Find That Film!


Jun 23, 2008 This was an American, color, 80s teen movie. I used to think it was Sixteen Candles but it's not. It may be Molly Ringwald though. She is talking with her friend who is taking a bath and complaining about her little brother's friends, who happen to be bouncing up and down on a trampoline trying to watch her.


Jun 13, 2008 I'm trying to find the Tv series. It might be from 80's or 90's.The mother (the family is not rich) takes her 2 children for shopping. She leaves them in front of the shop. The boy has to look after his new born sister. But he starts playing and some woman kidnaps her. This woman was pregnant, her husband left for a business trip. And she was going to some house with her maid. But on the way there they had a flat tire and while changing it, the woman had a miscarriage. So she kidnaps a baby girl. Police never finds the girl. But they questioned every women who had a new born baby. And they actually questioned the kidnapper, but she already had the birth sertificate saying that the baby is hers. I think in the new family thegirl is called Dawn. The woman tells her husband that it's their baby. Her maid knows all the truth but does not tell anyone. After some time the husband suspects something, but he dies in the accident just before telling the truth to his daughter. I think he falls from the stairs. When the girl grows up she finds out the truth - I can't remember how this happens. She searches for her real family. And there is a boyfriend who helps her. And the end is about how she enters the house where she grew up. And she says to her boyfriend that she is pregnant. And he runs out of the house and throws away the sign - for sale. Then he comes back and they kiss.


Jun 11, 2008 I actually have a request for an Anime Film, I hope that is okay. To date I have only found one other person who has also seen this movie. I watched this film at some point during the early 90's. So anytime between 1991 and 1996. I dont remember much but this film captured my imagination and I have become a bit consumed with finding it ever since its existence was confirmed by my friend. It was a story of this little boy-haired boy whose parents were harmed by a legion of robots. I remember that these robots sort of resembled that one from the Jetsons. He escapes their fate by hiding but he does witness the whole event. And is crying and scaredAt a later point in the movie he runs into a large body of water and a girl who lives in the sea. They kind of fall in love but there tortured by the fact that they can never really be together because she lives in the sea and she lives on land.


Jun 11, 2008 I half-saw this film late at night on HBO/Cinemax/etc. in the early 90s. It involved a young couple who, for reasons I don't recall, were not home safe and in bed one night. They enjoyed some after-hours adventures around town. There was a scene in an executive's fancy office (may have been the boy's father's office?). There was a scene in a hot tub which would definately have earned this an R rating. Toward the end, the boy finds himself in a confrontation with a man. The boy realizes that he has been bumping into this man for the whole movie. There was a montage showing the man in his various incarnations: security guy, clown(?), etc. It may be that the man and the girl were in cahoots the whole time? Either it ends very badly for the boy at this point, or I fell asleep and didn't see the rest.


Jun 9, 2008 Can't remember much, but a housewie/maid trying to push a shoe cabinet back into place - I don't remember if something was hidden behind it. She looked 70's-ish in brown colours, and I believe she had corkscrew curls - a bit like Keri Russell.


Jun 5, 2008 It was a late 80's horror movie where there was a possessed child, but I don't think it revolved around this possessed child, just the ending parts were. I remember this guy, who I think was the young girls dad driving his truck to some building and coming into this room where the little girl was in the middle of the room crouched down with her back turned to him and he had a shotgun I think and may have killed her. I think the guy earlier in the movie may have started choking and then vomited up a skeleton and it was really sick. That part may be from a poltergeist movie but I'm not sure so I may be mixing movies here. And I feel like I remember the guy looking like the dad in the movie "Elf", his name is James Caan.


Jun 5, 2008 I saw a movie in the Spring of 2003 on TV. I am not sure if this was its first airing but it seemed modern enough that it would have been made around that time. It was definitely a TV movie, not one that had ever been in theaters. It was a really strange movie, which is why I have been trying to track it down.It was about a girl in high school who is having some sort of psychological problems and is seeing a psychiatrist. For some reason, people at school know she is having problems, so she feels isolated, but a really popular boy inexplicably takes an interest in her and they start dating.Then the movie gets really weird. The girl, her boyfriend, their teacher and some classmates go to a cabin in the mountains for some reason. While they are there, the movie keeps switching between "normal things" like the girl being back in her home life and at school and seeing her psychiatrist and crazy stuff happening at the cabin, where the girl and her classmates and teacher end up getting attacked by a lot of monsters/creatures which resemble bigfoot. Basically you don't know if the monster stuff is real or if it is part of her imagination, but whenever the movie switches to those crazy scenes, a lot of the people at the cabin get killed.Back in the more normal scenes of the movie, through her treatment with the psychiatrist, the girl uncovers some memories of her stepfather abusing her. She even has a memory/dream where she is her teenage self and she is with a younger version of herself and the younger version is hiding from the stepfather who is offscreen, calling her to come inside. The girl tells the younger version of herself not to go. Then, the the girl is in a hospital or somewhere and is apparently having a worse time with whatever psychological issues she was having, and her boyfriend is there, telling her that he loves her and that sets her free. Somehow, this makes her realize her memory of the abuse were false. At the end of the movie she tells her mom and stepdad she doesn't want to see that doctor anymore.


Jun 3, 2008 I am looking for an educational show that I saw when I was in elementary school. It was a lot like Tomes and Talismans, however, this one was about space and economics. There were guys in space suits - can't remember much else. Lots of episodes though and I can't find anything online that sounds like it. I saw it in the early/late 80's but perhaps it was made in the 70's.


May 31, 2008 I saw this movie on TV in late 80s- early 90s. I had a b/w TV, but the movie must be in colour.A man is a perfume designer. He quit the successful business and lives on a (tropical?) island. He meets a girl there. His former partner(ex-wife?) wants him back and sends thugs to bring him back. The man refuses to return, the thugs burn his house. I do not remember what happened to the girl. The man overcomes the thugs and in the end of the movie finds the girl. She is wearing overalls and is painting a house wall (or fence?) when he comes.


May 30, 2008 This was a made for tv movie in the 80's i think. what sucks is, the only scene i can remember from the film involves a woman driving a duece n half truck, full of explosives, on a military base. when she stops all the guys crowd on to the truck to get to her, but then she pulls out a detonator, they start scrambling, but too late as she blows herself and them up.


May 8, 2008 I watched this movie in 1978-79 when I was about 9 years old - They showed the movie at school on a large screen. It was about a teenge boy and his single mother. The movie starts by the mother telling the teenage boy that they have to move. Then the movie plays music as they travel to their home in a blue volkswagen beetle. Then when they move to their new town, they either move in a large white house, or next door to one. There is a kind of scary woman that lives next door, and it's like the town doesn't trust her. In time the teenager befriends the elderly woman - where he seems to find out a secret of some kind.


May 6, 2008 Kudos - Everyone Not a request, I just wanted to Thank you so MUCH for you website that helped me find out the name of that movie I'd been wondering about for the last 20 years! I will always look to help others here! Gratefully yours, Kat


May 6, 2008 not Operation Kid BrotherAll I can remember about this film was that it had an ending similar to the James Bond film, "Thunderball," (1965). There was a character that looked and acted like James Bond. He was similarly suave and debonair, and wore a suitcoat. There was a woman that looked similar to Domino from the "Thunderball" movie. There was also a third character that reminded me of Kutze, the scientist from that movie. This Kutze character was also timid as the original Kutze, and I remember him having a mustache. Near the end, these three people are on board a jet that has landed on the ocean (I do not recall there being anyone else on board the plane). The plane is about to sink, and the timid guy is very frightened and says that he can't swim. The woman tells the timid guy to put on a lifevest (I think she might have held a gun on him the whole time, but I am not sure). After putting it on, both he and the woman go to the door of the plane, where she then coaxes the timid guy to jump into the water (as in the original "Thunderball" movie, once this timid guy jumps into the water, he is never seen again). Immediately after he jumps into the water, the woman runs back into the plane to join the Bond character. After a minute or so, the plane begins to sink. The two of them go to the door of the plane, where at that point the Bond character pulls out a small article from inside his suitcoat, which turns out to be an inflatable liferaft. The Bond character pulls a cord attached to the raft, and the raft immediately starts to inflate. Once the raft inflates, the Bond character helps the woman get into it. Just as the Bond character is about to get in himself, he says to the woman, "Wait a minute." He runs back into the plane and grabs a bottle of wine (or champagne) and two glasses from the plane's bar. The Bond character then runs back to the door and gets into the liferaft. He shows the bottle to the woman and says, "I can't leave this behind." Shortly afterwards, the plane sinks beneath the surface of the ocean. The two of them float on the liferaft for several minutes, and drink a toast from the bottle. Suddenly, a helicopter flies in and hovers above them. The helipcopter then releases a cable harness and lowers it down to them. The Bond character gets into the harness and holds on to the woman. The harness then lifts them out of the liferaft. Once they are in the air, the helicopter flies away with the two of them dangling in the air; and that--from what I can remember--is how it ends.


May 5, 2008 another movie i would love to know 80's action movie, its about something to the fact where they give these people certain amount of time to go hide, and then they come after them and try to kill them. i remember ending of the movie were this guy in the water and they trying to bomb him.


May 3, 2008 In 2005 or 2006, I saw a film on TV. it was a B-movie, a foreign sci-fi/thriller. I believe it was releashed in the early 2000s. It was about a woman with either telekinetic powers, time-slowing powers, or some other kind of supernatural powers. Early on in the film, it shows her locked up at some farm, where scientists test people, but she escapes. As an adult, she's trying to solve some kind of mystery of a killer or is trying to save herself from a killer. The climatic scene is in a police station where there is a gun standoff. The gunman/killer fires at her and with her powers somehow dodges the bullets and is then able to kill him or something along those lines. The title is one word- a compound word of about ten letters or so. It might have "time" in it; it sounds kind of funny/cheesy. The female lead definitely had a foreign name, and it sounded Indian (as in India). She had fairly dark skin.


Apr 27, 2008 When I was a kid I saw this thing on tv, I dont know if it was a movie or a tv show. I remember that the theme for it had something like a wizard and a book.The basic plot was that there were these normal kids, who found a magical chest in the secret locked "room" underneath the stairs in their new house. They were able to use this chest to travel to another fantasy world.This was Animated and was shown on US basic cable, somewhere between 1990 and 2000 probably a better bed would be 1992 - 1998 but I really have no idea. Keywords: magical, chest, secrets, something with the letter S, quest, adventure, kingdom, book, spell,


Apr 26, 2008 I saw this movie in the early 90's. And I remember only some moments. 1. A family takes a vacation. In their carMan: Left or right?Woman: My female intuiton tells me right.Then they find themself in a weird house with an old mad couple.2. An old woman is thrusting kid's arm into a mincing machine!3. In the end of movie.Man: Left or right?Woman: My female intuiton tells me left


Apr 23, 2008 there is this movie I saw about a decade ago. I think it was in colour, though I can't remember. I was really young so it must have been some sort of family film.we saw it at our daycare. Anyway, at the end of this movie the bad guy comes into the hero's wedding and shoots his bride. I don't think it ever tells you if she dies or not. But the hero chases the villian out of the tiny chapel and through the woods. The bad guy ends up falling into a pit of quicksand.I think the hero's wife used to live in some sort of cabin out in the woods, unless this is yet another film I can't remember. I think she gets sick at one point as well.


Apr 21, 2008 I dont know who was in this film or the title. I saw it in approximately 1988, and it looked a few years old then. A woman's husband is having an affair. He and his mistress try to make her think she's crazy so that he can leave her. In a scene late on in the film, she looks out the window and in the house across the street, her husband and his mistress are on a chair dead. It turns out that they are only pretending to drive her crazy, and when the police arrive the bodies are gone. It turns out they used some sort of red wire or string to make it look like their throats were cut. The film is definately not Gaslight, which has been suggested to me before.


Apr 18, 2008 this movie like alot of other horro movies has a group of teens going into a house where one by one they are keilled each time one of the members of the group gos into a room of the house i rember a blond girl getting decapitated and a girl a guy go to search for her a find her like that im thinking that somewhere in the house i think the attic was like a fun house or something


Apr 16, 2008 I'm looking for a black and white movie, might be a Charlie Chaplin movie (in my head, all his movies merged into one because I'm racking my brain and continue to watch them by forwarding, but where to start?) or some movie from around that time. The only scene I remember is a scene with a bag or suitcase. The main character stuffs his clothes into his suitcase and than, because he is in a hurry, cuts away the parts of his clothes that don't fit into his bag. Now he has holes in his clothes .Do you think it is a Charlie Chaplin? and which one could it be?I would be very thankful for any kind of hint!


Apr 16, 2008 I barely remember the film because i was a little girl. But some moments in the film stuck in my head . I thought it was Vivien Leigh who starred in it for some reason but i can't seem to find any film plots that sound familiar. I can't remember if it was in black and white or colour, but i remember the film was quite old. I think the film is this old man who is telling some children a story about a woman and man. The story he is telling is the film. It shows a young woman who loves this man who doesn't notice her and she wants to go to a dance with him. (But another older man likes her.)He doesn't take her to the dance so her grandfather dances with her and her knicker/long johns fall down (big gowns) and she pretends to faint and is carried home. At the end of the film the old man who is telling story is, i think, the man in the story and he is telling the story of the young woman in the film and i think he was telling his grandchildren his life story as a story. It tells it to them up in the attic of a house. And it is the house in the film/story.


Apr 12, 2008 I remeber watching a movie around 1998. It think it may have been mad in the 80s and it was in color. I want to say Kurt Russell was in it, but I cannont find it. These are the only things I can remember: there are two main characters that i know of a guy and a woman, they are being chased by someone who wants them killed(I think), there is a scene for sure that takes place in a barn between these two and they have sex, another partial scene i remember is they are running on a balcony trying to get away from whoever is chasing them, and i also think its supposed to take place in a different country.


Apr 10, 2008 I saw the trailer for this movie about a year or two ago. It was about a guy who returned home to either an island or a place near the ocean. The main character looked like Adrien Brody and fell in love with this girl, that he knew before he left. But his best friend also fell for her. I think the title may have had the word sun in it but i'm not sure.


Apr 9, 2008 This was likely a made for TV movie from the mid-to-late 80s but possibly early 90s and I *think* might have been on ABC. It's about a bunch of people who are at some swank little party and an unexpected meteor shower happens and they all go outside to gape like mouthbreathers at the meteors, then go back indoors to rub their tuxedos up against one another again? The next day they realize THE STARS HAD BEEN FALLING OUT OF SKY. And these creatures that look like claymation ankylosaurs burst forth from the stars that fell to earth and the little guys go around electrocuting people. A young boy sees one crawling up his bedroom window, but his grandpa busts up in there with a shotgun and shoots it TO DEATH.


Apr 7, 2008 I saw a black and white film (probably shot sometime between the 30's and 50's) where a family goes to the Grand Canyon. The husband and the wife have three kids (two boys and a little girl who always has a stuffed panda in tow). There's a scene where the boys hypnotize their little sister and make her walk along a rail on the edge of the Canyon. The wife thinks her husband's cheating on her, so she runs away with her three kids. They're trying to go away via train, but her kids are hungry and I think she filches a couple of sandwiches from someone's house.


Apr 3, 2008 Two boys (maybe brothers) find a old wooden chest in a back alleyway. One of the boys decides to climb in. The lid is shut and the boy inside is trapped. The other boy uses an ax to get him out and cuts the leg of the boy inside. Once out, the injured boy hobbles away quickly with the help of his friend. The only other "scene" I remember is these same two boys are put away in some kind of jail, or prison. They escape and find there way to a large tarmac where a plane is waiting. The two climb into the cockpit and fly away. I am not sure if I watched or dreamed this. If I did watch it it would have been on T.V. around 1975-1978. For some reason I seem to think that it was set in the U.K


Apr 2, 2008 I saw this horror film in the early 1980's('80-'83) on TV. It was definetly color and was probably made in the 1970's or early 1980's. It was the classic evil/possesed house that brings death to the inhabitants(similar to Amityville Horror. The most terrifying and memorable thing about it was the ending. After all the haunting and carnage happens, words appear telling the viewer that so and so had also lived in the house and killed themself, then another person lived in the house and killed their whole family, etc. I don't remember the details at all but it was along those lines and finally you are told that this was based on a true story and a real house. I am fairly certain there may have been a scene with a well on the property and I am uncertain but sort of remember a hanging in the film.


Mar 28, 2008 I watched the movie about 3 years ago? It's a court tv movie about this girl, her mom, and her friends being kidnapped by two guys in their own house. The teenage girls are in bathing suits. I remember there was a scene where one of the guys gets hurt, and the mom and her daughter perform surgery on him in he kitchen. One of her friends almost gets raped by one guy. Basically, the mom and daughter end up with a stronger relationship after they get away. The daughter somehow contacts her mute brother from a bathroom window.


Mar 21, 2008 I saw this movie maybe 8 or so years ago. It was in color and it was about a girl going to her lake house over the summer, and this boy was in love with her but she tried everyway possible to avoid him. In the end, the boy and his friend go swimming but there is a storm and the boy ends up drowning because he was too far out in the water. The girl's dad i think is the one that saves his friend. At the closing, the girl's family is having a get together and the girl meets a guy on a swing on her porch at the end. Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls plays in it.


Mar 20, 2008 it's a movie (vhs at the time) that i saw about 8 - 10 years ago, and since then have been trying to remember the title to watch it again. i thought there was at least one major actor/actress in it. the scene i remember is a boy working on his bike at his house. his mom is up in the house. it's summer-time. a guy is walking up the rode and sees the kid working on his bike. he stops to talk to him and maybe wants to help him with it? i think his mom comes out at some point and doesn't like that the boy is talking to him? and somehow i think the mom knows him.


Mar 20, 2008 B&W movie, possibly 1935 to 40. Boy names Thomas, Tommy becomes an orphan when his mom dies. Touching scene at end where he is crying at moms grave in the snow and she pulls him into her (he dies) so they can be together.


