaks when she falls. It contained blood, so when she falls she dies, but the blood makes her beautiful again. I believe her face before the transformation is burned or scarred somehow.
The Leech Woman In found horror films is not the movie I was looking for. Though it is alot like the movie I was looking for, I remember the ending, the only part I do remember, and after watching it on youtube I can say it is not the right movie. I remember the woman chasing someone for the blood or serume and slipping on something like glass.


Apr 28, 2010 This movie was from the 70's or 80's. I think it was at the drive in where I saw it. It was about 2 escaped prisoners, 1 large man and 1 smaller man. The larger one was gay and in love with the smaller guy. They would pose as repairmen or electricians and go to homes where women would be home alone. They would tell the women they were there to look at their air conditioner (or some other appliance). The woman would let them in thinking they were really who they said they were. They would tie the woman up and the 1 straight con would rape the woman while the other slit her throat. There was nudity in the film. It was a very disturbing film and I have never seen or heard of it again. I alwas wondered if it was just a movie or was it based on something that really happened.


Apr 26, 2010 Swamp-slasher "B" movie. I saw this on VHS somewhere around 1985, though I think the movie may have been older than that. It starts with this boy and his mother who live in the swamp, one night mom has a male visitor (or perhaps dad returned from a long absence?) and they do the nasty, which the boy witnesses. Naturally this scars the boy enough that he grows up to be some kind of serial murderer in the swamp. I do remember at least one death scene where the weapon was like a hook at the end of a long pole. Definitely low-quality stuff, but can't get it out of my head for some reason.


Apr 13, 2010 b/w sci-fi,where a woman takes a red hot plate out of the oven,with her hands to her friends surprise.


Apr 5, 2010 i'm looking for a movie i saw between 1981 and 1984. all i can remember is a man being stabbed in the back of a Volkswagen van by 2-3 men and then being thrown out down a cliff/big ditch.


Mar 30, 2010 The movie is from the 90's and one student kills another student and his 3 friends find out and blackmail him and then they start getting knocked off and it isnt the original student who killed the one student who turns out to be the killer. There was a lighthouse location in the film.


Mar 30, 2010 I'm trying to find out the title of a horror movie of which I only have some screen caps. some blood tracks on snow, someone coming down the stairs into a cellar, two side-by-side sinks overflowing with (clear) water, a shot of someone watching the image of a child (or ghost or vampire child) through a frosted windowpane, a small notebook with handwritten pages and the old photo of an old man being studied by a blonde haired girl and someone else, two nails being driven into a hand of someone lying on the floor, and another still of a grandfather clock showing 11:45 (PM or AM).


Mar 30, 2010 The movie takes place at a school/college and people are being killed off and I remember the ending taking place in a kitchen and the killer being a twin of one of the murdered students.It was a horror film from the 80's.


Mar 30, 2010 I am looking for a movie approx mid 90s. it was a movie related to some space station. and it's control center on earth. I remember on or two scenes from the movie.1. The hero had a fight with girl he kills her and than he uses her hand to open a door.2. another actress on earth had a quarrel with some guy. and that guy shoots her in the foot.


Jan 23, 2010 Early one Christmas morning, in the mid to late 80's USA, I got up before anyone and watched part of a movie on tv, and I still to this day have no idea what it was. I remember 2 scenes, one was 2 women in an argument in a dark house, and one of them looked in a round gold or brass framed mirror in which she saw a vision and the mirror cracked. The other scene was very graphic. A blonde woman in a pale colored satin-like nightgown went to bed in a room with sliding glass doors with thin curtains. The bed had a large headboard that looked light blue or green and was a quilted satin-like looking material. After she fell asleep, an intruder made his way into her room through the sliding glass doors and began to stab her with a large knife repeatedly in the chest. The camera never panned away, it showed each stab and blood splattering onto the headboard. To this day I have never seen a stabbing so graphic on film.


Jan 22, 2010 I once saw this film but I haven't finished the whole thing coz my uncle turned it off. He did not want me to watch it. It was on a back to back DVD. I was about a small group of students there was a couple but I dont know how many they were like 5 people i think.Then they were going to this old house. It was abandoned i think.Then it was a house were ghost lived. This girl was taking a shower then a hand some kind touched her hair.She screamed she got out at the shower then her friends asked whats going on.Then when this girl uhm play with the computer the small dolls in the bedroom are like alive like they were watching them.Then this couple had you know in another room there was some dolls too.The dolls were watching them as well. After that there was a flashback about a couple who died while having it.And they were the ghost in the house.Then when they woke up after having it the spirit of that couple the other boy who died while having it his spirit got inside the boy.Then he forced the girl to have it again then the girl fell asleep after having it again because it was very hardcore.THen the boy go to the other girl in the other room the spirit was still inside him.He wanted to have it with the other girl. SO they had it then one doll watching them it was the other girl spirit the one who died when they had s**.she knew it was her mate she was mad i think.Then i forgot the rest. One thing i remembered was that a friend of theirs too a boy was in the basement then the spirit of the girl appeared to her and she kind of seduced him.But then hsi friends apperaed so the spirit disappeared.THats it.I hope you can find the title.


Jan 22, 2010 When I describe this people say it sounds like "House of Wax" but it's not. It was probably late 70's / early 80's when I saw this on TV as a child. It seemed very 60's/70's - kinda psychedelic - lots of long hair and strappy flowy long dresses.I vaguely remember what I believe is the ending - a young lady who is at a nighttime outdoor event/party? realizes that all the statues of people around her were once alive or are still alive (their eyes might have been moving?) and it turns into a ceremony (filmed almost like a drunken orgy?) where she's next! and gets laid down in hot burning liquid by the evil man/sculptor.


Jan 22, 2010 Not sure if this comes under horror or Sci-fi but this must be around the late 70's or early 80's? and before cable TV. I seem to remember foot prints walking in the sand as there title page/intro, the show was like the Twightlight Zone or Tales from the Darkside, stuff like that. There is this guy he's driving down a dirt road looking for a place to stay he see's a pretty girl and he picks her up and takes her to a hotel. It's an old fashion type hotel and he decides to stay there a few nights since he likes this girl. They hit it off they start talking and he is a painter so he starts painting her image on to canvas , one place he paints is in area with allot of plants very pretty and then one night a fight breaks out and the place catches on fire , he goes for help and returns with help to only find an empty field with a pit in it and he finds his painting there but the girls is no longer in the paintings and the cop says there use to be a hotel here but that was over 20 years ago and that's it. Everytime I here the song "Hotel California".


Jan 15, 2010 Probably from the 90's or older cause i rented it on vhs in the 90's. there's some people who have a creature inside them possibly an alien because they were inspecting a crash I think and the aliens went inside them and are controlling them. in one scene this guy with an alien inside him something happens and he loses his foot and he grabs it I believe in pain and he grows a hand where his foot should be. in another scene this kid sees this very scene in his book take place, very likely a comic book. In another scene this woman who also has an alien inside her dry humps this guy till he burns up and we see a charred skeleton. she then proceeds to grab another guy standing by the entrance i believe to dry hump him as well. but some guy who's aware of these aliens possibly hunting them shoots the womans head off and she runs outside headless. some movies that are close to this description but are not this movie that im trying to find the name of are (the puppet masters,creepshow,the species movies,the hidden,invasion of the body snatchers. i believe this might be a comedy sci-fi movie or horror movie. the creatures in the movie might be aliens or some other kind of monster but seems like an alien to me.


Jan 14, 2010 I am looking for a movie. I think it was a sci-fi movie. The story takes place in a space station. but i remember a girl was handling it from earth. all i remember was one scene. one man comes and talks with that girl on earth. and than he shoots her in the foot and than leaves. I think it was directed in 1990's.


Dec 6, 2009 i saw this movie on "chiller diller matinee" tv show on KTVU in 1975-1976. i believe it was in B&W but am not sure. common story: man and wife move to "spooky" rural mansion.there is a coven or witches nearby. there is a little girl with a doll like a raggedy ann doll. the girl often plays with doll in the woods. later in the movie the mother goes into girls room to snoop.and finds the doll. now the doll has an evil face, meaning: the witches have gotten to the girl.I saw this movie in 1975 or 76. It is not cathy's curse that was released in 1977. this movie was most likely made between 1955-1963


Nov 17, 2009 I am trying to find a horror film that had short stories within it. Like creep show and masters of horror. In this particular film, I believe a crazy man is telling someone about gawry killings from newspaper clippings. At the end of the movie we the viewer realise he is telling the stories to a little girl. One of the stories involves a seemingly innocent and insecure woman sitting in a bar alone when a handsome man comes over and starts speaking to her. There is a connection and he takes her to an abandoned house and makes love to her. After which his friend gets to sleep with her also which she apparently did not expect. Afterwards the friend tells her to get lost and she looses her cool and kills him with a hammer then she kills the original man with the hammer as well. Later you find out she is a serial killer who has been killing men who dated her and dumped her. I watched it around 1999-2003.


Nov 12, 2009 It was an oddball 80's teen slasher shown on HBO sometime between 1984 and 1987, about a bunch of juvenile delinquents. The new boy (very good looking) turns out to be the 'slasher'. It featured a pretty blond girl (innocent, virginal), a weird perverted kid who always says inappropriate things to her, amongst the other oddball teens who live there, and the adult Wards get romantically involved.


Oct 13, 2009 A young man's brother (soldier, I think) dies. The man (probably from New York) goes to the place where his brother was stationed and finds that a flying alien machine has seized control of the base and the all the soldiers. In the end, the alien machine builds a huge mechanical body for itself to sit on top of and battles the young man and an army General (I think) who defeat the alien with a rocket launcher or bazooka.


Sep 17, 2009 A black cube or box that I think was found in a dump and gives the finder knowledge. I also remember a scene where a whole laboratory or house was lifted into space for a purpose to help fight in an alien war.


Sep 12, 2009 I saw this film about 10 or so years ago. The movie was most likely from the 80s, maybe late late 70s. I saw it during the day maybe on A&E or something like that. There is a group of kids running from the killer and they go into an old house I believe. They run up the stairs and one of them falls through the stairs, the other person is trying to help them back up, but they get cut in half. Thats the only scene I remember from the film. I think the film was played after the movie Funhouse. It has a very similar feel.


Sep 3, 2009 Looking for a movie with cars equipped with guns. In the beginning the main actor uses a Bigfoot truck to illegally transport immigrants. At one point he gets parts from a F-117 stealth fighter and builds a new car.He also had a relationship with a woman which dies but leaves him a device(crystal/disk?) which he can use to visualize her.


Aug 13, 2009 I saw it a few years back in what I think was 2006, give or take a few years. It was a Spanish movie I think. The plot was basically some guy finds the book of satan in some cave by the water. He brings it back home and it starts doing all this evil stuff to the town. But by the end of the movie, I remember them having some party outdoors around their cars or something. It was a bunch of young teens to people in their twenties. They all turn into zombies, really poorly done zombies. It was just them walking with their arms out and minimum make up. The movie liked to do a lot of red filters over the lens and what not.


Aug 11, 2009 I am trying to find a movie set in the 80's i believe where a group of friends are trapped in this house. the twist is whenever one of the friends are killed they are brought back to life and kill as well. in the end this guy survives the night, apparently fell asleep and when he wakes up it's morning.he is immediately killed.**another clue : a man was killed a crazed woman with a hot iron.


Aug 9, 2009 I remember seeing a really creepy play back in the 70's and have wondered for years what it was and would love to see it again. My memory may have got a little misconstrued and I could be mixing a few things together thinking they are all the same production but here goes: It was part of one of those 70's series of plays such as Armchair Theatre, Tales of the Unexpected or something else. I remember there was one of these series's that featured some really haunting harpsichord incidental music and I think it was part of this series. Basically I remember a family or couple move into a desolate house in the woods and they find a jar in a cupboard with some kind of embryo in it. I'm not confusing this with 'Something Evil' this is entirely different. I remember a few wierd things happen in this house and at one point one of the characters is being chased by something in the woods that appears to be flying above them. I don't think you actually see the creature or maybe you see its reflection in the river I can't remember exactly.


Aug 9, 2009 This show aired in 2009 and I think it was on HBO it aired close to the same time as another movie called Funny Games ( About 2-3 months ago I'm guessing ) I only saw the last 10 minutes of the movie.It wasn't a real old movie has to be between the mid 90s and now.I know it had good special effects.I remember these people were in this house. It was a large at least 2 story house with back stairways but it didn't seem to be a mansion. I know the black man died and I think he may have killed himself.There is a young man and woman. I think it was demons but if it was Ghosts they weren't nice.I think the demons or ghosts were making the people think they were other people from the past.There is a scene I think in an upstairs bedroom and the young man has either a hole or a wound in his stomach. He isu very ill.I think the yong woman helps the young man and they finally do get out of the house but I may be wrong.I thought there was a barn in the movie with some hayThere is somewhat of a memory of a black woman too. I know there were more people in the movie than that but I don't know what happened to them.


Aug 8, 2009 I remember watching a horror movie in the late 1970's at a friend's house. It was about 1977 or 1978. We were watching it on TV after school, so that tells me it may have been released earlier in the decade and made it to TV after its release.What I remember most about it was that the characters would be involved in their lives and a dark force would come over them. As this force came over them, the picture would cut to an Oriental woman with her head down on the table, slowly lifting it up to reveal a hideous face. This would tell the audience that this particular character would begin to have evil in them, and evil things would happen. I remember in this once instance, the characters at a local carnival when this happened.


Aug 7, 2009 A hooded guy walks into a house and nails the father and the mother on the floor,nails the kids on the wall,rapes the mother,kills the father and sets the kids on fire.If i remember correclty it must be the opening sequence of the film.I think it's somewhere around late 90s early 00s.


Aug 6, 2009 im trying to find this movie about a family that was having dinner when the mirror fell off the wall, then the reflection of yourself would come out of the mirror and kill you and start living your life. i know the woman in the movie was driving in her car when she pass herself on the corner, at the end she finaly saw how her reflection tried to kill her but she didnt finish killing her.


Jul 29, 2009 I remember seeing a movie on tv in the mid to late 70's, might have been B & W not sure. The plot that I remember is that a young child as a toddler witnesses their mother or caretaker commit a murder. The child grows up to commit murders too. There are two scenes that I vaguely remember - the first is that you see a fire blazing in a fireplace and that there is a knitting basket in front where the murderess is slowly pulling out a pair of scissors from the basket and kills someone, the second scene is that the camera shot is showing a large circular staircase from above and the floor is a checked black and white pattern. Then someone is pushed or jumps off the upper floor to fall to their death. I think that the characters were supposed to be "English" and that the time period that it takes place is in the 1800's.


Jul 29, 2009 i saw a movie when i was younger it was about this blind girl who is in this castle or big house and there is a monster chained in the basement and it gets out somhow and starts stalking her


Jul 27, 2009 it was a late 70s early 80s horror slasher film. opening seen was a young boy watching his prostitute mother have sex. the boy kills both mother and john. grows up to kill other prostitutes and say "im sorry" after killing them or maybe after having sex with them.


Jul 25, 2009 I'm trying to find this movie for a friend, who says she saw it on television about 10-15 years ago. A girl with short, brown hair, wearing a long, white nightgown (somewhat Victorian-style) bursts through a bedroom window (a window that looks a lot like the window that Father Karras falls through at the end of THE EXORCIST) to scare the hell out of a man or couple in the room, she's in a nightgown and may or may not have glowing red eyes.


Jul 24, 2009 film (possibly hammer) that were made around the mid/late 70's or early 80's, features a large, ornately carved fireplace (possibly a gate to hell?) that gets destroyed with an axe and bleeds at the end of the show.


Jul 20, 2009 Looking for an old horror film possibly from the 1960s (& maybe earlier, but I doubt it due to its graphic nature) and possibly in black & white (though, I can't be sure because we had a black & white TV around the time that I saw it around 1970-1973. The scene involves a woman running along a beach with black rock formations from a monster. She gets her foot caught in between some large black rocks and the monster comes up and literally bites her head off. Shockingly graphic for the time.


Jul 17, 2009 im looking for a film that came either late last year or early this year about a teenage boy that gets picked on at school by the other kids ends up dying and comes back for revenge


Jul 12, 2009 Thank you for answering the movie "Misery" to my request; but, alas, it was not the film I am looking for. The premise is similar.Lonely woman helps injured man in her isolated, off the main road hovel-cum-farmhouse then holds him captive. He must seek a way to escape. (In color.) This story differs from "Misery" in that the woman has Doberman Pinschers to assist her in keeping her prisoner from escaping when she leaves the house. (Of course, "Misery" is more developed with complexities.) I saw this B-thriller theatrical release in the 70s. I believe the man was in a car accident on his way to a job in another state. He injured his legs and cannot walk. When he is at least able to "hobble" , he thanks her for her hospitality but says he must leave. She tells him he can't leave her. She won't let him leave. Even a sheriff comes to her door looking for the man whose car had been left on the highway but she manages to thwart him. This movie pre-dates "Misery". When I saw "Misery," I thought, "whoa. I've seen this plot before." Don't remember actors. Don't remember title. Remember terror. Oh, the man does get away without killing the woman. I don't remember the fate of the dogs. I do remember her lamenting "that another man got away" and that she would make sure the next man would not.


Jul 12, 2009 Okay, I am almost 100% sure that I rented this horror movie in 1988/1989. I am quite certain that the movie was made in the 1980's. There is a chance it could have been made in the late 70's.So, from what I remember, the ENTIRE movie takes place in a HOUSE. In the beginning of the movie we see there was an ACCIDENT of some kind of one of the family members who lived in the house. The accident took place outside of the house on the yard. This accident is seen through the perspective of the second story window of the house I believe. The grass is very green and I think it involves some child on a swing or something. You get the feeling that this wasn't an accident at all, but more so some kind of ghost related murder. Anyways, something happens to that person/child on the yard and then the house is sold, or abandoned and YEARS later, we have a group of teenagers (I believe) come to the abandoned house one night and it's clear that the house is now HAUNTED and the rest of the movie we see these kids try and LEAVE this house, but they are UNABLE to. The doors and windows are locked and they are slowly stalked by someone. They all seem to experience hallucinations and it seems like they have to remain alive by sunrise for some reason, but time seems to be not what it seems do to the hallucinations. I think only one person survives the night in the house if I'm not mistaken and I think that there is a shattered mirror or glass at some point as well. It's a very dreamy kind of movie. It seems to be a low-budget slasher/ghost horror movie. It is NOT Ghosthouse, House of Lost Souls, Hell Night or House Of Clocks.


Jul 7, 2009 I saw this movie when I was between five and seven years old (1983-85), but just a portion of it. My mother had fallen asleep on the couch and the movie was on TV when I was flipping channels (we always had cable and premium channels). The screaming woke mom up and I was sent to bed . . . Probably made in late 70's - but don't hold me to it. Soft yellowy film quality like the first Children of the Corn, or The Other, and also set in a rural farming community. The jiist of the story was that a family moves into a haunted house and everyone becomes a target. The time period seemed to be set in the 70s/early 80s.The scene I most vividly remember from my childhood is where the older sister of the boy in the family (the boy seemed to be the main character) that moves into this farmhouse goes to take a shower, and either the younger cousin or friend of the boy wants to sneak a peak at her. The boy climbs up the side of the house and hangs in the window as she undresses and just as he sees her bare breasts (shown to the audience aswell)the window slams shut on his neck. The girl screams, and she runs to open the window but the ghost/entity is keeping the window closed. She hears some sound or senses something looking back at her from the medicine-cabinet mirror (nothing is seen, just dramatic music), and walks backward completely terrified of what she "senses". The mirror shatters into large shards and impales the girl a dozen times. She flies back into the tub - bloodied and naked. The mother and father who have heard the screaming from inside and been banging on the door to get in the whole time, are finally able to open the door and find their daughter dead in the tub and the boy dead and dangling from the window.Up until this point in the film the parents are oblivious to any real danger (only a few weird happenings), and the boy and older gentleman are the only ones who know something is up . . . . (if memory serves me)I do not remeber any actors or character names (and none of the faces are namable in my mind today), but if you have seen The Other (1972) THAT house is what this haunted house looked like: white farmhouse with covered porch. My guess is that the film is from the seventies and I have been scouring horror movie lists trying to track this film down, but to no avail.


Jul 5, 2009 can remember watching a horror film late 80s early 90s alls i can remember is a little about the story line, were a man is having an affair with another woman and they put the wife in a coffin in the attic , the wife manages to get out and comes possessed her features change her face becomes pale she attacks both husband and girlfriend with a knife in the end the police come and capture the wife she is sitting on the kitchen floor when the police turn around she is gone and the knife is left sticking in the floor, she also has a very scary laugh when she is comes out of the coffin it is very distinguished. Alls i can remember about the from cover on the vhs is a pic of the womans face on hte front cover with her mouth open


Jun 22, 2009 film is in colour, 80s or early 90s. it involves the killer killing his victims by injecting something into them and taking their blood in return. one scene i remember is when a woman is alone in her garage or something and the killer suddenly bust in possibly in some kind of explosion. killer then walks over to the girl who is now on the floor and injects her and takes her blood. saw it early 90s on vhs.


Jun 20, 2009 I saw this movie when I was kid (around 1980 to 1985). From what I remember, a groups of teenagers went camping (I think they were originally boating or rafting). They then stumbled upon an old house in the woods. It appeared abandoned, so they went inside. A lady went into the bathroom and got scared by a spider in the tub. As they finished exploring the house, they unlocked the basement door (but didn't go all the way in). The key was they unlocked it. Later a humonioid monster got out of the basement and chased them around. I remember one lady hidding under the stairs while hiding from the monster. At the end I seem to remember them blowing up the monster and it spinning in circles as it flew through the air.


