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Oct 4, 2010 I'm trying to find a movie, possibly early to mid 80's. There are groups of people trying to find a treasure or end place. They use clues to get to the next destination. The only parts I remember are 2 groups on and elevator outside of a hotel. One group looks down and sees a room number, possibly spelled out by cars in the parking lot? The other team sees them celebrating and see the room number as well. In the end most of the teams arrive at the room/floor at the same time.


Sep 26, 2010 I saw this film at a movie theater in 1978 or 1979. I don't remember very much, except that it's very very sad. It was in color, and was probably an American film (?). I remember it was about a couple having problems and wanting to get a divorce. They have two children, a boy and a girl, both very young (under 10 years of age). The kids wanted their parents to stay together, but the parents (separated?) were each already involved in another relationship at this point. The kids did all sorts of things to try to make the parents fall back in love again, but it just didn't work out. Finally, the couple decided to go through with the divorce, and announced their decision to the kids. Needless to say, the kids were devastated. The night before the final split up, the two kids decided to run away to their grandmother's. They left in the middle of the night. It was raining very hard, and for some reason they stopped in the middle of the trip (I think they were too weak, or too sick to continue). The brother (the elder of the two) could not go on anymore. He told his sister to go ahead without him, and they said their good-byes there. I remember the last scene of the film was the morning after -- there's this big tree with red leaves all over it, and the boy was found under the tree, dead! This film (I believe) was later adopted and made into this Hong Kong movie called "quan2 jia1 fu2" [a.k.a. "A Family Affair"] in 1984, and was a big hit there. In the Hong Kong version they turned it into a happy ending though.


Aug 19, 2010 I've been trying for years to find at the least, the title of this movie I saw many times as a child during the late 1950s to the early 1960s. The film was aired on TV on the 'Sunday Afternoon Movie' on broadcast TV (ABC, CBS, NBC). The movie was American, Black and White, and probably made in the early 1940s (perhaps even the late 1930s). I do remember the female lead character was a young girl about 8-10 years old and her name was 'Cassie'. The film takes place in the country where Cassie and her best friend, a male boy same age as Cassie live. I believe they were next door neighbors and there families were close friends. Most of the movie takes place and is centered on and during their childhood. I particularly remember the swimming hole where they often played/swam.When they're in their teens, Cassie's friend moves away and eventually they lose touch. I can't recall the reason for the move; but considering the time it took place it could have been the depression or the war. Cassie never really gets over the loss of her friend. Never really goes on with her life.I recall a lot of melancholy scenes.The next part I remember is at the end of the movie. Her friend returns many years later looking for Cassie, but I think her family had also moved away by that time. He returns back to the swimming hole, and via flashbacks reminisces about Cassie and their childhood together. I recall this was the ending and was very sad. I think he's crying. I have the feeling that Cassie might have died. I know this movie is NOT 'King's Row'. The only similarity is that the female lead's name is 'Cassie'.


Jul 3, 2010 There was an American movie that I rented in the early to mid nineties that looked like it was made around that same time period, about a young deaf boy and his family who, I think, move into a new house. The movie focuses on the boy who goes to an abandoned house or building close to the new house where he discovers a ghost boy whom he befriends. In one scene, the ghost boy and the main boy play together with some kind of small rubber ball. The only other thing I can remember is that there is a chalkboard involved at some point that the ghost boy writes something on.


Jul 1, 2010 My brother and I watched an animated movie on HBO in the early 80s. It was about a group of superheros and was very funny. It had to have been rated R because there was loads of swearing in the film. I thought for sure that the name of the movie was, "The Big red One" which we know from a classic movie. The only scene I really remember was a Superman type character riding on top of an atomic bomb like a total screwball.


Jun 30, 2010 This was an 80's movie, no later than very early 90's. It was about a group of teenaged kids living in either an orphanage or some type of juvenile detention center. I remember the kids flicked each off to say goodbye (middle finger, the bird, whatever). I remember one of the kids was being taken away and his friends stood and watched him go. They flicked him off and he returned the gesture through the back window of the car. At some point the kids go on the run, either to find the kid that was taken or just to get out of their bad situation. I also seem to remember a part where they hide out at some random house (NOT the Legend of Billie Jean, but maybe similar scene?). I think one of the girls in the group asks the kid that was leading them why he "never takes advantage of her," or something along those lines.


Jun 28, 2010 I watched this creepy TV movie/show one night in the 80's with my family.It could have been late 70's but I think it's 80's. I think it may have been British. Set in London or somewhere like that. It was filmed sort of like a play but not like with one stage. It was more elaborate than a stage play. It was set in a tailor shop and the owners would lure customers in who needed services and drug them or somthing and then stuff them and use them for mannequins. It was really twisted and I don't know why my parents let us watch it.


Jun 26, 2010 I saw a movie about twelve years ago, so it's probably a 90's movie. It was about a sister who came to live with her businessman brother and he becomes jealous and somewhat obsessed with her and loses interest in his girlfriend/fiance. The end of this dramatic movie ends tragically I believe.


Jun 24, 2010 i believe it was made in the late 70's or early 80's in color i saw it on tv,it takes place in the u.s i believe there is a lake or ocean nearby but the house is remote there is a mother and daughter and somehow a stranger shows up both mother and daughter treat him as son/brother and seem to believe he is,,there is a lot of voyeurism with the younger woman appearing totally nude she finally seduces him and then i,m not sure what happens but i believe he winds up dead and stuffed in a well. I'm sorry but that's about all i can remember other than the young woman was really nice to look at and she was blond one more thing i believe someone made a mistake putting it on normal tv.


Jun 22, 2010 I saw this movie in Puerto Vallarta on TV on New Years Eve 2005. It was in English. It opened with a young couple planned to rob a briefcase (containing money) from a car. They were posing as squeegie kids. A gun went off the girl runs into a subway tunnel her boyfriend doesn't show up then does They hop on the subway. There the young man goes through a strange occurrence when a black preacher and his ?son get on the subway and begin to wash peoples feet and preach the gospel. Some nasty brutes get on and try to be tough. This young man (who had been in the robbery) began to help the preacher and washed his feet for him. The girl realizes something is not right as his blood dissolves from his shirt. They get off the train He gives away the stolen money he cannot get through the turnstyle she does The movie ends in heaven where there are a bunch of people looking around wondering what they are doing there. (ie) new arrivals They are met in the field by people that have passed before them He is met by his mom. This movie was written by someone like a movie star? a singer? The memory of it stays with me


Jun 21, 2010 The movie I'm looking for is probably mid-80's. I remember there being an black family living in a new home. There was at least a brother and sister. I remember a maze of tunnels behind a standing vanity mirror. I remember an older black man chasing the brother through a maze of tunnels but he was able to make it to his house before he got caught and the parents don't realize that the man was chasing him. I also remember he had a little puzzle set that was made of mirrors.


Jun 16, 2010 I saw this movie on one of the early 90's cable networks, probably HBO. It was about some beautiful redhead woman whose husband (and very young son?) was away, (I don't think they were in America?)perhaps with work, and she became infatuated with a local sort of rugged "badboy" man. He was a brunette, muscley short hair jeans kind of hunk type guy. I remember a lake with a floating platform out in it and he was there with a naked woman sunbathing. The main character (a "good" girl) sort of started falling in love / lust with the guy. There was a scene which involved some sort of Asian area like a china town? She becomes jealous / upset about another woman as she tries to fit into the "bad" lifestyle and upsets a candle or something and starts a fire. The badgirl (that was on the platform) tells her to go back to her own life or something. Finally there was a very steamy outdoor love-making scene, which was nearly steamy enough to call soft-porn. (I've been trying to locate this movie by looking up redhead pinups). The woman is dealing with a real crisis as she wants this lifestyle of kind of romantic freedom, yet that's not really her. It ends in her own house, the guy is there with her in the shadows as her husband is coming in? She is saying she wants to stay with him and he is saying no no no you don't know how lucky you are you have a family, you can't come with me. then she see's her husband (and baby?) and seems to remember all of her love and simply forgets about the other guy who watches for a second and then melts away. I remember being absolutely hypnotized by this movie and I am a horror/action freak. The cinematography I remeber being fantastic and the movie itself was extremely well made. I stared at the credits and when the woman came up, I recall thinking "Oh! I've heard of her!" I have been trying to remember that familiar name now for the past almost 2 decades!


Jun 10, 2010 It was non-fiction, I believe. There were children looking at various sculptures made of sugar. Like castles and snow flakes and such and I think the sugar was tinted different colours (pastel pinks and blue, etc.) I think it was possibly filmed in Europe. it might have been at a festival in winter. I saw this film (literally, 16mm film: at least, I watched it via that medium) in approximately 1989-90 in my "Anglais" class, in Montreal (Edouard VII school). From what I remember of it, it looked like it was shot in either the '70s or early '80s.


Jun 8, 2010 I saw this film between 1976 and 1979 at french school in British Columbia. The film was in French with English subtitles. It was a humourous look at a bunch of pre-teen kids from poor backgrounds building go-karts and racing them. There was a cute kiss scene and a funny boy peeing on the wall scene. The film was in colour but everyone was wearing drab clothes.


Jun 6, 2010 I'm trying to find out the name of a movie I saw in the late 1970's. It is about a Paso Fina horse and a young boy. A couple of the scenes in the movie that I remember is, a man in a white suit riding the horse in a show ring and he puts a glass of wine on top of his head to show how smooth the horse's gate is. I remember one of the last scenes in which a little boy is surrounded by a litter of Chuchua puppies.


Jun 5, 2010 I'm trying find a Cinemax movie that aired in the late 90's. I remember the plot slightly. A married woman started cheated on her husband with a strange man. The strange man ended up being partnered with one her college friends (who she had a lesbian experience with). The man makes the woman do things against her will. The man acts as the wife's sisters boyfriend. This gentleman and lady also convince the husbands secretary to get the husband to cheat on his wife with her. They video tape this and try to blackmail the husband. They also tape the wife and her old college friend reenacting some lesbian experiences. This man and woman try to extort this couple financially and sexually. One scene in particular the wife and gentleman have sex outside of the wife's house while the husband and sister are in the kitchen.


Jun 4, 2010 I believe I saw this film in the 80's, A young man is passing through a small town in the winter, stops at a diner and meets a waitress who wants him to stay for a while so she gets him a job helping a man and wife around their farm. The waitress wants him to kill the wife so they can get money from the husband, the wife wants him to kill the husband, the waitress is actually involved with the husband and plan to kill the drifter. The scene that sticks in my head is they are clearing trees out in the woods with dynamite, the drifter is supposed to push the handle to explode the dynamite when the husband is wiring it, but the husband rigs the detonator to explode instead, blowing off part of the drifters hand. there is a scene where the injured drifter drives a snowmobile through the front of the house. I think everyone ends up getting killed except the drifter.


Jun 2, 2010 I think I saw it in the early or mid nineties on either The Family Channel, Fox Family, or ABC Family, whichever it was at the time. It was about two brothers who were looking for one of their parents, but I don't remember if it was their mom or thier dad. I think they were at summer camp but ran away from summer camp to find the person they were looking for. One of the brothers had a model airplane that he liked a lot. He was flying it but he crashed it up on a high ridge, and he climbed the ridge to try to retrieve it. He gets stuck up on the ridge with the plane, and I think there was a very melodramatic rescue scene.


Jun 1, 2010 I saw this movie in 2009 on a british cable horror movie channel (Not sure which it was). It was made sometime between 2001 & then. What got my attention most was the song on the closing credits. 'Easy as disease' by the defunct NYC band The Outside. It was set in a midwestern US town &, as far as I can remember, it was about a kid who gets adopted by a couple but somehow goes on to possess other people to try to kill either the adopted parents or the birth parents (Can't remember which).


May 31, 2010 story line of the movie is thisman keeps robbing gas stations in america but another man keeps getting arrested for itturns out they are the double of each other even down to same broken tooth i thinksaw this on tv in england about 15 year agonot sure when it was made but a great movie which would love to see againit was a colour movie and main characters were whitehow he got caught is i think he abducted a woman but she remembered where he took her which was along some deserted dirt track leading to this cabin and the real villain had pictures from the newspapers of the man they accusednot sure if he murtdered anyone


May 30, 2010 looking for a foreign film that i saw on tv around the early 90's in colour. the only things i remember as i was young (think this was the ending) was a man buying all this milk to give this girl a bath in at his place. ne-way next thing is the girl escaped and ran down to her father's (i'm guessing) butchers shop, told him, n he n his mates killed the guy. i think it might have been set around a war (again i'm guessing).


May 22, 2010 I saw this movie in the 1980s about 1985 when I was about 10. This is an older movie black and white the way I remember it. There were only few people in this movie. A man finds out that he is unable to go past a point. Its like hes in a jar, Im unsure how big this area he is in is. He (they) can see the other side, however, could not pass through. He tries many things to get through but does not work. To escape he tries to dig himself out. Digs and digs and know way out. It seems like half the movie he was digging.


May 15, 2010 i saw this film about 34 years ago at a now long-gone cinema in south yarra melbourne ( the longford). It was in colour, set in ?northern european countryside. I t concerned a farmhand whon had never left the farm, but who subscribed to travel mags andreceived travel brochures which he pasted on the walls of his room. He ordered a moped by mail and then started discovering the world outside his farm. a gentle , humerous film . I have thought about it often.


May 15, 2010 I am looking for the name of a TV episode or movie, most likely an American TV-series episode from the 1970s or 1980s. (My friend who told me about it swears it is an episode of "The Rockford Files", but I have been unable to confirm.) The main plot concerns an underworld figure or gangster who becomes a born-again Christian. My friend remembers most vividly seeing a Mafia-style limousine with an "I found it!" bumper sticker! ("I Found It!" was a 1976 evangelism campaign of Campus Crusade for Christ).


May 15, 2010 I am looking for the name of a dramatic TV episode or a movie which aired on American network television, not earlier than the mid-1960s and probably no later than 1980. I believe it was a failed TV-series pilot, but I could be mistaken. The main plot concerned an FBI- or CIA-like government agency that recruited ordinary citizens with unique skills. The citizens were selected by computer (I recall a computer punch-card scene near the beginning) and then recruited for assignments. I believe that each episode of the proposed TV series (if that is what it was) would focus on the danger the citizen would face in carrying out his/her assignment. In the episode/movie I saw, a barber with some other unique skill--I forget what it was, perhaps some knowledge of rare coins?--was recruited for some kind of cloak-and-dagger assignment, rather like a poor-man's "Man from U.N.C.L.E."! The only other scene I recall is when the barber was practicing; he put a hot towel on the face of the man playing the bad guy while he did the deed, but the barber took too long--when he came back, the man playing the bad guy was pointing a gun at him.


May 13, 2010 I saw a movie on either showtime or HBO, in the early to mid 90's. I think it was placed in California, it was about a husband and wife who owned either a restaurant or grocery store. The wife cheats on her husband with her son's friend, a few scenes I remember are, the wife and her son's friend wake up early one day and are in the shower while the husband is still alseep. The husband wakes, goes into the bathroom but never realizes she's not alone. Another is when the wife and friend first meet at a picnic, he starts playing around with her with his feet while sitting at the table. I forgot to mention that they are a spanish family, I think Mexican. I also believe the wife leaves with the friend in the end. It might of been one of those red shoe diaries, but I really don't remember.


Apr 26, 2010 The movie was black and white. In it, a ship captain and his crew get into a big battle with the people in a village. The movie had a sad ending, where the villagers followed the crew onto their ship to fight. The captain’s girlfriend came onboard, too. They lit fire to the ship, and the ship’s mast fell on her, killing her. The movie ended with him carrying her away.


May 3, 2010 The movie in question is from the 80s or 90s and I believe I saw it in first release. A drama, in color, USA. I feel sure it is not obscure, I just can't remember what it is. Every time I try to tell my husband about it he says, "It's 'Clockers'".but it's not.My memory will not be accurate as to the details. The character about whom we care most is a young black boy.barely a teenager. living in a big city. He is very quiet but self-possessed. For some reason he and his younger sibling(s?) are staying with a female relative instead of their parents. He works for a drug seller, maybe more than one. For example, in one scene he goes to an older woman's place to pick up drugs. They are in her kitchen; she is sweet to him and offers him cookies as if her were a small child but he is unmoved, even icy; she gives him the drugs but he knows she's holding back. He says a few words to that effect and she gives him more from behind something in her kitchen. When he does these jobs, he is late getting home and his siblings are upset with him because if they don't all behave, they won't be able to stay there any more. He seems indifferent to this problem. Later we find out he also has an older sister who is addicted to drugs and used as a prostitute by one of the drug guys.From time to time he goes to see an older man---this man might be crippled in some way---and they play chess. He might be his father. The man is brusque and there is not much warmth between the two, but he is teaching the boy to play chess. Apparently the boy is an apt pupil, very intelligent. He has been putting the money he has earned working for the drug guys into a can which he hides under railroad tracks somewhere. Because he is viewed by the drug pushers and young and harmless, he manages to manipulate one of them into killing the other; he manages to get another one of them arrested---I think that's the one pimping his sister. We don't realize he has been setting this grand scheme up until it all begins to roll.After the action above reaches its climax and as the denouement ensues, the boy goes to see the man and they sit down at the chess board. The boy just looks directly at the man and tears run from his eyes.


May 2, 2010 I think mid 80's, color, HBO or other Pay cable channel. Basic plot is a wild girl gets sent to bording school where her sister attends. The wild sister falls for the caretaker. The head master is sending the girls on trips around Europe (to transport drugs buy hiding it in their suitcases) In the end, the girls pretend to kill someone, staged, to scare the headmaster because they find out about his scam. At the end they give this old guy, who owns the school and propery, a goat. the deal is they give him a goat every year on his birthday.I remember a scene where they girls are sunbathing on the roof and use large, round band-aids to cover their nipples.