Mar 19, 2008 My mother saw part of a movie, probably in the early 1950s, on TV. She can only remember an old woman, wearing a nightcap and in an upstairs bedroom, who is terrified because someone has broken in and is in the room with her. Sorry that isn't much to go on. I'm assuming that it's black and white


Mar 19, 2008 I am looking for a movie I saw on TV in the late 60's or early 70's. But by the car and dress, it seems to have taken place in the late 50's or early 60's. I don't know if this was a classic being shown on TV or made for TV. It begins with a couple driving down a gravel road, camera pans to a crow on a wooden fence. They head into this little town where a boy is bouncing a ball and they stop to ask directions. His mother says,"Didn't I tell you not to talk to strangers?!" They arrive at a barn and I'm not sure if these are distant relatives, but there is a father, mother and a dumb blonde type who is laying on the bed and holding up a pair of stockings. She says something like, "I bought these for a dime, that's a nickel a leg" just to show she's smart.Men in suits show up but you don't really see their faces, they just show feet chasing people in the hay loft where one of the men steps on a doll's head and it squeaks.The movie ends with the mother, father and dumb blonde being tied to the poles in the barn, it starts to burn down with them in it and the couple runs over a hill. They stop to watch it burn down, but they seem to be frightened. They drive back down that same gravel road and the camera pans to a crow on the wooden fence.


Mar 2, 2008 This was a color movie, i think maybe a lifetime movie but i cannot remeber. Its about this woman and her husband who move into a big house next to the ocean. She starts to hear a piano playing and she thinks its a person who she was close to dead. In reality it is her husband trying to make her crazy. I loved this movie now i just cannot remmeber the name. It was sometime in the 1990s or early early 2000. Thanks for your help.


Feb 26, 2008 Movie that came on the independent film channel about 3 years ago. It was a foreign film. The film revolved around this boys life. It showed when he was little how his mom died in a car accident. He had to go live with his dad and his step mom and step sister. The two kids end up falling in love and they have sexual relations. The siblings grow up still in love. But they eventually grow apart. And the boy who is now a man. Ends up running away without telling anybody.


Feb 25, 2008 well i dont remember alot of it but it was in color and it was in the 80s or early 90s a young person i think a boy being chased by men he loses his shoes and makes some shoes of his own i dont remember what of though,i remeber some kind of pit they put him in and the boy fights back i think,there might have been wolves in it


Feb 22, 2008 This was a short movie I saw on Atom films. I can't find it now since I don't remember the title. Here's how it goes:An old man is walking alongside his bicycle through a wooded area (a path through the woods) he "sees" a glimpse of (& I think hears) a little girl run through some trees to his side at some distance. He turns to get a better look but she's no longer there. This happens a few times and he is kind of freaking out, but it turns out that he is just imagining her and that she is perhaps his daughter (or granddaughter) who has passed away.This was actually an award winning short that was featured on ... I would say circa 2003 but it could have been earlier. It was in color and had no dialogue. IF I had to guess it was either Italian or Spanish made movie (but I could be wrong about that.


Feb 22, 2008 1987 what i can remember is a man is holding a woman hostage, if i remember correctly, they were underground, maybe in a tunnel or old basement. she was chained to the wall. he built a machine that would come from above here and "touch her". later he tries to rape her while she is chained to the wall, during which he somehow is pushed into a "barrel" of acid


Feb 22, 2008 I'm looking for the name of, or how to find a short animated film that ran between the cartoons in the 50s or 60s. I think it was in black and white. I don't remember any spoken words so this could be foreign made. It was the story of a young boy who played the violin beautifully although his violin was old and beat up. He went into a village to play. A well-to-do man also played the violin and his violin was very fine but when he played it was terrible, sounding like a donkey braying, and his face went back and forth between his face and a donkey face. He arranged to have the boy's violin stolen and replaced it with his own violin thinking the magic was in the instrument itself. He played the boys violin and again it was awful and his face went back and forth. The boy picked up the pretty violin and played it and it was beautiful. The trees in the forest bent down and picked the boy up and handed him from tree to tree as he played the lovely music. I believe the song he played was a Hungarian one.


Feb 22, 2008 This is a black a white film of the 40's or maybe early 50's. It is about a down at heel animator who create a cartoon character that others want to use and exploit him. It does have a happy ending though.


Feb 21, 2008 Foreign film with subtitles (don't recall the language). Color. Comedy/fantasy/love story. Saw this on cable in the middle of the night in Australia. It was around 1997 or 1998. Missed the beginning so I never got the title.The Devil's disciple is sent to earth to claim the soul of a woman contemplating suicide. Instead, he falls in love with her. She doesn't kill herself. He courts her. She loves him, too. Realizes the only way he can be with her is if he becomes human. To do that, I think he has to save her soul when she tries to kill herself again. He becomes human, only it's too late. She is dead. I think she kills herself because she thinks he really doesn't love her. Now he's trapped in the human world. He decides to kill himself so that they can be reunited. She comes back to earth as the devil's disciple to claim his soul and the courtship starts all over again.It sounds dark, but it was hysterically funny and bizarre. Hell is a very hip bar where Hitler is the bartender. In one scene he defecates through a key hole - sounds gross, but it was incredibly funny.


Feb 11, 2008 an old black and white film I saw played on TCM movies in the 1990's about a male composer who is seduced by a wealthy female benefactor and leaves his wife. Later he regrets his decision and writes an opera dedicated to her. It's in black and white and I think was made in the 40's but am not sure. The composer was foreign (Eastern European I think) but I'm not sure which country he was supposed to be from.


Feb 5, 2008 I saw this film (a short film) somewhere from 2003-2005. I think it was on the Sundance Channel. It was about a man who is hired to kill a woman. He is only given her name. He ends up meeting her and going on a psuedo-date at the beach before he goes through with reluctantly handcuffing her to the steering wheel and pushing the car out to sea. Only later does he learn that he was actually supposed to kill a horse not the girl. It was black & white.


Feb 5, 2008 I am looking for this B-grade TV film I saw round the year 2002 on a British terrestrial channel, and it looked like it was shot in the 70's or 80's. The plot follows like this:A guy went on a holiday to a tropical island, and stayed at this hotel run by a 'cowboy' looking guy (Mickey Rourke style hard-guy), his 'big' wife, and his good-looking daughter. He ends up having a romp with the wife (I recall that being in the water), and the daughter, before the final scene as I recall, him being shot trying to run away on a boat. There was another guy involved as well just can't remember how.Remember this was NOT a porno, but it was a cheap erotic TV movie on a terrestrial channel.


Jan 22, 2008 I looking for short film french film about an older woman trying to lose weight and look younger. In the film she just can help her self and talks to an old gypsy woman who gives her some chocalates to make her look young. She ends up eating all of them at once and transforms into a little girl. i think it from the late 80' early 90' in colour. Saw it on tv in Canada


Jan 22, 2008 I think I saw this movie on HBO in the mid to late 80's. I do not remember any of the actors' names. The movie had a French feel to it. I am not sure if it had subtitles. I remember a boy going to live with his aunt (not sure if it was because his parents died or just a visit). He wore a uniform to school and the other children treated him terrible. The aunt may have abused him, too. I remember an elaborate birthday party, possibly a scene with a carousel. Near the end of the movie, there is a scene of him running through the woods, possibly shouting his name (sorry can't remember what it is).


Jan 19, 2008 .a few years ago(like 4 or 5 years ago)I saw an Arabic black in white film with English subtitles(I'm guessing maybe from the late 50's early 60's)on a public programe station...I can't remember the name of it but it was basically about middle aged Palestinian man (I think his name was Qays) who was trying to travel to Basra after the Isreali occupion and war. I think he had a family and couldn't find work or something like that so he desired to leave to find a better life, this was shared by so many after being displaced. He met some other men (one of them being a youth)who wanted to go to Basra as showed their struggle of trying to make it there and everything but to make a long story short, they never made it...after being taken to one of the local police stations for questioning...they died one after another in the hot desert and at the end of the movie it said "a man with a land" or something like that...I only saw this movie once and I've been trying to find it ever since but couldn't think of the name...good looking out!


Jan 11, 2008 I saw this film in 1994 or 1995. It was softcore movie on one of the pay channels (probably Cinemax) The story was about a nerdy guy having sex with several beautiful women on I believe on his birthday. In the beginning of the movie he's lusting after his younger neighbor as she roller skates down the street. One of the women he has sex with is a plumber who has showed up to fix his sink.


Jan 11, 2008 I saw this short film about a year ago was on a site with many other short films. This one was in color, and it was about a flower trying to 'find its way home.' Another short film on the site was in color, and it was about antidepressants I'm pretty sure. All of the people in the short film had giant smiley faces (like the yellow ball smiley faces) as head, and as the film went on, I think the main characters head got more and more dented and destroyed. Both short films were probably about 5 minutes..they had no speaking, only a song in the background.


Jan 10, 2008 I remember a movie made in the 30's or 40's,and all I remember is some sort of love potion that was put in a bug sprayer. I seem to remember some sort of party or gala in which part of a womans dress gets burned as well.


Jan 3, 2008 the movie i am looking for is a spanish movie, in spanish from was filmed somewhere between 2000- 2006, i saw this movie on televison.the basic plot is i remember a guy around in his late 20s early 30s renovating his apartment he lived alone and was a day a young girl 16 -20 years old was on a door step in his apartment block. she was waiting for her brother who he though was living there, the brother hadnt returned and she had been sitting their for a while. the main character renovating his apartment finally end up letting her stay at his place so she did freze or get mugged.... they became good friends, she helped him with her renovations (i remember he knocked down a wall in his kitchen..and wore white overalls)the end of the movie ended where he realised he was in love with her and was going to make a meal and went to buy some flowers while she set the table then there was a knock at the door and she opended it it was her Dad who had come to take her home .. and when the main guy came home with the flowers she was gone and then it ended.


Dec 31, 2007 I saw a movie on TV. It was b/w, I believe it may be from the 50's. Two sister meet and fall for the same guy. But One sister is already married w/ children and husband is in a wheelchair from a car accident i believe. The sisters met the love interest at the diner they both run to support the family. Whole family lives together. I believe the love interest's character name was Johnny. Any way, love interest meets single sister after dropping into diner and flirts with her and dances with her, tries to kiss her but she is stiff and resistant. But she falls in love with the guy. Guy visits diner another occassion and meets married sister. She is looser and they begin to flirt, affair begins soon thereafter. Husband gets suspicious and yells at sister that she isn't woman enough to keep a man so he doesn't have to go chasing after his wife. Brother has fit while yelling and starts to beg sister for his medicine. Sister poisons the husband and goes back to diner to offer to close up for sister so that sister is blamed for murder. The love interest finds out about the murder and sister goes to see love interest and questions why he doesn't believe the wife could be guilty of murder for love. The love interest replies I know she didn't do it a person doesn't kill for love. At that point the sister leaves his apartment and turns herself in.


Dec 27, 2007 i think it was a b/w film, maybe made no earlier than the 60's (or maybe it was just a b/w television) - A pilot in the war has to crash his plane, and in doing so kills a child (there is a scene where you see the child and you get closer and closer and....). It seems like the pilot then stays in a village for a while, and nobody there knows who he is or what his past was. He befriends a child (maybe an orphan?) and becomes a surrogate father. In the end the child wants a rooster weathervance that is on a roof or steeple or town hall tower, and the man goes up there one night to steal it; he is mistaken for a thief and is killed. I think it may have been in French because i feel like i remember the word 'cockerel' but i think it was subtitled. I saw this as a child, so i think it was no earlier than the 60's but my impression is that it took place during WW-II and it may have been an older film that was being shown on television. I don't think i was seeing a lot of sub-titled films as a child in the US.


Dec 23, 2007 I caught it on TV in the mid 80's. It was in color and it's an adventure film about two male friends - one black, one white. I'm fairly certain they're on an island because they're wearing loincloths the whole time. I really don't remember much of the plot. The ending is what stuck with me and all I remember is that they're being chased by some nasty henchmen throughout the film. At the end, the henchmen catch up with our guys and there's a bit of a stand-off, then the white guy tries to make a break for it but he doesn't get very far and the bad guys stomp his head in.


Dec 21, 2007 Ok the piece that I am looking for i really don't know if its a movie, or television series. I saw it about ten years ago (mid 90's) really late onr night and it featured a women who spoke english and was bicycling through foregin countries. The reason why she was doing this ( I beleive) was because he mother was sick and wanted to see the world so she took a camera and started recording where ever her bike would take her. The entire movie, documentary,etc...(???) is solely based on what her camera is able to catch, there is no film crew (kind of like survivor man), and she is also "talking" to her audience and her mother through the camera. I also remember watching that she comes across some villages and bathes (with her clothes on) with some of the native children in a nearby river and that they make fun of her because either she is too pale, or a women ( I can't remember). But she also comes across some very sick people who are practically dying, so she lends them some of her medication and antibotics and then leaves, I don't recall if they ever knew if that person lived or not. I have been trying to find out what this was, It was also on public television, not cable in color.


Dec 12, 2007 I am trying to find an animated film which i saw about 10 years ago +. It was a color film and all i remember is that it included a carousel horse that was left in a garbage dump and a little girl/boy? that finds him. They eventually fight this monster/creature/villian that has taken over her town. i have been trying to find this movie for years but no success.


Dec 10, 2007 The movie I'm looking for was on in the 80's and it was a horror flick. The only thing I remember about it was the way it started. An older mom and her teenage daughter live in this house. The mom's boyfriend seduces the daughter who rejects him at first, but gives in after coming home late from a party one night. She's in the kitchen getting something out of the fridge and he makes his move. The mom peaks into her daughters room and catches him having sex with her daughter. When he opens the door to leave her room the mom stabs him and the movie begins. The title is right there at that point but I can't remember it (obviously)


Dec 9, 2007 I have been trying to remember a film I'd seen back in the mid 80's that I had rented on VHS and I'm sure it was made either in the mid to early 80's, possibly the 70's,it was in color and it has been over 20 years since I seen it last.It could have been a foriegn film but it was in english and I can't remember the plot but there was some memorable scenes in it. It was kind of an odd film. What I remember was a white man, maybe in his thirties or late twenties, brown hair, maybe alittle below the ears, and he had a wife or a girl friend with him, I think they were in Germany possibly because I remember in one scene the man is looking out into an empty sports stadium and he's imagining hearing a crowd of people chanting at a Nazi rally like when Hitler was giving a speech, and he was like impressed and proud to be a German or something. And another scene that stuck in my mind was a sex scene where he is doing his wife from behind pretty vigorously, if I'm not mistaken. And another scene that stuck in my mind is, I'm not sure if his woman was with him in this scene, but he is driving in Turkey on like a dirt road type area in a VolksWagon bug and these Turks are mad at him for some reason and they are throwing stones at his car while he is trying to drive away and ecscape for some reason, I don't remember much more than these scenes, but it was a good movie because it was unusual and it could have been a true story,


Dec 6, 2007 Looking for a 1960s or 70s era movie about a blonde woman (major named actress but can't recall who) that encounters a group of little people (not sure if they were human, elves, or dwarves) that live inside what appeared to be an old abandoned tanker car from a train. Can't recall exactly if this occurred on an island but the location was remote and sparsely inhabited (said for the stars of the film). Saw it in a 2nd run movie theater in the late 70s.


Dec 5, 2007 This is a short film made, I believe, in the 1960's. It was set at a carnival. It was in color. There was a clown wandering around, there were a lot of mirrors. There was very tinny carnival music. In the end, the clown had to take the place of someone in a cage, I believe, and he suffered--I forget exactly how. I saw this in a Catholic high school religion class around 1966, and the implication was that the clown was a Christ symbol ...


Dec 3, 2007 I'm looking for a movie or im not sure if it was a tv series. A women got married to an atchual cow. and the cows family were there. and i remember a scene were the cow and the women who were just married went into a tent and all the cows were standing outside. and there was alot of moving of the tent and i think the women screamed. LOL im not sure. and the women had brown hair. haha anyone?


Dec 2, 2007 Movie from the 90's? Perhaps about a robbery. American.Guy parks his car, dry dusty land desert-like surroundings,outside a garage maybe? or a warehouse/factory. He's there to ask a favour possibly, to talk to this other man. The man comes outside, and tells him (paraphrasing) 'you know what is the first thing i do when i walk into a room? I scan for an object i can use as a weapon'or something like that, and describes further that he moves closer to that said object he's picked out in case it turns ugly.


Nov 28, 2007 I believe the movie was made in the 1950's or 1960's. I watched the color movie on television in the 1970's. I don't know who the leading man is but I've always thought it might be either John Gavin or Rock Hudson but I could be wrong. Plot: A married woman (husband is a doctor) has an affair with another man. While on a drive, the two lovers experience a car crash and the man is taken to the hospital where he now has amnesia. He cannot remember anything prior to the crash but he carries a puzzle piece in his pocket from somewhere in his past. The doctor who takes care of him is the husband of his lover but of course he doesn't know this. After his recovery, the doctor invites him to dinner one evening. The doctor's wife is aware of who their dinner guest really is but she is too afraid to say anything regarding the past for fear she will reveal her infidelity. When the man is getting ready to say goodbye for the evening he notices an unfinished puzzle on a nearby table and walks over to look at it. He reaches into his pocket, he pulls out the missing piece to the puzzle, he places the piece into the puzzle to complete it and his full memory returns. He looks at his former lover who he finally recognizes and they both know he has regained his memory. He doesn't reveal to the doctor of his newfound memory nor does he say anything to his former lover. He walks to the door, thanks them for a wonderful evening, looks again at his former lover then leaves. The movie ends as the door closes.


Nov 25, 2007 I saw this movie in the early 90's (I think) on the British chanel Sky Movies. It was about teenage boy and native American girl, who met and fell in love. There was also girl's grandfather or some other old man. The boy and the girl stumbled upon some smugglers or some other bad people who were chasing them. Boy was also driving a motorcycle. And then they discoverd something in the caves, some drugs in the barrels or some blue powder or crystals. I think it was all happening in some native American reservation.


Nov 23, 2007 set in old england, very little info about this sorry, involves a brother and sister who get separated as the boy is a baby is stolen by a gypsy or her partner cant remember, who cannot have children, they later grow up and fall in love and they want to marry, then they find out they are related towards the end.cant remember anything else about it.i saw this on tv about 2 years of the babies may have been swapped with another family aswell, really cant remember. its in color.