Jun 18, 2009 I have a vague memory of a film I saw around 1972 on television, possibly made in the 1950's or 60's. It was in black-and-white although it could have been a color movie on a black-and-white television in those days. I remember a creature that somehow surfaced from the ground from a mud puddle or lava. It was large and round like a muddy boulder and would roll around chasing its victims. I recall children running throughout the movie from this thing. At the end the creature somehow dissolved back into a puddle and oozed down an open dirt road as the kids continued to run from it during the closing credits. I think the movie must have taken place in the country side because I remember lots of open fields and woods in the backround. I have been searching for a looong time and can absolutely rule out the following films if it helps: It wasn't The Blob or any of it's sequels, X-The Unknown although this was the closest to the description, it wasn't The Cremators, Caltiki The Immortal, or The Monolith Monsters.


Jun 17, 2009 Some sort of girls school I'm not sure. Movie ends after everyone is murdered. the camera moves from the house to a dark barn showing the police drive away. Then you hear slight laughter, coming from the darkness. You realize the killer got away.


Jun 16, 2009 I saw this movie when I was a kid in the early nineties, at the latest '95. The scenes that stick out to me the most is a scene of somebdy dragging a big cross through the woods. There's also a scene with a bunch of dead nuns sitting at a table in a candle lit room. It was in color.


Jun 6, 2009 am looking for movie or TV show from the 70s where a guy kidnaps women and keeps them in his home. At the end of the movie, he falls into a hole filled with water.the women come up and drown him with long poles.


May 31, 2009 movie early 90s about a boy who murdered his alcoholic father,mother and brother to because he has a relationship with his mother. and spent half of his life in correctional institution and later He live's in a farm.


May 31, 2009 During the 1960s I was watching TV and switching around the channels when I stumbled upon what I would describe as a black-and white ZOMBIE COWBOY HORROR WESTERN. From what I can recall, it seemed consistent with the cowboy westerns of the 1950s and 1960s, not an "old movie." In the scene I saw, a couple of people were tied up in chairs in what looked like a western-style log cabin, and they were being menaced by someone who was standing near the table. The camera did a slow pan up from the floor on this menacing person, and when they got up to chest level there was a large knife stuck in the chest of "Mr. Menace," who was seemingly unconcerned about the knife stuck in his sternum. I also recall that "Mr. Menace's" face was kind of scary also.


May 26, 2009 I am looking for a movie made in the late 1970s/early 1980s. It's about a woman who for some reason decides to lock these teenagers in her house. I want to say they were in her basement. At one point a girl escapes from the basement but is still locked in the house. She goes into the bathroom where she finds bloody hair (maybe pulling it from the sink drain or bathtub). Which she realizes that the women killed her friend. I don't remember alot of details about the movies. I do know that it was a pretty big single house (i think the women had money), there was a stain glass window, and the woman was attractive. I think at one point she lures a teenage boy by seducing him then kills him. Also, I remember towards the end a male detective comes to the house questioning her about the disappearances. This is not curtains or Hell High.


May 26, 2009 An asian horror flick:Don't know when and where it was madeThe only significant part of this movie I remember as part of the plot was a scene in a traditional oriental setting, where a woman is asleep on the tatami and above her seems to be a closet/dressing table, might be a small shine? However whilst she is asleep the doll comes to life and its hair begins to grow downwards to the floor and crawl up to her neck, then it begins to strangle/choke her. Black tears start to shed from the dolls eyes and clear liquid from its mouth. The woman then wakes to find the doll still and lifeless as it where never alive.


May 24, 2009 Saw this movie on TV/DVD sometime between 2003 and 2006 at the latest, looked like a recent(ish) movie I believe, Remember a large house/mansion with a interlock driveway out front, and near the beginning a police investigation of at least one murder was taking place at the house (I think it was a whole family except for one person?). Also remember that an officer or detective (i think?) goes back to the house closer to the end to find something or solve the murders, but then there is a shoot out around the house, and also something happens in the basement. I know that there was a fire started in the basement too. Definitely was a suspense film.


May 6, 2009 I would like to find a movie. i think it was made in late 60s or 70s where a man is out stealing and robbing and another man is arrested and mistaken for the real criminal. I think he drove around in a blue camaro.


May 4, 2009 This movie is about a little meteor or some small rock that lands on earth. A creature comes out of it that has suction cups as hand and begins a rampage. It uses it suction cups to cover peoples faces and turns them into it's minions or zombies that will do its bidding. there are some bikers in it as well and it is near a lake and looks like it take place in the woods. There is some nudity in it I can't remember how much and in the end they kill it by tricking and trapping it in an oven.


May 2, 2009 I remember seeing a TV movie in the early to mid-seventies. It was a horror/mystery set at a film studio that was closing. It wasn't The Phantom of Hollywood. There were some murders allegedly committed by the characters/monsters from the studio's horror films. If I remember correctly the murders were actually done by one of the employees. However, at the very end the ghosts of the film studio's horror characters came back to life and actually killed the murderer.


May 1, 2009 I'm looking for a movie I saw years ago as a child and all I can recall are the names of 2 characters, both children; Bonnie Blue and Lucy Locket. I believe one, or both children have telekinetic powers.


Apr 28, 2009 theres one 80s movie i saw as a kid. all i remember it that here was this guy, and smb or himself stabbed him in the stomach with a big pipe. then he cut off the outside parts but he had this big hole in his stomach and he was still alive. then i remember one scene where the guy went to a kitchen. i think there was one woman too, or maybe his mother. then he took her hand and tried to put it inside the sink where people crush leftovers and he wanted to smash it!


Apr 25, 2009 A black & white film featuring flying winged demons endlessly chasing a dark haired man in a car in the country, I saw the film in 1975 on Australian TV, as young child but it seemed to be have been filmed in mid-late 1960's in the US.


Apr 18, 2009 The time period was late 70's or the 80's. I saw this on TV and in color. The film starts out with a young male med student getting ready to take his girlfriend home on holiday with him to meet his family. He was blond as I recall and she was a brunette. the father is a doctor and the grandfather is very infirm as is the mother. The girl starts to sense something is wrong fairly early on and there is also a private investigator who is interested in the family but I cant remember why. At one point she is trying to escape the house and sees a brain sitting in a cook pan on the stove. The movie ends with the son introducing a new girlfriend to his family but now the grandfather has the investigators younger body and the the mother has the original girlfriends but that operation didn't go as well and there's something wrong with her legs maybe?


Apr 14, 2009 I think that the thriller that I am trying to remember was around 1995. All I remember was a kidknapped girl's head was shaved and she was placed in a primitive looking chair with spikes through her hands.


Apr 8, 2009 All I can remember are these kids hiking or camping and they force one of them out onto a rope bridge or ledge and I think someone falls to their death. It's not the Kevin Bacon water rafting movie and it's not any of the sleepaway camps. I believe they may have been reform school kids on a camping trip, maybe.


Apr 2, 2009 I am a librarian trying to help a patron locate a horror movie.He repeatedly asks us to find it yet provides very little information.He thinks it was made in the late 1980's, so I am assuming it is in color.All he remembers is a woman finding a man's body in a large deep freezer.At the end you can hear the police sirens coming toward the house.


Mar 25, 2009 I'm looking for a Movie, 70's or 80's not sure? I watched as a young lad around 1983 I would say on VHS Video. It was from USA & in color. All what I can remember is a group of Girls in there 20's in a Curtroom & one of the girls has a Knife & slashes one of the Guards or Courtroom staffs Throat. Then they all escape from the Court been chased & shot at by the Police. Thats about all I can remember.


Mar 24, 2009 I saw this movie a few months ago on some television channel. There are three people who get stranded in a hilly area. I think the guy and one of the girls are dating. The other girl carries around two baby dolls. I think at first they wanted to camp at this area but then it ends up that they can't leave. Nature takes over them or something and they start all acting weird and get separated from each other. The guy becomes obsessed with oil and lays naked in a puddle of it. The girl with the dolls ends up killing the other two and herself. I thought it was an old version of the hills have eyes but i am not so sure.


Mar 23, 2009 I saw only some of the last scenes in this movie, about 3-7 (2001-2006) years ago on TV. There is this house on the sea(ocean?) shore where, I remember it was nighttime, some people had to spend the night (I don't know how it came to that). There was one witch that kept killing them one by one (I remember this only vaguely, and might not be entirely true); the thing I remember well is that out of all the initial people only one woman still lives to the last minute of the movie. The last scene happens on the shore - it was half dark and the predominant color in that scene was blue, must've been the very early morning - this last woman meets the witch face to face. The woman holds a knife in her hand and wants to kill the witch (kill or be killed - she knows it). But the witch only stares at her and by her mindpower she subdues the woman not to move. Then the woman's face turns into the witches' and cuts her own throat. And so dies the very last person of the initial company. (Might be that the witch takes the woman's aspect though - small detail I can't remember well).


Mar 22, 2009 I am looking for a film that I watched on HBO in 2000. It appeared that the movie was made around that time as well. It was about two white brothers, one good and one was a "thug," I believe a drug dealer or some other type of criminal activity. Anyway, all the actors had accents. I believe Australian. They would say "what's up mate." The drug dealing brother had the good brother work for him. (I believe the good brother might have just got back into town.) When the good brother started dating a girl from their neighborhood the thug brother got jealous. It seemed like he had a "thing" for his brother. I remember the bad brother refering to her as "bird," not her name but thats how he referred to females. I believe the bad brother tried to rape the girlfriend but couldn't."physically." That made it appear that he was gay. There were no familiar actors in it but one. I can not remember this actors name, he's older (50's), white, very thin, plantinum blonde hair slicked back, small glasses and always wear suits. I believe he has an accent. I want to say he was in a james bond or batman movie as a villian. He looks a "little" like actor Ryan Cutrona but thinner! I believe the movie took place in australia or london. They would say "mate" alot. "yo, mate, what's going on mate." Anyway, I watched in the summer of 2000. The acting was pretty funny bc the actors were "gangsters" but their accents and how they would talk was just amusing to me and didn't seem "gangster."


Mar 16, 2009 A black and white horror film set in a castle. The main feature I remember was a trap door. By the climax of the movie one of the earlier victims of this trap door has managed to climb back up, appearing just in time to help the main hero fighting one of the main baddies. The baddies in the film look human and are some sort of vampire or at least have a few similar weaknesses. Some sort of amulet (dragon?) or a cross comes into the plot.


Mar 15, 2009 I have a vague memory of a film I saw around 1972 on television, possibly made in the 1950's or 60's. It was in black-and-white although it could have been a color movie on a black-and-white television in those days. I remember a creature that somehow surfaced from the ground from a mud puddle or lava. It was large and round like a muddy boulder and would roll around chasing its victims. I recall children running throughout the movie from this thing. At the end the creature somehow dissolved back into a puddle and oozed down an open dirt road as the kids continued to run from it during the closing credits. I think the movie must have taken place in the country side because I remember lots of open fields and woods in the backround. I have been searching for a looong time and can absolutely rule out the following films if it helps: It wasn't The Blob or any of it's sequels, X-The Unknown although this was the closest to the description, it wasn't The Cremators, Caltiki The Immortal, or The Monolith Monsters. Hope you can help. I have been wondering about this film since I was around 4 years old!


Mar 10, 2009 this movie has two death row escapees who take a family hostage only it turns out the family is a bunch of cannibals with a dungeon in the house. i think it was a late 1980-early 1990's film.


Mar 3, 2009 I am actually looking for the name of an actor, male , high high pitched voice , receding hair , , what hair is there I belive to be curly , has a bit of a lisp in some movies. I believe him to be shorter. I have never seen him in a leading role usually as a psychotic killer type that acts as a henchman for the main villian. Mostly seen him in movies on t.v (canada) in the 80's ealry 90's.I know its not much to go on , but he just sounds and looks creepy evil, nasty, in everything seen him in.I can't be the only one he sends shivers down.


Mar 2, 2009 I saw this movie on tv in the early 90's. I young woman goes to a creepy house might be relatives house. There is a creepy headmaster that wears black Victorian like attire. She ends up getting decapitated in the movie. Someone from the cellar or basement has been released and is killing the people in the house he is old and uses some kind of small electric saw to kill people. When the headmaster is decapitated I remember the mirror is sprayed with blood when the young woman finds her body on a chair. Also there might be someone in a wheelchair in the movie


Mar 1, 2009 I saw the trailor for this when I was a kid in the early seventies. I believe the tralor was on NBC but I am not sure if it was a made for tv movie. The part that I remember that terrfied me was a dark shadowy figure of just a dress wobbling back and forth and coming toward the camera. I believe there were kids voices in background sounding frightened. I nvere saw the movie cause my mom wouldn't let me but I still wonder what the name of it was.


Feb 27, 2009 looking for a movie i saw late one night on channel 4, can't remember when. i think it had a few short stories in it but i remember one where it was on an island with lost of junge and as far as i recall one big white mansion. There was black people who were servents for the white upper class. The only scene i really remember was the white people sitting around a dinner table with glasses of wine and cigars and everything and the servants brought in the meal on big silver platters and when the lid was removed it was human body parts they were serving.


Feb 23, 2009 Probably 60's or 70's, Hammer horror type (don't think it is though) with a male actor, Peter Cushing type (probably not him though). The only scene I remember which I think was near end of movie. a woman tied up and possibly gagged lying on an alter/bed type thing, in a church? under a white sheet. Next to her a man with a knife, looking all posessed about to plunge knife into woman for sacrifice.woman squirming away from position of knife raised above her.then suddenly another man bursts in and shoots the knife weilding man in the back. Might have been in b/w. the woman was a real woman (not a child), naked but covered by a white sheet. She is on the bed/alter and fully aware of the pending sacrifice, but not willing. there is fear in her eyes and you can see her move her body under the sheet trying to get away from the knife which the man is holding above her. You can see she wants to escape and thinking by moving her body she will avoid the plunge of the knife.which is why i think she is tied and gagged, not a mesmerised victim. anyway, someone bursts into the room/church and shoots the villain in the back. End of movie. that didn't happen in 'the devil rides out'.


Feb 22, 2009 There was a short film(maybe silent) about a girl who finds an old man hiding under her bed. Eventually he leaves his hiding spot to kill the parents.


Feb 21, 2009 I saw this trailer at a theater in Chicago for a horror film I am looking for. The year was sometime around 1973. The trailer only showed one scene from the movie. In the scene, there are people in the woods surrounding a coffin in broad daylight. They are wearing robes that indicate this is some kind of satanic ritual. There is a big bon-fire. There is also a blond woman dancing around naked. You get to see her from head to toe dancing around the fire. She then climbs atop of the coffin to look inside. There is a window in the coffin that reveals a man's face. Then the face turns into a skeletonís face and is on fire. I think there was also some drum music and chanting in the background. The film was in color.


Feb 21, 2009 Anyone know this science fiction film from the "Poltergeist"/Seventies era? It is a color film that could have been either for theatrical or TV release. This scene occurs near the ending: Reptilian beings, one blue, emerge from a spaceship (all stop-motion animated) in the desert. (No. It isn't "Laserblast".) They are being observed from afar by a child who might be inside a farmhouse, where he or she (can't remember) is playing with a glowing crystal/prism shape. Someone says something to the child like "Hurry up! We're running out of time!" There is an intense moment as the camera pans back and forth between the aliens and the child with the crystal, the glow of which illuminates his/her surroundings. I suggested "The Day Time Ended", in which Natasha Ryan encounters a tiny alien and a glowing prismlike object and is in or near a barn. After viewing this movie, he said it isn't the one he is seeking. The mystery movie definitely is far too old to be "The Last Mimzy".


Feb 21, 2009 This film is being heatedly debated at three sites, and no one has agreed on anything yet, even what movies it isn't. This was supposed to have been shown on television in the late '60s or very early '70s. It takes place in a small town with a school and several other buildings. There is a building that either is a castle or a more-modern gothic-style stone building. During the day, the gargoyles are stone statues atop city buildings. When night falls, they come alive, flying all around, wreaking havoc on all humanity. One of the gargoyle characters is polite, with a timid personality. The costumes/effects were "awesome, not like masks". ALL the gargoyles have wings. They were fairly sympathetic characters, rather like Quasimodo in "the Hunchback of Notre Dame". Those who are asking about this movie deny that it is the 1972 TV movie "Gargoyles" starring Cornel Wilde and Jennifer Salt although much of the described actions occur in this movie. It is live-action, not animated, which rules out the much-later animated series "Gargoyles" and "The Goliath Chronicles". Recent gargoyle movies aired on the Sci Fi Channel have been suggested but turned down as answers. Those claiming to have seen this movie insist it's no later than the early Seventies. I thought I'd bring it to this movie mystery forum, too. I can state that I watched every TV movie that aired throughout the Sixties and Seventies. I do not recall any other gargoyles movie from that era except the one in 1972.


Feb 19, 2009 I saw a movie in the early seventies at the drive-in. My mom said it had something to with a house, and the things I remember from it are: just a hand, no arm, coming through like a pink-colored wall and stabbing a woman. The woman had blonde hair, and it scared me to death.


Feb 18, 2009 I once saw a movie with my mother, I believe it was 1980's where this guy was either watching TV or playing a video game (I think it was the latter) and a guy with a mohawk and a chainsaw jumped out of somewhere. I think it was the screen but I can't remember. The guy with the mohawk started chasing a guy with this chainsaw into his garage and I think that the film was kind of weird and gritty looking. I think the guy ended up defeating the mohawk guy.


Feb 17, 2009 Does anyone remember a movie with three kids, two australian and one american (named spider or his boat was named spider, I don't remember) who find an old mansion on the other side of the lake which turns out to be some criminals' hideout?


Feb 11, 2009 The movie im thinkin of i saw when i was a kid, in the early 90's i think? it looked like it might have been made in the early 80's/late 70's. i didnt see the entire thing, but what i do remember is a boy that seems to be trapped in a house alone and can't get out despite banging on a window to get the attention of a man doing something outside. the boy is looking around the house and sees a framed picture/portrait of a man with eyes like a cat(slitted). this is the most i can remember.


Jan 25, 2009 I remember the climax of a film involved an anchor being used to kill the main bad guy and the anchor is chained to the floor so as he attempts to move away it just digs deeper. I remember seeing the film on TV in the mid seventies, possibly as part of the late night horror movie showings on a Saturday night. I'm pretty sure it was colour, made probably late fifties/early sixties and set in the 18/19th century as the costumes were period.


Jan 20, 2009 Is there a horror movie where a mermaid gets her tail cut off? It is one of my earliest memorys and my mum and dad cant remember ever watching it. In the 1985-1987 region?


Jan 12, 2009 I saw a movie made most likely in the late 70's early 80's about a killer roaming the roads of a city and wheneve he is about to kill he puts in a cassette that plays this crazy violin music. dont recall any major actors in this one; definitely low budget.


Jan 10, 2009 It's probably from a TV movie, probably one of the "Saturday Night movies" that were shown on ABC during the 70's. This is what I remember: Some woman's wacky brother steals her baby and leaves her all these insane clues on how to get her baby back. The scene I remember is that she thinks she's solved his insane riddles, and rushes into a dark room in an old decaying house, only to discover that the room consists of hundreds and hundreds of baby dolls hanging on fishing line. She stumbles around helplessly, flailing her arms, and triggers the voice mechanisms on the dolls, which start crying, "Mommy, mommy," over and over again. The voices multiply and the dolls all swing crazily back and forth, wailing "Mommy, mommy," as the woman struggles in a rising panic to get out of the room, becoming more and more crazed.


Jan 7, 2009 In the 80's I believe there was an episode of Tales From The darkside where two ladies were casting spells on people by putting a match in a sealed jar and repeating "Stop Her Breath" until the match went out. Then at the end one of the ladies (witches) kills the other in the same way.


Jan 6, 2009 I watched a movie on T.V. (in color and in the United States) in the 80's. All I remember is these two siblings (I think both girls) went to visit their grandparents because I think their parents had just died or maybe it was just for a visit, not sure. The grandparents were very creepy and the place seemed to be haunted or the grandparents were evil. The next thing I remember is the kids wanted to escape but lightning struck their only exit, the bridge leading away from the house. They were trapped due to the bridge being on fire from the lightning.


Jan 5, 2009 plot: a young blond girl in white dress with long curly hair is being chased almost non-stop by monsters (vampires, werewolves, etc.) in a Transylvania-like setting; I think they even spend some time in a castle. I recall only one sequence -- she is riding in a stagecoach through the woods and a wolf/werewolf appears and pursues it for a while.A distinctive feature of the production was that effects (like magic/energy bolts) were clearly scratched onto the filmstock, so it was definitely a low budget affair. Sort of an "Alice in Wonderland Goes to Hell". I seem to recall that, at the end, after seemingly surviving all the danger and safely returning home, she is revealed as having succumbed to the evil after all. I saw this one on TV some time in the 80's in New York City.


Dec 31, 2008 there was a movie when I was young my pasrents took me to see between 78-1980s all i can remember is a female hiding behind a bathrrom door and the bathtub was the ones with the hnads the old ones, and i think at the end the killer or something gets thrown out the window and lands on spikes of some kind, either metal or wooden gates!


Dec 30, 2008 I remember this film from perhaps the 70's or 80's.All I can remember is early on in the film this psycho (built kind of lanky it seems like, balding on top as well) is sitting on a bench on the street in broad daylight by a very old woman. The psycho hands her an egg but when she drops it from her trembling hand and breaks it, he becomes angered and bites out her throat with his teeth before fleeing down the street.


Dec 30, 2008 horror film green background girl in gown climbs wall like spidermanSorry, that is all I witnessed as I had to leave the outdoor theater at Skinny Bones during Halloween.


Dec 19, 2008 The scene I remember is a woman is hiding under her bed from what I recall as a weird robot soldier that has entered her house shooting the chain lock off her front door. The woman reaches out from under the bed to get a necklace. The robot sees her do this, puts his gun on the bed and shoots her through the bed.