Apr 28, 2010 As a first- or second-grader, about 1955-1956, I saw a film on television, probably from the 1940s or early 1950s, that profoundly affected me. It was black and white, of course, and almost certainly American. I don't recall the names of any of the actors/actresses. Had my parents or grandmother (I was at her house when I saw it) known I was watching it, or of its effect on me, they probably would have turned the TV off.The plot was the story of the search for and apprehension of a wanted man/fugitive by a world-weary detective or cop. Both characters were sympathetic; it may qualify as film noir. After a long day of searching for this guy, the detective comes home to his wife and son; he's tired and just wants to relax. His wife and son (maybe 9-12 years old) want to go to the movies or something. The detective relents, and the son goes outside to wait in the car while his parents get ready. While waiting in the car, the son starts fooling around, pretending to drive the car. He puts it into gear, and it starts to roll down the street. At the end of the street are some bushes and a river. Although the parents hear the noise and chase the car to stop it, the car rolls through the bushes and into the river, endangering the boy. Guess who's hiding in those bushes, and who jumps into the river and saves the boy! The fugitive/wanted man, of course, and as a result, he is captured. The film ends with the wanted man/fugitive being dragged towards an old-style police station (globe lamps framing the front door), screaming that they're going to kill him. Chances are that it was a somewhat corny B-movie.That closing scene triggered in me a life-long opposition to the death penalty. I have always wondered what the name of the film was.


Apr 27, 2010 I remember watching a movie when I was a kid, so the movie IS late sixies or early 70's. It is about a boy who witnesses his father being drowned in a pool by some thugs ,maybe about six or seven of them. He is watching the whole incident. Then years go by and he is a young adult with a mission. Go goes around the city and finds these members and kills them off one by one.


Apr 23, 2010 I saw this movie in the 1980s. I'm not sure when it was made. It was in color. And it was a movie. It opens with an ambulance at a home. I believe there are 4 children-two in their teens a boy and girl,and two younger a girl and a boy-maybe 3 and 10. The mom dies and the children are put into foster care.They are about to be split up and decide to break out. They escape and start their journey to find their rich uncle to take them in. The song livin on a prayer plays while the children are walkin down the road. they do find him.


Apr 22, 2010 Saw a short day-time film in the late 80's, that could have been independent. It was more of an after school special that played periodically for about 6 months (KQED or PBS or the like). It involved highs school prejudice issues with a group of high school students. A group of girls was caucasian and the singled out girl was hispanic (I think her name was Marcella). The moral of the story was good as they ended up all getting along and I thought I could pass it on to my kids. One particular scene was when one girl from the group offered to pick up Marcella, and they ended up driving around in a Jeep Wrangler listening to music.


Apr 21, 2010 I am trying to remember a movie that was released between 2008-2010. i only saw the preview but the plot revolved around women being kidnapped and trapped into a uhaul type truck. The boyfriend of one of these victims sees it happen and the movie is based on his attempts to rescue her.


Apr 18, 2010 The show is a foreign film about a male handsome dancer who is living with his girlfriend who is also a dancer and they dance together. The kind of dance is like ballet. One day when the male dancer was either on the way home or the way to the studio where he was kidnapped. The next scene shows he was actually kidnapped by women. And what happens next, he got tied down and raped by a few ladies over the next few days. He was later let go and when he tried to report to the police, the police laughed at his face. Should be around 2007 or 2008.


Apr 15, 2010 This is a western film that I saw on TV between 1980 and 1988. It featured a black man (I think his name in the film was Ben) who was a rancher/cowboy/landowner and who had been dispossessed of his land by a group of white cowboys who taunted him and made him permanently/temporarily blind. There was one scene in the film where he was unknowingly given a red hot skillet to hold by one of his tormentors . . .


Apr 14, 2010 I have the opening/beginning of a movie stuck in my head. It was most likely a late 90's film for kids. In the beginning someone comes up into the attic through a square/rectangle hatch in the floor. They then sort through a pile of books to find one special book under the pile. I believe that at this point (when the book is opened) an animated story begins. (It is not The Page Master, nor is it the Neverending Story. )


Apr 13, 2010 We watched this movie on TV in 2007 or 2008. It seemed like a mid to late '90's film, but its hard to be sure. There was a group of kid (somewhere between teens and mid 20's) that went to a lake or a beach of a sea. We did not see the whole movie, but it was gathered from what we saw that they were somehow stuck at the location, that they kept going on through the same events, like when they went to this place they were actually dead, but spent the duration of the movie figuring it out. They could might have been hallucinations. At the end a guy and his girlfriend are on the sand next to to some red reeds and they are swinging back and forth slowly with the wind as they are the reeds and they talking to each other and he says "so this is what its like to be dead". That is how the movie ends.


Apr 8, 2010 I'm looking for a film that I saw on TV, I believe it was in the early to mid 1990s. It was a color, live-action film. All I can remember was that it featured a boy who was looking for his dad in a fantasy realm, though the boy was from our reality. He kept going through these magic doors and to get to different parts of the kingdom. The boy was 8 to 13 years old and had dark hair. It may have been a miniseres.


Apr 2, 2010 I'm searching for the name of a film that I saw in the late 80's or early 90's on either HBO or Showtime (one of the big movie channels). I'm not sure if it was ever actually a theatrical release or not, but it was about an amnesiac neanderthal who was wondering through the desert alone with nothing but a stone axe. Though, he didn't seem to know exactly what the axe was or how to properly use it, because he kept holding it by its head and using its wooden handle as tool. Then, near the end of the film, a portion of his memory finally resurfaced as he recalled being attacked by another neanderthal and hit in the head with the axe, and finally he understood what it was.


Apr 1, 2010 I am looking for a film between the 1980s - 1990, and it was like a darkish kids action sci-fi/aventuremaybe fantasy type movie, where the main protagonists was a group of children. Some kind of Alien/Supernatural-Thingy went down somewhere in/near their town and somehow other kids went missing. The missing kids were trapped in some sort of Nightmare-style dimension. After a while the phenomenon went public and the location, where the lost kids were suspected to be held, gets sealed by some military guys. As the military tries to get the missing kids back, the main protagonists somehow decide that it is their duty to help their friends. They "enter" the location of this Alien/Supernatural-Thingy and fight for their friends. After everyone but the main hero is also caught by that Alien/Supernatural-Thingy, he overcomes his fear and defeats the bad guy thus freeing the other kids.


Apr 1, 2010 In 1998 I watched a movie about a young girl named Nicki, who in a car crash is thrown out the window and dies. she comes back as a black bird. anyone know about it. back then I didn't speak english so I don't know the name.


Mar 27, 2010 I am looking for a 1990s? film or possibly anthology series about these plates are in an old dark room (in which sits a man?) telling a story, it is possible that when he looked into the camera saying this to the viewer. There are pictures on the plates of nature and people who talk and they come to life to form a story. The image on which is painted one man or several, but perhaps one. The person in this image comes to life, moves and speaks. A man sees it, then that person comes from an image, or the other enters the picture-I am not sure. The image is probably in an old house.


Mar 27, 2010 I'm looking for a vampire movie that was played a lot on the USA Network back in the late 80's. I remember the main characters had this portable UV light that they used to fry one of the head vampire's minions to a crisp, and the minion himself looked a lot like George Wendt (Norm) from Cheers, though I checked his IMDB page and no such movie was listed, so maybe it just looked like him. Anyway, I don't remember much else, except the movie ended with the lead actor waking up alone in the back seat of a car that was driving in an endless circle in the middle of the desert, with the song 'I Put a Spell On You' playing.


Mar 26, 2010 I saw a movie on television in the 80's. It's not much to go on but the only part I can remeber is a young girl is standing in a large foyer ( like the hallway of a mansion almost). there is a very large mirror on the wall and i believe that the floor is back and white tile. it is night time or the power went out ( it was a coreepy sceen). Out of the mirror comes this huge dark dragon like creature. The movie is in color. For some reason I always had the impression that it was an Alice through the looking glass type movie. but in all my searching I haven't been able to find anything like it. It is not the alice in wonderland 1985


Mar 12, 2010 In the 80s I watched a delightful colour foreign (I think French) movie on TV in the UK, where in response to a certain tragedy or event (sorry - cannot remember what) all the musicians in the world cease to create music. The music to the film was also awesome.


Mar 12, 2010 I'm looking for a sleazy mini-series that aired on the Showtime channel sometime between 1989-1993. The only details I can give you is that the time period was around the 1700s and the men dressed like Casanova with the long white hair. It seemed like a compilation of old fashioned French tales. I remember specifically 3 30-min segments that aired back to back and I don't know if there are any more. I don't remember any names or the story accept that there was a castle of a sort that the characters were in and an ample amount of nudity in each show. It was an NC-17 rated 1600-1800ad 30 min show that aired in the early 90s.


Feb 27, 2010 I saw this on US tv in approximately the mid 80s. I don't remember much about the movie but I think the central character was a teenage boy who I think is friends with some sort of strange creature. All I remember about the creature was that it looked a bit like a sandy coloured Ewok! Particular scenes I remember are the boy climbing through his bedroom window to his treehouse and sleeping in the treehouse. I think because he did not like hearing his parents argue. The other scene I remember is the strange creature running through underground tunnels. I have done some internet searches and cannot find any mention of a movie or tv show like this but I remember really liking it when I was a kid in the 80s.


Feb 5, 2010 A movie aired on The Movie Channel in 1981 or 1982 and was probably from the late 70's or early 80's. I was really young so I hardly remember anything about it except for one scene. It was a comedy and I originally thought Gene Wilder was in it but after exhaustive research it looks like it was probably someone else (but I have no idea who!). The only scene I remember was at a wedding or some other formal event and I believe an attractive woman interrupts the proceedings and fires a gun which I think causes her skirt/dress to slightly fall, possibly revealing part of her backside. Maybe I'm wrong on this last part but I know a woman fires a gun at a wedding or some other event.


Jan 31, 2010 Mid to late eighties movie about a guy who rides motocross bikes, works at a steel mill that his father owns, gets his best friend hurt in a dirt bike accident running from the cops and gets kicked out of his house. Moves into a shed at a local motocross track and ends up winning in the end.


Jan 30, 2010 I believe this is a TV mini-series, etc., somewhere from the 80s.Anyways, the only thing I remember is some humans living in a desert, probably Mars; definite martians or extraterrestrials involved. Maybe bald, or egg-shaped heads. Anyways, I think they (people) lived in some sort of pyramid-shaped houses, etc. in some Mars-looking desert landscape. There are martians there too, I believe (very similar to those featured in The Martian Chronicles I think- I'm not certain). Anyways, the scene I most clearly remember is a slow motion shot of an egg falling (in this desert or Mars like environment). dropped from a table, etc. It's a crucial moment; I just don't remember in what way.Also, a scene where people step into their pyramid houses, etc., and, stepping in, some sort of electrical static (storm, etc.) can be seen outside their entrances and just a few moments later they emerge into another. time? place? I can't remember. Just that the electrical static, etc. seems to transport the "house" in time, or location, etc.At first I thought it was "The Martian Chronicle". that's the name I was certain. I purchased the whole mini-series just to find it wasn't.I'm puzzled. Watched this as a kid on TV (somewhere around late 70s, early 80s I believe), and the slow motion egg dropping sequence in a Martian-like environment made an impression on me.


Jan 13, 2010 Looking for a Sc-fi movie/tV movie or series?Some people from Earth, are on an Earth like planet, or are on another alien planet. As one of the people from Earth is dying, they are thinking of their home, Earth, and the aliens see Earth in the dieing person's vison. They like the look of it and decide to go there. The alien planet itself is able to move with rockets on it, and starts heading to Earth. The Earth government sends 3 ships to go up and fight the coming alien planet. I think all 3 ships are destroyed.


Jan 1, 2010 I saw this film at a movie theater in 1978 or 1979. I don't remember very much, except that it's very very sad. It was in color, and was probably an American film (?). I remember it was about a couple having problems and wanting to get a divorce. They have two children, a boy and a girl, both very young (under 10 years of age). The kids wanted their parents to stay together, but the parents (separated?) were each already involved in another relationship at this point. The kids did all sorts of things to try to make the parents fall back in love again, but it just didn't work out. Finally, the couple decided to go through with the divorce, and announced their decision to the kids. Needless to say, the kids were devastated. The night before the final split up, the two kids decided to run away to their grandmother's. They left in the middle of the night. It was raining very hard, and for some reason they stopped in the middle of the trip (I think they were too weak, or too sick to continue). The brother (the elder of the two) could not go on anymore. He told his sister to go ahead without him, and they said their good-byes there. I remember the last scene of the film was the morning after -- there's this big tree with red leaves all over it, and the boy was found under the tree, dead! This film (I believe) was later adopted and made into this Hong Kong movie called "quan2 jia1 fu2" [a.k.a. "A Family Affair"] in 1984, and was a big hit there. In the Hong Kong version they turned it into a happy ending though.


Oct 26, 2009 I am thinking between 1990 and 93, I remember watching a Movie one of the main characters was A man in a pickup truck, There were monsters Like actual weird looking monsters and the one thing I remember vividly; I am thinking closer to the end they are on a front porch and there is a weird seal/dog that is paper white and turns into a small boy.


Oct 25, 2009 A young girl leaves her home and parents,to go become an actress,I think,and wants to go to hollywood.The fac is she is not that lucky,she finds herself in some troubles then she runs,I think,back home.But she ends up in the desert.Her health is weak she loses her mind and loses her consciousness.When she wakes up,her parents are by her side,by her bed,in the hospital.They were too happy,much too happy.She gets it,they found out her problems,why she ran away but,they were acting like she was gone for more than a couple of few motnhs.She asks them this,what is wrong?Her father says:"honey.dear.but you've been missing for 10 years".


Sep 2, 2009 I am looking for the title of a short, claymated film I saw some years ago. I'm guessing it was made sometime in the eighties -- in it, a large group of bureaucrats are all meeting to "parcel out" the lands of the world, weapons, etc. The animation is very Aardman-like, but I don't believe it's an Aardman short. One of the bureaucrats begins consuming a ridiculous amount of food, and grows to an insane size -- he then begins eating other people. It's a very weird and disturbing short. I'm not thinking of the similar segment from "Spirited Away".


Aug 19, 2009 I believe the movie is from the late 70's or early 80's. In color. The only scene I remember from the movie is the actor is in bed in a hotel room. He wakes up with a mouse or rat in his mouth, or it was a dream. For some reason I am thinking that it was Ed Harris, but I can't find anything that rings a bell in his movies. I am also thinking that this guy was a wife beater, but I could be wrong.


Aug 8, 2009 I saw this movie around 1997, but the film was probably from the 80s or early 90s just by the look of the film. What I remember is very limited, but I remember two guys looking up from under the bleachers and seeing in the cheerleader's uniforms. And I remember towards the end that a guy's brakes had been cut in his car and he has to use his handbrake so he doesn't run over someone standing in the road. At first i thought the actor was Kevin Bacon but its not Footloose and I coulndt find any other titles or descriptions that matched. I also thought about Val Kilmer but no luck with his movies either.


Aug 7, 2009 I saw this color foreign movie on Bravo channel in 1998 0r 1999. Its about a girl that was a waitress in a bar or restaurant. She marries her fiance but he does not have sex with her, so she stays a virgin. Than this married women has an affair with a guy on the boat who plays an instrument (violin) for her in front of her deaf mother. Later the guy talks about the affair in front of her husband at a bar and he punches him. Its either Italian, spanish, french or portugese movie. Most chances are italian.


Aug 7, 2009 early-mid 80's, a film that starts with these masive robotic dinasaus breathing fire on people. like guys on a scrap yard. i remeber a guy hides in a stack of tyres but the robot thing breaths fire on it. i was about 5 so i recall nothing much else. the vhs cover was a water like painting of these robot dragon things.


Aug 4, 2009 I watched a film in the late eighties maybe early nineties in colour, where a child lives in a big house he has a slide from his bedroom to the swimming pool and a toy train runs throughout the house, I think his Mom sends food and drink to his room from the kitchen. All the electrical appliances then turn on him and he is unable to get out of the house.


Aug 4, 2009 I watch a French film set in a Paris apartment block around 1994/1995. A woman was livng in an apartment and her boyfriend was watching each person on CCTV cameras. On every porn scene a man with a beret and sunglasses hijacks the sex and finished shagging the women then murders them.


Aug 3, 2009 I think a saw this film when i was about 8 or 9 in 95/96 on normal tv i think, from what i can remember i believe it was about 2 teanagers about 19 male and female,the male in love with her and trying to get her to go out with him, i'm sure at some point in the film they steal a yellow car possibly a porsche and a man shouts at them to get out of his bloody car or bloomin car. it seamed like an 80's movie and i think american


Aug 3, 2009 There's a movie I can remember watching as a child so it was probably made in the 80s sometime, and I don't remember a whole lot about it, but there's a very specific part that I'm going off of.These kids are going somewhere, I can't remember where, but they go through a door and it ends up taking them to a strange place - I think it was a cave type setting. I seem to remember stairs being involved.The part that sticks out the most is that when they first entered this cave type area, there was a creature that was either up on a ledge, or a pedestal or a rock that if I remember correctly was kind of a caterpillar looking creature. The kids then proceeded to feed this creature beer through a baby bottle as that was what it liked to drink. The creature was happy and they were on their way.