Nov 17, 2007 All I have is a 40 second clip and a few stills. They clearly show two of the actors faces so maybe thats something to go on.The scene is set 18th - 19th century a sort of erotic costume drama,in colour,possibly 1970's -80's.The backround music is classical and the narrative voice over either french or belgian.The scene starts where a young dark haired lady with a voluptuous figure(naked except for white stockings and gloves and a sort of horse's bridle on her head)emerges from a large country house led on reins by a squire type man.She stops at a fence section placed in the courtyard in front of the large house.She is been observed by not only the squire but two onlookers behind her and a smartly dressed gentleman standing on a balcony diectly above her.This is where one of the cameras is placed and we look down from the balcony. Upon reaching the fence she pauses as a leggy grey stallion is led in by two stable hands from the right.The camera cuts below the horse's belly and beyond the two onlookers (a woman and a man)observe the horse's extending pride.The camera then cuts back to the waiting lady and she exaggerates a yawn as if the whole thing was boring. A cut to the smartly dressed gent on the balcony and we see him anxiously tapping his hand on the ledge as if to hurry the on coming spectacle.The excited horse is the led around and behind the waiting lady she casually alters her hair and leans over the the fence ,the look of boredom still on her face.The camera cuts to her feet and we see her adjust them preparing to take the weight.More shots of the horse and the clip ends.I know it sounds perveres but the act is more implied than actually shown and is purely there for shock value.The camera work and atmsphere are reminiscent of the polish director Walerian Borowczyk infamous for his movie "La Bete" though I don't think this is one of his.


Nov 2, 2007 All i can remember is late 80's early 90's but it was about this super hero and he was living in a cave or something like one, but these little boys found this cave and went through his stuff and found out who he was something along the lines of that.


Oct 30, 2007 The movie was shown a couple of times on SBS in Australia. It is a thriller set in an apartment building in Belgium?Netherlands?Germany? A woman [doctor?] has separated from her detective husband. She lives with her son. A murder has occurred in their building. The woman begins a steamy affair with a co-tenant. This guy is a writer I think. Their affair is very edgy, with elements of SM/bondage. The guy falls under suspicion for the murder. The woman meets him in her surgery knowing that he knows that she knows...


Oct 30, 2007 the movie i want to find was an anime in color; i saw it in early 1990's on tv. (I live in Turkey, so this won't mean anything!)The story is about a woman. As she was driving her car, she notices that a bird is on the road, and she aims the car out of road to save the bird. She is hurt badly and taken to the hospital, where she is visited by some friends of her. The woman sees dreams (of flashbacks) about her past: when she was a kid, she has fallen into a dark place. By the way, her friends who came to visit her, were togerher with her on some kind of a mission, where everyone of them is going to be killed on certain times.The movie shows parts of these two different past times and the realtime in hospital.In her childhood, the woman has found a friend in that dark place, who helped her to get outta there. In her past adventure with the people who visited her, she has killed a giant monster with her last bullet. In the real life, her heart stops at the hospital, she raises her hand, moves her finger as she pulls the trigger of a gun, and returnes to life. At the and of the movie, you see on the woman's car's license plate "see you later".


Oct 27, 2007 I am looking for the name of a fascinating Discovery-Channel-like program I saw on American TV several years ago, about a massive offshore gas-drilling platform named "Troll A" being built and floated out to the North Sea from a narrow fjord. There is a Wikipedia entry about the platform:


Oct 2, 2007 a cartoon I remember seeing when I was a kid (so it was in the 80's). It had a cat that was a in a desert and then a little girl finds the cat in her cottage in the woods. He's on the run from this witch. At the end ( or close to it) the witch is all scary and screaming and chasing the poor cat through this maze type thing.


Sep 29, 2007 I am trying to find a movie that was on tv, maybe HBO, in the late 1970's or early 1980's in color. The only scene I remember is that a young lady, I thought it might be Kay Lenz or Barbara Hershey, is visiting her man in prison and pees herself on purpse while some of the other inmates are watching from behind the glass.


Sep 26, 2007 I saw this movie in the 60's. It was on tv, black and white. Maybe around 1965-1969. I think William Hopper was in it but not the star because he dies in the first scene. here's what I remember about the movie:Hopper's character has just sent his kids to bed when he hears a noise outside. He gets his daughter favorite storybook, cuts a picture out with several pages, hides valuable information and a picture of his murderer its place. The murderer is a tall, bald man who walks with a limp and wears a dark suit. The older daughter has a medium length black ponytail. The murderer later comes after the kids.Partial quote from movie: "Why would daddy cut my pages from my book and put in this picture of this man?"


Sep 24, 2007 I'm searching for a film that, I believe, played on HBO 'Short Take' in the early eighties. My memory for it is vague but what I can remember is that there is some sort of miniature UFO or spacecraft roaming around a beach, observing all the happenings. At one point, it may have confronted a dog and some other scenario with ice cream?


Sep 22, 2007 The movie is actually animated, and it's a whole host of stories all rolled up into one. One of the stories involved a weird tale about a princess being held prisoner and the creature who kept her ended up killing her when someone tried to save her.


Sep 7, 2007 I'm looking for a movie most likely a made for tv movie or mini series that I saw in the late 70;s most likely early 80's in color ..about this white man athletic mid thirties in africa running from bad guys it has something to do with diamonds at the end of the movie he had the diamonds hiding in a special compartment on his belt all the time


Sep 7, 2007 I think this may have been one of the Conan movies starring Arnold Swarzenegger. I remember these tribal-like people in the desert. One of them is killed by being crushed between 2 rocks. I remember being terrified as a child because he spits out blood when he is crushed. Is this a Conan movie?


Sep 5, 2007 It was on in the 80's on either HBO or Showtime I think. It was a filmed stage performance, I don't remember any plots unfortunately. There were Kabuki's in it, a red, a white, and a black I think. Perhaps the red became the white during the course of the performance, and maybe he was the hero versus the black which would have been the villain... I appreciate any clues or hints...


Sep 3, 2007 I'm looking for this movie I saw a few years ago, possibly in the 1990's. I think it might have been a made-for-tv movie it came out on a local/public channel. I also think it took place in the late 1800's. The only scene I really remember involved this guy who was either a mountain man or just very uncouth. Well, the guy was at this gathering (it was night time and there was a bonfire) and, if I remember correctly, told the other men he was looking for a wife. The other men didn't beleive that anyone woul marry him and I think he made a bet with them that he would find a wife that night. I believe he asked several of the women there but they either laughed or said no. Finally, a woman said yes, but I think she might have been a spinster and not very attractive. I'm not sure but I think they did get married. That's all I really remember except they might have gone east sometime after that. Not sure.


Sep 1, 2007 I am looking for an old black and white film noir probably made in the early 1950s. It's a bout a wealthy woman who is named Pat (I think) and her assistant/friend named Marsha/Marcia. Pat has a weak heart, meets a handsome gigolo type who is involved with a married band singer with a jealous husband. The singer's name, I think, is Freddy. Pat marries the gigolo and they move, with Marsha to L.A. Pat is supposed to take it easy, but the husband is always encouraging her to play tennis, drink, stay out late. Marsha in the meantime develops a friendship with Pat's doctor.The husband plots to kill Pat. He will have an alibi of being in a hotel with Freddy far from the mansion he shares with Pat. He drives back and shoots Pat but Freddy's husband has murdered her in the hotel room and left all these clues that Pat's husband did it. Then there's a scene (I'm a little hazy here) where I thinnk the husband actually hits Freddy's husband's car and he gets killed. He returns to the mansion where the police are and they tell him the Pat had died of a heart attack before she was shot (ironies of ironies) and though they know he shot her, they can't arrest him. And then, voila, another police man shows up and says Freddy has been murdered and the he is arrested all the while saying he didn't do it (and of course, he didn't).


Aug 30, 2007 I saw this movie as a young girl, probably in the late fifties or early sixties. I believe I saw it in a theater. I think it was in black and white, but I'm not positive. I remember a young woman walking along a road near a curve. An old fashioned car, possibly a Model T?? nearly hits her, but swerves and crashes. I believe a young man was driving and they fall in love. He goes to war and is injured, possibly has amnesia. She goes to hospitals looking for him.


Aug 29, 2007 I believe the movie is from the late 70's or early 80's. The only scene I remember from the movie is the actor is in bed in a hotel room. He wakes up with a mouse or rat in his mouth. For some reason I am thinking that it was Ed Harris, but I can't find anything that rings a bell in his movies.


Aug 26, 2007 The film I'm trying to find was an animated story about a boy who goes underground and has to contend with a kingdom of goblins/dwarves/gnomes/elves? He may have been trying to rescue one or more family members. I think it was originally a feature film, but I saw it chopped up into what were probably arbitrary daily installments on a local kid's tv show that regularly showed other cartoons and old serials. (I think the kids' show may have been Cookie and the Captain, a local production on KPLR in St. Louis.) I was less than 10 when I saw it, so the feature film could not have been made any later than 1965, and actually was probably from the fifties (or even forties). I would have been watching it on a b&w tv at the time, so I don't know if it was in color or not.


Aug 24, 2007 I'm trying to figure out what movie I saw on the Disney Channel when I was younger. It was probably made around the early 90's, with the main character as a boy around 10 or so and they come to a place where these alien-looking creatures are locked up somewhere and they try to save them. I only remember a scene where the main boy was looking through a glass window and an alien was moving around really slowly and they both touched the glass. I also remember a lot of vegatation around. Lot's of plants and trees in that place that looked like a tropical rainforest of some sort. Lots of green and moss, but that's all I can remember.


Aug 17, 2007 I am looking for a movie that I saw on television in the late 1960's, maybe as late as 1970-1971. It was a typical boy/girl romance movie of that era. I believe the boy was a famous singer (not an Elvis Presley movie though). The scene I remember is after the boy and girl have parted for the evening, they go to their separate homes and the boy calls the girl on the phone while they are each in their own beds. As they talk on the phone, they fall asleep. I remember the girl waking up the next morning with the receiver still in her hand and the boy on the other end of the line. She was totally embarrassed and flustered at the prospect that they "slept together". It was a cute movie...


Aug 11, 2007 I watched it in the mid 90's and it was on video. So maybe it was from the mid 80's or early 90's probably american but can't be sure.It was a very sad film, it made all us watching it cry!!! A poor mother and all of her children (think maybe she 5-8 of them, the smallest was just a baby around 8-9 months old) lived with her husband (I think he was a father to the children as well). and what I can remember the husband/father was abusive/drunk towards them all and so she packed all of the children together with what belongings that they had to move them away from her abusive/drunk husband!!The track "take me home , country road" was played during the film when you saw then heading off to try and start a new life.


Aug 10, 2007 Hi I remember a movie I saw on television, the movie was in color. It must have been in the late 80's, early 90's. This is what I remember: there were 2 women at the beach (I seem to remember someone else but I'm not sure). One of the women had short hair and was deaf, she wanted to stay a while longer at the beach and the other woman left without her. Then I remember that the deaf woman's ring was sent to the other woman( I think they were sisters) because she had drowned that day in the ocean.


Aug 8, 2007 mystery movie that I saw in the mid-1960s on television. It was black-and-white, made in late '40s or early '50s, possibly British.A murder is solved when the victim's home movie camera is discovered -- the film inside shows the murderer approaching the victim and pushing her off a cliff.


Aug 8, 2007 I saw a short animated film on a flight 2 or 3 years ago. It tells the story, from birth to grave, of a peasant boy in, I think Russia or Eastern Europe. His parents are burnt to death when their house burns down. He gets ill or injured and meets his future wife, a nurse in the hospital where he is being treated. He winds up in a lunatic asylum after his wife dies of a heart attack. Despite being very dark, it is actually quite a funny film! I am sure it won an award, I thought at Cannes but I can't find any reference to it on any website.


Aug 6, 2007 It an Asian film, I saw it a few years on TV (rte2) , its was a modern film in color.It was not dubbed.It was a comedy/drama.I canít remember much of the plot, just certain parts I remember but I may not be 100% correct, but here goes...It had something to do with a famous Popstar (I think it was male) and a girl was a great fan (this girl is the main character), and it either was a contest or a job, but either way it involved meeting this star , but it was male only , so the girl dresses up as a boy/man , and the story kicks off from there


Aug 4, 2007 Aired on the Disney channel, but not a disney movie. (old Disney) 2 girls from another planet come to a small farm town. Movie is set in the early 90's. Color. The girls are sisters and have beautiful blonde hair (long, full, with a curl to it). I even believe a sequal was made to the movie. I remeber that there is a scene where some people try to protect them by putting them in jeans overalls and jean caps.( This may be in the sequal)


Aug 12, 2007 a film I saw in the early nineties on UK tv. It was in colour and may have been made in the eighties. I believe the actors were American. The film centred around a father, his daughter and son. They were on a trip, trekking/camping and I think got lost possibly. The snow on the mountain area was thick and they spent days trying to hike through. They find a cabin to take refuge, hoping help will come. The children and father suffer from frost bite and starvation. There was a lake with small shell like fish that were inedible, but the daughter went against her fathers advice and ate the fish making her very ill. With no food and worsening effects from the cold the father decides to leave the children and hike to find help. I believe all three had to have various limps amputated. The 3 do survive and were rescued. Perhaps the film was based on a true story.


Aug 3, 2007 this is a martial arts film that I saw on TV in the 1980's. it starts with a mock Kabuki theater performance where one guys hits the other, seemingly by accident, but it's all part of the act. the one who was hit then tries to pummel his partner but his partner is so agile the other can't lay a hand on him by doing all sorts of dodges including balancing himself on a chair like that's what we all do when in a fight. later they fight an assortment of martial artists, most notably an older looking guy that has two handheld weights or barbells in his hands. some of the most incredible stuff I'd seen outside of bruce lee.


Aug 3, 2007 This is a B&W film I saw in the late fifties or early sixties. It starts with a family of three and a dog going down a state highway and they get involved in a fatal accident. The parents are killed the boy survives, but is badly injured. the frightened dog was thrown, or ran from the car and hides in the bushes. When an ambulance takes the boy away, the dog gives chase but can't keep up. The dog continues to chase ambulances or any siren thinking he will find the boy again. I believe the last act has the boy, older now, on the roof of a building and hearing a siren looks down to the street and sees his old dog and calls to him. later they re-unite. a real tear-jerker.


Aug 2, 2007 i remember seeing this film in my high school "Film Lit" class in 1979 or 1980 which would have been actual film reels. I think it was black and white and centered around a young girl discovering she is pregnant when she has morning sickness. I don't seem to remember much dialog in the entire film, it may have been dubbed or subtitled. The boyfriend may have been in it briefly but I cannot remember anything about him. It may have been a film short, not full-length feature.


Aug 1, 2007 This was a TV show or a TV movie that aired circa 1984. The final scene right before the credits rolled showed a young couple who had just purchased a house to renovate, and they were painting it when all of a sudden smoke poured from the windows. The house had somehow caught fire because of the fresh paint on the walls. I think it was more along the lines of a Lifetime movie, rather than a horror. The final scene shows the couple in the yard, crying.


Jul 30, 2007 I saw it when I was about 10 and I am now 34. I was a sat afternoon Tv movie at the time but i think it had been in theatres. This is what I remember. 2 girls meet 2 guys on the beach. There is a scene at night on the beach where one of the girls I think tries to go swimming and her clothes go out to shore so this guy gives her this warm irish knit sweater to wear. Even though it is 2 couples, it focuses on this one couple that seems to be falling in love. There is one scene where the parents of the girl are supposed to be on vacation. The guy is waiting for them to pull out of the driveway. As soon as they do, the guy pulls up to her house and they take each others clothes off all the way up the stairs- article of clothing on every stair. Then the parents forget something so they come back. The couple manages to hear them so they get dressed and pull everything off the stairs and manage to look innocent when the parents come in to pick up what they forgot. I wish I knew more about the premise.But I was young- I know I loved it and haven't been able to figure out the name. I know it's a 70s movie. I googled beach, love stories, 70setc. anybody have any idea what movie this could be? I don't even remember actors. The guy seemed like a young parker stevenson type but I don't think it was him. The girl looked like a less glamorous version of jacqueline smith but more real and with lighter eyes and more flaws.


Jul 28, 2007 I saw this movie back in the early nineties, but it was given to me the same time as the tape of the "Golden Child" with Eddie Murphy, so I think it's around that time. Maybe. And also "9 and a half weeks", I got given that tape too all around the same time. They are both from 1986, so maybe thats when this movie is from too. But it was a few years afterwards so it might be just a coincidence.The story begins with a guy and a girl who are in a relationship, they go to the beach and make love in the hotel and at one point he asks her "what are you thinking about" and she says "you" and he says and "what conclusion have you reached" and she says "that I love you". Or something along those lines. Anyway they go out and get separated somehow and the girl is kidnapped and drugged so that she becomes addicted to narcotics. It's like a ploy to get people hooked on drugs so then they want to buy it. I think someone says something like "the first shot is free" or something. I remember them heating up drugs on a spoon. She dies. At some point some guy gets thrown out of the window and there's a great shot of him lying on the ground dead and he's got curly blonde hair. Anyway, the boyfriend gets into a fight with some guys, and escaping he makes his way somewhere through a jungle or something and comes across like an ex military guy (i'm under the impression that he was, but i may be wrong on that account) but he definately wore a black cowboy hat, and as he emerges through this jungle he collapses. They ex military (maybe) guy picks him up and nurses him back to health and then they decide to go after the dudes that killed his girlfriend.


Jul 24, 2007 in color and I saw it in october of 1998 or 1999, On Nickelodeon's "NickelO-Zone". I remember that it is supposed to be halloween in this short, And there were two black guys in a house (I'm assuming that these men are brothers) And there were puppets that looked like them trying to steal their souls. In one scene, They manage to take one of the men and hi's brother finds a skeleton in a chair, But then he finds hi's brother sitting in the kitchen with the puppets dancing around. In the end, They just dreamed the whole thing.


Jul 24, 2007 I saw it on TV somewhere between 1993 and 1998. I remember an old man wearing a yellow raincoat on a wooden boat in the back, Another old man, (Who is bald) Trying to kill the leading man in the basement with a shovel, And a girl killing everyone and putting time bombs in the house for some reason. I remember at the end of the movie the leading man threw a time bomb at her as it was about to explode.


Jul 21, 2007 I just remember that there was a movie with a couple of kids in like Mississippi or something, something about a bridge, and "watch out for the Yazoo". I saw it in the mid to late 80's or really early 90's.