Dec 17, 2008 I'm looking for a movie I saw when I was a kid, I'd say between 1986 and 1992. All I remember is that it was a fantasy/horror film with monsters or possibly aliens that were eating people. I'm quite sure it took place in New York City in the summer, when it was really hot, and in one scene I recall a guy who beat on his wife died at the table after eating cement (which his wife/girlfriend made).


Dec 15, 2008 I'm looking for the name of the movie I saw a few times on tv in the mid-70's (I was born in 1966). It used to be shown on a Saturday afternoon program hosted by a man called "Superhost" here on WUAB-43 in Cleveland; he hosted a show which featured some b-horror movies, Godzilla flicks, Abbott & Costello/Three Stooges movies every Saturday afternoon. I believe the movie was black & white and involved either a witches coven or a satanic cult. The main thing I remember was the date February 1 was very important to the plot of the movie-something bad was supposed to happen on that date (it's my birthday which is why I remember). I want to say there was a black cat in the movie that was of some importance and possibly a cobblestone sidewalk or driveway, but I may be confusing my horror flicks so the cat and sidewalk are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


Dec 14, 2008 I saw this movie on television probably about 10-12 years ago, and I think it was made in the late 70s or 80s, although it could have been later. There is a man who for some reason knows the layout of this hospital, which is advantageous to him. I remember a little girl in the movie, blond, who carried around an etch-a-sketch. There was a scene with a fat woman in a hospital room who may have been possessed. At some point the man (and the girl?) hid in a supply closet and goo (from the fat woman?) came out of this hose.


Dec 7, 2008 About all I can recall is a it's a 'find the killer' movie where those trying to identify him/her? discover bizarre/dark/frightening paintings done by the killer's father.maybe when he was in a mental institution? I'm guessing this movie was post 1995?


Nov 30, 2008 Black and white thriller. Seen on television in the early 70's. Probably filmed before then. About 2 sisters, I think. One in a wheel chair (maybe Bette Davis).Wheelchair bound sister pushed down the empty elevator shaft. Body hidden behind a wine rack or something in the basement but it disappears.Wheelchair was pushed into a lake or pond or something. It keeps coming back to haunt the still living sister.Still living sister rolls over in bed one night and finds dead sister's body in the other twin bed.Think it ended with the still living sister "becoming" the dead wheelchair-bound sister.I was probably 11 or 12. Scared the bejesus out of me!


Nov 29, 2008 I would like to know the name of the vampire film that I saw as a child about 1977-78 on late night television. The part I specifically remember was a blonde-haired woman waking up in a candlelit room. As she gets out of bed, she grabs a candelabra and slowly walks through the castle/mansion in her nightgown as if in a trance. She walks down some stairs and there is a male vampire awaiting her on the stair landing. The woman opens her mouth and shows that she is a vampire as well. I also seem to remember the place was on fire and there may have been a vampire killer who dies during this scene. I believe this was how the film ended.


Nov 28, 2008 I saw this movie in the mid 1980's when I was about seven. The only few scenes I remember is when a intruder chases the wife of the man I think they are after in the first place, down the hall into the bathroom where he cuts her throat as she hangs on to the shower rod. The husband runs to the door to possibly catch the murderer but they (possibly more than one bad guy) speed away in a car.


Nov 24, 2008 a asian horror movie made between 1980 to 1987, a ghost will wake up when a cat cries, i know the title as NIGHT EVIL SOUL, but i have tried every where and cant find one to buy, or maybe if the name title is wrong


Nov 20, 2008 Not absolutely sure this is a horror flick, but it must be in the same ball park as "Cat People" or such.Anyways, I saw this film on TV. 80s. The only thing I remember is the beginning. There is a black panther/leopard running through the woods, all covered in snow. Somewhere in the woods is a cabin, with a bed inside and a chick in white gown sleeping. I think she can sense the panther approaching. Anyways, there is slow motion scenes of the panther running through the woods until it makes it to the door. The doors opens slowly and the panther walks in, also slowly. The large cat jumps up on the bed where the chick is sleeping and. it attacks her? it eats her? it turns into the chick? I can't remember. There is sort of an ethereal mood to it.


Nov 18, 2008 Does anybody know of a black and white movie.from the 60's.It had a woman named Isabel and her husband was trying to kill her. She was in a wheelchair, at one point in the movie. I remember he husband pushing her down an elevator shaft, and then the body disappeared.


Nov 16, 2008 I saw this film at the theater, possibly the drive-in. It was released sometime between 1973 and 1979. My guess would be the later half of the 70's. I know the movie was in color. I'm quite sure it was a fairly low-budget film. It was a supernatural film that involved possession and/or possibly witchcraft. One of the main characters was a teenage girl. I believe the movie might have centered around her. It was set at a house, maybe a farm house, it's hard to remember I was very young. The scene I do recall is the girl sitting in a chair (perhaps a rocking chair) in a bedroom. A relative of hers was asleep in bed next to her and it was dark, at night. The person in bed wakes up to find the girl rocking in the chair. She looks possessed with discolored or glowing eyes. Next to the girl on the table is a clock/radio. It was not a digital clock with an LCD display but one of those clocks from the 70's that the numbers rolled and flipped to change time. The time on the clock was changing faster and faster with the numbers flipping rapidly. Very creepy.


Nov 12, 2008 it has a little boy running for his life like he is really scared, a man of clay, and a lighthouse.


Nov 11, 2008 I saw a movie (in color) when I was young back in the early 1970's on television. The most distinct scenes I can remember were a few people finding a round, carved stone in the ground. They pryed it open, and smoke bust forth. Later on, I believe that it released some bigfoot-like creature.


Nov 16, 2008 I would have seen it sometime in the early 1960's, because I was small and the ending scared the blazes out of me. I remember three people standing in a room. The movie was black & white. I think there was a young couple looking at house they may have been wanting to purchase. When they go in the house, there's an attractive young woman standing in this room. The single woman looked something like Beverley Garland, but may not have been her. The single woman starts telling the couple a story. At the end of this story, the woman is electrocuted trying to climb over a fence. Then the scene returns to the three of them standing in the room. At the end, the single woman turns away and walks through the wall, which is when you realize she's a ghost. The woman from the couple starts screaming, and that's the end of the movie.


Nov 4, 2008 Black and White, possibly early 1960's. In one particular scene, two male villains trap a man (the hero or good-guy) wearing a mask similar to the masks professional wrestlers wore in the 1970's. For some reason the word "Angel" comes to mind. Definitely low-budget.


Nov 4, 2008 Cira late 60's early 70's. A man terrorizes a family that's inside a house. During one nighttime scene, sounds of the man drowning a family member in the pool can be heard outside while a woman inside is terrified.


Nov 4, 2008 i watched it in the early to mid 80's. i am desperste to find this film as it's left me with a morbid fear of was in the uk, on video when they first came out over here. i'm not sure if it was betamax or vhs video.all i remember is that it had an axe wielding serial killer clown in it. he hid in a wardrobe while a woman was doing her ironing and he chopped open the doors to the wardrobe then chopped her up on the ironing board.another scene was that the police had a line-up of clowns but the witness couldn't identify him so he was free to go on murdering.i don't think we ever saw the killers face without the clown is definately not "it" or "killer clowns from outer space".


Nov 4, 2008 I am looking for a movie that my mom says is the best she has ever seen. The movie was made around the late 60', early 70's era. the only thing she remembers about it is that it used to be shown in drive-in theaters, the cover of the movie had a woman looking out a window and there is a man holding an axe, and that they stopped showing it cause the people said that serail killers could mimic this movie in real life. i have searched for 5 months, but to no avail can i find it.


Oct 28, 2008 I saw the preview to a horror movie back in 1993 or 1994. There was a white hair (grey hair) old man and there is this karate fellow who is fighting him. He does stuff like shoots at the grey hair man but the man simply catches the bullets and is hard to die. I also remember seeing a old wooden box where the gray head man put the youg karate fellow in. I think he is like pressed for time to kill the gray hair man.


Oct 26, 2008 This was a scene in a movie trailer. It shows an old man running down stairs trying to get out the front door. He then looks up toward the ceiling in horror. This would have to be a newer movie, 2005 would be the oldest it could be.


Oct 24, 2008 I saw this movie way way back when I was a little girl at the local theater. People have tried to tell me it was the Blob, but I know that it wasn't. What I remember of it is that a man and his daughter, I believe are traveling in a vehicle with what I think was a small trailer behind it.They find this thing somewhere possibly in the road, and they put in a jar.and set it on the table inside the little trailer. Another car comes along and something happens. A man gets out of his car and the jar or whatever it is falls and the things comes out of the jar. it ends up killing the old man, and the girl and the man go together to try to get help. The movie had to have been out probably in the mid to late 50' or early 60's.


Oct 24, 2008 I remeber seeing the movie when I was about 6 years old, on TV so it was about 1982-1983. All I remember is someone (I believe a Scientist) became deformed and crave human flesh. The part I remember is a guy and girl go to a movie theater. The movie is in 3D and the guy gets up to go somewhere. While he is gone the monster jumps through the movie screen and everyone is screaming and running out but the one girl, she thinks it is part of the movie. They later find her in the back room, her chest opened after being eaten by the monster.


Oct 24, 2008 It was a movie around the 90s shown on HBO where a woman was held hostage in her home. One time she was trying to get away and ran into the glass doors knocking her self out. She and the bad guy ended up doing stuff in the green room and she grabbed a knife then changed her mind.


Oct 23, 2008 This film was a period drama set in the UK in a big house with sweeping lawns and gardens. A little girl had drowned in the garden lake and began haunting the governess who was employed (I think!) to teach her brother. I watched the film in the 1990's but it could have been made in the 80's.


Oct 22, 2008 This was an 80's movie i don't remember much just that a woman gave a man her talking truck and then promptly died. the truck and the man engage on a road trip becoming friends along the way and there's something in it about getting to the end of the line


Oct 20, 2008 Movie from 70s to mid 80s. There is a hole in a basement floor that is filled with water or some kind of liquid. Parents kid ends up in it. There are some scientists or reseachers there. The kid is alive, but cant get him/her out. I think the kid starts to mutate. Dont think they save the kid and are forced to kill it.


Oct 19, 2008 i saw a movie at the drive-in when i was really little in the early 70's. It had a woman who was jealous of another woman and chopped her to pieces and hid her in the closet. The girl's boyfriend came over and wonders where she is. The body is seen standing in the door way put back together and the other girl is screaming.


Oct 17, 2008 I am trying to find a horror movie that has the following in it: It's a black and white movie prior to 1970. It has a woman, with a ghostly figure, standing in the middle of a road. Someone puts a mirror to her mouth to see if she is breathing. Also in the movie is a scene where the woman is walking on a ledge.


Oct 17, 2008 I saw a vhs cover of a film when I was little. The movie looked like it would have been late 1970s or early 1980s. It appeared to be in color. There was a young woman (~20 yrs old?) on the cover in a red negligee with a knife in her hand I believe. She looked as though she was sleepwalking or possessed. I believe there a large house in the background. The setting was nighttime. She was walking on the lawn I believe.


Oct 16, 2008 I'm searchin for a black and white movie of the fities or sixties. A man murdered another and buried the corpse in his cellar. Sometime after he invites some guests to his house and they hear a voice that continuously moans "my leg, my leg" or something like that. Pictures and other furniture tumble down and the guests begin to think that their host has a dark secret to hide. They eventually go down the cellar and find the corpse which was wrongly buried with his legs in uncomfortably position.


Oct 3, 2008 hi, my sister and I watched this movie in the 70's, probably on Dr.Shocks(Philadelphia)afternoon show. It was black and white and what I can remember is, mainly filmed in an old house. The woman had clues all over the house mainly to do with water. The old clock and doll in the attic where some sort of clues. There was a constant refrain remember the water, the water. Another feature was a eldery wheelchair bound uncle or grandfather who runs his wheelchair into a corner fireplace where he is stabbed in the stomache. Also a statue outside and vaguely remember the ending where the rain finally comes and washes the bad people away.


Sep 30, 2008 I saw this movie on TV, I suppose it was in the early 80's, and the movie, if i recall correctly, was in B&W. The only thing I remember is a scene where there is a boat, in a storm, and a doll (or a puppet, I can't remember) is laying there. If I recall correctly, there were birds picking at the doll so it's bleeding.


Sep 29, 2008 The movie was made in the 90s, was on vhs, in color, and the city was in ruins. there were guards guarding a safe part of town, and civilians trying to get into the safe zone. Also there were some kind of mutants that were chasing the civilians. They were followed through the sewers. I think the mutant had claws or something like that for arms. Possibly a squad of soldiers were in the sewers also.


Sep 19, 2008 I saw this movie on tv around 1959 or 1960. The only scene I remember is several people were standing in a room drinking martinis, like at a cocktail party. One woman has her back to a darkened windo (it is night time). A couple are talking with her and they are facing her and the window. A firey/ugly hand is then seen through the window rising up, right behind the woman like it is going to grab her (though the window, I believe, was closed). The woman who is facing the window sees the hand and screams. Someone drops a martini glass and it breaks. I thought the name of the movie was "Broken Glass" but I have not been able to find it by that name. That's the only scene I remember.


Sep 10, 2008 I am looking for the title of a horror movie I believe to have been from the early 80s. It took place at either a high school or college campus. Students were being murdered, believed to have been done by an unpopular girl, there is one scene where the girl stuck needles in her face. That's all I have. I think I saw it on USA Up All Night.


Sep 6, 2008 this film is colour mayby late 70,s early 80,s somewhere in america i cant remember much family moved into new house estate i think father had something to do with the building of the houses wife and a son baby daughter died before the move wife starts to see little lights like fairy lights in or near her wardrobe and she thinks its her daughter coming back to her toys wont stay on their shelves i remember the boy been held over or in a bath full of water and the mother trying to get him back from whatever is holding him and a room where work is been done mum looks into the room and a mans evil face comes through the dust at her the only other thing i can remember is a lot of lemons grow in the neighbourhood and it was built on a grave site they relocated the graves some where else.


Sep 5, 2008 please help me find this movie its either 70,s or 80,s couple move to a new place i cant remember much but their was lemons growing in the neighbourhood they have a son and they lost their baby girl the mother sees lights in a wardrobe and thinks its her daughter who has returned to them but its more sinister than that i remember a part with the little boy in the bathroom and the ghost holding him up over the bath or in it theirs a part where a workman is doing a job in a room and when the woman goes to enter a mans face comes through the dust i think the house may have been built on a burial site


Sep 5, 2008 The movie I'm looking for is from the late 80's or early 90's. It was in color. Basically a young woman who I believe was a brunet was the main character. She must have been no more than 20 years old in the movie. I believe this is the storyline, but her family which is her aunts have had this particular ceremony for the past couple of years in order to keep a demon nun spirit in a metal box. If the ceremony is performed wrong, the nun spirit is then released and evil will spread. In the movie, the main character made a mistake and the ceremony was performed wrong and the spirit was released.


Sep 1, 2008 It is a horror movie from the early 80's or 70's about a farmer (I think) who dresses up as a clown and kills people (?). At one point he his breaking into a room and the victim stabs him in the hand with a pencil or fork or something. The next morning when everything is cleared up and the cops are there, there is a farmer or farmhand with a bandaged hand but they don't take him away, this is a device to let us know who the killer is but not the victims maybe.


Aug 30, 2008 in the 50s or 60s. Black and white. The ending a woman was the only survived of the haunted house or castle. She escaped down a pathway on a horse or in a carriage. When we thought she made it she fell of the horse or out of the carriage onto a branch and it pushed he heart right out of he chest an she died so no one survived the place. Saw it in a theater when I was young.


Aug 28, 2008 I am looking for the name of a film I saw in approx 1980-1982. It was about an old woman who was trying to kill her husband. After multiple failed attempts, she finally succeeded by locking him in their walk-in freezer. Later on when she checked to see if he was finally dead (he froze to death while sitting on a box), the door shut behind her and locked her in. That's where the movie ended. I also remember one of her failed attempts included a bowling ball that was supposed to fall and hit the old man on the head. I saw it on cable television and it was in color. I want to say Ruth Gordon was the old woman, but I do not recognize it in her filmography.


Aug 26, 2008 Looking for an Horror film, about a family who gets taken hostage in there home in the woods. I was very young and just can't rember the name of this one. I do remember a line about a little boy and his freind saying something like "hotdag" code word something like that . Daughter gets raped and shirt ripped off her while running away from one of her assaulters in the woods. I know I saw iin the 80's not sure if that was when it was made. Thought it was the movie 'Bullies' but doesn't look to be it.


Aug 26, 2008 I'm looking for the name of a movie or made for tv movie from the 70's or 80's. The only part I can remember is a woman is locked in a room and someone is watching her (on camera I think) and he is torturing her by playing a very low bass frequency, he keeps turning it up louder and louder. That's all I an remember other than I think they don't show the man's face and I think he's wearing gloves.


Aug 25, 2008 The movie I am looking for is a horror movie, possibly made-for-TV, and I would peg the year between 1980-1984, definitely in color. A Mother and her daughter Amy are alone in the house when suddenly this man-monster (huge) emerges from a bedroom door and starts screaming "MA!" (as in Mom?) and "MAW!" trying to attack the women. The Mother screams to the daughter, "AMY, HIDE!" but it is too late. Mom falls down the stairs and dies.


Aug 21, 2008


Aug 17, 2008 The movie involves a man who paints pictures of people (mainly women) and they become trapped in the paintings. I remember a scene where the camera showed a building and the artist on the 2nd or 3rd level painting and someone watching from the street.


Aug 14, 2008 Seen on TV in Australia in the 80's, or maybe even late 70's on ABC (public) TV. Initially I thought I remembered that this was a mini series with only 2-3 parts, but my failed searches so far have me thinking it may have been a film (possibly screened over two episodes?).Things Iím certain about:The film ends with a real body (the stalker I think) hanging by the neck from a tree in the front yard of where the woman lives. This scene showed uniformed policemen milling about the body and in the front yard as the film ended.Things I am pretty sure about:Set in the same time period.Near the start, there was a fake body found hanging from a tree (not sure if it was the same tree as above) which was meant to frighten the victim. A woman is being stalked and terrorized by someone, with a lot of the scenes taking place in her apartment. She receives packages and phone calls and is constantly harassed.A detective takes a personal interest in the case.Things I am not so sure about:At one point towards the end, the woman receives photoís of herself in her own apartment taken from above. She realises she was being spied on through holes in the ceiling. She and the detective break into the apartment above, but it is empty.I think it was in colour.My recollection is that it was a British show.It seemed to be in the same mold and era as the Hammer House of Horror series, Tales of the unexpected, Thriller, Alfred Hitchcock, etc, but none of them seem to fit.Thatís about all I can remember. I cannot remember any of the actors or actresses. It was very chilling and suspenseful.


Aug 14, 2008 Early 60's. a tv show, b & w (on our tv anyway). Dark spooky mansion perched on a rocky cliff with the raging waves beating against the cliff below. If they looked in a mirror, there was a figure gesturing to them to come to them. Frightened me so that I would not look in a mirror for days. Have wondered what this show was and if it is available.
Thank you but this program was NOT a serial and NOT Dark Shadows. It was aired once, at night. B & W. Late 50s or early 60s. The images in the mirrors beconing the people into the mirrors was terrifying. dark huge house high on a cliff overlooking the waves crashing aginst the cliff.


Aug 8, 2008 I saw it in '95, but I think it was made in the 80's. The only thing I remember is that the scene took place in an auditorium were three guys held a brunette girl down and raped her. She wanted to seek revenge so a friend of hers or a fortuneteller gave her a business card to call. The number she called had some magical powers or something, I think it gave her powers. I don't remember, I thought it was 976-Evil, but it wasn't. I think it's a horror movie.


Aug 10, 2008 What I can remember is it was a slasher flick. I think it was a family in a house and through the movie someone kept spying on the girl or girls that stayed in the house using night vision goggles, at least the vision was green. Might have been just green lens but it was always green when the person was spying. I believe he was spying from a corn field or a fruit tree field in the backyard of the house. Through the movie people kept getting killed and you never saw who it was. They always used the vision to spy and imply it was the killer. Turns out at the end of the movie they found out one of the perverted relatives or someone in the house was spying but it was a different person that was killing everyone (the twist) and he stormed in the house at the end and they killed him. it was a slasher of some kind like Jason.I was alot younger when it was on tv and never remembered the names. It was on either HBO, Cinemax or Showtime constantly around 1989-1991 time frame. I'm guessing it was made sometime around then or before.


Aug 5, 2008 My mom can't remember a movie she saw when she was younger (maybe in the 70s). These are the things she remembers about it:-It was in the thriller/horror genre. -There was a lighthouse in a sort of remote area (she thinks it may have been an island.-There weren't very many characters, about three main ones. A girl, a guy, and another kind of scary man (played by someone like John Voight, but not neccessarily him).-The original movie was made around the 1950's (?) and there was a remake in the 1980's (?).-The ony plot she vaguely remembers, is the girl and guy came to take care of the lighthouse and they were being watched by the scary man who they eventually had to run away from. She's not sure if this is exactly it, but it's as much as she can recall. -She thinks the title may ony be two words, one of which may be "Point" or "Peak". The word "Edge" also keeps popping up in her mind.This has been bothering her all morning. She really enjoyed the movie years ago, but can't remember the title. It would be great to have any help to figure out what this movie is.


Aug 5, 2008


Aug 5, 2008 All I remember of the movie is there is this "creature" of some sort chasing a boy or boys through a junkyard and I think there was some sort of warehouse. I know this was in the 80's when I seen it and I belive my sister had it on vhs tape.