Aug 2, 2009 this was a short European (I think) film. I believe it is from the mid 90s, I saw this film probably in HBO or Cinemax Latin America. As far as I remember there is a woman waiting for her husband/boyfriend/friend in her car when all of a sudden something starts smashing the top of her car and she is panicking inside. Eventually police saves her and if I recall correctly a lunatic was hitting the top of the car with his head or with the friend's head.


Aug 1, 2009 looking for the title of a speculative documentary from the 70s about the bermuda triangle where a black native of the area recalls a story of him lost and hallucinating and having to ride on the back of a sea turtle to safety (no i am not talking about 'the bermuda depths' - this was def. a documentary). could be either 'secrets of the bermuda triangle' (1978) or 'mysteries from beyond the triangle' (1976) but since both are out of print i cannot verify.


Aug 1, 2009 color/saw it on tv but seems as if it was a theatrical release at some point (not a made for tv movie). it appears from the film stock and dated quality to have definitely been from the 70's maybe even in the blaxploitation genre. all i have to go on is modern day black witch doctors blowing weird green gaseous snakes (!) out of blowguns and a full grown man dressed as a baby in a giant rocking full-sized bed (paraphilic infantilism?).


Jul 30, 2009 a film I saw when young, I think it's an 80's movie and I have little memory of it other than it involved a man in a wheelchair and there was a lifting sling used to get him in and out. I remember a scene with a swimming pool and the most distinctive thing I remember is a head in a washing machine.


Jul 26, 2009 I am searching for the title of a TV movie, circa 1970. The plot is a terrorist group hijacks a commercial airliner at an out of radar range Atlantic Ocean location. While government authorities search for plane wreckage fruitlessly, the hijackers refit the plane with high explosives and an identical transponder signal to another commercial airline flying the same Europe to US. route. When the stolen plane is ready, it is flown to the same radar dead zone, where it is swapped with the identical airliner. It now proceeds towards the US, having every appearance of being just another routine commercial flight. Nonetheless, at the last minute, the hero discovers the switch and military jets prevent the armed plane from reaching its domestic destination.


Jul 26, 2009 A science-fiction / fantasy / action film I saw on TV many years ago, probably around 80's, max early 90's. The time period in the movie was today (80's) and it starts in NYC (or a big city like that). I tried all over the web with lots of different keywords but could not find it. Plot: A man running away from some kind of mob enters a back alley. He needs to hide so he opens the enters a basement door. When he enters, he magicaly finds himself at a beach, a paradise on earth kind of beach. There he meets a young girl and his father, they live there away from the city. This door is a kind of portal, that beach is not even on this world (there are big monster creatures living in the sea). They use the door to go back to the back alley and get some stuff from the city if needed but otherwise nobody knows where they are. I forgot what was happening inbetwen. A funny film in general. Sometimes the door doesn't work right and can open to another dimension. Right at the end of it, the bad guys discover the door, there was a chase scene and the bad guys overuse the door and end up in an absurd dimension where get trapped in some 3d geometric forms.


Jul 25, 2009 I'm trying to find this film for my friend. It involves a few kids (she thinks a boy, a girl, and possibly a baby) trapped in a burning house, set on fire by soldiers, and the parents die in the blaze. Possibly animated, definitely a kid's movie.


Jul 24, 2009 This movie was probably made in the very late 80's or early 90's. I don't remember anyone famous in it. It is about a teenage girl whose dad is an officer in the military and mother is German. They move to LA from Germany and the parents die in a plane crash so the girl becomes orphaned. She falls in love with a young mobster guy and is chased by her abusive foster parents and corrupt case worker. There are some musical montages as the girl is a dancer.


Jul 23, 2009 I'm going absolutely crazy trying to remember the name of a preview I saw a few years ago (2004-2006?). I don't know/remember much,, but here goes.The film is color. It was a trailer on an independent film. It was foreign, I think, as there was no dialogue. The cinematography was moody and dark. The scenes showed a dark haired young boy (probably 8-10 years old) dressed in short pants running in the woods/forest/etc.not afraid. He came upon a small round cave in the side of a hill. Inside was a young girl (same age). She seemed frightened--he may have given her food, and I got the impression from the trailer that someone may have put her there. The boy takes her to his house (very European looking). The house appears to sit alone in the woods. The boy appears to have a wealthy family, but the girl appears bedraggled. The two of them are standing in what appears to be a foyer and he motions for her to be quiet (in the scene you can see scarves hanging behind them--so maybe it's more like a mudroom?). Adult's shadows can be seen through the window, but again I got the impression that his family shouldn't know about her either or maybe that they were afraid. The trailer also shows a group of men dressed in dark clothes--no jeans or anything liek that (on horses maybe--can't remember) at the cave in the hillside apparently looking for the girl. They don't look particularly friendly, but that could just be the editing for the trailer. The trailer shows the boy and girl running through the woods. All the characters in the trailer had dark hair and dark eyes. They may have been Italian, Spanish or perhaps something else. Oh, it looks as though it could possibly be fall or winter. It's also very likely this is a period piece, but if it is my best guess would be 1940s--BUT it did NOT appear to be a WWII film.


Jul 23, 2009 I'm looking for a late 80's - early 90's teen sex comedy. Remember seeing it on late night Cinemax in the early 90's. Takes place in a college run amok with libido driven students. The protagonist is a nerdy boy who daydreams sex situations. He is looking for his love interest (who ironically has the same daydreaming problem). While the main story continues shenanigans go on at the college. Faculty teach sexual practices to students, while the dean is unaware to the whole situation. General Cinemax late night movie, concerned more about topless scenes than anything else.


Jul 21, 2009 I saw this about ten years ago- there is no dialogue and it is claymation in the style of Tim Burton. There is a little boy playing in his grandmother's house- I think the living room. The grandmother lets the boy know it's time for bed. The boy is terrified to go upstairs to his room. The grandmother makes him. The boy trys to get her to listen to him several times but she refuses to listen and makes him stay in his bed. The camera goes to a close up of the moon, which is a cresent, and it moves. It becomes the profile of a creature that has a face like the shape of the cresent moon. The creature lands on the boys window sill. The boy wakes up, but nothing is there. The creature creeps out of the shadows and lands on the boy's bed. In shadow, we see a struggle and the creature flies out the window. The camera follows the creature up to the moon where it has a nest with several babies in it. The creature throws the babies something to eat. The camera closes in on the food and it's the little boy's eyes. The view goes down to the littte boy in a spotlight, arms in front of him stumbling around. A few seconds later, the light floods the scene and there are thousands of eye-less children stumbling around. On the dark side, but if you describe Coraline, it seems twisted, too!


Jul 21, 2009 No idea when this film was aired, but it was also released as a radio play and possibly a book/playStory: young girl from lower class family in England - they are pressuring her towards degrading forms of work for money. Through her church and vicar she hears of opportunities to move to Australia (due to there being so many more men than women over there, as many had been deported), and is persuaded to do so. She is met at the other end by a gentleman who she becomes housekeeper for - over time they fall in love and are married.


Jul 21, 2009 The Film starts with a Suicide bombing in a square. The investigating officer has a daughter that has gone missing. As he tries to solve the bombing he finds out that his own daughter was dating the bomber, and the video clip in his office of the whole bombing. Which shows a lady running to the bomber before he goes off was actually his own child. The movie runs in two time frames, one week before and present. It ends with the father running to the house where the bomber lives to find his mother crying at a photo. A


Jul 19, 2009 I'm looking for a film i saw a teaser trailer for last year. It was an Asian film (possibly Chinese or Korean?). The scene i can recall features a detective questioning a man in a car who's handcuffed to the steering wheel. The detective then gets out of the car and methodically covers the car in petrol while the guy inside struggles against the handcuffs. The detective then sets the car alight and watches the man inside scream and burn.


Jul 18, 2009 I remember watching a movie back in the late 70's early 80's, It was about a man in a dark suit with a prosthetic hand. He wore black gloves on his hands. He also had a knife blade that would come out of his prosthetic hand and stab people. I was very young when I came across this movie on tv, so I don't remember the actors or characters.


Jul 18, 2009 I saw the film around 1999 but the movie might have been older. there was a castle, and a young woman, I think she was a little crazy. Then, there came a young man, who wanted revenge on someone, her parents I think. there was a moment when the girl was walking in the rain and she got sick or something and he saved her, carried her back. then he killed an old man but while the old man was fighting, the young boy got burnt, and half of his face was disfigured, and he started to wear a mask. the girl became infatuated with him and asked him to show her his face, when he does this she is scared.then there was this heavy rain. I remember him on a boat. something happens and in the end the girl drowns herself.


Jul 16, 2009 The movie I am asking about I saw when I was very young, in the very early 80's. It was color and it was on television. I honestly don't remember anything about the movie except one scene. In the movie, I remember a young man who is trying to save a young woman (I believe they were teenagers). I'm not sure from whom or what he's trying to save her from but he is ascending a staircase and the staircase suddenly becomes encased in foliage and he can't save the girl!


Jul 15, 2009 I saw this movie late night on hbo years ago (late 90s). It is set in a seedy hotel and follows various plotlines. The fils quality was intentionally low budget in appearance as it was a very dark film. One of the plotlines was a young girl who was solicited by a couple to be a prostitute (told she was going to practice to be an actress), who ends up roomming with a "veteran" prostitute and even watches her with a customer through a closet door so she'll know what to do (the underage prostitute was a virgin). She eventually loses her virginity to a customer and the old prostitute and young girl cry about it together. Very emotional, sad scene. Another plotline is that an old man just released from prison moves in with his friend; while his friend was out he ends up killing a woman for making fun of him for not being able to perform sexually, when his friend gets home he sees this and wants to go to the police, the man who killed the woman ends up killing his friend and taking his money and running. There were a couple of other lesser stories but I remember this being a very striking, disturbing and brutally honest film. I want to say it had hotel or motel in the title but can't say for sure.


Jul 14, 2009 I seen this film years ago its probably early 1980's but set earlier in America. These guys, one not so mean I think, know a quite shy girl. They bring her up to a cabin in the woods and rape her. They then go to court etc,


Jul 14, 2009 Movie, maybe in the late 70's or in the 80's. I saw it on TV. There are a group of people trapped in this basement dungeon and they have to solve puzzles for traps of each room to progress through.I think they must complete all rooms by sunrise. I think there are about 7 rooms.I thought it was filmed in Casa Loma in Toronto, but I've been told "no".


Jul 13, 2009 It was a color cartoon from the 80's perhaps maybe even Anime, where there is a blond girl walking through the woods and she eats berries and becomes "sleepy" and a tree branch assists her through the path (that's all I can remember). Another part is sort of near the end, where there is a "witch" like person with the face of block of wood, and she withers away and all that is left behind is the block of wood.


Jul 11, 2009 In the 80s there was a yellow cased VHS in which a ball was bounced into the hole of a tree. The "things" that lived in the tree were grey sacks (I would describe them as potato sacks and therefore thought it was a Pillow People movie but was unable to find confirmation). They were supposed to be bad guys in the tree and the kids going to retrieve the ball were afraid to go get it. That is all I remember! I think it was a double VHS.


Jul 8, 2009 I saw this movie at least 8 years ago on TV in the US on a premium channel like showtime. All i remember is a portion of the plot. The beginning starts with the main character at a younger age. She is in her mothers house and her mothers step dad or boyfriend keeps watching her. Then one night he sneaks into her room and seduces/rapes her. The mother sees this and shoots the guy. Then it fast forwards to her older. On the surface she lives a normal life and is married, but due to the incident when she was younger she leads a double life as a stripper but always wears a mask. A guy finds out who she is and she then starts having an affair with him and hes a lot younger then her husband.


Jul 6, 2009 My husband is trying to remember a comedy from the 1980's - all he can remember is that a janitor or groundskeeper keeps cheese in his pants.


Jul 6, 2009 I'm looking for the title of a movie that was made probably in the 1990s. I was watching it on tv in 1997-1999 or so, but not on a movie channel such as HBO or Showtime. It was in color. I don't have any idea on the names of the actors. There were two main actors, a man and a woman. They were in the wilderness somewhere, I think probably in the US. I have no idea if there were others in the "hunting" party or not. I don't know if the man knew the woman ahead of time or if he was a guide, for example. During the hike, he gave her a gun and told her to run; to try to escape. He counted before he began to hunt her. He was using a crossbow or bow and arrow as his weapon. I believe there were other women who had been hunted in the past, but the heroine was the only one to escape. She made it out and back to the city (don't know what city, but it was a big city with skyscrapers) and went back to work. He then called her while she was at work and he began counting, so she knew it was him. I don't know how the movie ended; if the phone call was the end,if he killed her, or if he got caught.It was probably another movie based on the short story "The Most Dangerous Game." Movies it is not:The Woman HuntDamned RiverDeath RingSurviving the GameNone of the movies listed here:


Jul 6, 2009 HBO or Cinemax soft-core porn film where family hires nanny, wife takes nanny out to give her a make-over. nanny ends up seducing husband and plot to kill wife. saw it about 1996 or 1997


Jul 5, 2009 I saw this color film on either cinemax, showtime, hbo, or tmc in 1993-1995 time frame, late night. It was about this mother(I wanna say Shannon tweed, but I think I woulda been able to find it if it was her) and her boyfriend/stepfather and her teenage daughter. The mother warns him about touching her daughter, but one night the daughter gets dropped off by her boyfriend late at night and drunk the boyfriend is up and they start having sex, the mom catches them and splits his head with an axe.


Jul 5, 2009 I m looking for old (colored) film, possibly 80-90's. The story if I remember correctly is of a man who is having an affair with a woman only to be close to another young man who lives in the same house as her. Something very specific of this film is the ending. The two men are having a car accident, the car hits a truck from behing and the young man is killed when a steel rod is going through his eye. I may be wrong on this but if I remember correctly the film was italian.


Jul 4, 2009 This movie was an old black and white film from the 40's or 50's. It was about a boy who was playing in an attic and got trapped when a fire broke out. He was wearing a vertically striped shirt. I think he was rescued in the end. People were trying to get him out.


Jul 3, 2009 i remember watching hbo(think it was might be showtime) maybe 12-14 years ago where these soldiers were in a jungle and then they happen upon some ladys, think they may have been amazons, they tend to their wounds show them how to survive and also have sex with these men.


Jul 3, 2009 This movie came on one TBS one day when I was about to leave for work so I didn't get to see it all, but I was getting really into it.I think it's a made for TV movie, I'm guessing late 70s or early 80s. It's about a woman who's child (I believe a boy) was taken away from her (I think by her own mother) because she was a Witch. I remember in a scene in the beginning of the movie the mother was at a bar with some people drinking and bragging about being a Witch, and she said "I've got the mark of the beast on me."The actress who played the mother was blond and had long curly hair. That's all I can remember.


Jul 3, 2009 I saw it sometime in the 70's, I think it was released during the 60's-80's. I saw it on TV, don't remember if it was a video or on HBO. I am also not sure if it was released in theaters. It was in color. Plot: Begins with a childs' birthday party and the family celebrating and filming it with an old movie camera, then it cuts to a group of hired killers going to the house where the birthday party is. The killers break in and shoot everyone only to find they went to the wrong house. I think the father survives and gets revenge.This is Not Danger Island as listed on the found page.


Jul 2, 2009 I'm looking for a movie that I saw on late night TV back in the late 80s or early 90s, but by my best guess the movie looks like it was filmed sometime between the mid 70s to early 80s I think. I'm not sure if it was originally released theatrically or if it was just a movie made for TV, but it definitely had a B-movie feel to it. I only remember glimpses of it, but I guess it would be classified as sci-fi (with elements of horror or suspense) and involved an alien monster with a humanoid shape I believe, but the movie takes place here on earth (I'm guessing in the U.S.) and not in outer space or another planet. The alien/monster was brightly colored (orange I think) and I think killed people. There was one scene where a policeman/sheriff was investigating out in the countryside or rural area (I want to say that there was a cabin there) and happens upon the alien/monster and I believe he gets killed. It wasn't a rampaging alien/monster that killed many people at a time but I believe it mainly remained out of sight and killed/injured unsuspecting individuals. I think it was a slow-moving alien/monster. I remember finding the movie suspenseful but the pace was not particularly fast. It was fairly low budget and special effects weren't particularly good. It may have had a bit of a surreal quality to it. (sounds almost like Outer Limits TV episode-me)


Jul 1, 2009 horror film, I thought it was one of the Freddy movies, but I've all of them and the scene isn't there. It could have been a scene put in for the made-for-tv version. It's a dark haired girl as the lead (thought it was the same lead as the Freddy's) and she seems to be in a dream world at this point, she enters a door in a dim-lit (or red-lit) city alley between some taller buildings and it turns into the kitchen of her home where she has a mother and 2 sisters or step sisters bitchin at her from the moment she walks in. She sits down at a round table next to one of the step-sisters? and after listening to them bitch for a while she grabs a table knife and stabs her sister in the hand stapling her hand to the wooden table. the sister screams and I thought Freddy or something enters the room and that's all I remember.


Jun 30, 2009 This movie is a short film seen on HBO in either 2003 or 2004. The film is about a young couple out for drink possibly in NYC in a hip secretive coctail lounge located down a small side ally. Once inside for drinks, the woman order a coctail and the man order a beer only they didn't serve beer. The waitress suggested a drink and he had one. His girlfriend left the table to use the bathroom, but she was in there for a long time. At one point the man thought she was in there with another man, but it turns out it was in fact the waitress. The boyfriend tried banging on the door but someone else was in there instead. I am not sure if he was daydreaming or what during this sequence, but he definitely knew his girlfriend had cheated on him.