Jul 18, 2007 Early to mid 1970s, TV in the US, Drama: Near the end a man is pursuing a woman and a girl (4-7 year old) who has a teddy bear. I distinctly recall a shot of the teddy bear in a dryer (in the back left corner of the drum), perhaps, but not certainly, in a laundraumat, and another shot of the girl clutching the teddy bear to her chest with a forlorn look on her face. I recall the woman looking out the window (from the lower level of a split level building) onto the sidewalk, and the fear that the man was coming to get them.


Jul 18, 2007 I watched this movie on PBS or WLIW (or a station similar to those) very late one night sometime between the years 1998-2000. This film was in color but the quality was quite grainy. It had an uneasy atmosphere to it, sort of like a Jadorowsky film. I do not remember the entire plot (nor if it had been in English, though I am fairly sure it was) but am haunted by a few eerie images: there is a very old, disturbingly skinny man dressed as a pirate. He is surrounded by children. He makes them drink from bottles that contain boldly colored liquid and bear a skull cross-and-bones, as though the liquid may be poisonous. After drinking from their bottles, the children seem to be in a trance. Together, they begin to sway gently to and fro while chanting. Another image I remember involves the pirate man outside, in the middle of the day, in what appears to be a town or a city with passers-by. He may or may not have a wooden leg and leans against a child for support. There is a parrot on his shoulder. And I think he is laughing in a creepy manner. Unfortunately, this is all I remember as I found the film quite unsettling.


Jul 17, 2007 I'm trying to find the title to a movie i saw in 2001 or mabey 2002. It was on tv. but i think it a few years older than that. I didnt watch all of it. I just caught the end. But neway this little girl was upset bc this lady (im guessing her mom) wouldnt play dolls with her. So she goes to play by her self. Well in the dollhouse there is a woman doll and when the little girl lifts it up. the real woman gets elevated into the air. Then the little girl sits the doll down and turns its head around to look at a play dog behind her. And the real woman's head gets turned around to look at a dog that just came inside. Then the lady dies. Becasue heads are obviously not suposed to turn like that.But i would really like to see the rest of the movie. So I can know what was going on.


Jul 16, 2007 I saw this film in Toronto, Canada about six to ten years ago [I cannot pinpoint the exact year]. It was on TV and in black&white. It's definitely not from the 1930s or older. It was also in a foreign language. So since it was Canada, it might have been a French movie.Its about a mother and daughter relationship. The daughter (whose skinny and around 10 years old) wants to be a ballerina but they reject her from the school. I think because her shoes are tattered and horribly made. She lives with her mother and they live in a poor society in a small house.Her mother works at home. One day she invites the neighbors to go to her birthday party but nobody shows up, or the neighbors had a party but didnít invite the little girl and her mother. (The girl doesnít have any friends and is lonely). The mother gets mad and the town see her as a crazy woman.It was around night time, when the mother returns home, drunk after partying with an older man at a bar. She comes home and starts dancing with her daughter. She swings her daughter until the girl becomes sick and tired. There was a good camera angle shot showing the mother being happy while the girl was frightened, spinning and spinning.At the end, I think the mother is taken away to a mental institution.


Jul 15, 2007 I am looking for a film of the late 60's early 70's I guess featuring a woman who repeatedly calls the police alledging that strange activities take place in the neighbour's house, including somebody burying a corpse in the garden. The police comes and search the house, but never finds anything. In fact, this is a plot from the woman who eventually kills her husband with a kitchen knife in the abandoned house because she has an old cheating story to settle with him (I remember vaguely that the man had a car accident in which the mistress was killed). The story about calling the police was just to make sure that the police would never go back in the house and find the husband's corpse...


Jul 9, 2007 I have been trying to find the name of a film I watched several times in elementary school between 1985 and 1989. It was on a film strip and all I remember is a little boy being chased by a 'bad guy' who was dressed in black. I remember the little boy possibly hiding in boxes, or searching through boxes for something. I remember shoes also, possibly red shoes, or even a red ball. I think this was a short film possibly set to music and no dialogue. I get this movie confused with other movies I saw during the same time period at school including the red balloon and the phantom tollbooth, but I believe this is a separate film. As far as I remember it is live action.


Jul 8, 2007 What is the title of a Lifetime movie where a teenage girl's mother dies in a car wreck, she feels guilty, and blames herself. Throughout most of the movie her and father do not get along. At school she mentors a "troubled boy" who will not talk to any. At the end of the movie he says something after she said goodbye and walked away.


Jul 7, 2007 I've been searching for a black and white movie I watched as a child in the '60s. I can't remember the names of any of the characters or actors who played in them but for some reason I think it's a possibility that the son from the series Father Knows Best may have played the son. It was around Christmas time in the film. They were wearing winter attire and I believe there was snow on the ground. I don't remember for sure if the young man was drunk while driving or racing. I do remember that he crashed into a car (the cars to me were reminiscent of the '40s or '50s), a hit and run. He wasn't injured (I don't think), but later found out the car he hit was his own father (I believe!) and he had killed him.


Jul 6, 2007 A film, maybe 90s, about a woman recovering from a mental illness, and she did a load of black and white photography - I think as part of the healing process - in a dark room in her flat. English speaking film, possibly set in London. Quite bleak, but most prominent for the photography.I initially thought it was Angel At My Table, which does cover the mental illness, but definitely not the photography. And of course it's not a flat in London....


Jul 6, 2007 I think I saw this in the early/mid nineties. It was on TV and may have been a film or a mini. All I recall is girls at a boarding school, grey uniforms, and one girl being bullied into drowning, or being drowned, in a lake/pond at the school. I don't think it was set that far behind current times. Definitely not a period drama, much more modern times than that.It may be a confusion of bits of other films. So far I've tried Heavenly Creatures, Magdalene Sisters, Paperhouse, Picnic at Hanging Rock. To no avail.


Jul 6, 2007 The basic story was that a guy suspected his girlfriend (wife?) of having an affair. Turns out she is but with her friend who is a female. The climax to the film was they are all at a bar or restaurant and his girlfriend goes to the bathroom and the guy sees another guy walk follow her to the bathroom. So he goes to investigate. Turns out the guy that followed her was a gay bouncer or something so when the girl comes out of the bathroom the guy thinks that she's really been faithful and loving. But then they show a flashback clip of her in the bathroom with another woman.I believe it was a comedy (if not they had me fooled because I laughed).


Jul 4, 2007 I was born in 1965 and just remembered a movie that I saw on TV later but it was not a " made for TV" movie. It should date from the late 70's or 80's. It is a love story in which a young man very much into sports is forced due to some injury (?) to do some soul-searching. In this process ( I guess at the college he attends) he first meets than falls in love with an intellectual young woman. She has some problem with her parents..There is a very metaphorical, almost mystical scene where he drives up to her refuge in the woods and finds her finally in some quite big dollhouse that is built adjacent to the real house. They sit and talk in that house for a while.As you can tell it is a very low-key, artsy, kind of Rob Reiner movie about values, true love with its usual obstacles, and coming of age during one's college years.


Jul 1, 2007 This may well have been a TV movie. It would have probably been on TV between 1981 and 1988, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was made in that period - early to mid 80's. It was about an African-American hobo (who I remember as being funny, but the film wasn't a comedy) who witnesses a car full of people being shot in daylight on a country road. He rescues a boy (maybe 8-12 yr old) who doesn't speak English, I think the kid spoke Italian, but it could be French, and they go on the run together, including riding the rails. I think the kid was the son of a mobster, maybe. They can't communicate verbally because of the language difference. I think it ends in a shootout in a hotel.


Jun 28, 2007 I saw this movie when i was the early to middle 90's....the movie seemed to be late 80's early 90's....i saw it on tv...probably on color...i think it took place in a larger city...maybe the northeast, not quite sure though.Most of the plot has been forgotten.... but the ending sticks in my mind...i believe that the movie was a romantic comedy that ended somewhere on stage which leads to a swordfight between two of the characters. i remember the main character was in a red or purple costume... the antagonist slashed the main character and said something like "i like royal blood"...something of that i think that the main character had found out that he was of some rich heritage...but anyways, the hero ends up flying off with the female...


Jun 26, 2007 Looking for a cartoon movie made in the 80s. I remember that is was aired on HBO and was one of the first few animations with adult content and cursing. It was a strange cartoon-film with French undertones, I think... I remember the movie having a strong hidden social or political basis. There was a distinct component of the movie which included a garbage disposal opperation, very factory-like and very dark. I think it had a catchy name, French even? Le Garbagium, La Garbagoria,... There may have been a theme pertaining to a future resource, for food? fuel? ??I also remember this film being shorter than a full length feature, maybe an hour. definately longer than 30 minutes...


Jun 26, 2007 Looking for a movie in the early-mid 80s. The story line is foggy.. here it goes. A vietnam vet get word of someone on the loose. The fugitive is a vietnamese man, whom the vet recognizes as a traitor/spy from his old platoon. He seizes the opportunity for revenge, heads back to his trailor, and dusts off his old artillary. He then sets out stalking the fugitive through the woods...sort of The Park is Mine meets Rambo meets Predator....


Jun 26, 2007 I'm looking for a 70s Italian movie that I first saw reviewed by Barry Norman on Film 7? all those years ago. I don't remember much of the storyline for the whole film but I do remember the scene which Barry showed on that review program! It was a classic bit of cinema with the husband of the female lead inside a huge vat or barrel (probably a wine barrel) cleaning it according to his wife's shouted instructions while at the same time she's frolicking outside the barrel with her lover! It's a bit of challenge to find it based just on that I guess!


Jun 24, 2007 I saw this film at a movie theater in 1978 or 1979. I don't remember very much, except that it's very very sad. It was in color, and was probably an American film, but I don't know for sure. I remember it was about a couple having problems and wanting to get a divorce.... They have two children, a boy and a girl, both very young (under 10 years of age). The kids wanted their parents to stay together, and so the couple decided to try to work out their differences... to no avail. Finally, the couple decided to go through with the separation, and announced their decision to the kids. Needless to say, the kids were devastated. The night before the final split up, the two kids decided to run away to their grandma's. They left in the middle of the night. It was raining very hard..., and for some reason they stopped in the middle of the trip (I think they were too weak, or too sick to continue). The brother (the elder of the two) could not go on anymore. He told his sister to go ahead without him..., and they said their good-byes right there. I remember the last scene of the film was the morning after, there's this big tree with red leaves all over it, and the boy was found under the tree, dead.


Jun 20, 2007 I'm not even sure at this point that I'm not just imagining the existence of a movie, but I'm fairly positive that I remember seeing a movie in my elementary school days, so we'll say mid-to-late 80s that had a scene in it with a boy who was trying to say words but whenever he would speak, instead of sounds coming out of his mouth, the actual word would appear. I'm pretty sure the movie was animated and in color. I saw it in the United States. That's about as much as I'm fairly certain was in the movie. Some other possible clues (or just as likely red herrings): I think the boy may have been under a spell. I think he may have been in a big tent, talking to someone during a battle, maybe even someone was using the textual words as weapons (I'm thinking as arrows). (I thought the scene was in the The Phantom Tollbooth, but I just watched that, and it wasn't there.)


Jun 20, 2007 Im trying to figure out the name of a movie i saw awhile ago. Back in the 90's. It was about this woman and she goes somewhere and spirits of two children who were kidnapped and murdered what to be able to rest in peace. The kids where killed and buried in a cave. At the end of the movie the woman finds the abductor and kills him. The spirits thank her and are finally able to rest in peace.


Jun 13, 2007 I can't tell you very much about it so this may be an incredible shot in the dark. It was a Blockbuster rental that I remember glimpsing around eight years ago (perhaps a little more). The movie revolved around a white male and a very beautiful white female in what I belived to be a foreign country (somewhere in Europe... Prague perhaps... maybe somewhere in Russia even). I have always thought that the female was Anna Nicole Smith because her body was just that incredible. I do not believe that is the case, however. The most poignant scene in the film was the couple together in a bath tub, with very revealing shots of the super hot blonde. If I remember correctly the movie was definitely nothing mainstream and it was fairly long. There is also a chance that the actress was a Playboy model.


Jun 11, 2007 It must've been the mid to late 1960's, USA, I was at a Sat. kiddie matinee w/ my cousin and we were watching this godawful movie about a little duckling and some other cute fuzzy animals as passengers aboard a train and they were trying to solve some sort of mystery. The animals were real, it was NOT animated and a man's voice was doing the narration. It was so ridiculous that it's been an inside joke in our family ever since.


Jun 8, 2007 it was about a guy who's married and has a nanny. He then has an affair with her and while all this is going on, his appartment is being redecorated. So, he then has to kill her to stop his wife finding out and he THINKS he kills her, burying her body behind a wall that is being plastered.he then goes back to find the body has been removed! I forget the rest. The nanny was very beautiful though! It was released in the 80's. It's French, so I'm assuming its from France and not canada.


Jun 6, 2007 I am looking for a teen-flick (slightly erotic), I saw it on TV about 7-8yrs ago. I think it was with drew barrymore, and the plot follows like this: A guy has a stag night party and is given a prostitute/call-girl (whatever u want to call it) as a present before he gets married. He has "..." with her and then seems to fall in love with her (as far as i recall). Further scenes picture them having "..." by a swimming pool, his wife having "..." with a friend of his in a station wagon, and he and the call-girl again at it on a bed. I hope this gives some idea of what I am looking for.


Jun 4, 2007 I saw a short black&white film sometime ago - can't even remember when - I believed it was called Run however, I can't find any reference to it on the internet and would like to know its details for reference and even to see (I thought I would find it on youtube or something like that) or whether I just imagined it all. Pretty sure I saw it on tv, introduced within the context of another program about film history.I believed it was from the National Film Board of Canada but couldn't find it there. Judging by the setting, it was made in the 60's but could have been 50's. There is no dialogue to it - probably was soundtrack but can't remember. A man runs through a city - he looks like an averge guy, his clothes are unremarkable - he is running from something but the viewer doesn't see what it is. As he runs, he looks around at things - the camera cuts to these things that he looks at - these things represent items from the life of an average man. He runs by a baby carriage, stops, looks in and sees a baby then looks up, sees whatever is chasing him and runs again. He runs by a hotdog vendor (or something like that) stops, buys a hotdog, relaxes briefly and eats, looks at his watch, looks up to see whatever is chasing him and off he goes again. He has other such encounters but I can't remember them all. In the end, he runs out onto a beach - he is exhausted - he looks like a mess - he stops before a hole in the ground - a grave - he looks behind him to see if he is still being chased - we finally see his pursuer - it is himself. I think the last we see of him is him lying in the grave - the end.Its the old story about man living his life, ironically, running away from himself, stressed out by what he percieves his society thinks he should be - or something like that.


Jun 2, 2007 Movie came out in late 70s or very early 80s. All I remember is the ending. There were a lot of people living in some sort of underwater community. For some reason, it started flooding. There was a scene where they sealed off a glass door, but on the other side of it, there was a man hodling his breath, but they couldn't reopen the door due to the flooding. The film may have centered around a brother and sister. I remember the two of them getting split up for some reason.


Jun 1, 2007 i saw a movie on tv in the late 60s are early 70s,maybe on 'the big show'.i just remember bits of it.there was a castle or a very big old house.a little boy was to inherit it and his relatives are trying to kill him off with acidents.but theres a ghost that turns the accidents around and it kills them instead,i think the little boys parents are died,he plays with this ghost and the ghost looks out for him.thats all i remeber .hope you can help.the movie looked like it was a little older than the late 60s or maybe not ,its been a very long time ago.


Jun 1, 2007 there's a U.S. 'B' movie made in the eighties (or possibly seventies) about a married couple (doctor and nurse) who have a dysfunctional relationship and the nurse begins to place her affections on objects within the hospital where she works (mannequins and so forth).


Jun 1, 2007 I am looking for the title of an Italian film, made possibly in the early nineties or late eighties about a family who confine themselves inside their family home. The father discourages them from leaving. After time, the children grow older and manage to escape.


May 26, 2007 Its a drama involving a man and a girl in some unfortunate situation. At some point the man tells the girl that if you look at the world through cellophane it becomes a nicer place. At the end of the film I think the man dies or something bad happens to him.


May 21, 2007 I saw this movie in the late 70's or ealy 80's. It had a married couple. I don't think they were happy. I believe the wife was blonde.Film may have been European, maybe ItalianThe wife is kidnapped and held for most of the movie. Voilence and abuseThe thing I remember most was that there was a least 2 endings, maybe 3One was the wife taking up with her kidnappers and rubbing it in her husband's face. Another, I believe was either her or here husband killing the assilantsI saw this film at a theater which generally played "Grindhouse" types of films


May 20, 2007 I am looking for an animated movie. I saw it when I was a kid, either in the late 80's or early 90's. All I remember is there were 2 swans. They were swimming near a watermill and one of them got sucked under and the water turned red.


May 19, 2007 Possibly 70's or 80's - short film - climbing/mountaineering/aid-climbingA young man finishes a day's work as a lumberjack, farewells his workmates and returns to his cabin. He's tired and lays down on the floor to rest.Cut to same man on a cliff face. He's roped up and climbing, but cloud and camera angles prevent us from seeing whether there is anyone else on the rope with him. For all intents and purposes he is alone with the rock.There follow some great close in climbing shots, showing the concentration and exertion required for upward progress. He continues till he finds himself in an extremely precarious position. He struggles to place a piton in a crack which he can only reach one handed, at full stretch. After much fumbling, he drops the piton; possibly the last one he has with him.The situation is dire. Tension mounts. Fear and desperation take hold. He falls into space ... the phone rings and he wakes up, on the floor in his cabin.It's his mum calling for a chat.


May 19, 2007 I remember seeing this movie in the 80's or early 90's. There were three sisters who were trying to find thier mother while also possibly hiding from some "evil" force. There was a man who was helping the sisters. I remember hearing that the actor who played him was deaf, but this may not have been true. One of the sisters was taken by other people and ended up as a human sacrifice. One of the sisters and the man obtained something to let them go underwater, and when they did that, the other sister drowned. The third sister and the man found the mother, and the mother was somehow involved with the "evil" force or person. When the mother kissed the daughter, the daughter died.