Aug 4, 2008 I don't remember much about the movie other than it freaked me out when I was a kid. I'm thinking it was mid to late 70's on TV. All I remember is while people slept these other robed, hooded people entered their home and, I think, cut off some of their hair. The person whose hair was cut off was then cursed and/or died.


Aug 1, 2008 I am looking for a film that I saw as a child--I believe on public television--around 1974-5. It was not a "horror" film in the traditional sense. Yet for a child, it was quite terrifying nonetheless. It was a film about a cat, shown from a cat's perspective, with little if any human dialogue. I believe it may have been filmed in Europe. The film follows the cat as it is taken to a trapper's cabin. The camera pans about the room to reveal other trapped animals and furs upon the walls--thus the horror.


Jul 29, 2008 looking for a horror movie, mid to late 70's, all i remember is a guy with a greenish face always sure a scene was spoofed in scary movie,the scene where the piano is pushed down the stairs and crushes the old lady that was in the movie im sure.


Jul 29, 2008 B-horror movie, possibly released in the 1980s. I believe there were four teenagers (2 couples?) who somehow ended up in the woods (in a cabin?) where they were set upon by.something, I can't remember what. Monsters, trolls, a psycho killer, something to that effect. And it's not any of the Evil Dead movies. The only scene I can remember distinctly features a naked girl lying on her stomach on a bed as her boyfriend approaches.


Jul 29, 2008 I saw a film back in the 1980's - I'm pretty sure it must have been around 1986 or 7. I was only about six so my memories are very distorted. All I remember is a house on a lake at night where a girl and a boy are sleeping in bunk beds. They are woken by screams from across the lake and in the middle of the night they get up, put on their dressing gowns and slippers and row a boat across the lake to what I think might be a haunted house. I remember very little after this - there are two (?) bad men in the house, one of them I think has a pointy nose and hat, I remember he looked like a scarecrow. At one point the boy and girl climb down through a trapdoor and the evil pointy man shuts them in. They come into a room that is weird and round and glowing (for some reason I think of the moon).


Jul 27, 2008 This film is more of a science fiction, dirty future, mad max like film. A man drives up in a futuristic grungy buggy truck to a sort of intimidating looking building. He goes inside and all I can remember is there is a scary looking bald man sitting on a throne (maybe just a seat but he is very important). Next to him is a swirling red energy field with either a woman dancing in it or trapped in it.


Jul 26, 2008 in color, I was very young so it would have been the late eighties very early nineties, 92' at the latest. I think they were newer movies but they were rentals. The movie I think may have a been a short film, like a tales from the crypt film. It may have been a feature film, but i don't remember a lot of it then. I can't remember if it's a group of people, a family or just one man. He or they go up to one of the top floors of a high rise building in a large city. They enter a large conference type room and they become locked in on purpose. There's no way for them to escape. There's a large table with food on it with those fancy silver domes covering the food. But when they take it off whatever is underneath is gross or disturbing. I remember a man with a very red orange beard. I also remember there being black birds or crows in the room. I don't remember if they were alive or dead. There was no one in the other rooms on the floor to hear them scream for help. The top floors were deserted. And there was floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city. They even tried to escape that way. They tried writing help signs and putting them against the window, but they were too high up to be seen. I hope I'm not combining more than one film.


Jul 20, 2008 i'm after the song "don't let go" that ed harris is dancing to in the film creepshow


Jul 16, 2008 I remember watching it in the early 90's on tv (not made for TV I don't think): There was huge facility and it was nighttime. The main star of the movie was telling her younger sister to wait outside as she went in the destroy some sort of genetic mutation or simply just some sort of monster (?). It was very similar to "Relic" or "Monolith" but I watched these bother recently, and it's neither one.


Jul 15, 2008 All I remember of this movie is a boy and lady are hiding in a stall -- hiding from the creature or creatures -- and one of them grabs the boy and begins to pull him underneath the stall. The lady is trying desperately to hang on, the boy and lady are screaming, etc. The monster(s) get the boy and the lady is left crying in the stall.


Jul 9, 2008 I am looking for a movie that I seen on television in the early 80's. It had to have been made in the 30's or 40's. It was in black and white and had the look of a really old film.Horror I think. The women also wore long dresses, victorian style maybe, the men wore dark suits. It was about a woman that liked this gentleman but that man was either married or engaged to someone else. She hated the woman and one day out in front of this huge house(mansion maybe) the man and women were standing by this place on the ground or in a pond or something that was filled with acid. The man was showing it to her and she was leaning against the ropes, but the woman that wanted to man had loosened the ropes and the wife fell in and got all disfigured from the acid. Then then lived in either attice or the basement of the house for the rest of her life because she looked too horrible and the woman got together with the man.


Jul 6, 2008 I saw this film in the early 80s. Not sure if it was made for TV but that's where I saw it. It was on when the possession movies were popular (Demon Murder Case, etc). All I remember is an older kid/maybe college age got possessed and there is a scene with rain flooding the streets and he is swimming in it. I also remember his eyes glowing at some point. He may have been an athlete in the movie too.


Jul 6, 2008 I saw this movie on tv some time probably between maybe 1999 and 2003, but I could be a little off on the time. I believe I taped it onto a VHS tape at the time - that time period. Now even sure if I saw the whole thing or turned it on in the middle of it. It may have been a foreign film, not sure. It was very scary. What stands out most for me is a man killing people in a beachy area. People are killed and/or afraid of getting killed. A very attractive woman (I think foreign) had a baby (not sure if she was pregnant in film and then delivered it on own) or if she had it during the entire film. She goes into a tent like thing to hide with her baby. The man is walking around the area and she is huddled over her baby because it is making crying sounds and she doesn't want her baby or her killed. I don't know if it was just for tv, ever came out on VHS, DVD, or what. For some reason, and I could be totally wrong, I thought it had a foreign one word title, perhaps starting with an A, an I, or an E. But I could be totally wrong. I asked another person who saw it at the time and they thought it might have been a Japanese film. I just remember something foreign about it - whether it be the name, the actress, just something. And the fear, terror, people getting killed, her wanted to protect her baby stand out the most.


Jul 2, 2008 well i saw this movie on tv in the 80's i remember this couple showing up at a hotel or house or something,anyway i remember a guy being on a pay phone and he puts his hand on the wall to prop himself up but he was covering up a bloody handprint with his hand,and additional scenes i remember is a big meat locker freezer and people finding this thing that looks like a cake or pie and they set it on the table and leave the room and the cake thing starts to glow and breathe,and i remember a guy laying on a bed with a teddy bear and a knife or spike comes out of the bears claw and staps the guy,and i can remember it seems these people were becoming possessed like satan worshippers they ended up holding up their hands and they had a pentagram on their palm!


Jun 30, 2008 I saw this movie about 10 years ago (1998 or somewhere near that). I don't remember much of it. It was in colour and it seemed quite "modern" to me at the time. My guess would be the movie was shot somewhere between 1990-1998. I don't know the plot, I think it's about possession or something similar. It's about a guy who has visions and hears voices in his head. The first scene I remember is about a guy getting married in a normal church and the guy gets visions. The paintings on the walls turn into scary animals that want to get him or something. The other scene I remember is him killing a nice little white (I think) dog in the snow. they find the dog the day after and then it flashes back to the vision the guy had whilst murdering the dog. He hears a voice in his head, not a whispering voice, that says "kill him! Kill him!" the movie is not Amityville horror, it's more modern than that, yet earlier than he 2005 remake.


Jul 4, 2008 I am looking for a horror movie that might have been made in the late 50s or early 60s. The plotrevolved around some mysterious power in a cave. I believe the setting was Mexico. I remember vividlya song that was sung in a Mexican canteena when a group of people were searching for this mysteriouspower. The main words were "Down, down, down to the bottom, down to the bottom of the cave. Down, down, down to the bottom, He Had The Power To Be Born Again". The last part of the show saw the group desending into the cave, but I remember nothing more than that.


Jun 27, 2008 This was a black and white movie on TV, shown roughly around 1971? It involves a group of people that are staying in a room or small house/bungalow. They are attacked, individually, by a white larve/worms/slug creature that first burrow under their skin and then can spring or fly from one person to another. Or perhaps it's a creature that buries it's larva under the human's skin? The worms will move under the skin as they age, finally emerging, they wrap themselves around the victims' throat and suck the blood out of them, as I recall. This is NOT the movie Attack of the Giant Leeches. It's definitely an older black and white movie


Jun 20, 2008 I saw this film I guess in the mid-90's (maybe 1997), but the film could be from the late 80's to the 90's. All I have is a clip, but on it a beautiful brunette with wavy hair comes out of the water in a multi-colored bikini (that is mostly purple and blue). She towels of with a multi-colored towel and heads up a hill to a white beach house. Once inside, she checks the answering machine (and from it I think her name is Francine). She then heads to the shower and while in the shower someone starts to stalk the house from the outside. She then gets out and wraps up in a dark blue towel and makes a call. I think after this she is killed


Jun 20, 2008 I was watching this movie about 10 years ago. I think it was somekind of possession movie. I remember 2 scenes vaguely. It was about a man. In the beginning of the movie he was getting married, it all seemed normal untill from his point of view he started to see the walles spinning, the images on the church walls seemed like dangerous animals or something and he hears a voice in his head. The other thing I remember is that he and his family went to the mountains (can't remember if it was a skivacation, I think so) were they had a little dog. It was a prototype "sweet" dog, little white (I think). At night he want out and killed the dog because in his head it seemed like a dangerous animal(grey, wolklike, huge teeth trying to bite him) and the voice in his head told him "kill it, kill it!". I think he killed it with somekind of shovel or something similar, like a huge fork they use on farms (I don't know the word in English, sorry!). So all in all, he seemed like a normal guy but he hears voices in his head and sees scary visions as well.


Jun 19, 2008 I am looking for the name of a film that is similar to the Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction series. I rented it awhile back (8 years ago?). It involved various storylines all of which had bizarre twists to it. The one that sticks out to me is a couple are kidnapped to a cabin by a group of men. Only do we later find out the wife or girlfriend has hired these men to kill her husband or boyfriend.


Jun 7, 2008 I'm looking for a movie that I saw on TV around the late 80s I think. There is some kind of monster creature and an older man I think who is a scientist. The man knows how to control the creature by playing certain notes on some bells or glockenspiel or something. But then I think the monster kills the old man. There is another guy who is sort of a play on Clark Kent/Superman I think. He wears glasses but when he takes off his glasses he becomes very charming or something.


May 28, 2008 This a film where I believe aliens were trying to take over the earth by taking over people. I'm not 100% sure about that part. All I remember is that in the final scene there's a couple in a car who have a baby in the back seat, and they turn around and speak to it in gibberish, showing us that they are aliens.


May 23, 2008 hi.looking for the name of a horror movie, possibly made for tv movie back in the mid 1970's(mystery movie of the week?).there was a scene from the movie where a guy kills another guy out in the woods and buries his body in the ground under a shack.the killer then stays nearby in a cabin and at some point the dead guy comes to life and begins digging himself out of the ground and out of shack and makes his way to the nearby cabin to revenge his death upon his killer.the killer meanwhile is watching tv and suddenly sees the dead guy digging his way out of ground.he flips out.


May 23, 2008 Made for tv movie, early 90's: (sorry that I am not providing much to go on) Aliens are visiting the town's children at night. There was a scary atmosphere to the movie, and these aliens could walk through the walls of people's houses.


May 21, 2008 but i saw it in the 90's and it was a color film. it first started where this family of three moved to this big old mansion and they recorded them moving in. sumthing was evil on the film. but the teenaged daughter was in a room and all these rats started attacking her . but when her mom cam in and she couldn't see the rats. flash to later in the film. it was a group of people in the house and one guy went outside and his head ended up with the gargoyle statues.


May 10, 2008 I saw this movie around 1997'and it is black and white, old, it has something do to with a girl faking being in a wheelchair, shes the secratary of the guy she likes and she keeps faking being in the wheelchair because he helps her. the climax of the movie this other lady goes to this old creepy house and inside she sees a teddy bear with one eye missing in an old study or library and picks up the bear and has a flashblack. The guy finally arrives when he figures out what's going on that the lady in the wheelchair was trying to kill the other lady. He arrives at the house and already knows the place because he had a dream of it before and upon entering he hits the bell which was deja vu for him. He can't find the girl so he goes back into his car where the wheelchair lady is in the back seat and stabs him in the arm then proceeds back in the house where the other lady is hiding behind these sliding wooden doors where there are stairs that lead up to the porch that looks over the ocean, the wheelchair lady has lighter colored hair (blonde perhaps) and is sweating alot and then stabs her knife throught the sliding wooden door then the "good" lady runs up the stairs to the porch/balcony, tries to hide but there is no where to go. the bad lady comes up the stairs they wrestle they are eventually leaning on the railing of the balcony/porch when the guy finally comes up stairs just when it looks like the good lady has no hope and he pushes the bad lady off the porch/balcony and she falls to her death on the rocks below.


May 8, 2008 I was about six years old when I saw only a few moments of a black-and-white suspense/horror movie. The scene that I happened to see was of a man, a chef, facing the camera and arranging some food at a party. I could hear the laughter and tinkling of glasses in the background. Suddenly another person's arm appears, grabs the butcher knife next to the chef and chops off his right arm. The chef then screams and holds up his somewhat shorter arm. There is no blood or anything like that.


May 7, 2008 I saw this movie on TV in the 70's when I was a kid. It was a horror/ thriller. I'm guessing from the 60's. Because recently I saw Roger Corman's "The Terror" and at the beginning I thought that was it, alas it was not, I seem to remember it of that style though.It took place in a Victorian theme castle and the thing I remember most was there was this "freak man" that was locked up in some kind of a tower like prison and was beaten by a "mean man" with a beard who was also the freak man's caretaker. The "mean man" looked barbarous and disheveled and he kicked and abused the freak. The freak man didn't speak he just wined and whaled and cried all the time.There was also a woman who was a main character who somehow ended up at this castle with the freak and the mean man, and I can't remember but there must have been a master of the castle and some kind of hero.In the end the "freaky man" turns on and beats the "mean man" while they are in the prison where the freaky man was kept. He beats him and escapes and he chases after the woman. I think he adored the woman. He chases her and she narrowly escapes by locking him behind a barred door,the freaky man paws at her through the bars wining and wimpering for her. There must have been some kind of a hero but I can't remember who


Apr 28, 2008 This film truly terrorfied me one saturday afternoon in the early 1980's. I saw it on New Jersey TV(could have been cable, but I don't think so)between 1981-1984 and it was in color. It was the classic "evil house" bringing horror to it's inhabitants, a similar story to Amityville Horror. The only thing I can clearly remember is that after the carnage is over and the movie is ending, there are words that appear telling the viewer that so and so had also lived in the house and died on such and such date, and a different person died in the the house on such and such a day etc. I also believe that the multiple, bizarre deaths associated with the inhabitants of the house over the years were based on a True Story! As far as images that I can recall, I'm pretty certain that someone is hanged. There may also have bben a well on the property that involved a death, but I'm not too certain about that.


Apr 26, 2008 I saw this episode on the Night Gallery, Tales from the Darkside or a similar show so it must have been back in the 70's. I can't remember much, but I can remember it involved a schoolboy who always had to write sentences on the chalkboard at school for doing bad things. I think the other kids teased him and in the end, he walked up to the board without being told and started writing, I must not push "Sally" down the stairs. I must not push "Sally" down the stairs.


Apr 22, 2008 This movie involves a big house, i'm thinking a mansion becuase one of the scenes involves a statue fro m the house falling onto a guy and killing him. I also remember a man had this little gadget in his hand that told him that the house was haunted. Also a main part i do remember is the family (mom dad DAUGHTER), the daughter gets stuck behind this brick wall in the basement and she is hanging (chimney or basement burner area?). I also remember a scene before the daughter hangs, it's a dead woman hanging instead.


Apr 13, 2008 This is a horror movie released between the 1970's and possible 1980's. The movie was about a group of people traped in something like a lighthouse or something to do with boats (i believe) but what I remember for certain is at the end one person got out and ran to a grassy area and starting crying tears of joy cause he made it out.but then the grass started to pull him down like quick sand and this is how the movie ended this was a movie in the theaters.


Apr 8, 2008 I believe it was a made-for-tv movie and it might have had the name Barnaby or Barnabas in the title. It was in color. I saw it once or twice in the mid-nineties. The images I have may be from different movies, but I think they were all the same. I remember a young boy being locked in a closet, possibly repeatedly, by a female relative(?). It may have been a flashback or something. The main character was a different boy and I think he came to stay at that house years later. There was a black and white checkered floor during the scary climax of the film. There was a copy of it at my local library. The vhs cover had the title written in either blue or yellow. A ghost might be involved at some point, as well. The title may include the words ghost or house.maybe not, though.


Apr 5, 2008 It was on TV from the late 60's to mid 70's and was in color, late at night (I was supposed to be in bed). The only scene I can recall was a woman in a darkened hallway that I thought was being held/kidnapped by a tall evil force/robot/alien/monster thing at the other end of the long hallway. Lighting was an intriquite key in the movie, as it made it hard to tell what the evil thing was, possibly later revealed to the woman. The scene seemed to last a long time in this hallway, possibly much of the movie. Towards the end (I think) this thing lashed out at her and scratched her face. I think at some point, the woman may have developed feelings for the evil character, and possibly it sexually assaulted her.


Mar 30, 2008 I have been obsessed about finding a movie my parents took me to see at a drive in when I was about six or seven. It wasn't a movie for kids. I wish I could offer more to go on. I was too young to remember star names. I saw a part of it or I recognized it on tv once later in the 80's but wasn't able to get the name, or forgot it. It was that seeing it again and triggering the early horrifying memory that has started my quest.We saw it at a drive in theater in nw washington somewhere between 1966-68. It was in color, and some kind of murder suspense thriller.I seem to recall one or two familiar actor/actress faces that were later in tv in the seventies. The scene that got me was of a posh apartment room, or bedroom at night. A breeze and eerie light was coming through ghostly sheer long white drapes at a window. I remember ghostly sounds, or music. The figure of a man moving slowly emerges from the dark as if he is about to comit a murder, or something. I think he was holding a knife or gun, some sort of weopon. I believe a woman was in danger. But something happens to save the situation, and the intruder is suddenly shot through the eye. I think this was sort of the climax to the story.I believe the setting was upperclass people in a big city, prob. N.Y. It was a contemporary time setting, (mid sixties). I think there was a black mercedes in a later sort of 'wrap up- aftermath' departure scene.


Mar 30, 2008 This movie was in color and shown around the early 80's (81/82/83) shown as part of my local television station "creature" feature along with movies like Son of the Blob, the Uncanny, the Car, etc. I came across the end which scared me, but I've always wanted to find out what it is so I can watch the whole thing. Don't remember to much of the plot, just the end sequence where this old lady kills a man in a storage room or cellar by locking him in with bees (or some type of insect). I remember her insanely laughing at the deed then crying as she realizes she is now alone. The person may have been related to her. I also think the end credits had some circus music playing with a big ferris wheel although I hope I am not mixing it up from another movie.


Mar 26, 2008 2 kids find a baby and they lock him in a shed and take care of him and all deformed from not seeing sunlight and the shed catches on fire and burns down


Mar 24, 2008 I am trying to find a movie around the 80's or 90's with a drowning scene toward the end of the movie. A woman (I think she was blond) lures a guy to a tub or hot tub. They start to have sex in the tub.She then manuvers herself on top of him and pushes his head under the water and holds him until he drowns. She then has an orgasm with him after he is dead then gets up.


Mar 24, 2008 The movie I've been trying to find for over a week now was made in the 80's I think. All I remember from this film is a few things. There was a man standing in front of some metal structure in a lab of some kind. There was an explosion but the man lived, I remember scene of him standing in front of a window of dolls and there was laughing, like he was going insane. I think during the course of this film he was transforming into something. There was another scene of him throwing a football in the yard with a little girl and then later that night went back to kill her. He would do that throughout the course of this movie, kill people that he'd been in contact with earlier or something like that.


Mar 24, 2008 I saw this on TV in the eighties or ninties. I don't know if it was an episode of some show or a part of an anthology. There is a clown statue sitting on a ski lift. A child has to sit beside it and is afraid. The clown comes to life, and tries to push the child off. I think this was in color.


Mar 24, 2008 its a movie about a boy i guess it takes place in a small town kind of in a desert like surounding anyway the boy plays a arcade game all the time in this diner because he has an alcoholic father who at one point in the movie tries to hit the boy but the boys dog tries to protect him and he kills the dog making the boy go nuts and he goes back to the diner and holds everyone hostage and still plays the game. hes kind of friends with a young waitress who works there.


Mar 23, 2008 I'm looking for a film i seen agesss ago i dont remember much about it but i remember somone getting locked in one of them big walk in freezers and a dog that died i think and it was either looking in a pond or somone could see the reflection of it in the pond.


Mar 22, 2008 I remember seeing this movie probably on the Creature Feature or Chiller Theater TV show, approximately around 1964-1967. I don't know if it was in color, we had a b/w TV. I think it had something to do with Lepers and I remember a mad scientist type securing victims to a table in what seemed to be a cell or maybe a basement and putting something called "decay" on them and I think they looked all ugly after that.


Mar 21, 2008 I saw this movie sometime in the 1980s. I'm almost positive it was on Nickelodeon, on a weekend during the daytime. I think it may have been a short film, or else I only caught part of it. There was a boy sitting in his room playing a game that was sort of like Simon in which you had to push buttons in a certain order. His Dad comes in and tells him to stop playing and the boy tells him that if he beats the highest level, he will go "somewhere else." The dad thinks he's kidding, but then the boy beats it and then disappears. The dad starts playing the game to go try to find his son. I think it ends here, and I think the name of it was "Somewhere Else" or "Someplace Else."


Mar 20, 2008 Old tv novie I saw only once on a sat night after midnight in late 70s. movie was black and white. If remember correctly it was about vampires and at end they sail on a ship and all freeze.