Jun 28, 2009 I just remember that there was a boy and his single mother. i think they lived in france, or some place in europe, and they were pretty poor. The boy was a teenager, and he rode his bike everywhere. Then his mother got very sick. and i just remember this boy always talking to this woman in a window, a couple stories up. He would sit on the sidewalk and talk to this woman, who would talk to him out the window. I think it was a women's correctional facility. She would give him advice, and they would just talk. This movie was in color, and i saw it MAYBE in 2003-2004.


Jun 23, 2009 I saw this movie on TV in the late 70's or early 80's. It's about some sort of hard labor compound/cult in the California desert or the southwest. There's an authoritarian leader and one member of each family is always held hostage by the leader (and his thugs) so that the other family members won't try to escape. I'm pretty sure there were implications of rape too. Oocassionally, the prisoners are allowed into town to purchase small items. For the most part, they never try to escape because they don't want their family member being held hostage harmed. But finally, someone escapes, there's a rebellion, and everyone escapes. it was deeply disturbing and freaked me out.


Jun 21, 2009 Movie is from 90'-98' ,it is a story about a mother who searches for her abducted daughter.Main villain is a man who as i remmember is a leader of some sort of cult/sect.Movie is very dark and has one of those unpleasent feelings.Main thing about this movie,is that in the end actually we find out that girl is totaly under the influence of the villain and that she hates her mother,we dont know this till the very end when if i can remmember mothers kills villain and then I AM SURE OF THIS THIS IS HOW I REMEMBER THIS MOVIE,her daughter ask her "mom do you love me " an she replies "yes i love you",then daughter say either "great then this will hurth" or something like "well i hate you" and after that she commits suicide with some sick smile on her face,like she wanted to cause her mother so much pain.


Jun 21, 2009 I saw this film on our local foreign TV channel last year. It was in Chinese (English subtitles - possibly from Hong Kong or Taiwan). It is a romance of a young couple, beginning from when they meet on a school outing as children (different schools on an outing to the same place). They have an instant liking for each other, and swap phone numbers. The rest of the movie deals with them growing up and trying to find each other again, often missing each other only by a few seconds. Sometimes they are even in the same crowd - they don't know it but the audience does. During the last half of the movie they are actualy living next door to each other in the same apartment block but don't know it and are still searching for each other. They find each other in the last scene of the movie when an earthquake brings down the walls between the 2 apartments.


Jun 14, 2009 i watched this movie in the 90's and it seem alil older than that, i would rent it all the time. its about these 2 kids im pretty sure 1 was a girl they was playin with a ball i think and it gets lost and they go into like another world or somethin and i think it had an cartoon frog in it but they went and had these like wine glasses that a witch or magical queen was and had a bunch of lil girls with her that were all magical like. i cant seem to fig this one out its been buggin me for years. oh and i think the girl in the movie was brown headed.


Jun 13, 2009 I saw this movie in the late 90s maybe 1999-2000 it was a sequel to the first movie which was about a man who one night started killing teens at night in there school,the sequel was about the girl who survived and went to an island where it was something like a nun school and there was a nun who started killing girls, because when she was young she had a child and other nuns made her kill it or( I don`t remember) they killed the child them selfs! Also the nun was in the wheelchair!


Jun 10, 2009 Most probably between 1983 and 1986. The movie was american made. The actress was a blonde and the lead male actor had brown hair and I believe wore glasses. What I do remember about it is that there was a guy who made a bet with his friends that he could kiss/ or get a date with this beautiful blonde woman who I believe was a model or someone famous. They ended up falling in love and then she found out about the bet. She sang a song in the movie that I can not get out of my head. Part of the lyrics are: And now there is no reason to cry and now there are no reasons to hide. I believ she was inthe bathoom when she was singing this.


Jun 8, 2009 Saw this in about 1960, 1962, when I was about 5 or 6, on TV in Australia.Not sure if a movie or something shorter.Remembered images:- boy discovers a lovely garden (assume green, but remember, it was B&W!)- garden is walled with high brick or stone walls- when he leaves this garden, because it is some distance from his house, he draws arrows in chalk on the footpath, fences & posts pointing back to the garden- later (next day? next week?) he tries to find the garden again using his chalked arrows- but some other kid (I remember it as a girl?) has seen one of his arrows & not knowing what it meant, had drawn dozens of arrows pointing every-which-way - she looks up at him as though she's pleased with herself- saddened, he knows he has suffered a great loss- years later, when the boy is older or grown up (?I think?) he recognizes the wall in his travels around the city- he rushes to the gate, swings it open, steps through - to plummet to his death, since the garden was now a building site & was being excavated.


Jun 7, 2009 Color movie pre 1997 (I worked at a video store when I rented it) Sci Fi/fantasy genre possibly a cult classic about a young man who escapes a fall out shelter to find a baren earth, most living people are underground mutants. Specific scene involves a extremely obese woman used as incubator for multiple children. possibly an intro with an escalator but I might be mixin up movies (not a boy and his dog!).


Jun 1, 2009 I'm trying to find the name of a short movie, that broadcast on either Showtime or Cinemax. It played around midnight on new years eve 1997 or 98. A couple, who somehow had a male visitor for dinner, who made subtle passes at each of them during dinner. Later after everyone went to sleep, the husband got out of bed and went to the visitors bedroom, a short time later, the wife did the same. The male visitor who was behind the bedroom door.embraced the couple and I believe a threeway sexual situation occured.


May 31, 2009 I think I saw this movie in 2007 or 2008. It might have been a film short, and I saw it on DirecTV (satellite). I can't recall the name of the film, but I believe it was a german man's fist name, like "Adolph" or "Johann," although neither of those are the title. The plot was that this fellow gets a job working in a museum, and his responsiblity is to top off the alcohol in all of the thousands of specimen jars in the museum since the alcohol is constantly evaporating. After a while he begins to wonder about how each of these specimen-infused alcohols might taste, so her begins sampling some of them. Sure enough, the flavors are unique, and his curiosity only grows. He samples alcohol infused with animals, birds, plants, amphibians, etc. Finally he discovers the ultimate infusion, and he tries it, with unfortunate results. I have tried searches on IMdB for keywords and plots that included "museum" "alcohol" "specimen jar" etc, with no success.


May 31, 2009 Im looking for a movie that ive only seen the trailer for, the trailer was on a vhs for manic cop cant remember what one i think it might have been number 3 and im sure the film was called Bizarre


May 30, 2009 I'm guessing that I saw this movie between 1977 and 1980. It was on tv and in color. I remember that there was a small structure, about the size of a small bedroom, that was on the grounds of a mansion. The front of the structure was a glass wall, maybe it had curtains that could be drawn from the inside. The body of a beautiful woman was laid out inside, on display. She could have been dead (preserved) or it could have been a wax figure. I don't remember. I believe that a man had done this because he could not bear that he had lost this woman. The movie ended with a raging fire that swept over the grounds and destroyed the building with the body inside.


May 27, 2009 I saw this in parts a few times on a cable movie channel in the mid 1980's. It was in color, a post-apocalyptic tale reminiscent of "A Boy and his Dog." The main character was a young man whose companion in his travels through the wasteland was an artificial intelligence contained on a sceptre like thing, a stick with a ball on the end that was a computer. He carried it everywhere, and it spoke to him, and he spoke to it. A climactic scene, maybe the end of the movie, is them coming under fire from antagonists and him diving for cover. He is still holding the sceptre computer, who is still in the line of fire and is yelling at him to pull him down, but too late, because the computer orb is destroyed, and the guy is left with the smoking end of the stick.


May 27, 2009 Could have been shot in the late 60's or 70's. It starts in colour for the opening scene then back to black and white for the bulk of the film and ends in the final minutes in colour.Synopsis: A young, idealistic Red army soldier (could be another Eastern block communist country) gets posted on a trans Siberian prisoner transport train and during the journey his comrades reveal their darker side. Letting prisoners out to play poker and gamble, having prostitutes on the train, drinking etc, etc. He tries to rmind them of their duty as soldiers and is met by laughter.Eventually he goes nuts and shoots them all. As the train pulls into Red Square underground station on the return trip the carnage is discovered and he finds himself being hunted by half of the army based in Moscow (or wherever they are). Ends up holed up in a toilet cubicle where upon the film ends with him shooting himself.I'm assuming it was set in Stalin - Russia, dead of winter. I'm assuming it was Russian, could be Chzech film, Hungarian etc. I remember this film so vividly from when I was about 14 or so.


May 19, 2009 I estimate that I saw this movie in the early 90s (1994-1995), I think the general plot was about two American teenagers getting up to no good, I will describe the scenes that I remember.1. Boy 1 in roo on bed, boy 2 comes in and give boy 1 a garden gnome/small statue, (might have been his birthday)Boy 1 not impressed. Boy 2 smashes gnome and inside is a bottle of whisky/liquor. that's it2.I think there was a scene where is't night and someone is floating on a rubber ring in a pool wearing a sombrero. I think there are christmas lights around the pool.3. I think there is a scene outside some sort of shack and someone is reading Guns and Ammo.Apart from that the film is colour, American, prob made in the 80s.


May 19, 2009 I saw it on SBS around ten years ago so it is definitley foreign language Italian from memory. i am looking for the title of a colour film, Italian, late 1960's where a young very good looking couple keep a rich 40 something blond ( good looking as well ) woman prisoner in her own mansion. I think they mentally torment her and keep her drunk or drugged. I cant be sure but i think they drive off in a red sports car in the end and crash. I think they were trying to drive her crazy to secure the deed to her house. It was very pop/arty, very " chic " and in the style of jess franco or Mario Bava but not a horror. Title was also quite outlandish from memory. think it had the words 'candy' or 'lipstick' ( this request was previously answered as "lady In A Cage" but this is incorrect although a similarplot lines, anyway thanks for the help so far! )


May 16, 2009 This request refers to the 70's show Wonderama that was hosted by Bob McAllister. I remember when Bob had a guest animator with a film clip of what looked like little cherubs playing out the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. When they ate the forbidden fruit everything went black, then the Satan cherub character came flying out and laughing. One of the other characters said, "Oh h*ll!" Bob tried to clean it up by saying that of course the character said, "Oh help!" I know that Bob's Wonderama shows were destroyed and Bob has died. The clip was not a cartoon. It was almost like Claymation but smoother. Any information about the guest animator or the show that the clip came from would be appreciated.


May 16, 2009 I was a kid, so I don't remember much, but it was a movie shown on tv back in the early 70's about a Japanese man who had a white girlfriend. People did not accept their relationship, and I think while walking down the street a white man was holding up a sign that said "Jap." At the end of the movie, the Japanese man knelt down on the river bank and fell forward thus killing himself. I think the movie was in color.


May 15, 2009 i saw this black and white animated short foreign film on ifc in the mid- to late 90's. i believe it's from the netherlands.holland or denmark is my guess. the animation was very cutting edge, stark and contrasty. it looked almost like woodcut or something. unfortunately i don't remember hardly any details about the plot or what happens, just images. i know it was set in a bar and i remember there was a character with a peg leg, there was a sad woman, and a dog i think, and someone rowing a canoe in the turbulent sea. there was GREAT music, that sounded to me at the time like a danish nick cave.


May 14, 2009 British kids show that aired on American television during the early 80s.The only thing I remember are a group of kids who placed what looked like colored playdough on a train or some vehicle to turn it on.


May 14, 2009 Im trying to locate the name of a movie trailer I saw at the theater in front of Popeye back in 1980-1981. Back then I didnt know what a movie trailer was and thought it was a clip from Popeye or a clip to a sequel to Popeye. This couldnt be the case since a sequel was never made. The only image I remember was a guy about to be shot out of a cannon. At the time I thought it was Bluto who was in the cannon. Again I didnt realize the difference between a movie and a trailer (I was only 4). The man in the cannon could have been Bud Spencer or someone who looked like him.


May 14, 2009 It was a film I watched in 2nd or 3rd grade during the early 80s. It was about washing/keeping clean. I remember a guy in a germ suit introducing 3 or 4 segments of stories. Each story was about a kid who was being spoken to by cleaning products around him/her. The last segment was of a boy in a bathroom talking to the soap, towels and other toiletries. They were telling him he had to take a shower regularly and should also wash the bath mat with the laundry. The bath mat then flings the kid into the shower. Finally it cuts back to the germ host who is getting washed away by a bunch of suds.


May 14, 2009 I saw this movie in elementary school during the early to mid 80s. The film looked like it was shot in the mid to late 70s. It was about a kid (I think he was Hispanic) who wanted to be treated like an adult. I think he got a job. His parents rented him an area in the living room next to the couch. I remember him eating his dinner in the space. I could be confusing this with another movie, but he might have bought a small turtle.


May 12, 2009 I saw a commercial promo for a film back in the mid-to-late 1970s on CBS; it may have been a made-for-TV movie. A man pulls back a shower curtain to reveal a trembling, dark-haired woman covering her breasts (there was a clearly visible bottle of Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo in the soap rack - a product placement?); the promo then jump-cuts to the couple in the shower embracing, seen through the translucent curtain.


May 11, 2009 I'm looking for a film made in the late 80's - 90's involving a private school headmaster and his neglected hot wife (who has a leg brace), i believe one of the headmaster's students seduces the wife. This is all I saw/remember of the film. The 'hot' wife is a brunette and i think her name was Eve, which i think is also in the title.


May 8, 2009 I remember seeing this movie when I was younger during the 90's. I thought the movie I was thinking of was My Neighbor Totoro. However, the anime movie I remember, there was scene where it is a little boy or girl is at his mom's funeral and he throws dirt into the grave. Then the rest of the movie is about him learning to cope with the death.


May 7, 2009 This movie I've been trting to find for the longest! It was on Showtime channel in the 80's. It was animated and was rated R or PG. There was some nudity and launguage. There was a male narrator and the little boy was from somewhere like the east because I remember the city. He runs away from the city and finds a blonde girl who strangely transforms from a demon to a young pretty girl. She then leads him up some glass stairs to heaven but when he climbs she disapears further. Then I remember seeing the part where he goes into the forrest and finds a nude woman bathing. There's fairies and she turns around and says' "Shhhhh!" and then her eyes glow white and he gets scarred and runs then he turns into a deer and then theres a wolf ready to devour him.


May 6, 2009 This is a black and white film where a young eskimo (20-30) gets injured very badly, probably from an encounter with a polar bear or other large animal. His wife (?) an attractive young eskimo nurses him back to life in an igloo where they are for some reason isolated. It is a long recuperation, and when physically better the young hunter is still depressed and without interest in life until his wife makes love with him in what I remember as being a very pleasantly erotic scene. I saw it on a cassette back in about 1987.


May 5, 2009 This was a short film included in as part of a short film collection I saw on the IFC channel in the fall of 2001. The short film lasted only about 10-15 minutes and was about a mother and small daughter (between 8 and 11) who are in the process of moving into a new home. The daughter immediately runs upstairs and into an attic where she finds an old chest with a dollhouse in it. She starts to play with the dolls while the mother unpacks downstairs. Everything the daughter does to the dolls happens to the mother downstairs. She moves the doll through the house and the doll hits the walls, ceiling etc. The mother is being flown around the house downstairs hitting the walls, etc. The film ends when the daughter decides to stop playing with the dolls.


May 4, 2009 It's a French romantic comedy. I saw it on TV in the UK in the late 70's/early 80's so it must have been an early 70's or late 60's film. The main female character shoplifted clothes by wearing lots of layers of stolen clothes. (She may have had pockets in a big coat to steal stuff too; but I could be confusing this with another film.) She gets married in the film but is dressed as a groom in perhaps a tuxedo or maybe just a dark suit. I remember thinking this was the most glamourous thing ever. It was very light and breezy in tone.


May 1, 2009 Movie from the late 1980s or early 1990s. It was played on tv when I saw it, so it could be older.It involves a guy being haunted by the memory of his sister's drowning in a deserted pool (the pool has leaves and debris in it; it is fenced in so it could have been a public pool). It takes place on a rocky coastline, and he keeps going back to the water having flashbacks of finding his sister in the pool. There is also a woman (ghost) in a flowing white gown that he keeps seeing on the beach and there is a lighthouse.I remember it being "haunting" and not scary (pretty haunting especially since I remember it after all of these years). There is a lot of music in it and not too much talking.


Apr 29, 2009 looking for a title to a movie that she seen in the nineties sometime. it has a british male nanny who babysits a spoiled brat daughter of a women who lives in an apartment. the nanny makes the daughter clean and at the end of the movie the mother throws a dinner party or something.


Apr 28, 2009 Its a TV movie from the mid to late 90's and I'm sure it had Marshall Bell in or his brother(if he's got one). Marshall Bell was the bad guy and he has a big busted blonde girlfriend/sidekick. The lead character is a Cheryl Ladd type actress and I think she had lost her daughter in a car accident which she has nightmares about. She is helped by a younger man with dark long hair who had some trouble with the cops or something. Basically it was a shite TV movie but I still want to know what it was called.


Apr 26, 2009 I Watched this film aroun 1998 on tv but it may have been older. It was Colour. Basically what i remember is a husband and wife on a boat who get hijacked. He gets his legs broken with a hammer and is kept prisoner on a boat being towed behind. Later in the movie he makes leg splints and i think uses a harpoon. They have a cat who dies after getting clogged in the propellor, possibly thrown overboard by the hijackers.


Apr 25, 2009 i am looking for the title of a move possibly made in the 80's or very early 90's it was about a killer who would kill women trying to find the perfect match for this old victorian type painting he had of a girl on a couch, in the end the killer ends up being the cop investigating the killings and he finds a match to his painting and at the end she kills him and is seen leaving on a boat


Apr 24, 2009 I have a very short memory of this movie. so I don't know if anyone can help. All I remember is one scene in an indoor pool or conservatory (glass walls and ceiling). Someone is hiding in a closet that has doors that have slats like blinds. Someone is looking out and sees some people (bad guys) or possibly skeletons or monsters or something come in.