May 17, 2007 There was a movie in the 70's that followed a family of wolves. I probably saw it on HBO somewhere between 1976-1979. It was narrated and would refer to each wolf by a normal name. One scene I remember was during the winter it showed the "mom" wolf get run over by some large man driving a very large snow plow. He was laughing and having fun while driving it. The mom had died. It then showed spring coming around and the pup coming out of it's hole in the snow without a mom. It started playing The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" as it showed the pup jumping and playing around as if he's ready to begin his own life now. It basicaly wrapped up the movie in a full circle, ending with the new wolf pup begining the cycle again.


May 15, 2007 I saw this film in the eighties. there is a character who works for the mafia as an accountant for the numbers racket.he has a friend who is a hypochondriac, between them they decide to rob the mob of a days takings. they do the robbery & set off to florida but are pusued by two female killers who befriend them in order to discover how many thieves where in on the deal. the assassins eventualy join the pair & they go off into the sunset together.The accountant is calm, unattractive but can satisfy women in bed, he also has a suitcase full of medicine. his accomplice is hyperactive & keeps saying in one scene,i'm hot, i'm hot, he can't wait to spend the money.think the film was made in the seveties


May 14, 2007 i am looking for a movie and cannot find it! I only remember bits and pieces of so I'm going to try and describe it to you. it was probably made in the early 90's or even before that. It is about two kids who end up saving the president from a lady killing him off of a boat. I just remember that it was a brother and sister who were the spies. and the bad person was a lady. I don't remember which president she was trying to kill either... but I do remember them listening to the radio a lot and possibly developing in a dark room.


May 10, 2007 I am looking for a movie I saw as a kid so it was in the early 70's that I saw it. The only scene that I can remember and that haunted me for so long is this: It's a foggy evening and there are two sisters in an old kitchen. One of them is not quite right in the mind and she is searching for a baby. I am thinking it was a real baby but then maybe only in her mind. They run out into the fog calling and calling for the child. I remember a white picket fence and it seems that the one sister is fearful that her sister has done something to the baby. For years and years I thought it was Bunny Lake is Missing but a few years ago I came across that movie and while it involved a missing child it was no the one that has haunted me. I think I also remeber it was a B & W film.


May 9, 2007 I saw this movie on what was the romance channel. I think it was late 90's. It was a time period movie set in 1870. It shows a little girl with her mom who is sick. Her mom leaves her at a house who she says is her father. He is married and has kids of his own. He takes her in and loves her but his wife hates her and at one time whips her. Her father finds out and does the same to his wife. As a young girl she meets a man and knows him all her life. She grows up her father dies and his wife makes her marry the butcher but on the day she marries she finds out he was not her real father. She loves the man she knew as a girl. The have a affair her husband finds out he goes after him. Her husband ends up dying of some sickness.


May 5, 2007 I remember seeing a movie on cable around 1997. I don't remember any of the cast. There is a scene where a young woman is in a towel and walks into the living room. There are men sitting on the couch talking to the young woman's dad. He walks out of the room and she walks up and bends over from behind the couch to whisper to one of the older men. Her towel falls open and reveals her breasts. She takes her time, and finally covers back up, while the man is moving away from her and kind of pushes himself back with his feet. The men are wearing suits and ties. That is all I remember, except that I believe the men arrived in an old classic car of some kind. Maybe a Rolls or something, I don't know.


Apr 27, 2007 This is a film that was shown a lot on late night HBO. Only scene I remember is guy and girl stopping at a hotel one night. There ends up being another guy and girl in the hotel room with them. The girls scuffle and one ends up on top of the other. They start to kiss. This one guy has curly hair and is whispering "kiss her".


Apr 26, 2007 What I am looking for is the title to a 50's B-rate B&W film that a friend of mine and I saw on PBS late night in the early 80's. I was about 10 or 11 at the time. This movie came on after Panic in Year Zero, so it may be a disaster/nuclear attack type film, possibly a sci-fi, I am not sure. I fell asleep before the end so I don't remember much at all about the film. What I do remember was in one of the first scenes there was a propeller-driven commercial aircraft flying, and inside the plane a little girl turns to her mother and says something along the lines of "mommy, are we there yet" or "mommy, are we home yet", and immediately after saying these lines the plane hits the side of a mountain. Not much to go on, but that's all I have. Can you help? I have been searching and searching for this film ever since that night, because I never got to see the entire movie. I now have Panic in Year Zero on DVD, and watch it all the time.


Apr 22, 2007 It's problably something from Europe or Cold War movies. I just remember that in first half of movie (maybe even in the beginning) there is a car chase (country side road with trees on both side of road)and a chased car is green Mercedes Benz 280 SE (W116) and it drives out of road and falls to it's side or upside down. I have been watched many Michael Caine and Gene Hackman in hopes to find this movie. No luck yet.I'm going now through German detective series like The Old Fox,Derrik,and Tatort.


Apr 20, 2007 I believe that the year was 1999 or 2000, and the movie was shown on television. The film was in color and in english. The movie was presented in two parts on television. The film is set in a desert where there are french troops present (not present day). A french pilot comes to the desert and somehow meets a group of native people in the desert at an oasis. He meet and later marries a girl belonging to this group of people (I believe that they looked middle eastern). I can distinctly remember the french pilot and his wife at a fortress which is attacked. A search for some sort of treasure or hidden object is also in the movie.


Apr 20, 2007 About the film which was on television = Picture, if you can, an out-of-season holiday town... in the wind and rain.... then read on!The film is very sad.Its about a woman who used to go to this cafe. It's on a seafront. From memory, the 'scene' shows a quiet dismal place (which feels cold) Looking out of misted saltsplashed windows you're aware of choppy seas and crashing grey waves and a very windy and rainy day. The seafront is deserted. The old woman would come into the cafe EVERY saturday, (I remember it was definately a Saturday!)order a coffee and sit gazing out the window, alone with her memories, always in her own world... After several weeks, the old lady was befriended by the young waitress there (dark haired I think) who was curious about this Saturday ritual and eventually asked why she was sometimes so sad.Basically the old lady, in her younger days, was courting...and her 'man' had, before he left, said he'd meet her in the cafe when he returned on saturday. As she is telling the young waitress her story, (and this is the part that really tugged my strings) she said 'He never said which saturday'(The old lady had returned to the cafe each and every week,hoping her prayers would be answered)Continuing, the old lady and the waitress decide to go in search for some details of exactly what happened to the man. The film follows that search to its sad outcome.Im a crybaby wiv a huge heart.i found this an extremely poignant and very beautiful film and i wish to goodness i could remember its name.


Apr 20, 2007 This request is pathetic, but, this has been driving me crazy. There is a movie that I've been trying to place for years now. I seem to recall it being from the 1970's. I don't recall the plot, but there is one scene where an old married couple are checking into a hotel, or something similar, and the wife (old woman) gives the attendant their last name by saying "McPhee".


Apr 17, 2007 When I lived in Australia in the 1980's - 1983-1988 - I saw a film about these children and their father. Essentially, the family either moved out to the country, or lived out there, but they were poor. I think they moved out there 20 this small, dilapidated house. Without knowing why or where - their father disappeared they never knew where he went, but they went to the train station every weekend to look for him. I believe he returned a few years later - older and somewhat dishevled. The movie kind of had "A little princess" spin to it. It's been well over 20 years since I saw this movie but I would love to know what it was and see it again through the eyes of an adult. I think it was in color, but I do remember the movie having a very gray feel to it - the clothes, scenery, story, everything was very sad, very dark.


Apr 12, 2007 I was very young so I'd put this movie between 1971 and 1976 I only remember one scene. There is a couple asleep on a bed and a midget creeps in and injects one of them with a needle, I'm not sure but I believe there was also a tall man with long blondish white hair in overalls? and I remember a forest.


Apr 12, 2007 (Definitely not "Night Cries" - RomanyX)


Apr 9, 2007 The movie is in black and white and from what I remember took place in the 40s. There is a couple who I think have just gotten married. The only two scenes I remember are one on the beach and then one where they're with another couple in a house and the other couple go to the bedroom to 'be together' and they are left in the living room looking uncomfortable. I hope I'm not getting two movies confused.


Apr 9, 2007 Also, there was another movie that I can't recall the was in color and all I remember was these women saying that they would follow their leader and drowning their 9-10 year old children.


Apr 8, 2007 I saw this film repeated on tv in Australia the late 70s/early 80s, I believe it was made in the 50s in Europe, it is either American or English, I think the former. The story is of a single (widowed?) mother and her son & daughter (10-13 I guess) who move in with a man and his daughter of a similar age. There are issues with the man, who at one point slaps the woman's daughter on a bare bottom (though it doesn't have the implications it would in current times). The children get along well, but the woman's son and the man's daughter become involved and run away, using a small yacht. There is a terrible storm, though I think they are rescued in time.


Apr 3, 2007 I've had this movie on the edge of my consciousness for almost twenty!Early to mid-1980s children's film, American or Canadian, seen on HBO. I think it was set in the Depression or earlier and was about an unconventional girl with blonde pigtails and her male friend. She got in trouble for sewing a school varsity letter to her socks and the friendship between the two was based on something they liked from western novels/movies, the idea of having someone to "ride back for them". They went to a one-room schoolhouse.


Mar 27, 2007 American movie late 1930's to 1940's movie. Single mom works in Nightclub/Restraunt and a child custody case results. The goverment is claiming that this Nightclub/Restraunt is not a place to raise a child. It turns out the young boy is being tutored by the woman's fellow employees. Example he's learning math from the bookkeeper, History/Social Studies from the headwaiter and french from the Chef. In a courtroom scene the procecutor chalenges the boy by asking him for the time in french the boy responds by leaving the witness stand looking at the baliff's watch and reponding in french.


Mar 27, 2007 I saw the end of a movie that had a man or something in it that looked like a ghost I saw when I was young, the end was like this: there were two people one man dressed normal sword fighting a man dressed in a black stocking type material from head to toe no skin exposed at all and takes place outdoors in a field setting with a few trees and a real old barn which the wood was seperated so much that you could see through the barn fairly well and they fought in and out and around the barn.I just remember walking in and seeing it for the last five minutes and telling everyone thats the ghost I saw when I was five, I was then about maybe fifteen so I would say it was in the late seventys or early eighties and it was in color.


Mar 20, 2007 Ive been looking for a movie that i used to watch when i was younger, probably around 1993 or 1994. At that point in time, it was still an older not so sure of the time period that it was made in though. It was a color film. I dont recall much of the movie at all, but i do remember it involving a young girl going back into time to probably about the 1800's or early 1900's. At the end of the movie, she wakes up in a hospital bed where she is told that she has been in a coma for a period of time.


Mar 16, 2007 This is a movie that my mother saw, I'm going to guess in the '60s or the '70s. It's foreign and involves a woman whose family died in (I think) a car crash. She comes home one day, and when she opens the door to her apartment, her family is there alive, like the accident never happened.


Mar 7, 2007 i been looking for this certain movie i saw like in the early 90s or middle 90s it on hbo i think. ok its about this guy that gets involved with this girl and she will do anything to keep him but he already has a women in his life so she starts stalking him and putting weird spells on him and puts snake eggs in his bed and i belive she can fly i think this was on tales from the crypt or it could of been a hbo movie im reALLY not sure


Mar 5, 2007 Its a late 70'S /early 80'S drama about kids on a school/ youthclub trip in the countryside,british id say some of them come across an underground disused tunnel and inside is a torchured soul of some sort with a badly burnt/scared face.


Mar 5, 2007 Its a late 70'S /80'S film about american armish or tudor dressed group of people, one of the little girls was put in a barrel( possible beer)of some sorts, it must have been some sort of thriller /horror, i seem to think the girl came to sticky end, its just stuck in my mind and bugged me for all these years...i can only have been about 7,or 8. Now 30! (depressing).


Mar 2, 2007 I was born in '87, so the movie was definitely from around then. It was animated, with sort of an anime-Hayao Miyazaki look to it. All I can remember are bits and pieces of the film. I remember a blond girl in a blue dress eating muffins/biscuits, and some father figure yelling at her in a blue-ish room, and then I think she runs away. There's a houseboat or a riverboat, and an organ grinder with a monkey. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember.


Feb 28, 2007 Sorry, but all the information that i can remember is this--saw the movie when i was preteen i believe:Hero and Heroine meet as children. Both i think are some type of royal/noble. Set in a desert type atmosphere, might be arabian?(but girl is blonde so i don't know) and made sometime in the 40's or 50's i think. filmed in color.Boy gives girl a grass ring. Their parents are meeting to join their countries/kingdoms thru children's marriage(?) Either way, boys father is betrayed and killed. Boy is smuggled out of castle, palace etc. by loyal servants in a basket stapped to a donkey. Guards check basket by stabbing it, boy gets stabbed but remains unfound. Grows up being raised as a peasant. I am unsure if he is aware of his heritage though. Movie ends with him rescuing the girl-who remembers the boy, but thinks he died?, but still has grass ring which she keeps in a locket.etc. etc. Also gets back his kingdom by killing evil guy who wants to marry girl as well.Only scene that i really remember is one of the guy washing? or walking out of a pond of water. i think he ends up talking to his friend or second-in-command and the scene of him get pulled out of the basket(after being stabbed)unconscious.


Feb 25, 2007 I remember being little, which was in the 80's, and i can remember watching a movie at my grandparents that had something to do with a boy and a man that found or had some sort of magic wooden box which when they jumped in or something to that affect. When they would jump in they would turn into animals. i cant really remember what animals but i can kind of remember the man turning into a deer. im not sure if this movie was a fairey tail theatre movie(p.b.s.) or not. i have the set but i dont think it is one of those. that is pretty much all i remember. the only other thing i can add is that im pretty sure that the man and the boy would go back and forth from real life into this magic world.


Feb 24, 2007 This is a short movie we use to get shown at school in the seventies. It was possibly made in the sixties. It was colour. It was American or Canadian. Its about two boys on a farm playing in a water mill. One goes down the mill (like a well) and cannot get out. In the meantime a farmer opens the sluice gate in another part of the farm and water starts heading to the mill, potentially drowning the boy stuck inside. The other boy races to get help (I think). I remember this film being very scary, and cannot remember the end.


Feb 23, 2007 I am looking for a science-fiction film, or possibly a sci-fi TV-series episode, broadcast on US television during the early to mid-1960s.I cannot say if it was color or black-and-white, because our TV set was BW.I was less than 10 years old then, so what I can remember is sketchy: a man (astronaut?) comes back from outer space but he has brought an alien creature back with him. There is a scene where he leaves one of the creatures in the woods. The creature glows like it is electrically-charged, and it grows then reproduces by fission (splitting in two). The creatures resemble upright-standing octopuses or giant molar-teeth; they stand upright on their tentacles. I remember a scene where an outdoorsman steps on a small one, thinking it is a campfire that must be put out, and he is killed (electrocuted?). There is another scene where a creature touches someone with its tentacle, and that person dies (electrocuted?). I believe people figured out how to kill them by either zapping them with a ray gun, or simply dousing them with water. I recall the final scene where a woman is chasing after the man who brought them to Earth, and he comes to a cliff overlooking the ocean. He looks back at her, and his face is glowing like the aliens. He then jumps into the water to his death. This movie is definitely NOT "Night of the Blood Beast (1958)". I also do not think it is one of the original Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episodes, but I could be wrong.


Feb 20, 2007 This one is a real long shot as I dont have many details at all. It was either a cartoon or possibly claymation. I remember it being in color, although I recall it being dark, not alot of vibrant colors kind of like a Tim Burton movie. I saw it probably between 1981 and 1986. It was on pretty late at night on cable tv (usa). It may have bean a movie or made for tv special. I remember it scared me, gave me nightmares. The only vague details I can remember are something about a mountain or mountains, possibly a castle, possibly set in a winter or ice theme, and something about a witch or some sort of angel??


Feb 19, 2007 This is a family movie that I saw on TV in the late 70's/early 80's. It is about a scientist who invents a time machine. He and his son (I believe) use the machine to go back in time to a fairytale kingdom in the middle ages. When they get there, they find that the kingdom is being menaced by an evil dragon who is trying to get at a young princess. The scientist and his son befriend the princess and her guardian (I think that is what he is) and try to fight the dragon. Soon, however, they all come back to the present time via the time machine; but the dragon follows them and manages to get back to the present time as well. When the dragon lands in the present time and begins to follow them, an old handyman who works on the grounds where the scientist works, sees the dragon and faints on the lawn. The dragon walks up to the unconscious old man and starts to nudge him. This causes him to awaken, and when he sees the dragon above him, he rises to his feet and then runs away in terror after looking at the dragon for a few moments. There is a scene where the princess and her guardian are flying around in a biplane because they both want to experience flight while they are in the present time. The scientist eventually sends the dragon back to his own time, although he does something to him so that he will no longer be a threat to the kingdom. The princess and her guardian then return back to their time as well. In the very last scene, the scientist and his son are in the laboratory with the time machine. The old handyman walks in and starts cleaning the time machine. As a joke, the scientist sends the handyman back to the princess' time of the middle ages.


Feb 11, 2007 Technically the film was one of those rare, but not unique, ones where the bulk was in black & white but the last reel (or part-reel) was in colour. Seen in cinema about 1959. Title possibly a one-word girlís name.It is about a blind girl who eventually has an operation to restore her sight. When the bandages are removed in the ward, the surgeon asks "what can you see?". Shot of bare white wall. Then back to bedside. "Anything else?", he asks. Again, shot of wall, but at this point, unbeknown to the audience, the colour reel has started. The camera pans down to a vase of brilliant red roses, and the girl confirms that she can see the same. The film continues in colour to the end. Seen in cinema about 1959 - but from visual clues, city scene, passing cars, etc., thought to be from slightly earlier period, late forties perhaps. Despite the use of colour in the final reel, suspect it was very much a B feature of the time. a colleague suggested that the subject was Helen Keller, per film The Miracle Worker, but I'm pretty certain it is not.