Mar 20, 2008 i seen this film advertised ages ago. its about a girl she finds a potdoll in the garage and has it in her room and it comes to life and kill's


Mar 19, 2008 Does anybody have "The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre" (1964) (TV), starring Judith Anderson, Diane Baker, Martin Landau etc. and directed by Joseph Stefano and Robert Stevens?? Somebody must have a copy of it on VHS or DVD!


Mar 15, 2008 This one is also from the 1970's. I can only remember the end, I saw it on TV. A man walks into a cave like area and looks in a mirror. He sees all sorts of things and we see his heart beating, the things he sees make his heart beat faster and faster until we see it explode. I believe that the man was evil and that this was some form of revenge.


Mar 12, 2008 I saw a black and white horror movie on TV in the 70's, it had a stain or shadow on the wall. I believe it came out of the wall at the end. I also remember a shadowy figure moving across the room.


Mar 8, 2008 The movie that I am searching for has to be in the late 70s or early to mid 80s. Given the background of this film kind of like a Nightmare on Elm St. part 1 setting I'm guessing 80s. Well I really didn't see much but I remember I was a young teenager at the time and I had to be watching one of the late night horror shows on either HBO or Showtime this was around the Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th era. This slasher/horror movie showed a man nailing a brunette woman into a wooden box in what was either a garage or a basement and she of course paniced and began screaming and pounding on the box. After several minutes she broke free then proceeded to the kitchen where she grabed a large knife. She went into the bedroom where the man was and slashed and stabbed the man to death the camera circled around the room showing lots and lots of blood splashing around. Next the woman went over to the bedroom window the following scene shows the outside of the house with the woman looking outside the house with a close up of her face. She has this blank demented look on her face and she is shaking. While in this view the camera slowly pulls away revealing the entire house and you can see that it is night then the scene fades to black. I remember HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax would give show what movies were being played and give a brief discription of the movie while playing some kind of music in the background at that time (especially HBO). But I can not remember the name of that movie I am a big horror fan and after that scene I have always wanted to see the rest of it. I thought it was called either Demented or Dementia but it is not either one of those. However I believe it did have a one word title something like the two movies I just mentioned but I am not completely sure.


Mar 7, 2008 this was an episode almost certainly of the 'new twilight zone' from the mid 80's. my research has turned up nothing. please help. all i can tell you is that a man shows some kid a secret by brushing some bushes with a stick. it makes fireflys come out but that isnt the secret.i think he tells the kid to never tell. the man dies i think because he told the secret. at the end of the episode it is nighttime and the kid shows another kid by brushing the bushes with a stick. really strange and creepy stuff.


Mar 5, 2008 this may be a recurring dream i used to have, or it may be a movie. I really need to know. All I remember is a couple having sex on a bed, and a spider starts crawling on the bed towards them. and for some reason there's a wizard(?) standing outside the room, if I remember correctly. I think this room is at the top of stairs inside a house of some sort, and it is dark.


Mar 5, 2008 a woman is in her front yard and gets sucked into the ground by a lot of hands.


Feb 25, 2008 I saw this tv episode sometime in the 80's. It was in color and I think it was either a colorized (newer) episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone the series.It starts out with a young boy maybe from 9-12 who is having a birthday party? and he receives a gift of a music box or a bank or something with an 'Abraham Lincoln'-looking character on top.Then the next thing I remember he is being watched by a babysitter (I think she was blonde)- and she is terrorizing him. I think she shuts the power off on him or the lights and is really really trying to scare him.The episode ends with the girl opening the closet door (where she thinks the boy is hiding) and the thing on the box is in the closet now grown to the size of a very tall man and he is obviously going to do some harm to the girl to protect the boy.


Feb 21, 2008 a man looking at some deep freezers


Feb 20, 2008 I think it was about 1988. It was a colour horror movie and one scene that sticks out is a women being chased by a creature or zombie in an ally. She runs up to another women who is sat on a wall and screams its coming run. The other girl stays where she is then we see the creature appear from the ally. I think it was all deformed and had several bodies or faces attached to it. Saw it on television in late 80s.


Feb 17, 2008 I am looking for a B-FLICK late 60'searly 70's horror. Could be out of Europe . The characters seem to be loosely similar to the Adams Family can't remember to much about the plot but I think it was the classic kid go to a creepy house and everything hits the fan after that. Morticia like lady of the house slurps down a rat/mouse caught in a trap in a scene. A walking hair ball with a lot of teeth attacks a resting victim. Man eating plant eats nosey neighbor. A wall of hands sculpted as some phycidelic art piece turns out to be not so harmless when they grab a unsuspecting victim who just so happens to lean back to catch her breath. I remember it had a real surreal Dario Argenta feel. I saw it twice both when I was pretty young the second time I could have sworn it was on a Creature Features show. I also am looking for Spider Baby but I don't think thats it.


Feb 17, 2008 I have looked everywhere for this episode. I was sure that it was either the New (colorized ) Alfred Hitchcock Presents or the New Twilight Zone series that were released in the 80's, but I can't find a remotely similar episode listed on either. I believe it was early or mid-80's, it was in color and on t.v.The episode starts out with a boy at his birthday party? and he receives a gift of a music box or bank or something that has a character on top of it that looks like Abraham Lincoln (ok weird, but that's how I remember it). The episode goes on to show him being terrorized by his babysitter, I think she turns out the lights or power on him to freak him out. She's really mean. Anyhow, it ends with her looking for the boy in the house and she thinks he's hiding in the closet, so she opens it only to find the "Abraham Lincoln"-looking guy in the closet now like 6 or 7 feet tall and you know he's taking care of the boy and he's going to do the some damage.


Feb 24, 2008 about early 1980's it showed at the begining a load of alien like men that looked more like dark green army suited guys in gas masks. they burst into a house/hotel and a women in a bath stands naked and tries not to get killed by seducing him, holding her breast saying 'don't you want these', he basically 'i imagined' chopped them off and took them with him. later on in the film the people who die come back to life possessed and evil, one guy has a large mole on his arm and this girl says, its lovely and starts to caress it and a little monster full of teeth comes out of it and devours her neck.


Feb 13, 2008 I'm looking for a color film that I saw on television in the early to mid 90's in America. I can't remember what it was called or any of the actors, but I do remember that there was a woman found in a wall, still alive. She had white hair and skin and red eyes and she didn't talk. I remember a scene with a doctor saying the white hair and red eyes was from a loss of pigmentation from being trapped in the wall so many years. As for how she survived, the doctor said something about minerals and water leaking in to sustain her. I also remember that there were at least two other people that had the same white hair and eyes, at least one was male and you find out later in the movie that they're really demoniacally possessed or aliens or something, anyway, they're out to kill. Especially the woman, she's after the person who trapped her in the wall.


Feb 12, 2008 There is a film I saw as a kid on tv that I remember was freaky... it would have shown in NY (maybe on WPIX channel 11.. then, the station was called "11 Alive")- maybe it was a tv movie...then again, maybe not. All I remember is perhaps the end of the film where a woman screams, and then there is a cut away to another scene: a woman biting into an apple and sitting with another person (a woman I think). I believe the film then ends with credits. I think the film was from the 70's (can't be much past 1982 anyway) and I think I saw it back to back with Audrey Hepburn's "Wait Until Dark." This film may also have had the word "Dark" in the title so I was looking up Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973) (TV)... is that it?


Jan 29, 2008 I saw a movie back in the 80's or maybe early 90's about 2 sisters and 1 sister dies but she is a ghost and i still remember the last few mins i was scared shitless. The girl that was alive started going mad and ripped all her wallpaper in her bedroom in the mansion kind of house near the woods and then the other ghost girl comes through the wall and the alive sister is dead and the ghost girl crawls on her knees all the way downstairs into the woods and it ends.


Jan 28, 2008 This film was on TV in the early 80s, when I was a child. It must have been made between 1975 and 1985 because it looked relatively new, like it had been made for TV. All I remember is a boy walking through a large beach house looking for his grandparents in every room but not finding them. Finally he goes outside, a little ways from the house. He finds something buried in the sand, resembling two heads. The shot where he discovers these is taken from behind the two "heads" (could have been feet, legs) and looking at the boy discovering whoever or whatever it is buried in the sand.


Jan 28, 2008 I am looking for a film that i watched at my granmother`s house well over 15 years ago. She had the film on tape that i think she taped once off the TV when the film was on.All i can remember is there is a young girl and i think her husband or boyfriend somehow ended up in a place near a lake side. There was alot of female witches in the film that seduced her husband (boyfriend)once i can remember that the witch and her fella was on the wooden walk way near the lake. I think the young women was been tormented by these witches.


Jan 27, 2008 i'm trying to remember a movie from my childhood. It's probably in the 80's. It's like the person with number 3814, i remember a pool scene with an ugly woman or something with mask which was chasing the main star but i can't remember if was a man or woman. After that i remember in his/her house he/she heard a noise coming from the kitchen and when he opened the cupboard from where the noise was coming, a black cat came out from it (this was very scary scene just like this in the pool)....i hope this information helps :))


Jan 26, 2008 I saw this black and white horror movie on TV in the late 1970s. I believe it was set in the US, but can't really remember. The man in the movie was trying to find a cure for his dying wife so he would cut off women's heads and store them in the freezer for later experiments. I think his wife ended up dying anyway, but I can't remember what happened to the man.


Jan 24, 2008 Hi there.Well, I use recordings from old movies to create music. I unfortunately lost one of the most unusual scores that I've ever found, I can tell you very little about the film as I only ever listened to the soundtrack long after I recorded it from an old vhs copy. I can however recreate how it sounded from memory as it was a very unusual composition, unfortunately it probably only appeared in the film very briefly. here's how i remember it sounding: you copy and paste this in to your address bar you will hear it straight away.It is from memory so it may have been a little slower and probably a lot more "spooky" sounding, It's most likely from a Hammer Horror, something like "Blood from the mummies tomb" or the (1972)"Tales from the cript" I would say it's definitely of that genre ie UK, 70's, colour but thats all I know.


Jan 25, 2008 Im trying to find a 70's color horror/thriller movie(possibly made for tv) in which a doctor takes in an amnesiac girl and makes her look like his first wife, who is deceased. The other characters in the film were freaked out by the resemblance but it isn't until the end that the heroine sees the photo of the 1st wife and realizes what the doctor has done.


Jan 18, 2008 looking for a horror/thriller, in color, about a girl that gets kidnapped the morning she was suppose to leave for europe and ends up in a basement with a couple other girls...there is a video camera he watches them on and randomly tortures them...they never get is a late 90's or 2000 movie. I know that the director said they just improvised pretty much the whole movie with no script.


Jan 14, 2008 im looking for a horror film that was probably made between late eighties to early nighties. all i remember is one part of the movie that consisted of a man down a long dark hall bouncing down the hall.coming towards the camera.that part i saw was in the movie trailer!!!


Jan 14, 2008 As a child I remember seeing a black-and-white movie on television that terrified me, but I'm not even sure it was a horror movie. I probably saw it in the early to mid 1960's, so it was probably made in the late 50's, early 60's. All I can really recall now is that near the end of the movie you find out that one of the children (the youngest boy?) in the household was actually signalling (the absence of adults?) to someone skulking about outside by raising his roller blind halfway up with a toy elephant attached to the pull-string. He might have had to light his lamp, too.I think it was a British film. I keep wondering if it this is the same movie where the parents disappear and the children decide to pretend everything is all right while they manage on their own, but I don't think so.


Dec 23, 2007 i'm looking for a horror film probably made in late 70's. There was a couple travelling with their car, when the car broke down in a desolated area they found a house. A woman were living with her child there. I guess the woman (owner of the house) and perhaps her child were wearing always white. She was nearly mad, didn't let the couple go, kept them in an attic like room. There were also some animals - i may remember a bear. Finally one of the child stabbed the man i guess.


Jan 5, 2008


Jan 5, 2008


Jan 4, 2008 descend into this massive underground cave. As the team further explore the ..... In this episode, a little girl had a clown, possibly a doll or a music box


Dec 31, 2007 Seen it in 1948. US film. The only scene I remember is a man driving and looking into his rear view mirror and seeing a "witch" looking back at him. Very creepy for the time. This predates "Twilight Zone" and "Witchcraft" (1964).


Dec 28, 2007 I've been trying to find out the name of a movie I'd seen several times as a child. It probably was from the 1940's or 1950's and was in black and white. All I can recall is that a woman puts on a mask at the start of the movie, which I believe leads to her demise or causes her to become very ugly. The movie ends with yet another person picking up the mask at the end . . . causing the "curse" to continue.


Dec 27, 2007 im looking for a movie i saw on cable tv in the late or middle 90s its about this guy that has a wife or girlfriend and cheats on her with another girl he bresks it off with the girl and she becomes passesive and im pretty sure she is into witchcraft not to sure i can only remember a artist and the crazy lady puts snake eggs in his bed and she can fly with like bat wings or something lake that maybe she worshiped something and it can make her evil i can't really remember hope you can help me it was playing on hbo or tmc or showtime one of those


Dec 26, 2007 Hello,I saw this movie in 1988 or 1989. I remember it had a suspense horror feeling,it was about children who were being kidnapped and somehow were trapped in a mansion.The movie was black and white,the mansion appeared to be a plantation style colonial columned house and the initial kidnapping of children somehow did not really matter almost as if it was a rigged setup or simply because they were orphans who had no one to miss them.The creepy part was that the children were trying to escape as I believe more were being brought in to the house by I can't remember whom but I think an adult(s)(?), even with small windows broken children were still inside staring out frantically encouraging while it looked like one managed to hide and was leaving to get help.It was shown in the late night/early morning and before I saw what happened I was busted for being under the couch watching t.v. past 11 pm and sent to bed.The movie could be european I.E. Britian, Italy, France in origin or from the U.S.


Dec 26, 2007 its a vampire film i watched in the mid 80s.maybe starts with a woman hiding in a coffin from the vampire.the vampire is looking for some sort of artifact.i fink in the film people are round a table havin a dinner,someone walks into the toilet and there is a person dead in there


Dec 23, 2007 i'm looking for a horror film probably made in late 70's. There was a couple travelling with their car, when the car broke down in a desolated area they found a house. A woman were living with her child there. I guess the woman (owner of the house) and perhaps her child were wearing always white. She was nearly mad, didn't let the couple go, kept them in an attic like room. There were also some animals - i may remember a bear. Finally one of the child stabbed the man i guess.


Dec 19, 2007 Its an asian movie... maybe 70s or 80s. There are 3 sisters who are witches or sorceress or something. at the start one of them gets sorta attacked by 2 blokes wandering down a path but she forces them away and they come back with their gang and try to get her again and she makes all these other women come from the bushes and the bloke go in after them to have sex with them but like half way through the girls turn into dead bodies. Its funny as hell. Then the sisters move somewhere for some reason and all 3 of them start sleeping with some bloke and this seedy dude they live next to watches them all the time and tries to get his wife to sleep with him. But she won't and then they start turning into wolves for some reason. I think its supposed to be scarey or something... its just a laugh.


Dec 16, 2007 I remember a movie that was black and white that I saw in school and once at home but never got to finish. It was in 1972 or73 when I was in elementary school. I believe it was british. It was about a small boy that befriended a witch that was a older and lived in an old house. He either visited her every day and became friends or he lived with her. I remember that he was afraid of her at first. It came about the same time as another movie about a boy and his red balloon. He chased that balloon all over the city.


Dec 9, 2007 I seen this in the late 80's and it's a slasher. What I vaguely remember is a group of college girls going to I think a cabin but some boys follow them there they all end up in a bar where of course there is a fight and they all leave. One by one they start getting killed off and I remember a girl hiding out in a cave the cave part was very close to the end of the movie. I don't recall and big names in the movie and sorry so vague it has be 15 or more years since I have seen this movie and I only seen it that one time.


Dec 6, 2007 I saw this movie on Elvira's weekly TV show probably in the late 70's. It was probably a British film, poosibly Hammer, made during the late 60's or early 70's and set during the 1700's or 1800's. There was a Satanist/ vampire sect. A scene where a virgin was carried in and tied to a pentagram-when she refused to join the sect she was sacrificed.


Dec 4, 2007 There were some short films which used to air on USA Up All Night, between feature-length films. The titles of some were "The Contraption", "The Drip", "The Dummy", and "A Little Fishy". I am wondering if there were any more, and if so - where might I find them, for download, purchase, viewing, etc.? I have been told that there was another film which aired at the same time, in which a woman is walking through a forest alone. The camera notices a little girl in a white nightgown flitting amongst the trees in the distance. The woman attempts to follow her, but loses track of her. Just as she is about to give up, the little girl jumps out from behind a tree into the woman's path - she looks up, and the woman sees that the little girl has two empty sockets instead of eyes. I am not sure if this is the end -


Nov 12, 2007 man trapped in garden shed, whilste fire rages outside..little fire brigade people will not let man out of shed.


Nov 8, 2007 i don't remember much it was in around 1989. i saw a movie about a kid there is a clown, i am sure he was evil, at this kids birthday party. the kid eats some cake and later he brushes his teeth and is bleeding all over the place from his mouth. i remember one other scene of the clown shooting like vomit or something like that from his mouth really far at someone.


Nov 7, 2007 Black and white movie and I can only remember bits of it. A woman has her husband turned into a bee and framed on her wall and it ends with him screaming as a bee.


Nov 3, 2007 In the late '50s, my sister & I watched on afternoon TV a B&W film that belied our supposed adolescent sophistication. Dress and attitudes implied the '40s. It contained multiple sequences with a threatening claw creeping over windowsills, from under a bed, as a shadow on walls, etc. Basic plot: bereaved young woman returns from jungle country, where she had assisted her scientist father before he was clawed to death by unknown giant cat. Woman has nightmares of "claw attacks" which are dismissed by police, but young detective pays attention for romantic reasons. Upshot: male assistant has been injecting self with "cat serum;" murdered father, trying to scare (or murder) girl, is finally shot by detective. Plausible finale didn't mitigate the chill of that claw sliding from under the bed!


Oct 31, 2007 i saw a film in about 1998 on australian tv, i remember it was black and white most likely silent. it had a tall thin man who was afraid of cats and i think i remember in the end he was outside on a stone staircase and got attacked and eaten alive by a bunch of cats. I remember there was a very dodgy scene where a cat was chasing a mouse, or it was under a table and you could see that the cat was superimposed over the background. This is driving me mad, i dont think its "black cat" because i dont remember a woman or anything, i think it was about the man getting over his fears.


Oct 29, 2007 This was a movie I saw in the early to mid 70's on TV. I was 5 at the time, so it would be around 1976 or so. Scared me to death! I believe it was B&W and seemed to involve a tragic romance between a man and a mysterious woman who wore a necklace. Somehow the necklace kept her head physically on her body. I think the climax of the movie involved her removing the necklace.


Oct 29, 2007 What movie was this wherein, a girl was married w/ an old century guy who belongs to an old century times and this guy had a mother. The girl didn't knew that the guy was from the old times and they gave birth to a baby and the guy wanted to sacrifice the baby in order for him and his mother to live longer and in the last part of the movie, the girl and her baby were saved by a caretaker. it is a colored movie and it is around the year 1970-1980.


Oct 29, 2007 I saw the movie on TV in the late 80s or early 90s. It was in color. All I remember of the movie, is what I think was, the ending scene. There's a guy on a bed holding a pistol thinking about killing himself looking into a mirror next to his bed. He's freaking out for a reason I can't remember. He puts the gun against his head (or under his chin I can't remember) and pulls the trigger. I think it faded to black and you heard the gun go off. Then it flashes back to him in the room still holding the gun. He starts to laugh because he thinks he's ok. You then hear a disembodied voice say something like, "Welcome to Hell" and he starts to scream. He throws the gun at the mirror but it goes right through the mirror without breaking it.


Oct 26, 2007 looking for the name of a 1970's scary movie with which a woman's head is kept on her by a silk scarf. The bedroom at the end of the movie goes up in flames when her scarf is removed either purposely or accidentally.


Oct 22, 2007 Looking for the name of a film in which a young brother and sister tie their Grandmother? babysitter to a bed, pour gasoline on it and set her on fire. movie seemed to be made late 70s.


Oct 21, 2007 black and white movie made about the late 50's or early 60's about a guy who continues to get more and more deformed. his head and hands get huge and his skin turns burnt. anyone he touches turns burnt and dead. it ends with him getting shot at the beach and his body floating out to sea.


Oct 19, 2007 A german film , quite old, horror. Three people stuck in elevator boss, worker and the guy that takes care of the elevator. The elevator man begins telling some scary stories. The first one is with ghosts in a spooky house or something


Oct 17, 2007 I saw this black and white Horror movie back in 1974 on armed forces tv while stationed overseas in spain. The movie was starts with an old house or castle and a knight (Suit of armor) which changes into an old woman who I assume is the owner of the castle. There was also an ugly grotesque looking man who roamed the grounds who had this wierd lunatic laugh or sound. and would kill people, a young woman in particular who visited the castle. What I was most memorable was the old woman beating this ugly man with a mace or battle axe and she would change back into a knight.I have been searching for this movie for what seems to be forever. It looks like something foriegn made and filmed during the sixties.


Oct 12, 2007 I must have been about 5 or 6 when I saw this so I don't remember a whole lot. It was probably about 13 years ago. It's an old black and white movie and I can only really remember this one scene. An old kind of chubby guy, (I think it might have been S. Z. Sakall but i'm not entirely sure.) was lying in bed and was having a nightmare or something and was seeing these frightening images around his room. He might have been hallucinating. He looked up and saw the sky with a bunch of things like birds, bees, bats, or some kind of flying animal flying around in the sky coming toward him. He also looked down at the foot of his bed and saw something weird like a creature or something laying on the foot board. He went to the mirror I think and might have seen something in it besides his reflection.