Apr 24, 2009 I watched this film on dutch/german channel in the early 90's 91 or 92, I think it was a dutch film, the scene I remember is a woman walking along a beach, reminising about a bearded man rubbing her hands, next scene is she is walking through people in a building - she is then tied to chair by her hands by the bloke she was dreaming about.


Apr 24, 2009 A movie on television during the mid-to-late 80's, so it could have played in the theaters during the early-to-mid 80's (or even the late 70's, but I doubt it). The hero enters a house, and in the living room, a normal looking blond-haired guy wearing sports shorts (he reminds me of a tennis player) suddenly attacks him. The guy doesn't speak and lunges at the hero. Suddenly, the guy explodes (or is shot by the hero using a laser blaster. I'm not too sure). He looked normal/human. I think it may be similar to the body snatchers concept. He was probably being controlled, but it's not Invasion from Mars, Body Snatchers, Pod People, Blade Runner, Logan's Run, The Hidden, or Trancers. He never decomposed. He just. exploded!


Apr 20, 2009 I am looking for a movie for my aunt. It was on tv between 1990 to 1997. It was about a mother who had six children. She treated them well when father was home but when he left, she would lock them up, giving them pots for the bathroom. One of her sons fell off the roof from climbing out the window to try to get his siblings food. The movie continues on to the kids (all six) going to a foster home and growing up to live better lives. My aunt recalls that the boy who fell was interveiwed at the end of the movie. It was colored and possibly seen on Hallmark.


Apr 19, 2009 I am looking for the name of movie I think it was a made for TV movie in the 70's or 80's. The plot was two teens perhaps the only 2 people left on earth. They would communicate via computer and play games. Later they realized that they must meet to fight against I think it was some type of robots.


Apr 18, 2009 I watched this movie sometime around 1993-1996 (probably 1995) in a public bus in mexico. The movie was color and in english. I remember this muscular white guy, he seemed like a real badass to me back then, running away from someone through like a dessert. He was in a sports car (i think it was a red ferarri) and was accompanied by a hot looking probably blonde girl. They stopped somewhere in the middle of the dessert (or it was sunny at least, im not sure it was a dessert) and she was taking care of some wound he had. They proceeded to engage in a sex scene.


Apr 18, 2009 I am looking for the name of a film I saw in the mid 1980s. We were shown it in school, so it must have been a children's film. I think it was in colour. All I can remember is a part where two children, a boy and a girl, are being chased (possibly through a forest) by a tall man with blond hair who is wearing a white suit. They are hiding from him in a type of quarry. He is turning around on the spot with his arm outstretched and his finger pointed. He sees them but I can't remember what happened after that. There is possibly a spaceship in this film but i can't be sure. It is not Escape to Witch Mountain.


Apr 11, 2009 french mini tv series around 1980, (maybe only 3 - 1 hours episodes) a couple walks and then girfriend get hit by a object (bottle i think) thrown from a small airplane(piper cherokee-4 seater) and boyfriend wants to avenge her. he ends up tracking down and killing the four men and finally gets caught by the police , a french police woman who dress up as his girlfriend on the anniversary of her death. the police shoots him dead.


Apr 5, 2009 I am looking for a movie from the mid to early 90's(may have been older). I know it was on cable and possibly a movie/premium channel like HBO etc. All I remember best is there is a scene where 4 or so people are sitting around a kitchen table eating and theres a guy and girl who are I beleive playing footsie. Then at some point the guy catches the girl in the hallway and they have sex right there against the wall, with everyone in the other room. I dont remember if she was willing or raped and if it was an affair or he was her teacher.somthing along those lines. Not a porn movie, it was in color, thats as much as I remember.also I beleive Hellraiser was on close to the same time a few channels away. Thanks for any help.


Apr 4, 2009 Fan mail from some Flounder: Your site is *fantastic*! I was able to search through your pages & find the name of a film I saw as a child that no one was able to come up with - A Reflection of Fear. I had been trying to find out about this film for years. Thanks so much to all of you!


Apr 3, 2009 I saw a film in the early 90's on TV (colour) - a family film about an american young girl who rollerskates everywhere and is either on vacation and staying in a hotel or something - there are scenes where she makes cakes in the kitchens and chews bubblegum constantly . Could be vegas - there is a casino if i recall right! she helps the maids and is always getting into trouble. she has really 80's hair and is a bit of a spoiled brat.


Apr 3, 2009 I am looking for a movie/tv movie/tv show episode that I saw in the 1970's. I remember seeing it twice on television. I think it was a murder/suspense movie.The parts that I can remember:1 A man's wife is killed in a car accident. He knows/believes that she is dead. An imposter wife shows up and he doesn't know what is going on.2 In one scene he stabs some guy in the stomach. I've always thought that it was some plumber and they were both in the kitchen. Later in the show, he finds out that it was a prop knife and that guy didn't die.3 Late in the show, he goes to where his wife's car is wrecked. I believe it is a small yellow vehicle. He opens the door and she is up against the steering wheel. He pulls her back and she definitely died in the car. I think she had blond hair.I always thought that the guy in the show was Dick Van Dyke but I've never been able to find any show that he was in like this.


Mar 28, 2009 I saw a movie on TV I can only tell you that it was in the 80's. What I can remember is that the scene was a highschool and there was a serial rapist on the loose. A girl gets raped and goes to the police. She gets a lot of attention from everyone because of this. Another girl sees this and gets jealous and starts telling everyone that she was raped as well. The girl who really was raped finds out that she was lying and confronts the lying girl at her house during a rainstorm. They fight and the girl who actually was raped leaves but then the lying girls gets phone calls with no voice on the line. She starts freaking out and when she opens the front door the girl who left is hanging on it murdered.


Mar 28, 2009 I saw an American movie that I think came out in the late 70's or 80's. I didn't see it in theater but I don't think it was a tv movie. Also it was color. The movie was about a bus full of teenagers(I think around 17 years old) that was hijacked by a small group of people, there was only one woman amongst the hijackers. I think that main character was a teenager girl. They were taken to a place in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road. There was an area with grass and behind that was a forrest. I want to say that there where ropes that most of the teens climbed to get away from the hijackers but then they(the hijackers) started climbing up after them. At the end, the hijackers had all the teens line up in rows and as each row stepped forward, they shot the male teens, but not all of them. After that they finally went on the bus again and I think there was one more scene before the end.


Mar 27, 2009 i remember watching this movie when i was a younger about a young boy who meets a magical little girl / creature named "udagoo" (not sure if that's even how you spell it) i remember this girl having short black hair and very pale skin. she's magical and there is one scene where she is making things fly around his room. i want to say the movie was made in the 80's, but i was born in 89, so it would have aired in the 90's. i believe it was on the disney channel i found this post on askville, and it seems like were talking about the same movie,"All I can really remember is that it was about a boy who was a musician, maybe went to a school for it, played i think the cello and worked in a floral shop. He finds a girl that lives in a plant in his shop and he has to save her world with a magical conductors baton.


Mar 26, 2009 Movie from the early to mid 1970s. The only scene I remember is someone drugging a woman on a boat (like a 20 foot cabin cruiser) and cutting off her hand to steal her bracelet.


Mar 26, 2009 The movie opens with the protagonists having sex in a gas-stop restroom (woman's room locked? she uses men's room). During sex, the woman steals the man's wallet. Soon, somehow, they are both on the same lonely mountain road where someone is shooting at them and has already killed another driver. The movie turns into a long hunt through the mountains as the protagonists try to escape the killers--who turn out to be young boys (one of them obviously a sociopath). I don't remember the stars, but the movie was surprisingly good and had some added layers one would not expect.I thought the title was "King of the Hill (or Mountain)," but I can't find any movie by that title.


Mar 25, 2009 I saw this movies in the early 1970s. The setting is the American prairies--late 1800s. A very young boy is washed down a wild river, perhaps with his dog. The mom, dad and community search for him but eventually assume he drowned. Somehow the boy is able to fend for himself and years later, when he is mabye 8 to 12, he finds his way home. I'm almost certain it is a color film.


Mar 25, 2009 This movie was in black and white, was done in the late 40's or 50's. I viewed it at the Masonic Home and School, Ft. Worth, Texas in the mid- 50's. Our school apparently had distribution rights or a source for first run movies. I do not remember the actors or movie company. The cars in the movie were from the late 30's or early 40's. I do not remember where this group of criminals came from or how they got to the house in which they had held the family who lived there. They were trying to illude the cops. The cops or maybe a sheriff, finaly caught up to them. The leader went out the back screen door and began clawing up a sand hill behind the house to get away. The film emphasized the effort of the man to get up the hill and played up the suspense of his almost reaching the top to safety. The cop or county sheriff took a rifle and slowly took aim and shot the guy just as he reached the crest. The bad guy rolled all the way back down the sand hill. I believe this was the end. I keep thinking the bad guy was Jack Palance but I do not clearly remember who it was.


Mar 21, 2009 I seen this mexican movie on a mexican tour bus, it may be mexican or english. cant remember, pretty sure it was mexican if i remember correctly.there was this guy and his wife, mexican, and his son who was about 5 years old or so, the couple was fighting arguing over her mother coming to visit her dropped in unannounced. and to stay, sets the husband into a rage and he starts fights with her over and insults the mother in law. while he was seeing another woman on the side, and his son soon sees his dad kissing the other woman, as the guy kicks the mother in law out or she leaves then the , husband, keeps treating his wife bad, then the wife, files for divorce.the husband wants his son, and becomes friends with his divorce wife to be living apart, and trys to get her help for her depression, and gets her all whacked out on drugs, so he can get custody of his son, then right after the proceeding, he goes to see his son, and while they were arguing the father buys and brings over a bike for his son, as they were arguing the son rides the bike off the top of the townhouse type villa and off the balcony on the second floor bedroom into the street. the kid dies.and the husband, realizes his values had changed and saw his new girlfriend that was like a news anchor or model, couldnt cook or do naything his wife could, and he was left alone by his fiance that was not all cracked up to be what he thought he wanted and read the bible that was giv en to him by his brother or someone that was telling him all along to read it and to put his marriage back together all along and that was mans purpose.this movie was suspenseful the every minute, and was very dramatic .it was so gooood. and emotional. i dont remember anyone famous in the movie, but it was good, the actors and actresses were very goodlooking, the woman looked like penelop cruz, and he looked like a businessman that was in his mid thirtys to mid fortys.he was a real asshole at first.


Mar 18, 2009 70's / early 80's, Disney-esque? Colour. Intrepid kids getting caught up in some mischief.I think it was a British film, and one of the only things I really remember was some of the action (kids being chased) taking part on a moored boat near the end. The boat was a non-descript steel cargo boat I think. I do remember them utilising things to battle the bad guys, like marbles making them trip over and trip wires. impressive stuff to a young lad.


Mar 17, 2009 I saw it late 1999 early 2000. All I can remember of this film is that a girl lived with her mother . when her mother left, a boy and girl dressed in all black broke into the house. They chased the girl up the stairs and when the mom came home, she found her daughter with her throat cut.


Mar 16, 2009 i'm looking for a french film about a prostitute. I remember she meets with another former prostitute who is trying to hide money from her pimp she asks the main prostitute to spring her son out of the orphanage. when she meets with the boy he holds a key around his neck to a locker somewhere where the money is hidden. She ends up becoming responsible for the teenage boy who soon becomes infatuated with her as he is discovering his sexuality for the first time. I have no idea what its called. i just remember the main prostitute is blond with curly hair always looks kinda bedraggled but pretty.there's a part in the film when she arrives at the orphanage the woman asks her to sign papers saying she is responsible for the boy she intends to take out, to which the prostute replies, do I look responsible to you" to which the woman replies no but now you are. i think at least some of this film takes place in paris.


Mar 13, 2009 There was a made-for-TV movie on Nickelodeon (possibly on "Snick") in the 90s, most likely somewhere between the years 1996-2000. The protagonists are two young siblings, a boy and girl who are living in some sort of post-apocalyptic desert world. They have no parents but one day they find a map that is supposed to lead them to a paradise/oasis type place. They proceed on a journey with an adult friend who is Frankenstein's monster-like, very large and strong. To travel in the desert they have these hovering surfboards with sails attached and fly over the sand and they wear bike helmets. At some point they come across a place that looks like ancient Rome/Greece where they meet a very old looking Julius Caesar with white hair and blue/greenish skin tone. At some point they are running through tunnels and the Frankenstein man sacrifices himself to save them and he dies by poison gas. In the end they find a goateed man wearing either a red/orange/yellow jumpsuit who they thought had been their parents' friend but they find out he killed their parents. Then at the very end the two find their way to the oasis and that's where the film ends. The actors may have had accents- I am unsure but I am assuming it was made in the United States, in color. It is a live-action film, not animated.


Mar 5, 2009 i watched this movie as a little girl i was born in 89 so im not sure if the movie came out before that or while i was already born it was i believe it was a boy and a girl or maybe 1 boy and 2 girls and they where somewhere tiring to escape cause they where kidnapped or something like that i know it was in a town and all i can remember is very little and i know its not escape to witch mountian but the plot and everything is kinda like that it is a family movie tho and it was on a really fancy house


Mar 5, 2009 Looking for a Cinemax late-night movie I saw sometime are 1980. Pretty sure the plot involved a woman who's father was killed by her mother-in-law in order to gain control of the family farm? She gets revenge by offing her mother-in-laws three sons in a series of accidents. One involved a son chasing her in the hayloft of the barn, where she moves out of the way such that he falls out of a window to his death. The mother-in-law suspects these accidents aren't accidents, but has no proof.


Mar 4, 2009 Someone wants to know if any of us have a copy of the following movie: Miracles Still Happen (1974) aka I Miracoli accadono ancora starring Susan Penhaligon as Juliane Koepcke. There are several expensive ones out there, but he is looking for a cheaper one.


Mar 4, 2009 Looking for a movie or made for tv movie im guessing 60's or 70's possibly black and white or maybe that was just the tv. Anyhow a scene with multiple people, i think only women, in tubs that had covers stretched over them but their heads were sticking out. Like they were trapped or something. I think there was steam also. But one lady appeared to be escaping by finding a hole in the cover with her toe and started to rip it.


Mar 1, 2009 Watched on tv in 1980's, possible early 1990's. I believe it was a movie, but I watched a lot of Tales from the Crypt, and Are you Afraid of the Dark style shows as well. All I remember is what I think was the end of the movie/show. A teenage male and female's clothed skeletal remains are found sitting side by side, trapped in an underground cement walled room that you would have to climb down into (through a man hole maybe?) Possibly under a gas station? They had apparently gotten sealed in or trapped and died. I think the girl skeleton was wearing a poodle skirt and had on the boy's varsity or school sweater. I am thinking they had been missing since the 1950's (not just dressed like that for halloween or something). I forget the main characters of the movie or who it is that finds them. I think after the skeletons are discovered their spirits drive off in an old vehicle that would've been popular at the time of their disappearance (50's ford thunderbird maybe.) And the people that found them watch them drive off and are happy that the issue was resolved and they are at peace.I don't remember the main plot of the film.if it was scary, like the ghosts of the dead couple haunting the modern day teens (or adults) (modern day being 1980's or early 1990's, whenever it was filmed).or it it was more of a mystery like trying to find out what happened to them. I think it was just being a kid and seeing the teenage skeletons that stuck with me and that's why I just remember that one part.wish I could remember more.


Mar 1, 2009 I saw this film at a movie theater in 1978 or 1979. I don't remember very much, except that it's very very sad. It was in color, and was probably an American film (?). I remember it was about a couple having problems and wanting to get a divorce. They have two children, a boy and a girl, both very young (under 10 years of age). The kids wanted their parents to stay together, but the parents (separated?) were each already involved in another relationship at this point. The kids did all sorts of things to try to make the parents fall back in love again, but it just didn't work out. Finally, the couple decided to go through with the divorce, and announced their decision to the kids. Needless to say, the kids were devastated. The night before the final split up, the two kids decided to run away to their grandmother's. They left in the middle of the night. It was raining very hard, and for some reason they stopped in the middle of the trip (I think they were too weak, or too sick to continue). The brother (the elder of the two) could not go on anymore. He told his sister to go ahead without him, and they said their good-byes there. I remember the last scene of the film was the morning after -- there's this big tree with red leaves all over it, and the boy was found under the tree, dead! This film (I believe) was later adopted and made into this Hong Kong movie called "quan2 jia1 fu2" [a.k.a. "A Family Affair"] in 1984, and was a big hit there. In the Hong Kong version they turned it into a happy ending though.


Feb 23, 2009 An old film (possibly mid 80's or made to look like it). The plot runs like this - a guy in his 30's goes on holiday to a tropical island and stays at a hotel where there are the three other main characters - the owner (tough bare-chested guy, i think always wearing a cowboy hat), his wife (big-chested, long hair), and his 18-year-old-looking daughter. The guy slinks around, at one point having sex with the daughter on the beach and the wife in the nearby lagoon (top scene). I recall (possibly the final scene) where the guy is injured (possibly shot) and gets into a boat and runs away.


Feb 23, 2009 I'm looking for an old movie I saw as a child (in the 60's). I really don't remember that much about it. The thing I do remember is a young boy whose father dies. His mother later gets married again to a very hard man, who spank's the boy every time he does something wrong. In the end of the movie something happens an the boy gets spanked again, and he then runs down to a river and jumps in to a little boat and starts drifting down the river while the boy crye's himself to sleep.