Feb 9, 2007 I have one brief memory of a film I saw that was shown in class by my school's third grade teachers (that would be around 1992-3), somewhat in the vein of Neverending Story, though I'm fairly sure that was not what we watched. The movie's main character was a boy, apparently on some sort of quest, and in the course of the movie he wasn't always portrayed as perfect--he had certain faults and made a number of bad decisions because of them. At one point of time, he had to slide down a very slimy sort of tunnel--for some reason I seem to recall this being a dragon's throat (he was forced to jump in?), and I think he may have ended up in what was supposed to be the dragon's stomach, as it was goopy and slime-covered, but it somehow led to a way out.If it helps at all, during that same year my teachers showed the 1987 version of The Secret Garden and the BBC version of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe(1988). I seem to recall our watching this film in parts, too, which may indicate that the length of the movie was quite long, or that it was perhaps some sort of series.


Feb 3, 2007 I am trying to remember the name of a movie I saw a long time ago on the Bravo channel. I watched it in about 1995 but I am sure it was older than that - Possibly early 80's in colour. I cant remember the full plot but basically, there is this girl who is kidnapped by three people - a mother and her two sons. I cant remember the reason why. A diffrent guy rescues her, but at the end of the movie she is being chased by him and hunting dogs next to a river. When he catches her, he rapes her. I think the movie was set in the 17-1800's.


Jan 29, 2007 This American color movie came out in either 1982 or 1983. It was a teen comedy about a guy (he resembled a "dumb jock" type person) who apparently has his girlfriend living with him in his parents' house (from what I can recall). The girl had long dark hair and had a beautiful body. I never actually saw the movie itself, I can only remember seeing two scenes that were advertised on TV when it was released in theatres. The first scene showed the girl standing on the guy's bed while she continously whacked him over the head with a pillow. The second scene showed the guy's mother (I think) come into his bedroom to see the two of them asleep in bed together (when the mother opened the door and entered the room, she was carrying one of those plastic laundry baskets). The guy was laying on his back and the girl was laying next to him on her stomach. However, they were laying at opposite ends of each other, with the guy resting his head on the girl's ankle; which he mistakenly thought was her head. When the mother saw this, she yelled something to the guy which caused him to wake up. When the guy lifted up his head and saw that it was the girl's ankle, and not her head that he was resting his own head on; he "passed out" from embarrassment.


Jan 27, 2007 This is a repost because my first query was wrongly identified as Labyrinth. I am looking for a film which I saw in the early/mid 1980s on TV in the U.S., color, live-action (not animated). I think it has a Christmas theme. It is about a girl who wears a long white nightgown during the whole movie, I think she has long brown hair. She enters another world and befriends strange-looking monsters which are larger than she is (actors in costumes, I think). I think she is afraid of them at first but they eventually become close. She has a special relationship to one monster in particular. I don't think the monsters actually speak. They have to battle a bad guy. At one point, the bad guy (I think a magician, maybe with a pointy-hat) is exercising, doing pull-ups on a beach or in a cave (I think he lives in the cave and the beach is outside) somewhere. A monster brings him something he wanted (a magic wand?) but he realizes the magician is up to no good and doesn't hand it over after all. Then the bad guy/magician starts taunting the monster and singing a song that goes "Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!". The girl has to go back to her world and does so by climbing up a long ladder in the monsters' cave. She is reluctant to leave and she might be afraid of heights, or there is some kind of danger in the cave while she is climbing. When she gets home it is Christmas and I think she finds her monster friends as toys under the tree. It is definitely *NOT* Labyrinth. Here is a link to another query which might be the same thing:


Jan 25, 2007 This movie might be French or Norwegian or something else, I'm not sure. I wasn't speaking English at the time, I was very little, so it might be in English (I'm 25 now, btw). Anyways, the story is about a little orphaned girl who is sent to live with her bachelor grumpy uncle. He plays the piano (composer, music teacher)and he's a very nervous and unhappy man and doesn't have time for the little girl. She has a Rubic's Cube and plays with it all the time. At the surfaces of the cube she had glued the photos of her family. She meets the boy-next-door and they become friends. There is a mutual wall deviding their two houses and there is a mutual window in their bathrooms, so they can chat when they take a bath. What I remember most destinctly is the scene of the Xmas Eve. Uncle has bought the smallest white fake Christmas tree, while the boy-next-door has a real one and it's tall and beautiful. Uncle and girl are eating lobsters for the Christmas dinner and she is terribly unsatisfied. I can't remember what happened later, but at the end Uncle and the little girl becomes friends and she glues his pisture at the one side of Rubic's cube.


Jan 16, 2007 I saw this movie on the Movie Channel on Galaxy Pay TV in Australia between 1994-1997. I am pretty sure that it was made after 1990, most likely 1992-1995 but could have been late 80's. I cant recall any character or actor names. I can only recall 1 specific scene where a group of young men and women are at a friendly get together in a house in the woods somewhere. There are couches in the scene and I recall 1 character lieing down on the couch injured or tired. They are in the living room when 1 character (possibly more) shockingly reveal their identities to be alien. The alien I remember was a woman probably in her early 20's with these disturbingly eery red eyes. The non aliens at the get together then try to escape to the truck (I think its a father and son but can't be sure) except the truck doesnt start.


Jan 16, 2007 So, I saw this movie probably around 1993 (the early Nineties, no doubt). I'm 99% sure it was on HBO, and may have even been made-for-TV on HBO. It was about some military base that was working on engineering super soldiers. The soldier they are working on goes crazy and starts attacking everyone in the base. The only specifics I remember: a) Im fairly confident the movie takes place during Christmas, and the soldier first attacks everyone during a christmas party, and at one point while shooting everyone he says "Merry Christmas" in a very strange voice. b) The soldier has bright red skin and bright white hair, and is shirtless (bearing his red skin) for most of the movie.


Jan 16, 2007 As a child in the late 1940s I saw a scary film (B&W) in which a group of young people run down the lawn of a mansion, jump into a swimming pool, not knowing that it had been drained, and are killed. The mystery was who had drained the pool. I recall a clue that was planted to mislead the investigation: a girl's scarf, left beside the pool's drain valve.


Jan 13, 2007 I'm looking for a children's movie from the '90s. It's about a brother and sister and they find a necklace in their Grandma's basement and go on a quest/search..? There is a snake and some sort of dragon/monster. I can't remember much about it, all I know is that I loved it when I was younger.


Jan 13, 2007 Hi, am trying to find out the name of a film my brother and I watched years ago. We watched it, on video I think. It would have been 1990, 91, or 92 that we saw it, and don't think it was that old. I remember it being a funny sort of horror, but my brother swears it was more scary than funny. From what I remember, it was set in a school, the caretaker was the villian my brother says. There was a scene when the caretaker has a trolley, and there's a body, or a load of skin inside, possibly from a kid? And a kid in a toilet cubicle, and something happens, we think something came out of the loo? Very vague i know, i was only 11-13, and my brother 4-6!


Dec 27, 2006 Hi TIMC,can you help me find this film? I saw this film about 2 years ago on TV. This is an Italian movie and is black and white, it was made probably in the 50's or early 60's and was contemporary.This film is a about a young man who wants to desperately make money by being a middle man between the farmers and the fruit markets. It is a very risky business because the entire trade is controlled by the mafia. He begins by driving around to all the local growers, they are reluctant to deal with him because of the mafia backlash, he eventually finds one disgruntled tomato grower who deals with him. Some of the mafia bosses want him killed, but their big chief is impressed by this mans balls and he lets him continue. The young man eventually becomes wealthy and buys a new condo for himself his mother and his intended bride. He starts to become more friendly with the mafia guys but doesn't completely join them, making some of them angry. One day they decide to stall delivery of tomatoes to deliberately inflate the price, however the young man has already promised a desperate buyer that he will get those tomatoes and gave him his word of honour. The delivery of the tomatoes is set coincidently on his wedding day, after the wedding the desperate buyer comes to the church to tell him he didn't receive the tomatoes. The young man discovers that the farmer and the delivery truck drivers are all scared of the mafia. He gets his own truck drives to farm, smashes the door of the barn with truck (it has been locked by the mafia) and personally drives the tomatoes down to the market. His new wife is on the street and she sees him on the way to the market and follows. A mafia assassin is there, and he is shot dead getting out of his truck. His wife arrives, sees his body on the ground and in is hysterics, the film ends.


Dec 22, 2006 A couple grieving for their dead child (son?) go to a remote snowy cabin for the holidays to get away from the sad memories. The woman who runs the place pampers her children, while treating a little orphaned boy who lives and works there, like a slave. This boy brings provisions to the couple on a sled through the snow, and as time passes the couple grow to love this boy and secretly try to find a way to adopt him. They don't want the woman to find out and try to stop them.My Father saw this movie on TV several years ago and is longing to see it again so he can see how it ends. It may have been a TV Christmas movie, or Christmas special.


Dec 21, 2006 Hi, I am looking for a movie in color dated somewhere from mid 80's to early 90's. There is a short part where a guy is trying to help his girlfriend or wife (who wouldn't stop eating) to lose weight but then gets accidently killed while she is lifted with a crane by her boyfriend or spouse and gets runned over by a bus i think.


Dec 20, 2006 The movie I am looking for was probably made in the 1950's or early 1960's (maybe even late 40's?). It was probably based in either New York or Chicago. It was about a young woman who had gone to the city to start a career where she met two men who fell in love with her. She has to decide between the two. At the end of the movie, she enters a cab and the cab driver asks, "Where to, lady?". Her answer reveals which man she chooses. I saw the movie on TV--it was on during the wee hours of the night. I probably saw it during the late 1980's or early 1990's


Dec 18, 2006 My mom saw this movie in '89 or '90 in her Women in Twentieth Century America history class at college. It was a black and white, very early silent film, made by a foreign director whose father was a famous photographer. My mom remembers the scenery being especially beautiful. It is about a poor family, and someone gives them a cow so the sickly little daughter will have milk. They go fishing and there's a giant bass that lives in the stream that's a legend and somehow the father hooks this bass but he lets it go.


Dec 17, 2006 Looking for a charming Italian film 1950s/1960s.Set in an Italian petrol station/gas station/garage.Young girl watches various visitors arrive and leave. I think one visitor was driving an English Morris Minor.


Dec 11, 2006 I saw this old B & W movie on TV around Dec. of 1997 probably on one of the old movie channels. It's about an old woman who seeks out Santa in the twilight of her life to ask him for a gift he offered her years before and she refused. The movie then goes back in time to a USO type dance where's she up on a ladder hanging decorations. She meets a soldier who asks her to marry him and she refuses. This is where we see she meets Santa and he wanted to know what she wants for Christmas but she says she needs nothing. Soldier goes off to war and is killed. When the old woman asks Santa for her gift, the movie starts over with her on the ladder at the dance again only this time she says yes and he goes off to war and this time he isn't killed because he had stayed behind to write her. It seems like there is a song that repeats through the movie, but I'm not sure what the song was. I've spent 9 years trying to find out what this movie is I've looked online until my eys ache, I've asked everybody I know pluse complete strangers about this movie. I've posted on BB with no luck you may be my last hope.


Dec 11, 2006 I saw this one in October 1999 or October 1998 on TV, On Nickelodeon's "NickelO-Zone" It wasn't too long, It was 20 minutes or less.It starts off showing a toilet on a stormy night, Then a puppet came out of the toilet and said "I'm baaack!"The next scene shows a man on the couch watching TV or something, Then the puppet comes in. The man and the puppet look like each other. The man on the couch sees the doll and says "Ah! Not you again! What do you want?" The puppet says "Oh.. Not mcuh... Just your soulz!" "What for?" "Don't ask. Now sit tight, This is gonna hurrrt..." And then a red beam connects from eye to eye as the man on the couch screams.Then the man on the couch wakes up. Apparantly he just dreamed it. He then said "Oh-ho! Awake! Gotta stay awake!" It's halloween and he went to hand out some candy. Then hi's brother came home, Talked to him and then went upstairs, Took some sleeping pills or something and then went to sleep. He woke up, Went downstairs and went to the door, Found a box, Then takes it inside. He read who it was for. "Clayton.. That's me!" He opens the package and finds a doll that looks just like him. He starts practicing hi's ventriloquist skills.Then the doll that looked like hi's brother came in and did the red eyebeam thing to the doll. Now both of the dolls want the men's souls. For awhile they (The brothers) Go upstairs and cower in fear, Then I think the dolls came upstairs and took clayton's brother downstairs. Clayton is so scared but he went downstairs, Uncovers a chair and finds a skeleton on it! Where did that come from? He started screaming then he heard something in the kitchen. He found the dolls dancing around hi's brother and he takes hi's brother and goes to the door with him, Then hi's brother said "Going somewheere? And then he did the red eyebeam thing to clayton as he (Clayton) screamed.Clayton woke up and end of story: He dreamed the whole thing.


Dec 11, 2006 I saw this on TV in color around 1995 or so in the summer, And boy oh boy I shouldn't have watched it because it haunts me to this day!I only watched part of it because it freaked me out so much. So there are some teenagers in a basketball court (They're all on the same team) And one is talking to another on a bench. He (The one talking) Looks away and then when he looks at him again a few seconds later, The other boy's skin has desolved and you can see hi's organs. The teenager that was talking to him didn't think anything of it, But I don't know why he didn't. O_OThe next scene was in a restroom. One teenager took some device and attached it to a hand dryer, And one from the basketball team went in to wash hi's hands. The next scene shows him (The teenager on the basketball team) Being sucked into the hand dryer and all you see left is hi's hands, But then they get sucked in too. That part haunted me for life.The next part shows the last one on the basketball team in some kid's room, I think that this kid may have been the murderer, And the teenager is saying that everyone on the basketball team Is dead, Save for him. The kid says "Well let's start off nice and easy. Start saying "I want to stay alive, I want to stay alive" And The teenager says it. He's lying down on a bed, And he sees something that you put a quarter into to start vibrating the bed. He puts a quarter in and the bed starts vibrating then all of a sudden it smashes him against the wall! Then the kid, Witnissing the entire thing screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"I didn't watch any more of it because it freaked me out so much.


Dec 9, 2006 This was a scene from a B&W film that I saw in the early to mid eighties when I was young. It featured a woman in a dress with her hands chained up above her. She was screaming in the middle of a dark room while a very creepy mustached man repeatedly stabbed her in the stomach with some sort of lance while laughing, as black blood flowed from the wound. That left me a very desturbed child. ;) It was probably on HBO or some cable movie station.


Dec 2, 2006 A somewhat disney/abc family movie like that, it had a boy with long blonde hair and he met a girl with blonde hair that he liked.. In the movie he sings to her a slowish song, and they're at a pool with people around, like a pool party/vacation thing. I have no clue what it was.. it was probably in the late 1990s, 1998-2002 ish.


Dec 1, 2006 I would like to know the name of a movie that I watched on TV. I do not know if it was made as a big screen picture or strictly TV movie. The Story concerns a father who leaves his wife and two sons for extended periods to spend time on a small riverboat or river barge. The Name River Rats comes to mind. Early in the movie a policeman whose advances toward the mans wife are spurned in anger kills the two dogs of the older son. Later in the movie the mother contracts Cancer and dies. The elder son then accompanies his father on the river trips. As I can remember they spoke with Australian accents.


Nov 30, 2006


Nov 26, 2006 I saw this on TV when I was very young. It may have been in the late 1960's but more lke the 1970's. The part I remember seeing was the little girl looking for her mom. I believe either the girl or her mom had magical powers. At one point the girl was in a toy store pulling cellophane stuffed animals off the shelf and they were coming to life and running off. The girl was saying her mom made the stuffed animals.
The little girl was carrying a stuffed animal, possibly a lion, and when she put it down, it came to life. The movie was in color and I saw it on TV in the early to mid 70s, I believe in the early afternoon.


Nov 15, 2006 Approx: mid to late 60's, color, 60-90 min movie(i think), storyline-Asian family, Mother, 2 duaghters, son. Father either killed or abducted(?). The family was seperated. Son made into a solder. Mother and one daughter(?) sold to work. I dont remember what happened to other. Son found a home w/a wealthy man. Looked for his family, found them, discovering the mother could bearly see anymore, sister was caring for mother, the last sister turned into a swan & flys off into the sky. For some resaon this cartoon has stuck w/me & has haunted me.


Nov 9, 2006 I saw this movie on tv in the 80s but I'm not sure when the movie was from (probablly no earlier than late 70s). It's a japanese film in black and white film. The story is a young wife has an arranged marriage with an older husband. She was in love with someone else. At the end she drowns herself in the pond and the husband finds her (I think this is the last scene).


Oct 25, 2006 a couple bought this house near the ocean and the woman find a door in the kitchen that don't open but on the other side theirs nothing, but at midnight the door open and theirs an allway that bring you to an other door with a window, when the woman look through the window she see a street with people dress like in the 1930's or something, she tell that to her husband that don't believe her and after a few days the woman dissapear, the husband find an old newspaper from the 1930's in the attic with the tittle that a woman pretending to be from the future die in a asylum.


Oct 24, 2006 Many years ago, I watched a film about a poor elderly couple (British I think)who were being evicted from their home (I think). As far as I can remember, they kept going to an art gallery and staring at one paricular painting of a cottage in the countryside. The end of the film focused on the painting...and there was smoke coming from the chimney. I seem to think Barbara Mullen starred in it, but I can't swear to it! It was a lovely bitter/sweet film.


Oct 23, 2006 i'm lookin for a film mid 80s i think. there were three guys on horseback and one of them got shot near the end and died. at the end he came back to the other two in the form of a ghost and waved goodbye to them.


Oct 22, 2006 This is so obscure I'll be astonished if someone knows what movie this is from- its just a small part of a scene, but it has haunted me for years- when I was young I was watching T.V. one evening after my mom washed my hair- it had to be about early 1970's- it was in grainy black & white- looking back it seems to have had a european feel to it- but since it was on American T.V. I don't know- the scene was shot from a distance of a dwarf running for his life from an ogre around the outside pathways of a castle. When he reached the top of the castle- he was so terrified he flung himself off the tower just as the ogre caught up. Instead of hitting bare ground, he fell into a pile of hay. It sounds funny, but it wasn't. It was so creepy. Then my mom changed the channel. If this scene rings a bell with anyone- I would love to solve this old memory. Thanks. (Oh- there was no dialogue- just a low tone scary background music and I think some faint yelling by the dwarf)


Oct 15, 2006 I am looking for possibly an old 20 yr plus movie or just made for TV movie..??The gist of the story is a hidden treasure map to gold hidden behind a brick.I can still see a one room cabinI believe the people who lived there had to leaveI think I see them leaving, but I don't know why or who stayed and found the brick..or whythey looked...I can see on the inside right end wall, in the middle that a brick is removed, and someonefinds the treasure mapIt could involve friendly indians as the owner of the cabin (they wear normal white mans clothes)I am thinking it took place in the East more in the Georgia mountains or above. The hill thecabin is on more mounded and not rocky.I see a slope from the back of the cabin, and to the right and downsomeone is either lost or hiding, but it is that someone found the underground caves that held the gold. I believe I remember seeing the individual in the cave.The end..if more a happy ending that the person is found and also the gold.