Oct 11, 2007 I remember a horror movie commercial from the mid 70ies (76 maybe as late as 77? Certainly no earlier than 75 as my memory doesn't go back that far). It involves a girl going over to someone else's house and while sitting at a table, metal restrains pop out of the chair to capture her.I was pretty young (so the time frame and details are bit fuzzy), but I suspect the movie's thrust was to play of the fears of children going into other strangers houses alone.


Oct 8, 2007 It was 1976 or '77 and I saw this film on television in Wiesbaden, Germany; in color I believe. The scene I remember is of a female vampire at night on an open area of a hill. She had been chased and caught by people with torches who surrounded her and set her on fire. She was letting out a gurggling scream, even after her hair burned away and her head looked melted and greyish. She kept lunging at the torchbearers perhaps trying to find a space between them to escape through. I believe she died there.


Oct 7, 2007 All I can tell you is that an evil girl and I believe her mother as well get attacked by birds towards the end and all their hair is torn out. You see them sitting on the bed holding each other and bald-headed and smiling. There is a beautiful light.


Oct 5, 2007 In the early 50s when I was about ten I went to a movie that started out with an observatory. An astronomer was working at night. He looked through his large telescope and considered the heavens. Then he saw something like a space craft moving through the sky. He paused and wrote a note with a black lead pencil on a sheet of lined paper. The pencil lead broke. I was so terrified by the breaking pencil and the sound effects that I leapt out of my seat and ran out of the theater and sprinted for six blocks. It took ten minutes for my heart to slow down. I guess I saw all of five minutes of that movie. I wish I knew what the name of that movie was ... I'd love to see if I could sit through it. I would guess that the movie was released around 1950.


Oct 4, 2007 Trying to find this late 70's low budget film where these people are tied up in a cellar or basement and lookingquite blue from dehydration and starving. There's one particular scene where a glass of water is help up to one of them and drank in front of them by one of their captives. I think there was an ax wielding maniac on the losein the woods(once again).


Oct 3, 2007 this film was somewere around the late 1980's to early 1990's,i think.the only scene that i can remember is about 4 hikers/backpakers sit in a tavrern and a one armed man tells them a tale of how he battled a werewolf (though i am sure the film was not about werewolf's)he continues to tell them how the werewolf ripped off his arm,then pops his arm out of his fly and says it grew back somewere else,everyone laughs then one of the male hikers says i bet the food tastes great and the tavern go's silent,


Sep 30, 2007 this movie from what I think is about the early to mid 70s. I believe it was in color. I remember watching it on TV. It was about a woman who owned a toy shop and somehow she gets this doll or dolls, I believe they were left in a box outside her door. The dolls are evil and kill her boyfriend when he is trying to take them away and the next day they show up in her store again. At one point she wakes up and she sees the dolls on the dresser, the female doll stabbing the male doll in the back. Everytime she tries to sell them or get rid of them, they come back.


Sep 29, 2007 There was a German horror film on the SBS channel recently. It has a name which is similar to 'devolo' or 'devola'. It is about a young woman who insists she is dead and is constantly being badly treated by a man you has paid for her services. He buries her alive at one stage, and later, as he drives her to the place where he picked her up, she pulls the steering wheel and they crash into a bridge pylon, resulting in her being flung through the windscreen. Her name is Anna, from memory.


Sep 23, 2007 There is an OLD movie out, I do not know the names of the characters but it is about 1 mother and her 3 daughters living onto a street called Fifth Avenue, they grow up in the neighborhood and have problems making friends, the one gets sick and her grandmom does some spiritual thing on her, they weave baskets and towards the end the older daughter gets in arguement with the group of kids across the street and she goes over with a knife but they end up shooting her....I LOVE the movie but I can not find out what it is called, i dont know if its indian girls or what but it is close enough


Sep 17, 2007 I vaguely remember a scene which I strongly believed it was in American Psycho Where Patrick Bateman has something cooking on the stove and it is a body part then he goes into his confession. But If not this movie it is a horror movie where there is body part cooking on the stove and it is not Hannibal can you help me find it thanks


Sep 22, 2007 The movie I'm looking for was in black and white, probably a 50's b-movie (sci-fi/horror). The main charachter is a scientist who is cooking up some potion in his lab. A cat comes by and spills some of the potion in his drink and he unwittingly drinks it. He seems like he dies (or his body does) but he is conscious of all that is going around him, but powerless to make a motion or sound. He is buried, while still alive. Eventually the worms start eating his body and he transfers his mind to one of the worms. He eventually gets out of the coffin to the top of the grave and sees his wife there visiting his grave. He crawls over to her and tries to tell her he is alive and she squashes him.


Sep 14, 2007 It's basically a movie about this kid who has loads of toys and when he steals a toy (a gold sphere I think) from this strange kid (who turns out to be an alien I think) it brings all his toys in his room to life and they start trying to kill him. Later in the movie a robot in the form of his mother tries to kill him.The room was loaded with toys and he had a small train track thing that ran through the house and his room.t was live action, US or Canadian... no one died, it was a kids movie. At the end he escapes the room through a tunnel that connected his bedroom to the swimming pool.


Sep 7, 2007 I saw this movie early eightes at the movies but it look like some kind sixties technicolor movie and is about some giant very intellingent mosters living in the depth of sea ..I dont remember all but they seemed to have some kind of telepathic power or mind controlling power because I rembember the monster talking in a deep voice from the sea to a Doctor and the doctor is not inside the sea . the monsters have that b movie look altough they they remind me of the mosnter gezora wich is a giant 3 eyed octopus from the film " Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no daikaijŻ (1970)" ( please see also there might or not have been other creature like a giant crab or lobster but this movie is not "attack of the giant crabs" this movie is a full color movie.


Sep 7, 2007 I saw this movie late seventies or most likely eaerly eightes maybe british made for tv movie , starts with a white boy and his dad in a car and the boy is telling his dad he wont live after he reaches certain age ( maybe thirteen?) he's been having dreams about it and they go into a house or creepy mansion wich the little boy dreamt about too ..inside the house there are several kids including a black kid and the little boy tells his dad all this kids will die when they reach certain age (thirteen?) and all the kids in the house have this knowledge too.


Sep 5, 2007 I am looking for a movie / TV episode that I saw on either ABC, NBC, or CBS between the years 1975-1983, late night on Friday or Saturday (in Texas). For some reason I always think it was a take on "The Fall of the House of Usher". Basically I think it was about some rock star guys going to an old creepy mansion or castle and one of them goes insane and then maybe dies as the house burns down (twin brothers - blond - or something)? I can't remember for sure, I think they may have had british accents. The only thing I remember for sure is they kept playing "Shakin' All Over" and that was supposed to be really scary.


Sep 5, 2007 Spanish friend asked me about it and it may be a surrealist film rather than a true horror film. She only has one clear scene where a young boy is in a corridor full of portrait paintings and as he looks in the mirror, he sees them come to life behind him. She saw this some years ago but feels it is an older film so maybe 1940s - 1970s. Just to make life harder, the film is in Spanish.


Aug 29, 2007 I saw a movie in the mid 1980s where the ending had a group of people trying to a special chair protected by boobytraps. One guy got to the chair, it restrained him, and stabbed him through the back. Also, some old guy with a white beard has pieces his face taken off by a laser and it kills him. I vaguely remember a worm-like monster popping out at the screen at the way end. Color movie on cable.


Aug 28, 2007 i'm trying to find out the name of a horror film that was probably made in the early -mid 80s. I think it was a babysitter movie and all i can recall is this child's decapitated head bouncing down the hallway.


Aug 19, 2007 i saw this movie between 1992 and 1998. i remember it looking quite recent at the time i saw it, but that may not be true. there are 2 scenes i distinctly remember from the movie. one scene is where a bunch of guys put a live girl into a coffin, nail it shut and (possibly) start shooting it. i dont think the girl died. and another scene i remember is at the end, the girl is sitting in a corner, holding a knife, she dissapears but the knife is still standing on its tip on the floor. she may have possibly been a witch.


Aug 15, 2007 I am looking for the title of a movie that I watched when I was 7 years old. I think that it was a late 1970s movie or an early 1980s movie. It's about this girl and her friends sitting in her house out in the woods. They decide to have a seance one night and a portal to hell opens up. Anyway, something happens to the girl and she falls in the hole, dies and comes back covered in blood and kills her friends.


Jul 30, 2007 Early to mid 80's. I only remember 2 scenes -- one where there was a man tied to a chair upstairs and there was a small lion (like the size of a dog), but it only had one eye. It had fuzzy dark brown hair on its face and at the very tip of the tail. The body was lighter brown, like a typical lion color, but had short hair, like a shaved dog. The only defining feature on the face was the eye and it was large for the size of the face. After the man was shown, the lion was climbing the stairs and went into the room the man was in. The next scene the man was screaming and his face had been eaten off, presumably by the lion. It looked like a cheese pizza. No eyes, or sockets, or anything left. Later on in the movie, there was a woman in the pool. The viewer was watching from the womans first person perspective. A man started jabbing a pole (like a pole made for cleaning the pool) at the woman and eventually drowned her.


Jul 24, 2007 In the early to mid 80s,I saw a movie on TV that felt like it had to have been made in the 70s or early 80s; It was in color & there were two women in a house away from civilization that were repeatedly being attacked by two men. Either these guys didn't seem to be trying to kill the women, or else they just didn't have any guns-There purpose seemed to be rape or theft. They'd siege the house's kitchen day after day; Either the woman didn't have a car or telephone to get the police or there were no cops around. To my 5-8 year old mind(at the time),I destinctly remember the violence being very brutal w/ "A Last House on the Left"-type vibe. Another distinct thing was that the women would use common household objects to fend thses thugs off;they would run a string of pots & pans out on the porch or by the kithchen door to alert them of the thug's next arrival & to trip the thugs up. Also, they would spray bug spray in the face of these guys. I have mentioned this description to a few people who have seen alot of horror/violent-type 70s & 80s movies but have had no luck.I know it's not "Death Weekend" or "I Spit on your Grave"(maybe it's "Savage Weekend"?).


Jul 23, 2007 I first saw it in 1979, and it appeared to be set in the "present" (I'm pretty sure it was also filmed in the 70s, thinking about the film used/cars/clothes, etc). It was in color. It may have been about a vampire, but I cannot be certain. I remember a scene where the "killer" was in a car, it was night, and he was watching a woman get into her car. He had very eerie, red glowing eyes, but they kept most of his face hidden, except for the freaky eyes. I believe it was set in the US, and it was an American movie (no foreign language or subtitles). This movie was shown on "Friday Fright Night," (a program running in Kansas City, MO) which featured three horror films every Friday night. The movie whose title that I am looking for was later used for Friday Fright Night's "promo" image (it was a movie film strip with the killer's (vampire???) face. There is a website which shows a screen shot of this logo with the scary guy's face from the movie. The web address is, and it's the first one shown on the second row.


Jul 23, 2007 trying to trace a horror movie probably british, seen on british TV in 1995ish. Think it was 1960s or 1970s made, and involved a young man who made dolls from womens skin. He met girls in a night-club and pretended his car [a Mini] was broke down so he took them to his home. His mother sold the dolls in a shop.


Jul 21, 2007 all i remember is a mentally disable man running in a huge corn filed going to a farm house. and i rember that he had ihis fingers cut off he look kind of scary but not really and he was a bald headed white male in the movie


Jul 20, 2007 I'm looking for the name of a film that was made in the 60's. It had to do with a rose bleeding and at the end the lady falls on a black picket fence


Jul 20, 2007 This may have been made for t.v as I seem to remember watching it a couple times on Saturday mornings when I was i kid. All I remember is some sort of ball keeps bouncing down the stairs (no it's not the Changeling) and a boy finds a hidden passage in a closet at the top of the stairs in his home. The passage leads to some old dusty room which may or may not have a long dead body in it (can't remember!, it's probably been around 20 years since I saw it). I believe that the kid gets trapped in this room somehow and eventually escapes.


Jul 19, 2007 I saw this movie on "Dialing for Dollars" during the late 70s. They would feature different themes for the week, like Godzilla week, Planet of the apes week, Vincent Price week, etc. All i can really remember about this movie is someone running up a long wide hallway or tunnel and the overhead lights going out just as they passed underneath them. The person being chased may have been in a motorized cart. I know it is NOT- an episode of Kolchak: night stalker (but this comes close).It isnt my bloody valentine, or session 9. It isnt Silent Running either. I was reminded of this from a trailer from a recent movie that ,surprise, i cannot remember.


Jul 18, 2007 . This is a short horror film I saw on the Australian SBS show 'Eat Carpet' many years ago, I was probably just entering the two digits in age. Silent. Set entirely in a cookie-cutter house with bright vivid colours; everything looks gay and wonderful and plastic. The first shot is of a mother pulling up the blinds and tearing off a day on the calendar, calling her two children ( a girl and a boy) and her husband to breakfast. Once at the table, bright imagery all round, the family sit and smile at each other while they eat, eventually getting up to dance around the table. The next scene is the next day, and the cycle repeats itself again. Mother pulls up blinds, tears off day, calls children and husband to breakfast, they dance. Every movement is the exact same, every scene the exact repeat of the day before. It is sinister, despite all the colour. One day however, after many repeats, one of the children (the girl) glumly chooses not to participate in the ritual procedures, much to the consternation of her parents. suddenly, the set plastic happy faces on the faces of her parents drop, and they grab their daughter and march her down a long dark corridor, much in constrast to the colour and wonder of previous scenes. The girls is small and frightened and is led through a towering door. Here, her parents chop off one of her fingers. The final scene involves a repeat of the day before, only the little girl is smiling as she brings her breakfast to her lips, an few obvious fingers missing from her hand.


Jul 16, 2007 a horror film about people living under the stairs. I searched and thought I found it when I recently watch "The People Under The Stairs" w hich is a Wes Craven film. This is NOT the film I thought.


Jul 10, 2007 Color horror movie of late 70's. Probably made for TV. Maybe part of a multi-short story collection in one presentation.I remember just the ending. Closing scene - A (blonde?)woman corners herself upstairs alone in a house or apartment crying out for someone to help her as a vampire slowly walks up the stairs. I think the vampire was a bit ghoulish looking with a green face and growled a little while thumping up the stairs. The very last image is a frontal shot of the smirking vampire with a big yellow question mark appearing in the center of the screen?It may have been unusual because it was daytime at the end of movie?


Jul 10, 2007 I saw a fab spooky film a few months back. The main characters found themselves lost and ended up in a town called Eureka (I think) They seemed to be in the 1950s / 60s. If you could help me I'd be grateful!


Jul 6, 2007 Early to mid eighties I saw this movie in the basement of a friends house at the age of nine and it really frightened me. Basic plot is a group of people need to stay one night in a haunted house and whom ever stays the whole night receives the deed to the house. The details are a little hazy but in one scene a man falls down the stairs and needs to wash up, some one directs him to the wash bin in the room he is staying in. When he washes his face with the water it turns out to be some sort of acid and his face melts off. I also beleive that there was a ghost boy in the attic that was haunting the house and killing off the guests one by one by slashing them with his over grown fingernails?? Maybe. I beleive that the boy was locked in the attic as a young child and forced to live there his whole life only being fed through a slit in the door.


Jul 6, 2007 I previously tried submitting this (see #1470) and was given a result of Perfect Prey. According to IMdB that movie came out in 1998 (unless there are two movies with the same name)and the movie I am looking for was early to mid 70's (73-76 is my best guess). I hope you don't mind but I would like to try posting my request again with a slight edit that I remembered it had to be 1973-1976 not 1973-1977. I only saw the beginning of this movie on TV when I was a kid. I lived in the house I saw it in between 1973-1977. The only part I saw was the opening credits which showed a bunch of old collectible porceline dolls on a wall (and possibly clocks like the old regulator pendulum kind but I'm not 100% sure). They were like the kind that collectors might display and looked to be antiques from the late 1800's through the early 20th century. The dolls were in the dark with just enough bluish to grey light that it cast creepy shadows across their faces. From what I remember, some of the dolls faces were cracked. There were also weird and spooky chimes playing in the background, maybe from the clocks, I'm not sure. I believe these chimes were included in the background music as well.


Jul 5, 2007 This is a specific question about the 1990 movie "Forgotten One" starring Kristy McNichol and Terry O'Quinn. I am basically trying to confirm if this is the movie I am looking for. Is there a scene at the end where McNichol's character is in a nailed shut coffin? Also is Blair Parker a British actress?


Jul 3, 2007 made in about 1960-late 70s:A Horror film which as a man being trapped into a Freezer by a cruel woman killer who is very cool as she says "MAXIMUM...MAXIMUM....MAXIMUM" as she turns up the power pressure on the freezer, and she continues doing so as he is tortured..It is a British Horror film, maybe a Hammer Horror Film???


Jul 2, 2007 I'm searching for a film I saw as a child - it aired on TV back in New York in the 1970s - but I believe it to be be either Italian or Spanish or perhaps even British. I recall it being in color, but it may have been in black & white. The scene I recall vividly invloves two (or more) priests talking on the steps of an old church. There is a violent thunderstrike and one of the priests is struck by lightning, causing him to roll down the cement steps. When his body lands at the bottom of the steps, he has become a skeleton. Chaos ensues.


Jul 1, 2007 I saw a film on TV years ago - I think it was a 70s film - it was in colour. It has haunted me for years as I have never been able to find anyone else who has ever seen it. It may have been a TV movie for this reason.It is about some aliens whose ship orbits the earth. You never see them except when they are going to take over a human - all you see is glowing orbs (like eyes with no body) descending towards the terrified victim. The aliens are dying and have come for hosts.There is a young girl featured in the film who tries to warn people. Some of the aliens the people manage to kill - one by electrocution with a mop and bucket. One of the alien's hosts has a medical exam and is found to be healthy after a major health incident.The thing that most spooked me about the film was the fact that it doesn't have a happy ending - they get the girl too. There is a scene where the mum and girl are talking in a coridoor. The girl has been changed into an alien and says that she is going to stop being a rebel and start to study.


Jun 29, 2007 I beleive this film was shown on local late nite T.V called Shock Theatre. I remember it being on in the early to mid 70,snot sure year of movie ,I beleive it was in color maybe british movie about girl who kept talking to this severd head that told her to do thingsvictorian times I beleive,not sure vividly remember scene of him talking to her in a bedroom, maybe in the bed post.


Jun 17, 2007 I saw this film in 1978 but it was in black and white so probably much older. I saw it on a Saturday night during one of those B-Horror movie showings. Our local television stations would show them every Saturday night. They called it Shock Theater and there was this guy dressed up in a hood and cape who would say these corny things ala The Crypt Keeper. I remember this movie and the date because my mother was pregnant with my brother and it totally freaked me out. The movie centered on a man (I think) who would kill babies. I want to say that he did it with a hammer or something. The title scene was a baby in one of those old Victorian strollers. I am sorry I don't remember more. I think I couldn't handle watching the whole thing at the time.


Jun 12, 2007 Horror/Slasher flick - american - 1982 - 1985 - in color -seen at a drive-in, 4 kids (2 guys & gals) (late teens/early twenties) driving (white, vw bug)at night through woods/backroads - backseat couple are having sex and the girl up front is grossed out - the guy driving asks them to knock it off, random detail, the guy in the backseat wore a down vest, which he used to cover up his girlfriend going down on him - i'm sorry I don't remember the killing thing - but i do remember that at one point while the girls are trying to get away, the other girl accidentally hits her friend, freaks out and puts the injured girl in the backseat. She starts driving away and all of a sudden the injured girl wakes up and starts mauling/tearing apart the driver. There was lots of blood and gore. The scene closes with a wide angle view of the carnage - shots of both girls - the one from the backseat and the one in the front seat. I was too young to recognize any of the actors. i also don't remember being much "sex" other than this scene.


Jun 11, 2007 I've got a scene from an old 50's or 60's Sci-Fi/Horror show (or possibly movie) stuck in my head. I saw this on a B&W TV in Chicago when I was a kid sometime between 1963 and 1967. It was about a child whose drawings become reality. Here's the creepy scene, which I think was the final scene of the show: A couple discovers that a young child (their daughter?) has caused the house to start on fire. It is because she has drawn a picture of a burning house. When the man moves toward the girl to try to stop her from drawing, she grabs a framed photo of him from a shelf and draws a line across it. The man then notices that he has a bleeding cut across his cheek. As he angrily reaches for the girl, she violently draws all over the man's photo. The man lets out a blood-curdling scream as his photo is completely covered.


Jun 7, 2007 Looking for a film I saw on TV late 70s early 80s. The only thing I can remember is people in a storm (I think sand storm)and a women getting killed by a shard of glass falling from a window she was hanging from.


Jun 6, 2007 I saw this color film/tv program on television during the 80s. It was more apocolyptic than horror, and I only remember two parts:1. the main character (30ish white guy) finds himself seated at a conference table with a bunch of other people who are wearing business suits and bags over their heads2. at the very end of the program/film, the man is suddenly wizened like moses coming down from the mount and is being pushed in a wheelchair in a nursing home by a person who I seem to remember had some previous (sinister) connection to him- but who has not been treated to the aging make-up.


Jun 6, 2007 When I was about 4 yrs old, my aunt took me to a movie that was so scary it made me hide under my seat. The year was 1944. I think Margaret O'brien was the star, but I'm not sure. In the movie, someone throws a brick through the window of the little girl's home, and she goes outside into the street. She wanders into some kind of temple or museum that contains stone statues of Balinese (Hindu) demons, one of which is ready to plunge a curved knife into a statue of the little girl. Later, some crooks enter the same place, looking for gold or other treasures. Finally, a mummy comes to life and chases the crooks out of the building. The little girl may not have been played by Margaret O'brien, I'm not sure.