Feb 21, 2009 My friend saw this movie about 1963 or so. It was animated, nicely done, as if by Disney. The only scene he remembers is a boy in a small boat on a stream who is going to find/rescue some girl. A witch is on a bridge above the stream and wants to stop him, so she opens a small vial and a couple of drops of liquid fall into the stream next to the bridge. The boy is unaware and continues under the bridge, but what comes out the other side is a big, white swan. The witch has transformed the boy and boat.


Feb 19, 2009 I am Resubmitting this because the answer I got was not correct. This is NOT a Night gallery "Certain shadows on the wall" episode. I have all the Night gallery tapes. The show I am looking for, I thought was an episode of "One step beyond", but after seeing most of them l realize this is probably not correct. It is a black and white episode and this middle aged man & woman live in this mansion or castle. I think the man may have killed another man in that house cuz a partial image of a face, ( the victim's face), Not a shadow, appears on the wall of the big house. No matter how many times the man cleans that wall or paints over it,the image comes back. I used to see this when I lived in New York in the 80's.


Feb 17, 2009 I am looking for the name of an episode of the 1960s U.S. television series "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.". All I can remember is a scene where Illya Kuryakin is sneaking around some sort of women's gym or school--the ladies were dressed in black leotards. Several young women trap Illya by tossing doughnut-shaped floatation devices (from the pool?) over his head until he was completely encased in them and could not move. This episode is definitely not "The Her Master's Voice Affair" which I recently viewed on DVD.


Feb 14, 2009 This a (possibly British) film from (possibly) the 80s about a man who works at a lingerie store and has trouble speaking with women, and thus joins a supposedly secret society of misogynists that's really a group of hopeless middle aged men looking for ways to cope with their lack of any female attention, and invite e.g. Catholic priests to their meetings to teach them ways to 'calm down', etc. Finally the protagonist meets a woman who works at a bowling alley, and there's much clumsiness.


Feb 13, 2009 i saw this movie that i believe is from the 1970s or early 80s.i saw it as a kid on tv. as i remember it: the plot was a woman/housewife who assumed an alter ego(i think she wore a wig and dressed like a hooker). she hung out at a bar or restaurant with some criminal types. she ends up having sex with the bartender who worked there. i forget why, but in the end she kills them at the bar and then turns the gun on the bartender, but doesnt shoot him and lets him turns out the bartender was an undercover cop but he lets the girl get away with it.


Feb 11, 2009 am trying to find an old movie i watched many years ago probably between 1985 and 1995. All i remember is this young girl about the age of 18 being awakened by 1 or 2 policemen one morning. They tell her that her parents who had gone away for the weekend had died in a plane crash. She is left alone in a big house and authorities later find her foster parents. She doesn't like her new foster parents and one night escapes never to return. She soon finds herself on dangerous streets and is befriended by a slightly older boy who later on falls in love with her. Her family had just moved to this lovely neighbourhood before they died.


Feb 11, 2009 I Saw this movie circa(1996-1997) on vhs. It was in color. It was a horror movie. I cant remember if the killer was a zombie or what. But, One of the scenes I remember Is There is a couple in a parked car making out. The killer comes to the driver side and pulls the boyfriend out of the car and kills him. Then The Killer grabs the woman. She is trying to get away kicking and screaming. The Killer Throws her on the hood of the car. She is still struggling.Next Thing you see he is raping her,her pants are off. At First she is still like NO! or trying to fight him. But I guess it starts to feel good to her and she starts to enjoy it or get into it. The Killer is holding her legs while having sex with her. And In a final act of evil pushes her legs all the way back so far she can't stand the pain. You see blood gush up into the killers face as she is gasping One last scream. She dies.


Feb 6, 2009 Several years ago I saw a movie on Cinemax or Showtime latenight. It was about a "geeky" computer hacker that starts working for this guy and his wife. He starts having an affair with the wife but she gets jealous when she finds out he also had sex with her friend while riding around in a limo so the wife sets him up. He is saved by his "nerdy" friends including another girl that likes him. I believe the end has him riding around in the back of the van having sex with the girl that saved him. I want to say the movie took place in France or somewhere else in Europe.


Feb 1, 2009 My grade school used to show a series about some kids who are trying to find their Dad who was sucked into a magic pinball machine. Every week was a different adventure that brought them closer to finding there Dad. I believe the Canadian TV series shown on PBS called "Mythquest" was based on this show. Can you please help with any information about this show? It was shown around the early 80's, though it may be as old as the mid-late 70's.


Jan 26, 2009 I saw this film in the 80s I think and a full family is camping when they are kidnapped and held captive somewhere and the wife cheats on her husband with the kidnapper and has sex.


Jan 21, 2009 Don't have much, but saw a little bit of this in dec. 08 on FX, a killer kidnaps this guy, he wakes up after being knocked out and his legs had been cut off so he tries to crawl out but is caught and dragged back, meanwhile his friends 4 of them i think, are searching for any clues as to where he is by beating up thugs, criminals, etc for information to find him.


Jan 21, 2009 The film is about 1995-2000 and the ambient is cosmopolitan.A Comedy. I guess is an European film.There are 2 scenes that I remember:- When the star (A bussines man, architect or similar) saw his wife with another guy (a hippie or bohemian) the man left on his bicycle and the main character had to pursue him on a child's bicycle.- Then I remember that he wore a bear costume because he doesn't want be recognized by his wife.- Later he met the bohemian man and he changed his life and taught him to win money and become a bussiness man.


Jan 20, 2009 I saw a movie about 7 years ago on TV, but do not know the name. It was during war times with Germany and the jews and was about a man (whom I thought was Jon Voit but must not have been because I could not find a film that he starred in like that) and his wife and two children (a son and daughter). The father was of rank in the German military and when his son was old enough, he was told that he had to join the military and fight also. The son did not want to join the military and fight, so the father took his son to another country (maybe Switzerland of Czech Rep) to avoid having to joint and fight. The son was able to make it over the fence (border) to safety, but the father was killed. Back home in Germany the daughter was taken prisoner and was questioned and tormented by the Germany military. One of the officers fell in love with her and took her home with him. She became pregnant with his child. He and most of his men were killed shortly afterward in the street by where they were staying by bombing and artillery. She, along with other jews were sent from the country- and she somehow wound up on a boat to New York. A doctor aboard the ship saved her life and cared for her. Later on, her and the doctor were to be married, but the mother of the doctor found out that the child she was carrying was not his and that she was a jew and she made her leave. The doctor was later married to someone else and had a daughter and the lady married a long time friend. Her son and the doctors daughter met later on at school and fell in love. The couple saw each other again at the dance for their children. At the end of the movie, the lady went to an art store and found a piece of art work and/or a painting that had belonged to her mother from years before, and found out that her brother (whom she thought was dead had brought it there) and he was in fact the owner of the store and he came out and she knew it was him. It was a great movie, but I did not get to see all of it and have been trying to think of the name of the move ever since so that I could locate it and watch it again. It was probably the best movie I have ever watched.


Jan 18, 2009 This is a Chinese martial arts film that was dubbed into english from perhaps the 1970's or early 1980's. It actually takes place in San Francisco (I think), and it deals with the local Chinese people dealing with racism and bigotry from the native non-Chinese people. Everyone it seems knows kung fu, and there are many kung fu fight scenes between the Chinese and the non-Chinese. I remember there was a little Chinese girl who knew kung fu very well. In an early scene, the little girl and her sister are harassed by local thugs who say they hate the Chinese. Later on, the little girl tells her brother (friend?) what happened and begins to cry. While sobbing, she says, "Why don't they like Chinese people?" I also remember there being Chinese hoodlums who catered to the local non-Chinese thugs. The last scene of the movie shows an all-out kung fu battle between the Chinese and the non-Chinese, with the little Chinese girl taking part.


Jan 13, 2009 I saw a movie in the mid-late 90's on TV in colour in New Zealand. It had some kids/teenagers who had some sort of club thing in the woods. They had a war or fight with some older kids with slingshots and a rabbit ended up getting hit resulting in the bunch of kids waving a white flag so they could save the rabbit. There was also a part where the kids had a tractor and were driving down the road and I remember a kid jumped in the back of it. At the end or near the end of the movie a girl that one of the boys comes over to the boy who is swimming in liek a waterhole thing and climbs in. She asks him if he wants to skinny dip and he agrees, she says he has to go first so he take soff his trunks and gives them to her. She then walks out of the water hole and walks off leaving him there. I also remember one of the kids being kciked out of the club thing in the woods by the rest of the boys for some reason (something to do with the tractor I think?)


Jan 12, 2009 A movie I saw on Showtime (after hours or after dark) probably in the late eighties maybe 88, 89 or 1990, believe it's an american film and the plot is based in america. the scene is this thin blond who is an admiral's (or high ranking official) daughter is somewhat of a slut/temptress who always causes problems is erotically teasing a big black guy through the window and he breaks down the door to have sex with her, i think the house catches on fire or something? it's based during the 1800 i would guess.


Jan 11, 2009 This film was probably 1992-1995 and was about a sons relationship with his mother who comitted suicide by walking in to the Sea when he was younger. Can't remember too much about it but he ended up comitting suicide by driving down the side of a mountain on his motorbike.


Jan 8, 2009 I am trying to find the movie I saw between 1993 and 1998. The movie was on The Movie Network (in Canada) and it was in color. I believe it was an American movie but I cannot confirm that detail. The movie is about a man and a woman that are trying to escape from this big house with a briefcase full of money. To escape the house they must overcome trials in rooms of the house (one of which is a game of chess where the man has to play as one of the pieces, and another is to escape a room that is being flooded). It turns out that the woman is the one who is responsible for all of these trials and just pretends she has no idea of what is going on.


Jan 6, 2009 I believe this film was a 1980's movie and it appeared to be about a mother and her family of boys. The family seemed to live maybe in the country. I just remember alot of trees and like woods maybe. The mother had I believe a stepdaughter or live in girl who she did not like and i think the mother wanted the boys to kill her but each boy became attracted to her and instead she ended up somehow killing each one of them one by one by accident. The "stepdaughter" was a tan, young and blonde. I think one of the boys died by falling in a trap like a hole or something. It was almost like a suspense with a little comedy. It is a colored movie.


Jan 5, 2009 the movie i am looking for is an 80s or very early nineties movie. I do not have much to go on. There is a scene in it towards the end where the "hero" gets locked in a wooden crate and rolled down a beach into a body of water where the villian tries to drown him. This may have happened earlier in the movie too (not too sure) and that person didnt escape. After the hero escapes he goes back up the beach to ahouse and that is when all the conspiriacies of the movie starts to be uncovered. If I remember correctly there are a few twists and turns.


Jan 2, 2009 I saw this movie btween 1990 and 2005, on TV or video. I do not know actor names but i think one of the characters was nick named 'Rat'. He and his brother were oon the police or defence force and their father had been killed years earlier. It was a scifi film set in the future i think and their was this electronic net or grid thing that had some significance but i don't remember what. their was an old guy higher up in the force and i think it may have been him that had something to do with it.


Dec 30, 2008 it was about a rich woman, who had sexual relationship with her accountant, and he used his position to touch her daughter when she asked for money, as her mother told her that she should go and take money from her accountant. the only episode I remember was when she goes to him and asks for money and begin to seduce him, she standing in front of window, but when he grabs her from behind and begin to hug and grab her from behind ( and the scene suggests that he is already prejaculated in his pant )and she begins to refuses and insults him .


Dec 30, 2008 There was this movie I watched as a kid. There was a boy that watched a woman from a hole in the ground. He would watch her and the hole was like a fort. The woman would be swimming in a lake or relaxing.


Dec 30, 2008 Hispanic-themed movie with a drifter who plays guitar, finds a job in a cantina in Mexico or Texas or thereabouts, eventually falls into a steamy affair with the owner's abused wife, who also works at the bar, then they plot to kill the owner, they think he's dead but he survives. I don't think he realizes who tried to kill him, so the plot goes on. Think it's in English, maybe in Spanish?


Dec 27, 2008 I have been looking for a movie I saw back when I was a child in the early 1990s. It may be a 1980s-1990s film. It was a US movie and might have been a TV movie. The only scene I remember was this boy was being pressured to jump off a bridge, and when he finally did, he hit a log (or something) floating underneath and became paralyzed.


Dec 25, 2008 There was this action, fighter jet movie that there are these pilots are being trained and one of them is very talented and the call him the black eagle (dark angel? - me)or something like that (I dnt remember) and this man later in the movie packs his jet with real bombs and equipments and on a training practice he chalenges his team mates with real weapons and actually kill them. this movies shouldnt be older than 10-12 years.


Dec 20, 2008 Movie I saw I believe in 1997 or there abouts. I saw it on Bravo TV in Canada.Basic premise from what I remember was a women has an unmarried relation with a man. They have sex on a chair (not shown in great detail. More implied than anything). She gets pregnant and her father finds out. He sends her out of the home and away from the family away in a box. She later gets out and wonders around meeting a few people before giving birth in a flood of some kind. The movie is filled with artistic dancing and from what I remember, the only speaking was a narrative done by a child claimed to be the son of the woman. A story of how he came to be I guess. I think the woman was wearing a red or orange dress/outfit of some kind that had a tie belt like a robe of some kind.


Dec 18, 2008 A British movie that was several different vignettes in one man's life. Black and White and probably from the late 60's or early 70's. It starts with him in boy's school getting bullied by classmates and then punished by his teacher. I didn't get to see the rest but heard that in his adult life (one of the later vignettes) he has some strange psychosexual perversions.


Dec 16, 2008 There was a movie that I'm pretty sure came out in the early 90s though it may have been very late 80s. I'd say anywhere from 88-96 is the most likely time period. It's been a very long time since I saw it, but what I can remember of the plot is that a woman commit suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub. She had very, very dark eyes I remember that clearly. As the movie progresses he sees what looks like her ghost only he comes to find out the the "ghost" is a live woman. I seem to remember that she was paid by the suicide girl's mother to make his life miserable or something like that and that the suicide was because the girl was pregnant. That last might be a little off though. The biggest thing I remember is the girl with very, very dark eyes and the whole fake ghost thing. Pretty sure this was an early 90s movie.


Dec 5, 2008 Short film from between roughly 1985-88. Often shown between movies on The Movie Channel. About young high-school boy with crush on girl. Takes place in school library and his friends tell him to take her to a movie - which I swear is called Sweet Surrender. Which I also swear is the name of the short film. Anyway he daydreams about the date and its a nice little movie.


Nov 30, 2008 Around 1977-1979, I remember a TV movie (I think HBO) where a man who married into corporate money sailed away with different women to a secluded island. One woman loved it so much, she sunk the sail boat. The corporate wife searched for the husband, and found a woman photographer who had been taking photos of the husband with each woman while sailing away. The husband was found.


Nov 28, 2008 Not Norma Rae - I saw a movie on cable in about 1991 in a New York City hotel. It wasset in the 1970s and was about a working-class woman (she had blond hair)and I'm not sure about this but I'm thinking she might have worked at abottling company and she was learning about union organizing and throughthis she started becoming more aware of her rights as a woman and she hadthis boyfriend who wasn't understanding where she was coming from and it wasvery painful for her to have to leave him to find herself. It was a colorfilm set in the USA.


Nov 28, 2008 I saw this film when i was young. It must have been in the late 80's. It was an animation and it was about a prince who when he was born was given a boy heart and a girl heart by mistake, so looked girly but was a boy. Weird i know. He had a little blond friend who was annoying. Pengasus is in it, and the blonde boy wants to have pegasus, so he tries to capture him but ends up getting the prince in trouble and pegasus has to teach the prince a lesson by flinging gold rings at him and pinning him on the floor. I am pretty sure they had american accents but it looks like chinese animation, in colour. I think i had it on video cause i remember watching it a lot.


Nov 26, 2008 I am looking for the title of a movie which I only have seen one scene of.I saw that scene when I was about 6-8ish, so the movie would have to have been before 1987/8I believe the movie to have been a thriller/horror movie of some sortIn this scene there is teh interior of a house, there is a living room and/or a dining room of some sort.There is a man there - I believe that he might have been a threatening character, and that it was not his house. I remember him as being pretty large, shaggy, ill-kempt and sort of 'street person' looking. He goes to a bowl of fruit on a table and takes a fruit (I think that it might have been an apple) and eats it.I believe that he then goes and falls asleep (or passes out) on a chair or couch in this living room, giving me at that age the idea that the fruit had been drugged or poisoned.At some point I think that there is a female character who has a boyfriend, and that the boyfriend and this character get into a physical fight.


Nov 23, 2008 b&w film about man kidnapped put in trunk he later remembers hearing geese flying over uses that to try to locate where he was held escaped thru a swamp with donkey mule something about mule would stop when he said go and go when he said stop maybe a scene man being chased thru park and taking horse away from police officer.I think film made in the 50`s or 60`s


Nov 23, 2008 I'm looking for a horror movie, in color, that's made before 1983. I do not recall any of the actors' names, but I saw it on television in Taiwan so it might have been much older than 1983 (and could be a TV movie). It was about a woman finding out that there are a lot of people that are actually clones (or doubles). I can't remember if the doppelgangers were killing off their counterparts, but I do remember the woman being rescued at the end of the movie, and we find out that the driver (or paramedic) in the ambulance is her double!


Nov 21, 2008 this movie was probably made in the early 80's. it was about a wife who tried to get her blind or paralyzed husband killed. The wife alibi was that she was going out of town. I think. i think the husband got injured in the war.


Nov 21, 2008 I saw this movie 2 years ago. It was about people in a house that were stuck and could not get out. They had to be out by midnight or else they would die. In the movie i specifically remember the time being 11:55. I think, yet not too sure, the house was by a lake and had a barn.