Oct 11, 2006 It was a docufilm about a disabled guy who they didnt expect to live as long as he has who had made some animations.I think he was trying to make a film with the main charector being a bird.


Oct 11, 2006 The main character was a young lady who I think saw in her imagination the potential for accidents to happen in places.The preview at least had lots of animation in it and seemed to be about somthing like accidents or seeing the posibility for unfortunate events.The animation was mixed in with real life film. It look hand drawn style.


Oct 10, 2006 THEME--A BLIND WOMAN, a beach, and an operation: TV blk & wh movie, mid 50's-early 60's, about a blind woman who spends time at a beach and gets to know a man there. When he says "look at the seals", she says "I can't see them". His reply "you must be blind not to see them". Her reply "I am". As their relationship progresses, she tells him she is engaged, but will only marry if her upcoming operation restores her sight. When she finally returns, after much time, she no longer has a ring on her finger. He is thrilled to see her again, but also devastated that her last chance at sight has failed. Until .... she exclaims "Look at the seals!" He then realizes her sight has been restored, but she has broken her engagement anyway, because she is really in love with him! I saw it 2 or 3 times, and it might have been on a show such as the Loretta Young show or Hallmark Hall of Fame. The female star was brunette (such as Loretta Young or Susan Hayward).


Oct 4, 2006 I saw a made-for-television Christmas movie in the early 70's about a flight attendant who finds a boy who has lost his family at the airport. She stays with him and helps him find his family. At one point in the film they listen to the Morman Tabernacle Choir. At the end, the family and the boy are reunited and they invite the lonely woman to spend Christmas with them. It's been bugging me for years. I need to know the name of that film.


Sep 30, 2006 i seen the movie radio flyer and thats not it,its alot like that movie but its not the one i recall. the one i seen was on hbo and it does remind you of radio flyer but not quite it.

late 90s or so film about 2 boys whos dad or step dad are mean to them. he makes them fish in a pond that turns out to have no fish in it. one of the 2 boys adult friends feels sorry for them and turns a big fish loose in the pond and one of the boys catch the fish and are excited .... i think the dad kills someone and hides the body under an old car in the yard or pasture,,very touching movie,wish i could remember more or any of the actors in it..the man gets killed in the end i believe


Sep 25, 2006 Colour movie of an older date, broadcasted on TV. Story of yet older times - about 1700 - 1800? A veteran captain of a ship had a mission to deliver a secret letter to a fort. He hardly struggled through the siege from seaside. When he handed over that letter, they told him the following: nobody expected he can struggle through the siege and this letter with false information was prepared for enemies - when they find it hidden, they can never suspect it is a counterfeit. Of course, captain himself did not know about this plan. In other words, captain was sacrificed. Now he was asked to repeat his mission again. While in a smalltown fort, he met a mysterious young girl, though he was an older man. But this girl the same time fell into focus of interest of a soldier (liutenant?) from the fort. The movie ends when captain was sent to repeat his mission and to ensure this time it will be successful, also that young soldier wished to go with him. But captain, knowing the young girl will be alone then, did not allow that soldier to go and alone left the fort with his ship. The ship was then captured or destroyed.


Sep 23, 2006 Replacing a used condom leads to unexpected consequencesRecent short film, probably about 15 minutes to 20 minutes long. I saw it on TV (cable) a couple years ago (2000+). It's set in the UK, modern time.A young British couple house-sit for the girl's parents. The Dad is pretty imposing and warns the young man. The Dad works as a government official, like an ambassador or trade official or something like that. So of course they end up doing it on the parents' bed. He's out of condoms at the moment, but the girlfriend urges him just to take one of the condoms from the parents' bedstand and he can replace it later. So they do that. However, that exact package of condom seems not to be made anymore! The young man is frantic trying to replace it. Finally in desperation, the young man calls the condom company and pretends he is a movie producer and needs *that exact package of condom* for his movie.The condom company finds that exact package, but sternly warn the young man that the expiration date has come and gone. For a movie prop, it's fine--but it shouldn't be used as protection.The man's eyes dart. Desperate, he agrees and he replaces the condom in the bedstand.--the kicker of the movie is the parents' take another trip to Thailand. The kids see the parents up on the TV news. The parents are dead. They were smuggling heroin and OD'ed when a condom broke in their stomach.


Sep 13, 2006 I saw this movie in the mid 80's as a child with my mom I think it was shown on PBS so I wasn't paying that much attention to it.But what I can remember about the film is that it was set in the 1800's and there was this rich older man that was in love with a prostitute and something happens with there relationship I think he comes to realize that she's just using him, anyway the part that stuck with me the most is in the end. He has has his beautiful horse and carriage driven out into the ocean and sunk with him and I think most of his belonging in it.


Sep 5, 2006 Hello. I saw a movie in late 80s, TV, color, possibly USA movie. I remember vaguely only the final scene: Bad guy (aacompanied by a young boy?) sitting behind a computer, keyboard on his knees, programmes some laser gun or similar to shoot a good guy with a girl, together hanging in a large hall on a cable. The laser gun is pointed to this cable and bad guy leaves the room. Couple is saved when lady took off her (make-up) mirror to reflect laser.


Sep 4, 2006 I'm looking for the name of a movie I saw sometime during the 80's on cable. I don't know the stars but there are 3 main actors in it; a mother, daughter and a guy. The guy starts to date both the mother and her daughter. Later they find out that the guy is the mother's son. At the end of it (I think) he tries to kill them but they but they ending up killing him instead. It could have been on HBO, SHOWTIME, or CINEMAX.


Sep 1, 2006 an asian film, late 70s early 80s. Its about a tiger/witch who can turn itself into a human. somehow she is charged with two young girls, one of whom she eats. the scene i remember most was the one girl waking up to see her "aunt?" eating something. when she inquires the woman says " Im eating peanuts do you want one" or something like that. then she hands the girl her sisters finger. who screams and freaks.well the end of the movie ends with the girl taking a pot of boiling water and yelling to the tiger to "open your mouth, i give up i'll just jump in and you can eat me". then she dumps the pot of water in the tigers mouth and it dies. the end i think.


Aug 27, 2006 I am looking for a movie starring Valerie Harper. I believe it was on Lifetime. She is traveling on a train overseas and meets a gentleman who appears to be a wanderer. They run into each other it seems all over England and fall in love at some point. He invites her to come live with him, as she lives in the states and she does so only to find out that he owns a huge castle and is very well to do.


Aug 27, 2006 It was a film I watched in 2nd or 3rd grade during the early 80s. It was about washing/keeping clean. I remember a guy in a germ suit introducing 3 or 4 segments of stories. Each story was about a kid who was being spoken to by cleaning products around him/her. The last segment was of a boy in a bathroom talking to the soap, towels and other toiletries. They were telling him he had to take a shower regularly and should also wash the bath mat with the laundry. The bath mat then flings the kid into the shower. Finally it cuts back to the germ host who is getting washed away by a bunch of suds.


Aug 27, 2006 The movie was from some European country I think, judging by the accent might have been Itallian. It was in colour and I watched only part of it on TV (SBS channel). The story was about a guy who had found himself in some bizzare dream like world. Things happened in a very non-logical way, just like it happens in a dream. And just like dreams, even though things had no logic, but they all meant something and were saying something about someone's subconscious thoughts. The guy started thinking he was dreaming, but then met a girl who told him that maybe these are not his dreams. Maybe someone else is dreaming them! The guy would then kill people at random trying to kill the person who's dreaming them, so that he could be freed from this bizzare world.Other things I remember about the movie... Many bizzare things. For instance the guy would eat his own mother every now and then (and just like the weirdest things seem normal in a dream, to him it was very normal)!!! She would come out of a bag and start complaining to him about why he hasn't visited her. He would bring out a knife and fork. Then the mum would ask "are you going to eat me again son"? He would say "mum, you know it's unavoidable"!There was a man who would pass the guy by every now and then, pause for a second and then tell him "don't say anything! it would be old news once you say it!"There were also scenes with Jesus living amongst them. Jesus worked in a casino where people were wearing all black cloths. Jesus and his assistant would read to them how they were going to die.


Aug 23, 2006 I saw this film, if it was indeed a film, when I was a kid. This would probably be in the 1980's. I think it was on tv, and in color. What I remember is a man laying on a bed, and then some form of straps or bars emerge from the bed and cover him. The bed either flips around or he sinks into the bed at that point and is transported somewhere else. I also have the impression he may have ended up strapped to a slab, with lions or a big cat threatening to eat him.


Aug 16, 2006 Im 27 ,I used to watch a movie when i was a kid probably around the same time as " Cloak & Dagger" same type movie I thank . All i remember is a little boy going into the forest meeting a man. one of the lines in the movie the man told the boy that "He could never have enough rope" I thought the man in the forest was Daniel Stern or someone that looked like him ive searched all his movies and cant find it


Aug 15, 2006 Martial Arts Film, saw it in the 70's. The young boy had brothers that could fight really well, especially with thier hair. They were all defeated by a man with white hair and a long white beard. The boy went on a mission to defeat the man. Well, the boy beat the snot out of the man down a long stair case from a temple the man was living in. It ends with the boy smashing the old man on the lead with his elbow and freezes with that scene. I thought this was a really good movie. It used to come on Kung Fu theater when I was a child, and I have never seen it again.


Aug 4, 2006 I'm looking for the title of a short film (I believe under 20 minutes) which I saw in the 1980's (definitely prior to 1986). I saw it on film in my high school English class in Canada.The entire film was shown on one passenger train car. Initially there were several passengers, but each time the train passed through a tunnel, one of the passengers disappeared. At the end, the camera switches to an exterior view and we see an empty old fashioned passenger train car moving down the tracks with no engine or other cars attached. I seem to recall it was in color. There was no dialogue, though I seem to recall that there were sound effects.


Aug 2, 2006 No, sorry...I've seen "Nightmare in Badham County" several times, and that's not the film I had in mind. "Nightmare" was in color, the film I saw was B&W. The film I saw wasn't on a prison farm (like "Nightmare"), but a girls' reformatory.

I saw a black and white film in the early 1970s that was set at either a girls' reform school or girls' prison. There was a sadistic matron that the girls called "Smitty." Near the end of the film, one of the girls (in an effort to frame Smitty) goes into her room/cell and cuts her gums with a razor so that they bleed. She then slams her head in the door several times until it's bruised and bleeding. She runs into the warden's office and points at Smitty while yelling "She hit me! Fire her!" Judging from the clothes and hairstyles, I'd guess that this movie was made in the early 1960s.


Aug 1, 2006 Hi, I have been looking for this film for a long timeand i cant remember the name nor the actors, i know it was between 1980 and 1993, it may have been an action film, its where a guy in a small town/village has trouble with some of the local yobs, maybe mafia, and this girl turns up and gets kidnapped by these people, the guy also has a pet deer to which gets killed by the bad guys and they hang it up in side the good guys cabin while hes out.... hope you can help as been lokking for this film now for ten years atleast...thanks it is colour


Jul 31, 2006 My mother claims she say this movie when she was 16 so between 1975-1980. Its about a man who falls in love with a female singer the he believes is more than just the impression she gives off to the world. He ends up convincing her that she should spend one day with him in order for her to fall in love with him. She finally gives in and agrees to spend one day on the condition that afterwards he would leave her alone. So on the day of their date he takes her to all kinds of places like: the bus station, the train station and the airport wondering why people can't say goodbye in any other time in their lifes. That only, when they are leaving for some place does the thought occur to say goodbye. She falls in love with him.


Jul 31, 2006 This movie was done in the early to mid-80s. It's about two brothers, one is the black sheep of the family and is named Scott (looks like Matt Dillon). The family is wealthy and jokes often at formal dinner parties about how Scott (age 17) wants to be a boat builder, not a savvy businessman. He runs away from home and ends up working on a small ranch for a wife and husband (I really think it's Michael Landon). The husband feels Scott is running from his problems. They get into a huge fight and Scott is now on the street selling drugs. His first deal is for $50, but he drops the cocaine down the sewer after he freaks seeing cops drive by. His brother eventually finds him...don't know how it ends.Thanks!


Jul 30, 2006 british movie in color set in late 19th century and a woman who was wearing a formal dress/gown falls into the mud. Men were clamoring over her.


Jul 30, 2006 I saw this series of short tales on Cinemax or the Movie Channel during the mid 80's. One of the tales was set during the medieval period in which a couple of women were competing for the farm hands. One of the women had an over-bite with brown hair and the other women were of a lower class in the manor, but was an attractive brunette. The farm hand was able to seduce one of the women in a hay loft which made the other woman jealous. The short tale were composed of people wearing period dress, sort of low cut english maid servant dresses and the farm had over-hauls. The characters spoke in formal english.


Jul 28, 2006 ok looking for a film involved four main people in it....few of the scenes as follows two women by the pool area talking about there love life with there men not to good..then they say about masterbation and take off there swimming gear but a man comes in to clean the pool area anyway they watch the guy the blonde women and the dark haired women then talk about masterbating while other one watches and the blonde is on sofa and dark hair women is in front of glass door windows...later they have a scene in the office and materbate again and at then end of scene they kiss..but admit there not lesbians...then later in film something to do with one of there guys dont like wot there doing coz reminds him of his childhood....but later they swap there partners and in the end they all go back to there original partners... guess it was made 80s or 90s seen it a few times on british tv channel five but cant remember film tital or people involved..just remember four main people in the movie...and a few sex scenes involving all the people at different times..


Jul 27, 2006 I saw this movie on TV when I was a child in 1971 or 1972. It was in black & white and judging by the car and the clothes, it took place in the 1950s or early 1960s. Unfortunately, I don't know who was in the movie, but I do remember some lines. It starts off with a crow on a wooden fence as a couple, a man in a suit and a woman in a fitted skirt and jacket, is driving down a gravel road to a small town maybe in the midest. A boy is bouncing a ball when the car pulls into town and they ask him directions. His mother tells him not to talk to strangers. The town is very dusty and everyone looks mysterious and suspicious. The couple ends up at what looks like a barn where 3 people live; mom, dad and daughter (who's a dumb/simple blonde). This daughter bought a pair of stockings and she was showing them off. She was laying on the bed and said something like, "I bought these stockings for a dime; that's a nickle for each leg." Then they are being chased around the hay loft but you don't see who is chasing them since only the feet are shown. At one point, someone steps on a doll's head that was in the hay and it squeaks. The film ends with the mom, dad and daughter being tied to the poles in the barn and someone sets the barn on fire. The couple are still running, go over a small hill and duck down to watch the barn burn. They get in their car and drive off down that same gravel road and the camera pans to the crow on the wooden fence.I don't know if this movie was made for TV or is a "classic" that was being shown on TV. But I would like to see it now as an adult to see if it makes sense. This movie is haunting me and I would be so grateful if you can tell me what it is.


Jul 20, 2006 Hi. It was an American Film and I think it was shown on channel five (in England)late at night. I didn't catch the begining, I think I started watching it half way through.I saw this pretty woman with long dark brown hair lying in a double bed. Outside her son (i think) was in the garden. There was a maid (i think) with shortish curly blonde hair. She was flirting with the woman in beds husband.The whole family thought the woman in bed (sorry, I can't remember any names) was drunk, but in fact the 'maid' was drugging her so as she could steal her husband.Anyway, the husband was tiring of his wife always in bed and seemed to be falling out of love for her. When one day he walked past the bathroom to see the maid taking a shower. He joins her.The maid then sees the couple's daughter tending to her horse and flirting with the stable boy. The maid then watches them get hot and heavy in the stable. She then has sex with the boy herself and tries to make it look like she was raped.The boy goes to prison I think. But eventually he gets let out. The boy and the daughter then climb a big cliff and the maid goes after them to kill them.The husband finds out and follows them and manages to shoot the maid before she can kill anyone.


Jul 18, 2006 I watched a movie about ten years ago. It was about a girl swimmer, who meets a boy and they fall in love. I remember he gave her something like a necklace. He dies in a car accident. They play Bryan Adams song "Star".


Jul 18, 2006 There was a movie on HBO sometime in the early to mid 80's. I believe it was about two sisters that had somesort of fire starter powers - they may have been twins. I do know that they get seperated because of their powers.


Jul 17, 2006 Saw this film on TV late one night when could not sleep, possibly in the late 80's or early 90's. Woman leaves husband, aand she goes to live with a girlfriend (I remember about friend giving her a room upstairs - or in the attic). She may have gone to college at night and meets a much younger man (college student) and falls in love. She is nervous about dating such a younger person. Never goes back to the husband, who I seem to remember wants her back.I seem to remember that the star character appeared in things like the "Loveboat".


Jul 17, 2006 This was a black & white film that was shown in the overseas movie theaters when I lived overseas between 1968 and 1972. I only remember the final scene where the hero is riding away in the back of a military jeep and a sniper shoots him in the back from behind the rubble of a building.


Jul 14, 2006 This movie is animated and in color. I just remember watching it on a tape, but I don't know if it was rented or recorded off the tv. It's probably from the mid to late 80's. I think that there was at least a boy and a girl, but I'm sure there were other characters that I'm forgetting. I only remember two scenes. One is when they are at a place that looks like it's all ice. The ground is white and shimmery, but it might not actually be ice. There are also large robot-looking things that are shooting at them. The second scene is the kids shimmyiny across a pipe, hanging from it, moving with their hands only. I think they were trying to sneak into a castle or a factory or something, and the pipe was going across a moat or some kind of large gap. I remember the kids looked pretty real. I mean, they weren't animated in a funny way or anything.