Jun 6, 2007 I'm trying to figure out the name of a horror film I saw several years ago on TV as a kid in the early 70's. I thought it was black & white and probably was done sometime in the 50's or 60's. It involved a women who lived in a home and had a life size statue of I beleive her dead husband sitting in a chair delivered to her home for rememberance. When she was sleeping she would hear him move around the house and he would whistle some tune. I found it, at least back then to be very creepy.


Jun 5, 2007 I think it must have been an episode of a tv show (so I have also read the episode descriptions for "Night Gallery", "Twilight Zone" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" - many of which I have already seen anyway! - but none of those ring this bell) but I could be wrong about that. The scene I remember is about a young boy who has this 'friend' who is a face on a tv screen. The face is nice to the boy when the boy is in the room, but when the boy leaves the room, the face turns ugly/evil and I think the picture also gets some 'tv snow' - by the way, I think all of this takes place on a turned off television set.


May 30, 2007 My mother-in-law was watching a film about a family and while alive the husband was nasty to the wife - hitting her and beating her up etc, but then he died and come back to haunt her and attacked her as a spirit. My mother in law watched the film roughly about 1995 - 1997, it was in colour. It was set in modern times, it is also set in America.


May 22, 2007 I saw this ghost movie in 1991 or 1992 on TV. It was color. Unfortunately, i don't remember too much of that movie excepting the fact that the action took place in a seaside castle which belonged, i think, to a wealthy family. In the main saloon of the castle it was a big painting on the front wall portraying a misterious woman who was moving her eyes (scary!), looking through the dining room of that castle. The woman in the painting had a huge white seashell which was covering one of her breasts. It was night and outside the castle was a big storm (with thunders and lightnings). I also remember that in the above mentioned saloon (the main room of the castle) there were several persons, gathered in a spiritism meeting (seance) or something like this. My father remembers a strong ressemblance between the woman in the painting who was dead (she committed suicide jumping from a cliff into the sea) and a woman who was present in that saloon/dining room. He also remembers the woman in the painting wearing a white robe and walking along the seashore. The painting had green shades/colours through it. I believe the movie was made in the late 80's or early 90's.


May 20, 2007 I saw this movie between 89 and 92 when I lived in Germany (though it was in English). Somehow a pregnant woman and man walk into a home that isn't theirs. The pregnant woman is tired and lays down. In another room the bad guy lays down as well and puts a pillow over his head. The woman feels kicking in her stomach and lifts up her shirt to reveal the bad guy's face in her stomach. I was very young and my friend's dad made us leave because it was too scary for us, but I have always wondered about it.


May 20, 2007 I am looking for the name of a film i watched probably about 7 years ago on television. It was an austrailian film, about an older couple who live in a remote part of the outback. The wife (played by an actress who I am sure used to be in home and away or neighbours) has a heart attack and falls over landing on the husband, trapping him under her weight. She dies and her cant get out from under her body, he remains there for several days, hallucinating abut other ways in which she might have died that could have been worse. A very unusual disturbing film.


May 16, 2007 I saw this movie between 1989-1992 on tv at a friend's house, his father was watching it and made us leave because it got too graphic here's what I remember. I don't remember it being a different time period, perhaps it took place in the 80s. I saw the movie in Germany but it was an english language film. A pregnant woman (and perhaps a man) go into a scary looking house. The woman gets tired and decides to lay down? The bad guy who is also in the house lays down as well as places a pillow over his face. After he does this the woman feels her stomach thinking it is the baby kicking, when in reality it is the bad guy's face in her stomach. I also remember an older car with bodies being transported to or from the trunk.


May 12, 2007 I saw this film during the eighties somewhat- and havent been able to find the title.It was shot in colour,thinks its from the 70-80. I believe its about a monster/creature/demon which is about to have a baby or something. The thing starts killing of all kinds of ppl- while the main characters try to solve the mystery. In any case the movie ends with a scene were the main male character kills of the wrong woman. And hugs the other woman instead , while he looks over her shoulder he sees himself holding the green demon in his arms. And then the movie ends.


May 7, 2007 I think this movie was filmed in the 70s or 80s. I only saw a very small piece of the movie when I was young (around 1985 on tv), and had to leave the hotel we were staying in and never finished it. I have wondered about for most of my life. I'm pretty sure it was an American film. There is a woman (who I think had dark hair), one day her dog is missing and she looks at this landscape painting she has, and the dog is in the painting. Next, her husband/boyfriend goes missing and he also shows up in the painting. I can remember not much more than that, other than that she is trying to find them.


May 7, 2007 I saw this in the 1980s (when I was very little). It is late-night English TV on TVB Pearl (Hong Kong).All I remember is that a lady is in a very big house with a lot of paintings and pictures on the wall. She was running around the house. It seems that the people and things inside the paintings are moving, following and trying to catch her. She tried to leave the house but can't...It may be from the Twilight Zone. I love to know the title of that movie/tv episode.


Apr 29, 2007 help! creature collecting and cutting off hands! I used to think it was the grim reaper with scythe cutting off hands, but I searched through the net and there are no any hints about grim reaper cutting off and collecting hands in the movie... there is no such a movie...I watched it about 10 years ago...and I think this one little episode is from this movie...the boy (about 10 years old kid) went alone with the baloons to the dark ride (ghost train)... while he was slowly riding, the creature (grim reaper?) kidnapped him... I think it didn't kill him. so it kidnapped the boy and tied baloons to the dark ride vehicle...and while the boy was riding, his parents were outside... they were waiting for his boy... but the vehicle came... but there was no kid in the vehicle... parents began to panic...I think there was an episode in hospital where this creature cut off father's I remember this creature collected only hands for some reason...I really want to find this movie... I have asked for it in some big horror forums, nobody knows! I found one similar movie to this, it's called "Demonoid, Messenger of Death (1981)", but I guess it is not the same I am looking for, the description doesn't match. And one more hint (it may be from a different movie, I am not sure...), but I guess it may be from the same. OK. so I guess this creature caught the father and locked him in underground or sth in the end... but father decided to escape... so he dug... dug... dug... and after a long time he escaped...Ah... it is from 80's or 90's.. coloured, I saw it on TV.


Apr 27, 2007 I am looking for a made for TV movie that I believe was made either in the 70's or 80's. It was on one of the cable network channels. Anyway, it was a scary, twilight zone-like movie about a young girl who lived with a weird lady she had always believed to be her mother. At the end of the movie, she realizes that the lady was not her mother. I use to believe the name of the movie was, "That's not my mother".


Apr 26, 2007 Here is a link to this video I saw i am trying to figure out what movie/tv show it may be its on u tube so it should help u alot


Apr 25, 2007 I saw this movie on TV sometime in the 1970's. It may have been Black and White-not sure. I remember only a few images. There is some sort of plague that is taking over the earth. One by one people are finding big bumps all over their bodies. I don't know if they die or become the walking dead. I think there are two people left who have fought it off (I don't remember how it is spread). At the end of the movie, the woman (I think) looks at her skin and sees the first bumps have appeared and realizes she is doomed.


Apr 25, 2007 even more sketchy memory - 1960s or 70s American, along the lines of 'Society', but much less overtly nasty. Psychological-type frightening. Man living in dusty, modern, western town - series of strange events gradually leads him to discover he's dead or trapped in this peculiar world. Final scene reminiscent of Munch's 'The Scream', then fades out to credits.


Apr 23, 2007 The movie was made in the 70's or 80's no later than 1991. It was about a group of witches that killed people. They would cut off the finger of the person they killed and keep it in a jar. There was a scene where a couple had had sex, and there was an egg under the pillow that cracked and blood came out of it. It turned out she was one of the bad people. There was one scene where a maid came into the kitchen and was murdered by having her face shoved into a bowl of water with worms, and she was found stuffed into the fridge.


Apr 22, 2007 im not repeating,although just want to point out i have already read the found page and someone else has the same memories as me but the title you have given is incorrect.Watcher in the woods isnt the right title for the movie...children playing in a church....girl in the middle the bell dropps and she vanishes...years later they all return to try to figure out what happened.I'm 17 years old and can only remember small parts because i was really young and didnt get to watch it all....this has been annoying me for years and i have been annoying everyone i meet if they know or have heard of it


Apr 19, 2007 i belive it was in the very late 50's/early 60's that i saw an animated feature on tv. i think it was mostly in black and white, and reminded me of the painting by van gogh with the swirling yellow and black sun. anyway, this comet flys overhead, and anyone who sees it dies....just disenergrates before your melts, eyes melt, bones etc...all gone. the people that had their eyes closed at the time, and didn't see it pass over head, stayed alive.....very spooky.


Apr 18, 2007 THis is from the early 70's?From what I can remember ithad a crazy lady living on a farm?. She would kill young, good-looking women and then hang their bloody nylons in the loftof a barn. The showdown comes between her and one of the intended victim'sboyfriend/fiancť/or husband. This could have been a made for TV movie orSunday Night At the Movies type of a deal.


Apr 16, 2007 As I remember, it must have been around 1960 at the drive-in. The drive in was giving away rubber chicken bodies, I think it had something to do with the movie. The guy had a black ski mask with black circles under his eyes. I think his name was Uncle Bill. His nephew drownded people in the uncle's basement. At the end of the show Uncle Bill laid over the cemetary wrot iron post.


Apr 16, 2007 I saw a movie on WGN about 10 years ago about an old (around 50-60 years old) couple that acquires a painting of a girl and what I believe is a farm house. The girl in the painting begins to move in the painting once a day (at the least), and does not seem to threaten anyone. Infact, the family begins to see the girl as a friendly and entertaining show piece, in which they get up in the morning eager to see where the girl will appear next. The girl is around 16-20 years old from the looks of her, and she never seems to bring danger to the family. While the movie seems wholesome and sweet from the description, the actual feature is quite eerie. I never saw the beginning, nor the end, and the channel never mentioned the title, so I'm really at a loss here. The last part I remember is when the girl seemed to be getting increasingly sad, and one day, she doesn't appear in the painting at all. The next day (this is where I'm not at all sure if this actually happened), the girl appears with a pretty unsettling expression, as if someone has insulted her. There's no real comedic element in the movie, so I know it's not something like "The Witches". The movie has a steadily serious, eerie, and dramatic atmosphere. I don't think the movie was made before 1970, I don't think it's an episode of "The Night Gallery", and it isn't "In The Mouth of Madness".


Apr 14, 2007 Back in the early 90's my dad rented a VHS movie (seemed filmed like in the 80s-90s, color, B-Class, and maybe of american origin). The film started with a scene of a girl being abducted by aliens (maybe the Grey type, those with big gray heads, eyes, skinny, etc), then she awakes and finds that was a nightmare. Then she drives a truck at the middle of the night (maybe headed for a gas station?) and......that's when trouble comes, the VCR suddendly pops that ugly "Tracking" on the screen and my dad returned the movie.The front art on the VHS had two aliens in a bedroom, they looked like skeletons with large white hair and wearing a semitransparent nightgown (These aliens were nothing like the ones in the actual film...or so I remember, but don't take my word for it).


Apr 13, 2007 This movie was from the late '60's/early '70's. All that I remember was seeing the previews for it on television. In the preview, there is a shot of an isolated road out in the wilderness at night. Suddenly, a truck drives up and stops in the middle of the road. A few moments later, the truck slowly transforms into a house. The narrator says, "A truck, that turns into a house," as the truck begins to transform into the house. Once the transformation is complete, the full moon rises and the howling of wolves is heard.


Apr 5, 2007 This movie was on really, really late at night on t.v. about 5 years ago and consequently I fell asleep and have never been able to find it since.I have very little information. It is in color, but I'm not even sure if it was a made for tv movieor just a movie that was shown on t.v.It starts out with this family that has a few young children that moves into a house out inthe country and I think it was during summer.Other children in the town start disappearing and eventually it is decided to be the work of aserial killer.The oldest son, who appears to be around 8 0r 9 starts to figure out what is going on and whois doing it.He ends up being a victim and coming back as a ghost to his home.He tries to communicate with his family and help them solve his and the other children's murdersand then I fell asleep.


Mar 30, 2007 I hope this is not a repeat, I checked and did not see anything that resembled the movie I am looking for. I want to say it was around 1970, but I remember a house at night and you could see from the outside view of withes in robs with candles walking up the steps, and I remember a married couple, and a little girl, and at the end the little girl took the guys hand and walked into a painting.


Mar 27, 2007 I'm looking for a short film that a friend of mine watched time ago in the New Latinamerican international festival of Cuba. My friend just remember that, in the film, you can see some people wandering around inside an ugly mansion; walking, having dinner in an empty table, etc... The film is shot in black and white (or sepia), except the final scene in which the color appears slowly, showing a pale girl with very red lips. Then the girl smiles a little bit and shows her vampire tooth.


Mar 26, 2007 70's or 80's movie where a girl is tring to get away from a crazy family. I seen it around 86' I remember thet she was wearing a nightgown. I believe it was in color. It is NOT Texas Chainsaw Massicure. I can't remember much more. Maybe she gets away in a motor home


Mar 25, 2007 I'm trying to find an old movie that used to play on tv in the 70's. A man was in love with this woman and they lived on the beach. She died, but would visit him on the beach. At the end they are on the beach together.


Mar 24, 2007 Sadly, I don't know anything about this movie other than a particular scene I remember seeing. The scene in question involves a man sitting in a chair in a dark, smoky room and a woman walking towards him with a knife, cutting deeper and deeper into the palm of her hand. He's telling her to stop and asking her why she's doing that and she keeps doing it, as if she's taunting him. The movie in question was on tv in the early to mid-90s. Maybe circa 1993 or 1994.


Mar 15, 2007 I am trying to find a movie where there's a hat box in the closet and a woman's head is in it. The eyes blink and the lips move as though she is trying to say something.


Mar 13, 2007 Hello,This movie was seen in a bar in London, October 1993. It was on british cable. We couldn't hear the sound but it looked interensting. The one noteable scene was a guy taking pictures of his girlfriend while she ran through a field of lightning rods during a storm. It was a dark, cultish horror film, but I don't have more than that. We didn't recognize any of the actors.


Mar 12, 2007 Saw this in the late 70's early 80's? Only remember a small part. Teenagers on a road trip through the dessert find shelter in a small deserted building. Inside I remember the building was small; like one room. Then a killer comes in (from a trap door?) and starts killing them. Picking them off one at a time, I think. I remember the killer wearing a one piece jumper, grayish, and maybe wearing a gas mask, too.


Mar 8, 2007 Third Version of of It Conquered the World? This is going back over 40 years ago so my memory may not be that good. I know about "It Conquered the World" and "Zontar the Thing from venus" the remake of "It". Alien invader launches Mind controling Bat like creatures. I'm getting a vague recollection of a third version perhaps from a Sci-fi Anthology show like "One Step Beyond" now the title I recall is "The Conquering Worm" or "Conquerer Worm" similar in title so as to avoid copyright issues with the Poe poem. It was on TV in the early 1960's before the Vincent Price Witch-hunter picture of the same name. Anyway the creature was a Human arm sized worm wrapped in what looked like a cabbage plant and this creature launched mind controlling flying cratures like in "IT" and "Zontar". For all I know Roger Corman might have sued and had all the prints destroyed but I can't anything vaguely resembling this in IMDB.COM.


Mar 4, 2007 the movie I'm looking for is probably from late seventies, early eighties, it's in colour and it is and looks definitely like cheap B-movie, but it has got particularly dark atmosphere . The genre is drama/sfi-fi/horror/thriller. There are basically three main characters: husband, his wife and their little baby. They are being held by unknown forces in their house and if I can remember right the baby seems to look quite suspicious, it's somehow connected with those who keep the family in the house.


Feb 26, 2007 I saw a rental movie in 1992 but do not know when the movie was made. It was in color. There is a scene where the mother of a murdered girl goes back to the girl's bedroom and remembers the day the girl was killed. She looks at a bunch of stuffed animals in the room and realizes she saw the killer's face hiding amongst the stuffed animals. I cannot find what movie this was. I thought it was Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me but I just rewatched it and that is not the movie.


Feb 20, 2007 The movie was definitely in color and focused upon a family with kids and a house possessed by evil. I saw this as a child back in the late 80s maybe early 90s so it was probably made around that era. I'm afraid I won't be able to be detail-specific except for the fact that I remember a scene in which the house was flooded by massive gusts of wind (I'm not sure whether the windows were open or whether they resurrected from within) preventing the family to leave. Anyway as the family was trying to get out of the rooms there was a child probably a girl whose hand got stuck in the door and began bleeding since she couldn't pry open the door.


Feb 20, 2007 This was an episode of a TV show from the 80s. I would say most likely the early 80s. In this episode, a little girl had a clown, possibly a doll or a music box figurine. Her babysitter tormented her quite a bit and the little girl hid, or was locked, in closet. Somehow the clown came to life and killed the babysitter(I think in her bathtub). I thought it was an episode of "Tales from the Darkside" but I haven't been able to find it on any websites. It scared me quite a bit when I was young and I'd really like to know what it is. Thanks.


Feb 19, 2007 I am looking for a film that was based on Charles Brockden Brown's book 'Wieland' or 'The Transformation.' The film is not necessarily called either of these names. It is about a brother and sister(I think she is called Clara) who are living in a mansion (it is a period film set in the 1800s I think) and the brother starts to hear voices telling him to commit crimes. I remember a voice whispering to him in his room, coming from the fireplace. The voices I think seem to be coming from a ventriloquist. I'm sure the film is colour and probably American (although it may be English). I saw it on the TV here in England a few years ago.


Feb 6, 2007 I know this film was in color, but I only remember one very specific scene, and one vague scene. I saw this movie with my sister when I was around five years old, so between 1983 and 1988. It appeared to be an early 80's film. In the specific scene, I remember a young man and a young woman taking a hat and a cape and placing them both on a stone statue in the middle of a courtyard. Once both articles of clothing are on the statue, the statue splits down the middle, and comes to life. In the vague scene, I remember the same man-statue flying down a hallway.


Feb 6, 2007 There was this movie, which I saw in 1977 or 1978. The only thing that I remember very distinctly is that there was a scene in which the hero (or heroine) enters a room which consisted of a lot of mirrors;crooked mirrors which distorted one's face into all different and evil looking proportions. The evil that the hero/heroine wanted to hide from/ (or search?) finally appears in one of the mirrors, but only in the mirror.


Feb 5, 2007 The American film I am trying to recall was from the early 80s. I saw it on TV, probably cable back then. It was a horror flick about a couple. I can't remember if they had children or not. They were a white couple in their early 30s, I would say. He has a split personality and has no idea that he is going out and murdering innocent people.


Jan 19, 2007 I am looking for a movie from when i was younger, it had to be in the mid to late 80's. I remember. at the beginning that someone in the family dies and they have a victorian style house and the daughter or granddaughter is going up to the house to get it ready to sell. I know her and her boyfriend are standing outside the house and then some of her friends show up for the weekend due to they were going to party. well everyone starts dieing and the main thing i remember is that a girl is in the shower and the shower head comes down and strangles the girl. it is driving me crazy to remeber this movie because it scared me to death when i was younger


Jan 17, 2007 I have searched and searched.....hopefully you can figure this out....OK here goes. This black and white scary movie was on TV "Creature Feature" in '75-'79. Two story house with a very creepy basement. The old woman who lived there used a wheelchair to get around that squeaked. She was an older mother but everyone hated her. A woman in the house (possible relative) got so tired of her that she pushed her down the stairs to her death. BUT she put the body in the basement behind a big display of jars (mason jars with various pickled things). Every now and then she'd have to go to the cellar to get a jar or two and the dead old ladys eyes would be open staring at her.No one believes her. Also the wheelchair moves at nite by itself. I think (NOT SURE) it drove the woman insane and she kills herself. This was a very creepy movie....41 yrs old and still sticks w/me.


Jan 11, 2007 A Derek Lamb / Edward Gorey type collection of shorts that I saw on VHS about 8 years ago, it was I believe the collected "Fantods" that they used to have before after and during the PBS Mystery show. I thought the collection was called "Bat 65", but have found nothing similar to it on the web. Each short seemed to be based on a short Gorey cartoon, where a character would die, but rarely was it the character you thought would pass, or in the manner you thought they would go.


Jan 5, 2007 All I have is a scanty fragment of a film plot, so I'm thinking this is impossible. Scared the crap out of me when I saw part of it on TV at age 5 or 6, in Bangkok, Thailand, so the year would have been 1979 or 1980. The bit I saw before I ran screaming from the room: cuts back and forth between two characters: blonde white woman doing her makeup at a mirrored dressing table, white man traveling from boat to taxi to home. Husband and wife? The woman is viewed from behind, from the viewpoint of, it turns out, a hidden black-gloved individual unpacking his shiny knives. Her hair's in an updo, maybe even a slight beehive, so this might put the film in the 60s. As she goes through her beauty routine he sneaks up on her: suspense is built by cutting away to the man as he travels home; during the last shot of the woman we see Knife Person sneaking up quite close to her, over her left shoulder. Cut to husband unlocking the apartment? door and going into his wife's bedroom, calling out to her--no response--she's seated at her dressing table, staring straight ahead, into the mirror, no psychos in sight--he puts his hand on her shoulder and her head rolls off.


Jan 4, 2007 This film was made in the was in color...The movie was about two investigators go to this old house it had a barn ..and it was by a lake they went to investigate a murder...not sure if that was the reason for them coming there in the first place...but this women had murdered her husband and later on in the movie the maid was murdered and the handyman could have been the butler but he was murdered in the barn and the murder tried to hide the bodies...the 2 investigators found the body in the barn and started 2 investigate...they founf secret rooms throughout the house but first discovered one in the bedroom...later the wife tries to get rid of the husband by placing him in his car and tring to put it in the lake...i though Cheech starred in it but i wasnt able to find any movie like this he starred in im pretty sure it was made later then the 70's. also i think i remember that one of the investigators gets trapped in a room where a knife is coming at him


Dec 30, 2006 It is an old horror film where a doll comes to lifeA male character falls in love with the doll and at the end when they are driving away you see a dolls hand coming out of the glove boxSet in a large old house!