Nov 21, 2008 "sometimes they come back" is nowhere near the movie I'm looking for. I know that movie very well and it's not what I'm trying to find. The only detail I have is that it appeared to be a group a young followers that had a leader on a motorcycle. I remember the man looked undead and he pulled his head off his shoulders. In that scene it was night time and cold as you could see his breath. This was defiantly set late '80's to possibly early '90's in color. Now that I think about it, it just had that Stephen King type feel to it.


Nov 20, 2008 it may be in the 80s or 90s but i only saw a small portion. hope this helps:Its a guy that meets a girl and she grants him a wish of making love to a girl he likes and she is asian. and you see the love making ( this is the nudity part im not shure of) and later in the movie the girl that granted him the wish appears on a tv screen in an office while a guy make love to a girl on his desk and the girl in the screen is mad and tells him to stop. i think shes a genie or i dont know. i saw this on tv a long time ago maybe a while too and i think its was on the tmn movie network.


Nov 19, 2008 It's an American TV movie, definitely eighties, probably mid-to late eightties. It' a relationship / romatic drama. It's about two people who try to have a relationship without having sleeping together and the film is about their attempt to have a romantic friendship without sleeping together. The female lead works as a medical research assitant (seen in her place of work in a white medical uniform). None of the actors are big names from the period. The male lead is in a relationship in the begining. His girlfriend is very needy/immature and they break up half way through the film. She creates very childish clay figures and at some point in the film the male lead shows the female lead all the clay figures which are stored in a kitchen cupboard. The male and the female lead go on a number of dates and the main story is really about trying to be friends and have a relationship without sleeping together. At the end of the film, they finally end up in bed together and the film ends.


Nov 17, 2008 I am trying to find a movie I saw on tv sometime between 1975 and 1978 (I think). The only thing I can tell you about it is that most of the movie seemed to be mostly a sililoquy that took place in a prison cell by a lone inmate. He spent the majority of the movie in just a pair of briefs. I'm pretty certain the actor was Bill Bixby, but I've not been able to find anything by him, so I could be wrong.


Nov 16, 2008 I saw this movie on French TV (may have been Radio Canada, too young to remember) in the late 60's or early 70's; I am not sure if it was originally an English movie. The movie begins with a Sexy lady in a bikini,using some martial arts, to fight a few men near a pool & one man alone in a cabin/house. The movie revolves around this main Female actress, some other lady agents, & her male partners. I think the movie involves them trying to find some Gold or Diamonds. In one of the scenes she comes in from the top of a train & Drugs a guy with truth serum in order to find out where the gold is hidden. I remember one other scene where she's found unconsciuos in a burning building by her partners who come to rescue her.


Nov 14, 2008 I believe this movie was on Cinemax around the late 80's or early 90's. It was in color, and for some reason I believe the word "Night" may have been in the title. It was about a husband and wife that are independently seduced by a man and a woman. In the end they figure out they are being manipulated and they work together to stop whatever the manipulators were trying to accomplish, blackmail, or whatever. 2 scenes really stick out in my mind: The first one is when the wife goes with the man she is cheating with to a place where there are 2 or 3 other women in a room in front of a glass window. They are all handcuffed and a man chooses one at random to have sex with in front of the men that have paid for them to be there. She is not chosen, but just after this, outside the man fingers her by the car. The other scene is where the man shows up at her house and has dinner with her and her husband and he has brought her sister as his date. He then has sex with her outside the kitchen window and they are able to see her husband and sister through the window while they do it outside.


Nov 11, 2008 Mongolian film, young man, leaves home, goes to the city. Mid 90's? Video jacket was mainly blue.


Nov 10, 2008 This movie is an 80's horror movie where a guy goes into a basement where there is a holding cell/tank where there is a demon or evil spirit inside. The man came down to basically taunt the demon that you cannot see. The demon was looking out of a window from the holding cell and everything is red in the demon's vision. Someone else comes down to the room and decided to open the tank. The demon is freed and kills the person who opened it up and then goes through the house or place he is being kept and goes on a rampage.


Nov 10, 2008 This is a cartoon from the 80's and it is about a cat and a mouse. The story revolved around the concept that a special breed of cats were made to eat a special breed of mouse. It showed cats invading a mouse city and basically saying that all the cats ate all the mice in a black and white flashback kind of animation. The story showed that there were only one special cat and one special mouse left in the world. The mouse knew it was his destiny to be eaten by the cat but he didn't want it to happen so he ran away but the cat eventually caught up to him and was like, you know I have to eat you right. The end had the mouse on a dinner plate and the cat ready to eat him but the mouse said something like hey you know you don't have to eat me just because that's the way it's always been so why don't we be friends. The cat agreed and it showed them hanging out together.


Nov 10, 2008 This is a cartoon that must be made from 1970-1988. It seemed japanese animeish and it was in color and very short. I think it may have been in with a series of other cartoons like the little match girl, the three little pigs, ect. Anyway, it was about 2 younger bears that were brothers and they were walking around a large bit of wilderness that seemed to be their kingdom. I think there was something about a stream of water that maybe provided them with food or something possibly like the land of milk and honey type of thing perhaps. Their mother told them not to quarrel with each other or they would be lost forever or something bad was going to happen to them or they would never be able to see their mother again. The bears were out playing one day and they started fighting and wrestling and something happened that made no sense: it showed a crystal "chandelier" object fall and shatter in the woods. The bears realized they were wrong for fighting but it was too late and they had to accept they penalty for their actions and it showed them looking unhappy walking in the forest and then there was a sad song playing in the end.


Nov 10, 2008 The movie had to be before 1986 but I probably saw it around 1984 or 1985. I think it was a VHS rental but possibly a movie seen from TV satellite dish. It was color. Teenage or college girls were held captive by some guy. He had them as prisoners in one room and would come in and choose one to take to another room. In that room he chased them around and caught them and ripped their clothes until they were in their underwear. I'm not sure if they were raped or not. One of the girl's boyfriend was riding a motorbike and was on the way to save them but (possibly by a booby trap) his motorbike flipped and he fell down a cliff.


Nov 8, 2008 I'm looking for a movie I saw on TCM in the 90's. I was a black and white and I think it was from the 30's or 40's. There is this poor composer trying to write an opera and he and his wife live in a tenement type house and have no money. I think they are Polish or Russian or something. Eventually he meets this wealthy girl who sponsors him and he leaves his wife and works on his symphony. Later he realizes he's still in love with his wife but he can't find her so he writes the symphony about her and plays it to see if she'll hear it and come find him. Eventually she hears it and starts to run off but he catches her and they get back together.


Nov 6, 2008 1) The scene from the film has a young boy/girl entering (sleepwalking) into his parents bedroom to find them crucified on their bedroom wall. That's all the information I have on the specific film. I was in colour and I'm sure it was an American film.2) The only other clue I have is from friend who said that he remembers this too, and that he remembers seeing it on British television in the late 1970s/early 1980s (1978/1979/1980/1981). He seems to think it was shown as part of a triple bill of Horror. The other 2 films that were shown were 'La Cabina' and 'The Crazies'.


Nov 3, 2008 I saw this film or TV-series episode on American television no later than the 1970s, perhaps as early as the mid-to late-1960s. The plot is classic noir: a man is shot and killed by (I presume) his girlfriend because he "done her wrong". I think maybe the title has the word "Champion" in it, but I have been unsuccessful searching for that word. I recall something about table-tennis or ping-pong; perhaps one of the characters was a table-tennis professional(?!), or just a tennis pro. The man who was killed reminded me very much of someone like Mickey Rooney or Dick Van Patten or Elisha Cook Jr., short and not that attractive. One of the key scenes has the man and woman facing off in a room--she is sitting down and holding a pistol in her lap with both hands; she shoots him in the gut and he falls down dead. A couple of the woman's friends (a man and a woman, I think) come in and look for something to dispose of the body in; they consider using a large steamer-like trunk but it has the woman's initials on it. The friends hide the body in a large trunk or box and weigh it down so it will sink in the ocean. The last scene I remember is water leaking from the box or trunk, so you know that the police have found it and that the "jig is up" for the woman.


Nov 2, 2008 I saw this on U.S. television sometime between the late the 80's to mid 90's. It was a live-action, color, English language Christmas family movie involving Santa Claus and a couple of children (possibly brother & sister). It seems as though I remember something involving a hot air balloon trip across the country and also some guy planting a bomb in an airport - or a similar crowded place. I also remember a scene with the mother calculating up something on some sort of paper printing calculator/adding machine.


Oct 27, 2008 This was a movie I saw on cable TV - probably Showtime or HBO - in the early 1980's. There was this chick with long, straight brown hair. At one point she was riding a motorcycle with a scoped rifle slung over her back - if I remember correctly, she took somebody out at distance with it.The money shot, though, was her visiting her male friend in prison. The dude in question collected cash from the other prisoners in the visiting area. Having paid, the guys were given a "show" by the girlfriend who commenced to playing with herself.Definitely a Rated R movie


Oct 26, 2008 I saw a movie in the 80's (early part probably) about a french girl who had came to america with family (?) and she had witnessed something hoorible and refused to talk. It was set in New York i believe, and there was a little boy that lived in the same apartment building and was possibly jewish and his mother made him go play with her everyday. finally she started using her dolls to "talk" and then she started talking and they became great friends. but one day he was with her and got into a fight, and when she saw the blood she went back to the catatonic state.


Oct 25, 2008 I saw this on cinemax in the mid-nineties. A woman in her early twenties with long blond hair shows up at her step-dad's house who maybe is not her step-dad and she tries to seduce his girlfriend in the shower and her dad and she stabs a handyman in the middle of a having sex with her. Her dad's girlfriend has short dark hair and doesn't appreciate her appearing on their doorstep in the rain. It's a very good very bad movie as I recall.


Oct 23, 2008 This movie was made in the 70's or 80's. The woman lives on the beach and is having an affair with an older married man. They have a baby together and there is one scene where the girl goes to the grocery store and runs into the wife. Also, the woman is an artist. I had it in my head that it was Lindsey Wagner as the lead character, but have done extensive searches and have come up with nothing.


Oct 22, 2008 A long time ago, maybe 10 years roughly (in 1998), I saw a soft core movie on Showcase and now I can't find it. I do not remember very much. It starred a brunette, from what I remember she was a little on the older side. I distinctly remember a scene where she seduced a young construction worker (i think thats what he was.not sure) by offering him a drink and then spilling it on his pants on purpose. She eventually takes him to the basement and rides him.on a chair (cant remember if it was on a chair for sure). I also vaguely remember that she was trying to seduce her neighbour, a woman as well. I think that even at the time I watched it, it may have been a vintage film, 70's or 80's, but again am not sure.


Oct 21, 2008 I saw this film in 1999 or 2000. It was black and white, and as far as i could tell was probably made in the 60's or early 70'sFamily moves into a really old wood house in the woods (no neighbors of course). A couple and a little boy and girl.In one scene they're eating dinner and stuff in the dining room starts flying around and i think the lights go out.At one point the two kids are in their room and the rocking horse starts to rock by itself slowly and eventually rocks really fast. Then the closet door flies open and theres a brick wall behind it with a small hole and a light shining thru. The hole gets bigger throughout the film and the witch that seems to be haunting the family takes the girl through the hole to another freaky dimension.Towards the end, the witch chases the whole family about the house. They eventually get out and the witch is trapped inside and I'm pretty sure the house sets on fire and burns down.Even a hint at the name would be helpful! It was rented from a blockbuster, hollywood video or something like that if that helps :)


Oct 21, 2008 This short film was a cartoon from anywhere from 1940-1980. This movie is NOT The adventures of mr. toad and ichabod crane. It was in color and it was a story about the headless horseman, and 2 other characters. The only parts I remember were the main characters walking up a big hill/mountain to reach the headless horseman's cabin. There were a couple things that happened on the way up the hill such as a scarecrow messes with them I think and a few other scary things. When they finally got to the cabin, they go in and the headless horseman is gone and they start messing around with stuff inside and the main character ends up turning into the headless horseman for some reason because he drinks some potion that was brewing in vials. Eventually the real headless horseman comes back to the cabin and chases everyone and then I forget the rest.


Oct 20, 2008 hello i saw a movie in late 60 early 70 , about some people living under water, and dimonds were eveywere, but once they took those dimonds to the surface they turn into coffe or dirt,


Oct 16, 2008 I remember watching an old FRENch B&W (i think) film with English subtitles (i think) about a sort of old building on the top of I cliff - at least I think it was - or it was in amongst sand dunes - there was a man having sex in this building and I think they were getting spied on regularly by a girl.


Oct 13, 2008 Friend at work was trying to remember this movie he watched over and over when he was younger. Only thing he could remember was that it was about a boy who's parents were killed at a red light by a tractor trailer, on purpose he thinks. After the boy gets out of the hospital he takes revenge. He drives a car that has spikes that stick out from the wheels, and we believe the car was green. We're thinking it's from the '80's but could be very early '90's.


Oct 11, 2008 I am trying to find a film that I saw on VHS about 10 years ago. The film was Asian and about a young boy and an old man and the man has to take the boy back to his parents or grandparents over a road-trip kind of movie.I am unsure if the boys parents were killed and thats why the man has to take the boy or what?!?!?Along the way there are two others who are trying to mug or steal from the man and their plans go wrong everytime, with them normally ending up with a beating. I think they both end up in a bin at one point.In one scene I can remember the man and boy are at a swimming pool but the man cannot swim so he puts on about 20 rubber inflateavle rings to keep him afloat.


Oct 10, 2008 I saw this film on British television somewhere between 1980 and no later than 1984, my Dad says we watched it in the afternoon so it may have been a kids film although I can't remember what time it was on. The film has stuck with me for 25 years and was just very sad, and all I have is some images and themes. I think the film was either in black and white or very muted colour, there was the ghost of a little girl (possibly with blonde ringlets, white dress), a mine shaft or a well, and someone was looking down the mine shaft/well for her bones (possibly so she could rest in peace). I think the mine shaft/well was very unstable and at risk of collapse, but there may have been clues to her being down there as they got further down the shaft. They do find her bones at the bottom of the shaft. I seem to recall something to do with a car. I've looked at 'Mystery Mansion' and 'The Glass Child' and I don't think it was either of these films.


Oct 10, 2008 I saw a movie on tv back in the 70's. It was black and white. I remember very little from the movie, except that it scared the heck outta me. It starred a woman who had dark hair and a facial mole. It seems there were some mirrors upstairs, and at the end of the movie there was something about a little girl, whether it was her daughter or her baby sister, I'm not sure, but something had happened to the little girl years ago.


Oct 4, 2008 I'm looking for a movie I saw on SBS between 2005-2008. I saw in on a free to air TV channel in Australia called "SBS". It looked like it was made after at least 1995, maybe newer. It was in colour. I don't have any character names, only some plot:An slobbish kind of male is hooked up (by subtle trickery, or a dating service, I can't remember which) with a girl who then reports back to the company she works for. It is very similar to the Truman show, but I think this movie was German or Dutch. Anyway, the guy's apartment is bugged and his activities are aired as a TV show, and also all his views and opinions on clothes, games, cars etc are put into practise in the shops. Eventually he finds out about the show/the trick with the girl, and rips apart his home to get rid of the bugs. Then he changes his mind, and signs a deal with the company so that he can earn money from the show. He tries to get the girl back, but she refuses (I think).


Oct 4, 2008 I'm looking for the name of what I think is German movie (maybe Dutch or similar.). I saw it on SBS (an Australian free to air TV channel which mostly plays foreign movies). Period of the movie: modern. I think it was made between 1995 and 2007 (I saw it in 2007). The movie is in colour. I pretty much only know the plot, no character names sorry :(A guy (who seems to have a lot of money, and lives in a studio) picks up woman walking the street in his car, brings her back to his studio. There is some confusion as to whether the woman is a prostitute or not. They have sex. They eat sushi. There is a LOT of 'mind game' conversation where she is looking for genuine interest on his part. She steals from his wallet, then attempts to leave. He stop her leaving. She has a bath. then it goes weird. He finds her in the bath with her wrists slashed open. He panics and decides to bury her, but she is still alive. He can't finish burying her so he goes inside. She revives, and (can't remember how) ends up back in the apartment. Then she decides to leave and says she'll walk home, but he finally extends some 'niceness' towards her and offers her a lift. They talk while he is driving her home. He still offers to pay for the night. She takes the money, but throws it out the car window. Then he says something which offends her, so she yanks on the steering wheel which causes them to crash. I believe she dies (she exits the car through the windscreen). He stumbles out of the car in shock and sees the body. It is definitely an art/shock movie of some sort. Not easy to 'digest', but beautifull portrayed the fragile state of both the participants in the story.


Oct 1, 2008 I am looking for this movie but I dont know the name of it. I will buy it if I can find it. 3 men are on a yellow raft in the middle of the ocean fighting to the death. 2 of them end up fighting into the water and then one survives and tries to jump back into the raft to fight the last guy and the one that is in the raft remaining kills the other guy and now the other 2 are dead and he is left alone.


Oct 1, 2008 I am looking for the movie based on the book "Silver Rose" by David A. Kaufelt. I know it exist, but I have been searching for ages now and cant find it any where. Maybe the movie has a different name. On the cover of the book, it looks a lot like the actors "Cybill Shepherd" and "Robert Redford", but I am not a 100% sure. I also think that the movie is from the '80.