Jul 12, 2006 Very little to go on for this, This was an American-made-looking black-&-white film I saw a large part of it on AMC or PBS or TCM about 4 years ago (and never got to see the ending!) Film is probably an early 40's or earlier looking film (effects-wise)- There was an unhappy woman living in a mansion on the water and a haunted-looking boat/ship anchored across from her home - She would swim there to get the captain- recluse looking individual - to move the ship away due to it's creepyness...or something like that...Slow moving film.


Jul 11, 2006 I saw a movie (color) on tv around the early 70's about a woman that had a perfect life, husband, kids,etc. but when the went to sleep at night she had nightmares about her husband trying to kill her, terrible kids, all around bad life. She finally goes to a doctor and what reality is, is that her real awake life is her terrible life and her dreams are her perfect life. It was a great twist for the ending. I have no idea of any actors who were in it.


Jul 10, 2006 I must resubmit this request for the 80's movie guru out there who knows the answer. Although the result given was about a video arcade, "Bishop of Battle" from "Nightmares" is most definitely NOT the "HBO Short Take" I'm after... the guy in the arcade spoof I remember was definitely NOT Emilio Estevez...

This was an HBO Short Take from the late 70's or early 80's, color. It was about a guy in a video arcade who is unchallenged by all the games and gets all the high scores. Finally, along comes a new game to challenge him--some sort of jet simulator. It takes several outlets for electrical power, shorts out all the other games, and the guy actually has to strap into the thing. While flying around, he gets shot at and the bullets are a little too realistic for a video game. Eventually he catches his arcade jet on fire and ejects out of the arcade through the ceiling. I think it might have been called mig alley or similar--I remember the word mig (russian plane company). I'm looking for any additional information--film-maker, actor name, and ultimately a copy of this video. I have not seen any mention of it after scouring the found pages and the internet for months.


Jul 9, 2006 I saw this movie in the early 80's.It was a about a man that goes to a high security prison.I remember scenes when he is locked in a very small place.His wife sends him some kind of candy that is actually covering a hidden message about a escape.And one night he tries to escape and asks his wife to build a big fire.I remember that she built the fire but I don't think he manages to get there.


Jul 8, 2006 I looking for a martial arts movie I saw around the mid or late 80's with title "the 6 ninjas" or "6 ninjas". The movie is about a couple of teenagers that go to camp and find a portal in the woods as their walking find a portal that leads them to place where a man trains them and gives them medallions and they transform into ninjas and fight crime. They can only use their powers a certain amount of times. They finally realize that their powers are gone when they encounter a giant man and can't use their medallions anymore.


Jul 4, 2006 I have very little information regarding this film. Both times I saw it was on TV. Color. Looked like it would have been made in the 70's or 80's. Setting NY or that area. The main actor I believe was a Duncan or Campbell not sure of this or if first or last name. He works for, I believe, a government agency as an analyst? and he meets an older man who is played by one of the veteran actors, ie., Gene Hackman? or of that class. In the movie the main character is invited by the older man to meet his daughter sometime socially. However, each time he trys the older man says she is sick or unavailable. As it goes on the main character's secret information is the target and there is a scene on a ferry boat in the harbor where a woman is to assasinate him but he is saved by someone he thought was stalking him. One other thing, there is a girl in the main character's office who really loves the main character, but he is oblivious to her while waiting to meet the older man's daughter, which never happens. Mystery, Intrigue, etc.


Jun 23, 2006 I saw this movie when i was comming bak from a trip to Utah. It was in Spanish, it was about a female college teacher who falls in love with her male student, but shes married and has a daughter, she has an affair with him, i think the class she was teaching was Photography, and when theyre *ahem* being intimate, he takes pictures of her and somehow the roll gets out and everyone finds out that they are together. I think it was made in 1990's. It was in color.


Jun 22, 2006 I am looking to track down a film that I saw a few times while in elementary school during the late '70's. I recall the film being black and white and played on a film projector and involved young kids or children looking for hidden treasure chest with a map of clues. Toward the middle or the end, I recall seeing a castle, either being on an island or a bluff where on kid is looking for clues or found the treasure.


Jun 7, 2006 The movie was a made for television movie and I cannot remember the name, but I remember that the people were in what I would call wooden cabins, women were dressed in long dresses and I don't believe it was pioneer times probably later than that. I remember a woman with brown hair and I think a child died and this woman was beautiful in the beginning, but in the end of this movie she had gotten very old and ugly almost witch like and ended up being alone and the man that I believe she was after ended up walking away from her. If you can help me find these titles, so that I may possibly find them out there I would greatly appreciate it.


Jun 7, 2006 I believe it was the 1980's Paterson, N.J. had a cable station that only permitted one station and continuous viewing. On this station there was a martial arts movie and I remember it opening with a older man with believe it or not very long teeth and the village was attacked. One of the men was terrified and ran away from the village and either went to work for or trained on his martial arts. I remember him flipping around on bamboo doing all sorts of tricks and in the end I believe he went back to fight and save his village. I know this sounds like most martial arts movies, but the man with the long teeth sticks out at me as well as the runaway that learns to do these tricks. This is one of my favorite martial arts movies and I would love to get the name and try to find it. I have searched high and low and keep coming up with nothing.


Jun 7, 2006 It is a movie I saw like 8 years ago in a channel calle Locomotion, which I belive is a Spanish Channel for anime. Before it used to show a lot of Artistic animation for adults as well as south park and stressed erci and shows like that. Yes, it was a cartoons channel but for adults. This movie was showed during the late movie sunday Locotomia. It was about to brothers I believe because they looked exactly the same with glasses that have to get to the City of Angels or Los Angeles. I think they were dead and angels followed the and at the end they go to heaven. The plot is how they get there starting in jail clothes (black and white stripes) I not remember if they escaped but they go in a van and lots of characters appear like the mob (mafia) guy with cocrodile skin and an old man that dies because of a bomb in the van. It was a great film. One of the best I've seen and I've seen lots. It almost makes you forget they are cartoons.


Jun 5, 2006 I saw a western movie once when I was quite young; best estimate would be sometime around late 1950s or early 60's. I was born in 1957 and was very young when I saw this at a movie theater. I think it was about some people travelling somewhere via covered wagon and they get ambushed by Indians. There is a time (it seems a long time) that they are stuck with a broken wagon wheel and then near the end of the film they manage to fix the wheel and get moving again. I think they are travelling up a steep slope possible crossing a mountain range. Another thing I recall is a scene of a man who gets shot in the back while riding a horse. I think it happened near the end of the movie.As a kid I remember I thought that the whole movie was about fixing the wagon so they could escape the indians and get where they were going. I can't be sure if it was in colour or not but the images in memory seem in colour.


May 27, 2006 this isnt a movie its a pbs series i saw in school in 86-87. it was some futuristic thing with like 20 or 30 parts each i think only 10 or 15 minutes long. cant remember too much of the story line. but its these school age kids on a space adventure. theyre on earth at one point and thirsty and asking the computer if they can eat these green round things they find (watermelons). their uniforms were red with silver edges kind of in the style of the aliens on "v". i remember all the classes in that grade like 100 kids going nut for this stupid series. another one i remember is theyre in a mine shaft riding in a car on the tracks. another part i think they have to answer riddles to be let through a door or killed. it was mostly a boy and girl team. having these little 10 minute adventures. note: the teacher had alot of them taped ready to go, so they might be a little older than 86-87. someone else had to have seen these. i'd be happy if someone just submitted that they remember them too. and maybe give a little more info


May 26, 2006 Black and white. Saw on late-night TV in the 70's. Woman lying dead in a coffin in an old mansion with a black veil over her face. She may have jumped in front of a train and become disfigured. Another woman/her twin sister may have been part of the plot?


May 26, 2006 This would be the type of movie you would see on LifeTime or Lifetime Movie Network. The scene that will jog someone's memory is the very opening. It's a casket in a hearse. On top of the casket is attached a bell (and of course the bell is ringing to indicate that the person in the casket is not yet dead). I belive the movie takes place in a nursing home where all the old ladies are picked off one by one.


May 25, 2006 Hi, I caught this movie about 2 years ago on tv and can not remember the name of it and want to see it again. It had a black lady who was heavy set that was like in a cheesey way casting spells for this white girl and black guy who both were dating other people (but hooked up on occassion) to end up together. Toward the end the white chick realizes she loves the black guy and goes to find him but he has taken off to tour with this small jazz type band in clubs. Eventually they end up getting together. I remember the white chic had this thing that she told guys come to me when it if it started raining there were suppose to find her so they can be together. It also showed that when it stormed out the black lady was like doing the spell thing in this little shop. I believe the shop she (the black lady) had was close to the girls apartment, cause all the characters would go into the shop and talk to the black lady. And the title of the movie I kinda remember being a longer title , like 5-8 words or something. I believe it is about 2-5 years old. I also remember there were quite a few scenes were the white girl (who kinda looked like actress Lauren Graham to me but wasn't) was taking a bath with the black guy...or she would be taking a bath and he would come in and sponge her back for her. She lived in an apartment and wrote in a diary alot also.


May 23, 2006 i saw this film any time between 1977-1986, it was set during the second world war. the film was in colour and was about a group of resistance fighters and the gestapo's hunt for them. i remember two scenes - firstly, a villager being doused in petrol and set alight whilst tied to a chair he was then thrown into the river/stream he was next to.secondly an informer has his fingers tacked to a table and the gestapo officer slices his fingers with a carving knife.


May 20, 2006 im looking for a movie i saw back in or around 1956 it was a western but not a cowboy movie in the true sence of cowboy i rember very little only that it took place in an area similar to what montana would look like there was snow and i remember horses being ridden across canyons and the story was mainly about horses.


May 16, 2006 Hello, I am looking for the name of a made for tv movie that aired in the 80s. It based on a true story about a young child getting kidnapped im not sure what the sex of the child was. Anyways the kidnapper dresses the child like the opposite sex so he or she won't be recognized. years later this child sees its dad in some public place and tries to get him to notice. I think Corey Feldmen might have been in the movie.


May 10, 2006 It is a foreign film made in either 1980 or 1990. It has 3 ghosts in what I beleive is a nursing home and they think that they are angels. They are not bad and want to remember their past lives but can't. 2 of them fall in love " the ghosts or angels I mean " somehow they realize they have only a short amount of time to remember, since when one of the old people dies they go too. either to take them to heaven or to be reincarnated. I know that they end up together in the end and I think it is because they were lovers in the past ( 1940's ?) It starts in the present but because of the clothing I can not narrow it down. Saw it on cable 4 years ago.


May 8, 2006 I believe this film was made in the 1940's or 1950's, in black and white. I saw it on TV in the 1960's, and our TV was black and white, so I can't be positive of that. A man (In my memory he seems to be Cary Grant) is locked up in an attic room by two women (sisters?) and held for several years. They feed him through an opening; he finally gets out by grabbing one of the women as she is passing food to him. I think he kills them.


May 3, 2006 Large Budget Science Fiction Film from the 50s. Black & White. Large cast in a futuristic city populated with people and slim robotic slaves. I only remember the ending where the people have to fight the robots and escape to a spaceship before the city explodes. There is a big war scene with lots of hand to hand combat with the robots. This played on Saturday morning movies a lot in the late 1960s/early 70s. Resembles "This Island Earth" and "Attack of the Mole People" but it is neither of these films. The humanoid robots were way cool. The word "City" might be in the title.


Apr 28, 2006 This is a movie about two sisters that arrive to a town. One of the sisters is in a wheelchair as a consequence of a car accident that happened when the other, older sister was driving. In the town they meet a man that tries to help them (maybe a policeman). Perhaps the older sister had met him before. He seems to be attracted to the older sister. The sister in the wheelchair is bitter about her condition and does not get along well with the man. She is a good artist (painter). He accommodates them in a small house in the countryside. It turns out that the sisters are fleeing from a mafia-like guy that was involved with the older sister and now is trying to catch them because the girl knows too much about his dealings. The men (I think two) pursuing them finally manage to locate them and kill the older sister who is trying to escape along a dusty road. They then go to the house to kill the other sister. They engage into a fight with the man protecting them in a gallery deck in front of the house. The girl in the wheelchair kills the assailants with a gun, that I think was given to her by the man for protection when he went out to try to find the older sister. The final scene shows the man going inside the house to call the police to report the killings, but as he picks up the phone he sees on the table a drawing of him made by the girl in the wheelchair. He hangs up without talking to the police. Probably the movie is from the 70's or 80's, I believe in color. I saw it in TV around 1992.


Apr 28, 2006 This movie is about a sort of avenger who kills gangsters or perhaps drug dealers. One detail is that the killer packs the bags of his victims inside the hotel rooms they occupy, and then kills them with a crossbow when they come out to the street. It was black & white, and by the look of the cars in the film it seems to be from the 1930's or 40's. I think it was a German film. The police is baffled and looks for the killer, who I think turned out to be an old man living in a house, probably alone. Several times in the movie there is a scene that shows an old car (the killer's) leaving the house (without showing the killer's face) going to commit another murder. I saw it in TV around 1970.


Apr 24, 2006 The film that I try to find was made in the 80s and recorded mainly in Hong Kong. It is about a man (probably the father, not sure) that tries to find a guy (so maybe his son) that got involved in the criminal world in Hong Kong. The story of the film is not that interesting, but there are some interesting screenings of Hong Kong.


Apr 14, 2006 Very little to go on for this, but it's driving me mad! This was an American-made-looking black-&-white film I saw a large part of it on AMC about 4 years ago (and never got to see the ending!) Film is probably an early 60's or earlier looking film (effects-wise)- There was an unhappy woman living in a mansion on the water and a haunted-looking boat/ship anchored across from her home - She would swim there to get the captain to move the ship away due to it's creepyness...or something like that...Thanks...


Apr 13, 2006 I know the name of the movie I am looking for but I would like to obtain the movie and I have looked EVERYWHERE. The movie is a 1996, CBC made for TV movie called 'Giant Mine'. I thought since you deal with movies and people who know movies that maybe you could help me. My husband was an extra in this film and I would like to get a copy for him. Thanks, Stephanie.


Apr 6, 2006 I saw a movie on TV in the late 70s/early 80s about a man who is having an affair. Near the end, he decides that he is going to kill his wife and go off with his mistress. Unfortunately, his mistress shows up early to his house and he kills her by mistake. In the end, the husband falls into some type of construction pit in the back of the house and winds up dying.


Apr 5, 2006 I'm looking for a movie that has a young pregnant couple in it. Made in the 60's or 70's. I saw on regular tv in the 70's. Anyway, the witch ending up taking the place of the pregnant woman. It was almost as if the woman had made some kind of deal with the witch to leave her alone.


Apr 4, 2006 a black and white movie, probably early 1960s. about an older jewish man who befriends a getile girl, who is unmarried. it is set in the USA, probably New York, but I do not remember for sure. at one point of the movie he invites her to synagogue, and later she invites him to church. He also enlists help from another friend to give this girl a makeover, like see how pretty she is without glasses, letting her hair down, etc. I saw this movie when I was a child, I remember enjoying, but I never saw it again and its been driving me crazy all of these years!! Hope you can help.


Mar 31, 2006 I saw a MovieI think between 1979 1985 it was about a it was set in the early 20's I think.It followed a famely over a long period of time. May have been a t.v mini series not sure. I do remember a little girl drowning in the movie while going for a walk along a river. she said that she liked to walk the river at night and look at the moon. I also think may have been made in the mountains or something


Mar 27, 2006 I saw this film in the late 1980's or early 1990's on TV. I don't know how old the film was at that time. I'm guessing it was a theatrical release. It is in color. It is set in the English or Scottish countryside and it is about a radio host (BBC). It is basically his life, ups and downs, and so forth. I remember a scene with a car driving through the countryside. As I remember it, it ends with a lovely little monologue about radio. The radio host is on the air, and there is an elderly woman in her home listening. It is a holiday, possibly Christmas. The radio host says something like - we are not alone today because I am here and you are home listening to me, so we are together. He talks about how radio - having a live person talking to you from a studio - connects you to him. Thanks for anything you can do.


Mar 25, 2006 I saw this movie at a theatre in Hong Kong. I'm not sure what year it was made, looks like 60s or 70s by the way the actors dress. It's colour and in English. Three main characters, a woman and her daughter (very young, about 10 years old) and the woman's girlfriend. There's some kind of conspiracy going on, the friend tried to make the woman believe that she was a lunatic. There's one scene, she showed her daughter a new yellow dress she just bought, her daughter said she had bought this dress already, it's in the closet, when the woman found the exact same dress, she started to rip apart the one she's wearing, staring at herself in the mirror. She found out her friend's been lying to her... and the end of the movie is the daughter drawing a happy picture..Please I've been trying so hard to find out the title of this movie.


Mar 23, 2006 Made for TV circa 1977-1978. A highly successful model has an accident at a big glamorous party when she backs up or falls back into a plate glass window - leaving her with devastating back pain (she's not paralyzed or disfigured) - she becomes a heroin addict, selling fur coat and everything and hits bottom - somehow, she gets surgery and wakes up and says something like "it's gone - there's no more pain."


Mar 23, 2006 Political thriller - possibly Spanish language - set in a Latin American country - two men work together to engineer a political revolution. In final scene, we see one man walk toward a government building where he will be assuming a role of power; the other man is seen through the target sight of a gun, about to be assassinated.Range - late 70s to early 90s, sorry I can't remember country or any actors


Mar 21, 2006 I vaguely recall a film from when I was a boy, although it may have been older than I. I would guess it was from the early-'60s. It was a British or American film, and it was primarily about a man who either gets a complete vintage car from the scrapyard and restores it, or assembles a vintage car from bits. The car looked very like an old MG-TD. I believe that the other main character was a boy. (No, it wasn't "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang"). Thanks in advance.


Mar 21, 2006 I'm hoping to find the name of an episode of (I believe) either "Tales of the Darkside" or "Tales of the Unexpected", which I saw in about 1982, '83 or '84. It may have been a rerun then, but not by much. The episode in question was about a teenage girl who was babysitting a young boy (?) in a house at night, and was rather mean to him. She got her comeuppance in some manner. Sorry; I know that's not much to go on. Thanks in advance.


Mar 14, 2006 I'd really appreciate any help on this one. This black & white movie I saw on t.v. probably early or mid 1970's. All I can recall is a lady who has a birdcage placed over her head and there is 1 or 2 birds flying around inside the cage. I think there are two men in the room with her. Might be doctors or professors??? but nobody helps her.

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