Dec 16, 2006 It was shown on the TV in England in the 80's and then again in the early 1990's, the film could be older than that though. It was in colour. After the credits at the beginning the first scene of the film has news reporters with cameras standing outside a house, there is a priest there as well. Then you can see a lot of red glowing eyes looking out the window of the house at them, it's demons, the reporters notice the glowing eyes. Then the next scene is the priest walking up steps to a barn, the film has scary music.


Dec 13, 2006 A film that must have been 60's or 70's that still causes my habit to sleep with my face under the covers. All I remember was scary bald guys in capes, enveloping children into the capes....


Nov 15, 2006 I'm not sure how old the film is, but again I saw it in the early 90's on tv and guess it was made in 70s/80s and it was in colour. In it a girl sleeping/unconcious in a wheat field gets baled up by a combine harvester - leaving her chopped up body mingled in the hayblock. Creepy.


Nov 6, 2006 I saw this film in the late '70s on television. I wasn't supposed to be awake watching it, so details are sketchy. The protagonist is a blonde woman who is or thinks she may be crazy. Scenes that stand out are wandering around an institutional building (low ceilings, closed doors along a tiled hallway) and being chased by a what I remember looking like a Tiki god (boxy shape, no discernable hands or arms) taller than her.She is soothed by a dark-haired man (white also) who is sure she is slightly mad, though I don't remember how he figures into the story outside of romance.The only other scene I remember is one involving a cat just outside this... institutional building. There was a black cat that she chases outside only to see it... melt away (?). The film is in color, so I figure it was late '60s, early '70s, in those rich tones they used back then. Over the years the woman has turned into Tippi Hedren, though I'm almost sure it wasn't her.


Nov 2, 2006 I'm not sure about the date of production, settings around late 70s to early 80s. It's about this group of 3 girls from the States travelled on a cruise to Paris when they met this mysterious guy on the boat and gave them a rose each. Then, this guy offered to be their tour guide and brought them around Paris in this VW van and eventually to his mansion. I'm quite sure either side of his palm was missing and instead a surgical clamp-like tool(wasn't sure if it was there from the beginning).I saw this movie from VHS and quality of the picture wasn't that fantastic.


Oct 7, 2006 Looking for a horror movie aired late nights on tv in late 70's to early 80's. It begins on a college campus where a guy and girl meet. They become a couple and the nice boyfriend asks his girlfriend to go away with him for a while. They end up at some big white mansion type house where they stay with some friends or family, I believe. Anyways, the girlfriend keeps seeing a woman in a white wedding dress roaming the property and mansion. Everytime she gets close enough, the woman disappears. She believes it to be a ghost while everyone else convinces her it's in her mind. At the end, you find out her boyfriend and others are trying to get her to kill herself. Maybe like an occult or something. It's not the movie "Let's Scare Jessica" either.


Oct 5, 2006 I have been searching for a name for this for a long time, but havnt come up with anything. I saw it when i was around 7 or 8, which means around 1996. I saw it on tv from vhs in the U.S. It was color. As far as i can remember, it is about a haunted mansion. i can remember a few key parts. there is a stone wall in the basement. a man removes some sort of crest from the wall it releases an evil. someone in the movie, maybe a psycic, keeps being plagued with visions of a naked woman. at some point, the family and a group of people are having dinner and they are terrorized by some haunting. i remember something happening with a turkey. near the end, the daughter is missing and the father finds her behind the wall in the basement after he knocks it down. there are also some dolls or barbies hung in the room. at the end, the family moves into a new house. the wife thinks she is seeing the husband kissing another woman in the driveway, so when he comes upstairs, she attacks him with scissors or a knife.


Oct 3, 2006 Hope you can help. Haven't seen this movie in more years than I care to remember.think movie came out in the 40's..time period of the film is possibly the same. It was a black and white.Only remember bits and pieces. Man is at an estate or in woods. A spirit of a frozen woman appears and I think asks for help.


Sep 24, 2006 Hi - I saw a snippet of a film on TV probably in the late 70s. (Definitely not after 1982.) It was in colour. From memory, two men are in a large house. One man goes to sleep in a bed in a room with a child's doll sitting on the floor. [Camera angle from above]While he sleeps, the doll moves up the bed. The next scene is from the perspective of the man as he wakes up to see the doll's face in front of him. A scene of his recoiling in horror. Then there is a sequence of him running hand in hand (in slow motion I think) with the doll in a field. I was young, it was late, I freaked and turned it off.


Sep 11, 2006 (this is NOT "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" - Ray Harryhousen) I saw this movie on our independent channel in the mid to late 1970's. Might be older. A group of men standing in front of very tall pillars of a "Lost City". They remark that this city is gigantic and wonder what race of men could build such a wonder. Then suddenly a group of giants run out of the city and start killing, eating and tying up the men by their legs with leather straps. They were hanging upside down by the straps on tall wooden racks. The leader of the group gets away and gets others of his party released. It was very violent.


Sep 10, 2006 i am trying to find out the title of a b/w movie from way back in the 50's. all i remember is some guy calling out "Marsha, marsha" through the foggy swamp and of course, someone fell into quicksand. might have been set in the south.


Aug 27, 2006 I am trying to find a movie from the 80's and i have only very vivid images so bear with me. The film is in color, saw it on VHS I believe. I remember a short "killer", whether it was a monster, dwarf, man, supernatural being I could not remember, one scene I remember was a girl in an elevator and this short person was above her in the elevator holding itself up with it's hands and legs pressed against the walls of the elevator (this is how I remember the thing being short). also, another scene I remember was of a man or a woman laying on the ground and their veins pulsating as something was either taking their blood or just taking the life out of them.


Aug 26, 2006 I remember a movie made in the 60's or early 70's involving a series of murders. It involves a large house with a woman in a wheelchair who i think ends up murdered by an axe and ends up in the wine cellar behind a rack. she is found when someone goes down to get a bottle of wine and ends up seeing an eyeball when a bottle is removed. i also recall a young woman who is to look after the wheelchair-bound woman. if i recall correctly there is someone whispering "isabel" in it. another scene involves the wheelchair sitting with an axe in it.??????? please note it's not "homicide", "strait jacket", "dear dead delilah" or "the changeling". this movie was seen on tv when i was very young in the early 70's.


Aug 24, 2006 I am looking for a 40's or 50's black and white movie in english with an horrible creature whithout a face (midway between a skeleton and a kind of shadow) haunting a house (a doctor's ?) at night and hidden in the walls or under the stairs.I remember a specific scene : the monster goes in a room where a girl (the doctor's daughter ?) sleeps and we can see its hand approaching the girl.There is a frightening music each time the creature appears.Well I saw it on French TV in the early 80's, but it's probably not of much help. The male character has the telephone in his house so I doubt the film is anterior to the 40's.


Aug 23, 2006 Horror short in color. Saw this film in 1980 on a Boy Scout Trip on a 16mm print. It has the markings of a Hammer Film, but I believe with was made in Canada because I remember "Nova Scocia" being in the end credits. Set in the 1800's. Key scenes for me follow a wealthy younger woman who is killed, maybe poisoned. She is buried and one of the grave diggers notices that she's wearing a valuable ring. Later that night, he returns to steal the ring with to other men. He opens the coffin and takes out a knife to cut off the cadaver's finger. As he reaches down to cut the finger, the corpse opens it's eyes. The two other men run off. The corpse reaches up to the robber and his eyes roll back into head. The corpse rises from the grave and walks off into the distance. Later, the two men who ran off are in a pub playing cards when the robber walks in wearing higher-class clothes: a top hat and a cape with a high colar. The robber pics up a hand of cards, smiles, then drops one of his cards or his money or something under the table. When the two men look under the table to pick up what was dropped, they stare in horror as the robber had horse/goat legs complete with hooves. Cut to a devilish grin on the robber's face.


Aug 20, 2006 there is a movie that I say on tv in the late 70's the was a man whom walked in to a tent at a carnival and was druged. the carnival was run by a warlock whom as i recall kept shouting the "I created The Muncubis...I created the muncubis" as I recall the muncubis was a gorilla with only one eye the servant to the warlock. this film may have been a hammer film and I know it was'nt carnival of souls of circus of horrors.


Aug 17, 2006 All I remember was a person being dragged down a hallway into a fireplace (presumably up the chimney) by a Spiderman-like character in a monochrome leotard - I think it was all blue. I saw this on TV when I was 5 or 6, in about 1977, so that image might be off a bit...But I still remember the general theme of the scene and would love to see the movie for laughs!


Aug 12, 2006 can u think of any movie where a woman in a kinda white victorian dress with blood on it, is standing in front of a broken glass window?for a picture look at website-


Aug 10, 2006 There was a black and white movie some time in the 60's with a man's wife that has a veil over her face. The setting was a tropical island. When the stars of the movies asked her to come with them (at the end of the movie), she removes her veil, to reveal a terrifying face, and says "Would you go if you looked like this?


Aug 10, 2006 When I was around seven years old (1960 ish), when the same movies played over and over, there was a black and white movie where someone opens their door and a bride with a knife in her back comes stumbling in. It seemed like every time I turned on the TV, this part of the movie was on.


Aug 7, 2006 I saw this on television back in the mid-late 1970's. It may have been part of a series, but I doubt it. I think it was like one of those 30-minute "Twilight Zone" kind of shows, but it wasn't the Twilight Zone. Anyway, the basic premise of the show was there were a group of people in this house (might have been a party)---and there may have been talk of SOMETHING outside the house. Funny thing was---this house could have been in the middle of a neighborhood or something. Anyway, there was this whiny woman telling people not to go outside, but they went outside anyway and they got banked by something.


Aug 4, 2006 I vividly remember an image from a horror movie and it's driving me crazy because I keep dreaming about it, but I can't remember where I saw it.A character is walking down a white hallway, possibly a hospital and two extremely tall, freaky NUNSwith glowing eyes under their habits GLIDE by.


Jul 31, 2006 This film may have been made in the 70's. I think it was color. I saw it on television either in the late 70s or early 80s.I saw only the end of it, but it was pretty vivid: A young dark-haired woman was being pursued outdoors by a band of devil worhippers or cultists. There was eerie chanting in the background. As they're closing in on her she says aloud to herself, in sort of a breaking voice, " real..." (or " happening...") Maybe up to that point she thought it was a nightmare. They catch up with her, and the next thing she knows she's waking up in a cave next to some feral wildman, who, one assumes, has had his way with her. She runs out of the cave and flings herself off a cliff.


Jul 26, 2006 I saw this black and white film on TV around the late 70s on channel 5 in New York (was it Fox back then?). It appeared to be from the 50s or early 60s. It might have been a high-school drama. The scene that haunts me to this day is one where a man (white, middle-aged) runs to a sink to splash his face with water. When he looks into the sink he sees or hallucinates a tiny man (himself?) climbing out from the drain. In fright, he washes the man away.


Jul 30, 2006 I'm looking for a horror movie made in the late 80s, 86-89 probably. It was a movie we rented and was in color. I can only remember bits and chunks. There was a teenage boy having nightmares about this old warehouse or loft, or farm, something abandoned building with a high roof. His doctor, physical, mental, was trying to help him, but was being haunted by the teens younger dead brother. There may have been a detective involved to that was constantly getting attacked. I remember one scene where the detective or the doctor was in some basement somewhere with pipes on all sides of the wall. He was down there with the teenager, looking for something, but he told the doc/detective to wait, he'd be back. Then as soon as he left, from another direction he returned dressed in a different color shirt. I think it was a ghost, or possesion, or something. The film had a ghosty feel to it. I don't think its really a slasher film. It may have been low budget, but not terribly so. Not so much that it was just awful to watch.


Jul 11, 2006 When I was about 5 years old (I think), approximatly 1988, I snuck into the livingroom where my dad was watching a movie. I only saw one scene in the move, but it scared the Hell outta me (obviously at 5). I believe it was in color, I am almost 100% positive it was. The scene was of a nude girl in the shower. She was washing her hair so she had her eyes closed. A man joined her in the shower, and she thought it was her boyfriend because he was kissing her and I think whispering to her, but I'm not sure. Then he cut off her hand and stuck it into the light socket above the shower electrocuing her. That's all I saw/remembered before my mom realized I was watching!


Jul 8, 2006 Hopefully you can help.I saw about 10 minutes of a color movie in the mid 70's on american television(New York). I don't think it was a made for T.V. movie. It had a guy (maybe in his twenties)who either looked like a corpse or was in full body white makeup hiding behind a tombsone or in a cemetary. I don't think it was "Look what's happened to Rosemary's baby" but maybe.


Jun 21, 2006 I only remember a few scenes from the movie, but I remember it being from the early ninties, or possibly the late eighties.A god deal of the movie I believe centers around an atic where the sound of a woman crying can be heard. There is a scene were someone goes up into the atic, calling someone's name, and the sound of the woman crying is all the person hears. This scene in question ends in the person's death.There is another scene later on, where a woman is at a desk of something, and ash starts coming down from the attic, this scene I remember vaguley is near the end of the movie.


Jun 19, 2006 early to mid 70s at the drive-in theater in Maine, U.S.A.. The first plot was about a guy who hires somebody to resurrect his dead wife. The hired guy goes around killing women, trying to get the dead wifes soul to go into their body. The hired guy has no luck until the very end when he kills himself and the soul enters him.


Jun 18, 2006 I am trying to remember the name of a movie from the 1970's about this woman who goes through the windshield of her car, winds up in a wheelchair and is stalked by somebody through out the entire movie. In the end she is at the top of the stairs in the dark and winds up killing the stalker or someone else comes to her rescue, can't remember.


Jun 7, 2006 film that ends with a bearded man jumping out of car with woman still in it from look of film it appears to be from late 60s or 70s era. car looked european but steering wheel was on left side where bearded man jumped out i saw this on abc circa 1992-1994 on the late night movie.


Jun 1, 2006 Sci-Fi coloured film.Saw it on TV in UK late eighties.Plot is that a boy (special for some reason) needs to be protected from bad guys (can't remember if they were aliens). He is assigned a group of people to protect him (I remember that there was a woman in the group) and the each take it in turns to protect him (each get killed off one by one).The group that protect the kid have weapons such as lasers (very high tech).Sadly this is all I remember apart from one scene when I think the boy is in some kind of an elivator shaft or ventilation system when is chased.But the main theme is the protection of this child, and the group of people that protect him one by one.


May 26, 2006 I am searching for a film that I saw in the late 80s or early 90s. It was a foreign film (possibly from Czechoslovakia? Eastern Europe? can't remember) in color. It was about a man, an archeologist; I think, who discovered a strange cave in the woods where there was a indent in the ground like where a man might sit. All around the walls were artifacts from an old tribal world. When the man doesnít return, his wife and brother (I think) go in search of him. There was a very scary scene where an invisible demon of some kind is after the searchers and so they fill their cabin with candles to keep the creature away. I remember there being a searchers rope grid on the ground. In the end, the brother is possessed and has to go and sit in the cave in the indent forever. The movie ends with that haunting image. I saw this film as a child and it really scared me.


May 11, 2006 Hi, i don't have much information on this movie but hopefully, what i do have can help. I remember seeing this movie on TV ,when i was a little girl, so i know the movie was made in the eighties maybe even the late seventies, the movie was in color and american. I remember there was this mother and son who moved into a big, spooky house, and there was something in the basement. I remember there being a very scary looking monster.


May 8, 2006 Alright this movie used to be one cable constantly back around 1988-1990. I was around 9 or ten at the time it was either on HBo, Cinemax or showtime.The movie is set on a farm house with a huge corn field (i believe) surrounding it. All I can remember is it was a slasher flick. Someone was spying on the people using Night Vision. The movie lead you to believe that the killer was using the night vision goggles but you find out at the end it was one of the family memebers and one of the family members was molesting and spying on the females. I remember at the end of the movie the slasher comes through the front door of the house trying to kill everyone, he falls through the stairs of the house going to the bedrooms upstairs and the house catches fire with him in it.I can only remember bits and pieces but the night vision goggles sets it apart from any other movie. I'm pretty certain the movie was a new movie from that time period. It was only played for a few months then I never saw it again.


May 5, 2006 Hi there, this has been bugging me for 30+ years!!!...-Sunday afternnon movie kind of thing around 1970/71-The movie might have been made between 1960 and 1970.-Vampire movie-May have been black and white or colour (we had a b&w tv at the time)-The final scene (I think) was a guy chasing a vampire out of a underground crypt, then through a forest(in the dark)...he loses him but eventually catches up to the vampire's burnt corpse.-Apparently burned by the rising sun's what's so memorable for me...-The laid out burned body of the vampire was 2 feet from a hole in the ground where he could escape the sun.


Apr 28, 2006 This is a movie about a person, likely to have been a woman, who I think transforms into an animal, probably a panther. It is not the famous cat people, or the Curse of the Cat People, nor Undying Monster. For some time I though it might have been a movie about a person with multiple personalities, perhaps Madonna of the Seven Moons, but it wasn't either. One distinctive feature is that before each transformation the person goes through a sort of "aura" in which several successive images are seen, like that of what seems like a buoy in the sea, accompanied by sounds like bells or horns. The final image of the aura I think was of the shiny eyes of the animal in the dark, but I'm not sure. I guess all the transformations occur by night, and are all preceded by the same aura. There are no actual morphing scenes, like those in An American Werewolf in London. The movie is probably from the 1940's. I saw it in a theater around 1953. I'm not sure if it was really a horror movie, but it was very scary to me. Thanks for your help!


Apr 21, 2006 the second was another late 80's weird horror movie around the time of the "phantasm" movies it is the weirdest movie I have ever seen. It was a vhs rental when I saw it. I only remember one scene where two inbred looking guys are driving a ambulance and there is a dead young girl in the back that they just picked up and one of the inbred guys tries to fondle her and I think they get in a car accident or something and all die.


Apr 4, 2006 This is a film I saw in the mid-90s, pre-1995. It was a rental, and may have been recent or until sometime in 1980s. I was young and may not be remembering this right, but it looked like a big-budget film, with many realistic-looking special effects. One thing I remember about it is that near the end or near the beginning we see the main character laying out cards around him in a public restroom, so I think he was some sort of stage magician. At one scene he is with a woman in some skscraper at night with all the lights off when a gargoyle or demon breaks through a window into a room. At the climactic scene, the main character is with two bad guys, one white, one black, and going to what I think was a gazebo on a hill. when they get their, the hill either erupts or some slug made of lava emerges from the earth, and the black guy falls into the lava. The main character survives and stops the bad guys at the end.


Mar 30, 2006 Black and White 50's movie I saw it on television so it could have been made for TV.A boy durring the day time walks by a store front window. He watches a mechanical magician or fortuneteller place cards down on a table in the storefront window. The robot is the typical magician with the black cropped hair and handlebar mustache and can only be seen from the waist up.After spreading the cards out methodically, he looks up directly into the eyes of the boy. This stair was so scary I ran right out of the room and up to my bedroom and never stayed up past my bed time again.Unfortunately, I ever got the name of the movie for my kids today!


Mar 14, 2006 Ok. I belive this horror film was in the very early 70s'. All I can remember was a cloaked figure with a hood that was either killing in a house or mansion. His weapon was like a hook (like the urban legend type) or some kind of retractable blade. Kinda like a German switch blade. Can't really remember. When I was little I used to call the killer the Hooded Claw. Dont think that was the title though. Anyway I do remember at the end when he was caught, it was some poor mentally retarded guy. I guess that was big back then. I have been wracking my brain trying to find this movie. Any help will be great.Thanks


Mar 8, 2006 Trying to locate the name of a black & white movie I saw on t.v. when I was very little (approx. 1975-1979) All I can recall is one scene that has indellably left it's impression in my memory.A woman's head is trapped/stuck in a birdcage and there's a bird maybe 2 birds flying around inside the cage as well. She's screaming & crying as the birds are "pooing or pooping" on her head & face. (It may have been blood on her face and not bird poo b/c then again, it was black & white)One man, maybe 2 (could be Dr's?) are in the same room but in the background- they won't help her.


Mar 5, 2006 hi,The movie I am searching for I saw on TV in the late 70's. It was B&W and I feel it was probably filmed in the 50's due to the style of clothing and hair the women wore. The basic premise was of a young couple getting married and beginning their new life in the young husband's family home -- a large, rambling mansion/estate. They are warned the beautiful house is cursed and that harm will come to the young wife if they remain there. Of course, they ignore the advice. At some point, the young wife finds her way into the basement, becomes lost, and runs into one of the home's previous "young wives" -- all cob-webby with stand-on-end hair and still in her now-moldering wedding gown. Lots of screaming. The very end of the movie -- years have passed, they have aged, husband gives voice-over. Night time, storm outside; they are in their bedroom and, with lightning flashing outside, he says, "...and soon, I shall have to put her in the basement as well." Then the silhouette of the woman appears in bed, sitting stiff and straight upright with her hair standing all out at crazy angles. Movie ends!


Mar 4, 2006 hi...i got some trouble finding a horror movie and it starts with 2 children a boy and a girl i think their sister and brother..and they start on a new school were it is a old school part\building that is not used and the children managed to get there and takes a elevator down and when they go out of the elevator the doors closed and their trapped...after some exploring they see more children and they are in black and white they have also been trapped here but they never got out...on the outside of the building there are more black and white kids but thesenwant to kill the new kids so they have to desperately try to get out and i do remember something about a camera and a scary man that akes classfotage...maybe its a goosebumps film\serie but i have cheked and cant find it...i hope you understand and know whitch movie i want...please help aurora:)

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