Sep 26, 2008 Very vague memory of a 60's maybe 70's spy, or cold war or espionage film set in Russia or Germany, not sure; could also be Nazi film; I just remember one scene that really struck me, was very intense of this spy? or prisoner of some type trying to escape. He sticks his finger in a light socket and shorts out the bulb in the cell? or holding area where they were keeping him. Actor's reaction to electrocuting his finger is really intense; finger turns black; extremely suspensful movie. Can't remember if this was to help him escape or to keep authorities from learning precious state secrets or what.


Sep 21, 2008 I'm searching for a black & white episode that I saw, most likely in the late 50's or 1960's. All I can recall is the ending in which a young boy (disenchanted with life at home) is staring at a painting of a 1800's sailing ship on the wall. With deep concentration, he finally sees the ship and waves moving. In the next scene his parents are looking for him, but he has vanished. As they climb the stairs to the bedrooms the camera focuses in on the painting & you see the painting again coming to life, with the boy in the painting, aboard the ship. I've searched Twighlight Zone, One Step Beyond, & Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but thus far without any luck.


Sep 21, 2008 I believe I saw it in the mid to late 70's maybe early 80's, it was shown on television in color, all i remember was this kid went accross the river and found a girl and her family and the story was about them, and then towards the end of the show the girl died. The girl had dark hair, and I remember her telling the boy that everyone has so many steps they can take in their life so take big steps.


Sep 20, 2008 This is a short film that might have aired on HBO or USA, perhaps HBO Short Takes~anywhere from the mid-Seventies to the Eighties, when they needed to fill space between movies. In it, a boy plays a Simon-style light game and becomes obsessed with it. I believe that his father has a talk with him about it, and the boy explains that, when he gets it right, he will go "somewhere else" or "somewhen", perhaps the title of the film. We simply cannot recall what he says. Eventually, he does get it right, and he disappears as the father is watching! The final scene is the father seated on the floor, the game in his lap, frantically trying to learn how it works so that he can follow his son. I've checked sites for the actual Simon game, but none of them has a reference to this short film. We do not recall the actors though I keep thinking of a Bruce Davison type, which could be completely wrong.


Sep 19, 2008 I saw a coming attraction either 2006 or 2007 on blockbuster movie dvd. Color movie Middle Eastern Most of it took place in desert Families lived in underground location in desert People(bad guys; mob type maybe) broke into home and tore family members away from one another THe scene had no words, therefore I assume it was in a different lanuage Seemed like most of the movie consist of hidden families trying to stay alive perhaps hiding from government Movie seemed to have dark color tone Drama/suspense lot of action (fighting for family)


Sep 16, 2008 All I remember is this one scene at the end of the film where a man is about to hang himselfstanding on a chair. He either has a flashback or something and changes his mind or maybehears an answerphone message, or maybe hears the dog barking, but he changes his mind.While he is about to remove the noose his faithful friend the dog jumps up and accidently knocksover the chair, killing him.


Sep 14, 2008 It was back in the 90's I believe, it was on T.V. what is now "not sure what it was then" The Hallmark Channel. It was a movie in color, about a guy "I believe" who had just come back from war, or was still away at war. Anyway the only part I really remember that stood out was he found this girl in what looked like an abandoned house, and she was in a closet. She was very scared and the closer he came the more she backed up. I don't think either one of them spoke each other's languages and I believe she was from one of the Asian Countries.


Sep 12, 2008 I am pretty sure I am looking for an episode of the American TV series "Melrose Place". The only scene I remember is when one of the male characters comes to the apartment of one of the female characters (Amanda?) to fix a broken shower. When he is in the shower working on the plumbing, she turns on the water (by accident or by design?) and soaks his clothes. I presume this led to !


Sep 9, 2008 i am looking for this teen movie from the 1990s. It is similar to the movie Airborne (1993). In this movie a teenager raised in india of american parents is orphaned. When his father passes away he moves to california and lives with family. The boy becomes a i believe a surfer it was very similar to airborne (1993) but im pretty sure its not the same film also the boy has a indian name in the movie and when he goes to the new school in california there is a scene where he holds his breath underwater in the school swimming pool for like 8 or 9 minutes by doing yoga.


Sep 8, 2008 I saw this film, or rather a long musical cartoon in colour, when I was very young 18ish years ago (1990) as I used to have it on tape. I can only remember some scenes but the story has something to do with going back in time. I vividly remember the actual going back through time involving a tunnel with clocks swirling around the walls. I believe that the plot involved getting stuck in maybe the american 70s, where diners sold banana sundaes and people said that's so hot instead of that's cool (or vice versa?) and got on the table tops to dance and sing. It's definatly a childrens movie maybe 90ish minutes long.


Sep 5, 2008 I watched this film about 8 years ago but I have no idea what date it was out! I know it was in colour and I watched it on the television not in the cinema. Normal television that is not anything like cable or sky. I must admit there isnt much I remember about it but I have never forgotten the film itself! It was about a young lad who was a victim of bullys and in one scene they tie him to a chair and throw him into a pool. Another time they tie him to a round about and set it on fire. Also at the end he has brain damage. I cant remember if they tie him to the roundabout before or after he has brain damage. I cried for days after this film and vowed as a child to never watch it again but 8 years later I think Im ready and really want to find it.


Sep 4, 2008 it was a very old movie. i was about 4 or 5 when i last watched it. I remember a boy and girl being chased by these hairy monsters. the boy and girl go through a tunnle and escape on a raft.i remember the boy was wearing brown tights (robin hood look a like) and i think the girl was wearing a pink if not white dress.


Sep 3, 2008 i'm looking for a movie set in new york city in the 1990's the only scene i can remember from the movie is the spanish or mexican man going to his friends house and ends up shooting him and as he shoots him his friends girlfriend comes into the room and sees him so he decides he has to kill her to and she says she wont tell but he doesnt want to take his chances so he shoots her to. I think this movie was about some mexican gang but i'm not sure.


Sep 3, 2008 does anyone know the name of the movie 1980's 1990's were this younger guy is talking to a girl in the hall of an apartment building and this white guy i think he was a teacher or reporter visiting one of the tenants in the ran down apt buildin interupts him and embarrases him in front of the girl so he tells the leader of his gang who sets out to find the man somewhere who is now hiding somewhere in the building trying to escape the building without being caught by the gang


Sep 2, 2008 I saw this series of short tales on Cinemax I believe during the early 90's. One of the tales was set during the medieval period in which a couple of women were competing for the farm hands. One of the women had an over-bite with brown hair and the other women was of a lower class in the manor, but was an attractive brunette. The farm hand was able to seduce one of the women in a hay loft which made the other woman jealous. The jealous woman got her revenge by having the other girl whipped. The short tales were composed of people wearing period dress, sort of low cut english maid servant dresses and the farm had over-hauls. The characters spoke in formal english. There were many such tales as this was a series, all episodes I believe were 30 minutes or so long.


Sep 1, 2008 This a short story episode probably from the 70's. I think it aired on The Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents,Tales from the Darkside or something similar. It was about a boy who always got in trouble at school. I want to say, the things he got in trouble for, other students caused by picking on him and teasing him. His teacher would make him go up to the blackboard and write sentances on the board. I really can't remember too much beyond that. I do remember in the end, he walked in the classroom straight to the blackboard and started writing, "I must not push Johnny down the stairs. I must not push Johnny down the stairs. " (or something very similar to that)


Aug 26, 2008 This movie is about a young man in a small town who is in a local bar and gets into an argument wiht the town bully. He later shoots and kills the bully. The towns people start bringing him gifts and the bully's girlfriend tells him she is now his responsibility. His girlfriend gets pregnant and he marries her. He keeps one of the gifts (a pig) from the townspeople as a pet.The wife cooks the pig. He later kills her and buries her in the back yard. The local mafia like guys take out contracts with him to kill who they want killed. This film was on charter communications in July 2008. I think it was on demand.


Aug 26, 2008 I think it was a british indie film that aired on channel 4 about 4 girls who go to a country house for one of their birthdays. The girl who's birthday it is ends up being an evil cow who did things like tell everyone about her friend's abortion, and slept with the guy her other friend liked. Either way, the third friend decided to take revenge on her by spiking her champagne with acid and making her think that she is dead by pouring rat's blood on her. In the end the girl goes mad and accidently slits her throat on a window that got broken.


Aug 12, 2008 Very strange film from the 1970s. It's French, maybe French Canadian. A man finds a dead woman in the snow near his remote farmhouse. She was shot. He brings her inside, blows cigarette smoke over her, and brings her back to life. She seems to have no memory of how she died. This being a French film, they then proceed to have very hot sex. Then the man throws a party and everyone (don't know where the people came from) is smoking, drinking, and talking philosophy. There's a very strange man at the party - I don't believe he was an actor but a real crazy person the director put in the film - starts talking, in English, about how Jesus Christ is a drop of sweat of God's testicles while God is having sex with someone or something. It was shocking, yes, but also weird because the guy was clearly nuts and what he was talking about had nothing to do with the movie or the plot. Then, later in the film, the man and woman start talking about what they're going to do when the killer who murdered the woman comes back, which they're sure will happen eventually. The pace of the film was ungodly slow with lots of scenes that ran on way too long and lots of silence. A great deal of it looked improvised.


Aug 6, 2008 It was shown in the early 2000ish, (could be earlier). Basicly its about an American criminal who goes to jail and shares a cell with this lifer who decides to share this big job with the main man (ice cube I think). The job is just a robbery but its a big one and it all goes wrong as everyone else who gets in on the act wants to rip the other person off. It was a funny film or so I think it was. Im sure he was wareing a dressing down all the way through.


Aug 5, 2008 It's one of those castaway, stranded on an uninhabited island movies. The difference is that he went there intentionally to escape going to prison for some crime. I am thinking that it may be a TV movie or mini-series. I mostly remember the ending. I think almost the entire movie takes place on the uninhabited tropical island. We don't find out that he was a fugitive from the law until near the end. I think some more people arrive on his island and eventually I think someone (maybe a woman) finds a newspaper clipping of his original "crime" hidden somewhere in his house. He lived there for years I think. At the end of the movie he is heading back to civilization in a boat. I think the woman and maybe some other people are with him. I think maybe he had a long beard and he shaved it for his return to the world but I am not sure. What I am certain about is really only that he was a fugitive living on a tropical island for many years and that he does return at the end of the film and that the newspaper clippings from his crime are discoverd at some point revealing his true identity. My memory of this is very very faint. So I really have no idea of the time frame. But it is almost certainly from no earlier than the 80s. Probably mid to late 80s or early to mid 90s is my best guess.


Jul 21, 2008 I'm afraid I can't remember much except for there was a little boy, blonde I think aged about 5 or 6. He had either lost his mother or had something else happen to him and I think he had some kind of behavioural disorder. His bedroom was i the attic of his family's big house and his parent/s did not have much to do with him because he was so naughty/shy and would hide up in his room. I have a vague recollection of the child not being able or willing to talk to anyone. In his bedroom were lots of flowing white swathes of material and I vaguely remember he had some kind of secret passageway inside the wall where he would hide. The family hires a nanny or helper for the boy and she is very strict, making him sit down at a small table in his attic room and do his lessons. I also remember that while the little boy won't talk to her at first, he becomes more and more attached to her throughout the film and the parents not being too happy about it.


Jul 18, 2008 a man recieves a postcard from europe and decides to sell his farm to go and work there and takes his new born thinking he needs no passport then he gets smuggled into a ships crane to land in italy at the end the wife and baby died and he goes to jail is from the middle east


Jul 15, 2008 In the early 1970's, I recall seeing on Buffalo TV an Eskimo movie about a young Inuit boy who befriended a half-dog, half-wolf. The kid may have been ostracized by his village because I remember one scene where he had to rescue his dog from a snowball attack by other kids. Movie ended on a downer with his beloved dog torn to shreds saving his master from an attack by wolves.


Jul 14, 2008 i saw a film in mid of 80-es i think and i remember that was the story about group of young people in two car i think , and wrong road and the house in the wood, first empty and they found a chair in the room i think with chains and medical knifes. And they found a videocasetes with scenes of torture on that chairs. And suddenly some freaks start to attack, but our heroes gots a machine gun in the car and then the batlle began. i also remember scene when some guy make love with the girl in the bad on the first floor and someones eyes watch through the hole in the wall or in the roof. on the end i think all visitors are dead exept one who found shelter in the wood beside some big tree and some freak with the big knife passed near him.


Jul 11, 2008 i saw this film on tv, i think it was mid to late eighties. i think it was made for tv. the plot revolved around 2 teenage girls who were best friends. they lived near a beach. in the end, one ends up murdering the other by strangling her, on the beach i think. the only other thing i can remeber is that at some point, there is a shot of a tv in the background and it's showing a movie called 'convoy, not the 1978 Sam Peckinpah movie but the 1965 version in black and white.


Jul 7, 2008 Not a request but an almighty thankyou for finding the title of a film that has nearly sent me crazy on many occasions trying to find said title. Cheers one and all.


Jul 7, 2008 When I was about 4 yrs old, my aunt took me to a movie that was so scary it made me hide under my seat. The year was 1944. I think Margaret O'brien was the star, but I'm not sure. In the movie, someone throws a brick through the window of the little girl's home, and she goes outside into the street. She wanders into some kind of temple or museum that contains stone statues of Balinese demons ready to plunge a curved knife into a statue of the little girl. Later, some crooks enter the same place, looking for the little girl. Then a mummy comes to life and chases the crooks out of the building. The little girl may not have been played by Margaret O'brien, I'm not sure. I think the movie was in color. I have tried to figure out the title of this movie by searching the Internet Movie Database and similar web sites, but have not had any luck so far.


Jul 4, 2008 i watched this movie last year 2007 it was in french but had english sub titles.It started of with a young girl she looked about 13 walking across a street with her eyes closed. she did it for fun all the time. The movie is about two girls the same age. one girl has a very violent father who wont let her to anything . he dosent want her tp grow up . one day there was a field trip that his daughters class was going on to a water park . The daughter really wanted to go but he said no. finally he told her she could go but he put some sort of drug in her drink whitch made her very sick so she couldnt go. the girl who walkes across the street with her eyes closed is her neighbor i think . they become very good friens. the mean father dosent like this and tryes to make them not friends. the father has a nanny/maid who smokes. the neigbor girl steals smokes from the nanny and the two young girls smoke it. the father catches her and he kills the nanny and puts her in the trunk . his daughter also goes with the neighbor girl and they go see boys and make out with them. i also rember somethign about the father killing a dog. the neighbor girl dosent take shit from the father she isnt afraid of him. in the end the father trys to kill the neighbor girl . he is chasing her throught the wooks one night of a dance and then they come to a busy street. the neighbor girl walked through the traffic like she did in the begining with her eyes closed and the father gets hit by a car


Jul 1, 2008 this must have been between 1993-1995. i believe it was a made for TV movie. it took place in LA or the surrounding area. it was in color. i was younger when i saw it but this is what i can remember: it was about a bunch of black kids (brothers?) who i think were orphaned. i think they get a foster family? that's what i don't recall. i have a feeling they were singers/performers, but i don't remember for one scene one of the kids is crying hysterically thinking he killed his mom because she died during the VERY end of it they're on the beach and one of them yells out I LOVE CALIFORNIA!


Jun 30, 2008 In the early to mid 1990's, the Bravo cable TV station which I received at the time on my cable provider in Margate, Florida played a film that was a kind of fatasy film which, as I recall, was set perhaps in the 1800's or early 1900's. There were, I believe, 3 kids, with a slender red-headed nanny/governess type character, who later turns out to be something of a magical witch, and an adult man that was some type of father figure. he was also the proprietor of some kind of magical book store or somesuch. what I remember is that the kids, a younger girl, a teenage girl and teenage boy, would put on plays for the adult nanny/witch/governess and father figure characters. In one scene, the play they put on magically transcends the room and the play's scene come to life. In one of these plays, they have a marrionette type puppet of a white seagull or swan or some such bird, and then the scene changes magically to a real beach, and for some reason the large white puppet bird begins to attack the teen girl character, to the point where some of the other characters have to come into the beach scene to save the teen girl character from the puppet bird attack. Another scene I remember is where the adult male father-figure type character does something that really ticks off the nanny/witch character, and the scene shows this nanny character's rage morphing into her use of magical powers, thus revealing her "witch-like" nature. the end of the film seems to involve some type of burning down of the magic book/toy or whatever store. Some other clues: this film was one of several run by Bravo in the early 1990's as part of a film director series - I believe the director may have been some type of foreign film director. Also, this film was shown on Bravo at a time when they still showed commercial-free, mostly un-cut films, as I recall there was at least one scene that involved some nudity of the nanny/witch/governess character.


Jun 25, 2008 TV movie that aired around the mid 70s. A brother and a sister were left to stay w/ a family in the English countryside. The sister was treated well and the boy was abused. At one point, he tries to make himself ill by shoving painted wooden toy animals in his mouth to consume the lead paint. At the end, the mom comes back for them, and the boy is wearing glasses and says something like "I'm dirty and I'll never be clean again."


Jun 23, 2008 This was a Cinemax "After Dark" R or unrated flick, I'm pretty sure, in the late 1980s or 1990s (I saw it in 1995). It was foreign-made, I would guess Japanese or Chinese as the actors are all Asian. I remember only 1 scene and a brief moment with an actor (I hope I'm not confusing him with another movie). In the scene, a bunch of well-off people, men and women are riding horses on a large farm. They then go watch one of the mares get bred to a stallion. Some guy starts fondling a woman in the group as they're kind of turned on by the whole thing. They retire to an empty barn and have sex.The other thing I remember is a male character who is either paralyzed or his legs are amputated. Either way, he is bed ridden and bitter, although this does not stop him from messing around with one of the ladies (a servant?)

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